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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 7, 2016 3:30pm-4:31pm PDT

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? are blake and gwen getting married? behind the new rumors. why it could happen sooner than you think. >> plus jojo and jordan on "the bachelorette." conspiracy theories. >> was this rigged? >> and behind bad boy chad's all-night drinking binge. >> let me do what you want me to do. can i not do what i want to do? chad. >> was it all a self-promotional stunt? >> wait, now you're probably going to air that. that's what you all are airing. >> then an "entertainment tonight" exclusive. >> it's hard. >> should notten doherty in the fight of her life. >> i don't look past today. >> new details on the "beverly hills 90210" star's breast cancer diagnosis, revealing for the first time a devastating setback. >> i don't know if i'll ever look like me again. >> plus a jessica simpson
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hear her weight confessions and her new plan to stay fit. >> every day i want a corn dog. and two dueling divas. britney's late-night bedroom peep show. can she match mariah carey's new show drama? >> is this a normal outfit for people to wear? i don't know. >> now in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." thanks for joining us, everyone, and welcome to "entertainment tonight." >> it has been a big week in the world of celebrity news. we have a full weekend's "know and tell." first up are gwen and blake getting married. ? why'd you have to go and make me like you ? >> i still can't believe it. i think she must have some vision problems. >> that's blake on late night admitting he's still shocked he's with her. >> that is amaziamazing. >> so cute. but here's the new relationship
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now. gwen and blake hire wedding planner. everyone is expecting an engagement. they may walk down the aisle soon. he's planning to propose on a ski vacation. >> believe him? well, here's what we know. that supposed wedding planner her name is jeri willworth. she gave us the standard no comment line. same thing from blake's rep. gwen's people didn't reply. but there is a teeny tiny chance the i dos could happen. both singers are taking a from their tours after august 27th. that gives me two or three weeks to tie the knot and honeymoon before blake plays again september 10th. sharon osbourne is mending her broken heart after ozzy admitted he's getting treated for sex addiction. >> when it's somebody that has a sex addiction, it's embarrassing. somehow drugs and drink is more acceptable, i think. he's working at it. it's hard because it affects the whole family.
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mistress michelle pugh told "people" magazine that it was ozzy who initiated their affair. "i fell in love with a married man who pursued me. he was consistently, willingly and generously giving me his love." but from ozzy, "i'm sorry if ms. pugh took our sexual relationship out of context. i thank god that my incredible wife is at my side to support me. >> i'm proud that he's come out and admitted it finally. >> she's gat you 100%. >> and now comes news that pugh is suing ozzy and sharon's daughter kelly. remember the nasty tweets that kelly sent out in may, giving out pugh's phone number and accusing her of elder abuse? well, in her suit michelle says kelly's statements were defamatory and led to a rash of mass cyber bullying. next bad boy chad hits hollywood and the bottle. >> everyone's like judd, you
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the things you said. >> i'm going to bed after one drink. >> welcome to the real world [ bleep ]. let me do what you want me to do. can i not do what you want me to do? >> let's see. i may be about to murder a bunch of people or not. >> the one-man party machine chugging champagne, wandering west hollywood. >> we'll see. we'll see. >> and dancing shirtless in his hotel room. >> if you don't see this for a few days it's going to be because i'm in bed asleep. >> all this comes after the disastrous p in paradise." gle i want you to go away. >> [ bleep ]. >> threats, makeouts, and a blackout that led to a missing pair of pants. >> [ bleep ] underwear on. >> chad was ultimately kicked off the show. and earlier this week he seemed sorry for his actions. >> do you want to make my type avenue poll ji right now for what went down? >> i think i made a joke about sarah and i do feel bad about that. i can't take that back. i'm sorry to them for saying the things i shouldn't have said. i was an idiot. i'm a douche. sorry.
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>> just having fun. look at these guns son. i'm in shape. i take care of myself. >> chad tweeted, "i am a real person and sometimes i get too drunk and i say the wrong things. so get off my back or i'll murder your family." >> i just have maybe a sick twisted sense of humor. you know? i can't find in america's family and murder them. like that would be exhausting. it would take way too long. but no. yeah, i just make some weird jokes sometimes. >> another big story this m melania trump and the "new york post" cover which ignited a twitter firestorm. >> did it ever. some people were outraged when the paper published nude photos of the woman who could be our first lady. and we spoke to the photographer in paris who defends the pictures he snapped 21 years ago. >> i think my photo is beautiful. she has a great body. she's a great girl. like she's beautiful. >> "the new york post" is under fire for those front-page photos. they were snapped more than two decades ago, and the
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from paris says it was all about art. >> we're in 2016. you know? do you know the 15th century? do you know the history of the world? i feel like my photo are iconic photos. >> the images were snapped in new york in 1995 for a now defunct french men's magazine, and that's pretty much all the og >> i shoot so many girls in my life. do you remember your first date? >> they're a celebration of human body. >> a spokesperson addressed the photos and the nominee told us, "this was a picture taken for a european magazine prior to my knowing melania. in europe pictures like this are very fashionable and common." >> nothing to be embarrassed about with the photos. she's a beautiful woman. >> i want to shoot with the best photographers. >> melania was a top model when "e.t." met up with her during
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it was four years after the photos were taken and she had just recently started dating donald. even way back then she seemed to have a pretty good sense of how the media can work. >> press is press and sometimes they're doing a good story, sometimes bad stories. >> one of the strongest reactions to these photos came from oscar winner octavia spencer. she posted, "melania trump isn't running for president. her husband is. this is a below the belt attack and shouldn't be condoned." >> this too may have gotten a ng "the bachelorette." jojo made a big choice. >> man, oh man. and it was of course aaron rodgers' estranged brother jordan. we were with jojo and jordan after the final rose and after we saw him pop the question. >> but here's our question. is "the bachelorette" fairy tale fate or fake? >> i love you so much. will you marry me? >> of course people are going to ask, was this rigged? >> rigged? >> rigged.
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planned before thaurks knew each other beforehand. >> i don't know where it comes from. >> not at all. >> i never met him, never saw him until that moment he stepped out of the limo. >> well, hello. >> hey. >> i didn't watch the show. i didn't watch her season. so i did not know anything about it. i didn't know anything about her. >> jordan, i love you. >> jordan may have found love with jojo. but his relationship with his older brother, quarterback aaron rodgers, remains estranged. jojo has yet to meet him, and that's aaron watching a tablet and the joke is he's reacting to jordan's bachelorette win. >> family matters are sensitive and private. of course i knew what i signed up for. >> it's been a post-show frenzy. the couple hit kimmel, where jordan posted his first pic with jojo. then they jetted to new york for "gma" and a chat with us. >> what's next? >> i'm going to be working with espn and s.e.c. network as a college football analyst this year.
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and we just bought a house together in dallas. and he has his bags packed. >> packed up. ready to go. >> we're going to be normal people. >> do you think you'll go down the tv route and televise the wedding like everybody else has? >> we haven't even gotten that far. everyone enjoyed our love story and shared it with us. so i could see that being an option as well. >> i'm sure. and last question. luke, chase, or robbie. who do you guys think will be the best next bachelor? >> i'm so torn between this. because america lov i realized that. when i sent him home, i was like oh, my gosh -- he's amazing. i totally get it. but i also think chase would be great. robbie is a great guy also. but i really think people love luke and chase. >> people fell in love with chase. he opened up a lot more toward the end. they're both great. they'll both do awesome. >> notice chad was not even mentioned as a contender. >> didn't even come up in the conversation. >> but they do have a new message for him. and we're playing that for chad coming up. >> on the way will smith and
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"suicide squad" stars got permanent tattoos right on the set. >> how do you explain that to your wife? >> then jennifer garner and her famous feline co-stars. >> what happened from the first moment you met it was love at first touch and all you wanted to do was surround them in comfort and protection that's why only pampers swaddlers is the #1 choice of hospitals to wrap your baby in blanket-like softness and mom: ?oh hi baby? so all they feel is love wishing you love, sleep and play. pampers with my moderate to severe crohn's disease,... ...i was always searching for ways to manage my symptoms. i thought i had it covered. then i realized managing was all i was doing. when i finally told my doctor, he said humira was for people like me who have tried other medications,... but still experience the symptoms
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new super sizer fibers mascara from easy, breezy beautiful covergirl that is "suicide squad," out this weekend. and people are going crazy for this film. one way or the other. kevin frazier sat down with the cast, including will smith an more margot robbey. >> the crew really bonded over this film. we'll get to that in a sec. but first check them out with carlie steele at their big high energy premiere. >> what did jada think of your walter white "breaking bad" look with the beard and the bald head? >> i wanted to bring the outfit home. it just takes 45 minutes to get off. so by that time you've got to lose the mood. ? mamma mia let me go ? >> the "suicide squad" came to play and dressed to kill.
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jared leto in guchis. cara dell veeng yay. but it was margot robbie who won best dressed. >> who designed this dress? >> alexander mcqueen. >> we have a quiz to find out how bad-ass you really are. if you could lock up any cast member in the film and torture them, who would it be? >> wow. i think secretly margot robbie. >> is it true you shaved your entire body for >> i may or may not have shaved my entire body. the joker isn't a very hairy character. >> last time you went commando. >> oh, probably like two days ago or something. that's a regular occurrence. >> i know you're something of a tattoo artist. i was wondering if you could give me a tattoo. >> in fact, with her new tattoo gun margot tatted up most of the cast with a few exceptions. >> why didn't you get a squad tattoo?
3:44 pm
guys, guys, i got a tattoo gun. we're all getting tattoos. i was like no, we're not. >> y'all jokers must be crazy. >> just about everyone else was in on the deal. margot doing ankles, arms, even toes. >> i tattooed her toes since she tattooed mine as well. >> picture like what a 4-year-old would draw and stick on your fridge, that's kind of what it was. >> another opting out was jared leto. >> all of that chitchat's going to get you hurt. >> he was too busy being the joker. pressure or terror, you may call it. there have been such unforgettable performances. jack nicholson, heath ledger, cesar romero. it really encouraged me to work that much harder. >> i see everything. >> speaking of characters to live up to, viola davis, who plays team leader amanda waller, will always have annalise keating. >> who is tougher, amanda waller or your character on "how to get away with murder"?
3:45 pm
an alooes's behind. >> she can bend people's mind. >> she can but she drinks too much vodka. >> that whole gang is a ton of fun. look out for margot robbie. she is the breakout star. >> no doubt about that. on to another movie out this weekend, "9 lives." and the breakout stars are cats. i had a blast at the premiere. you did too. i was working. you were han >> the family came. the kids loved the movie. you did a great job with the interviews. >> i had a lot of fun. and there were some cool cats there, and i'm not just talking about the felines but the big stars too including jennifer garner. >> you look gorgeous. come on now. >> jen glammed it up just one day after her teen choice awards win. >> "miracles from heaven." >> must feel great to be making movies like that and like this that your kids can actually sit
3:46 pm
>> they are not here tonight. but it is super fun to make movies that you can watch together as a family. >> yeah! >> speaking of family, jen's co-star mark consuelos hit the red carpet with his daughter lola. >> walking the premiere with her dad, who's starring in the movie. come on, that's got to raise your cool factor. >> it's cool. i like it. >> some of the other "9 lives" stars stopped by our set this week. meet pudge, waffles, nala, and little bub. stats. 73,000 twitter followers. 192,000 subscribers to little bub's youtube page. 32 million views. 1.3 million instagram followers. there's a lot of love out there for little bub. look at little bub. >> she's going to get upset. her ears are very sensitive. she's a diva. >> little bub's like dude, if you touch me one more time -- >> what kind of stuff has she done? >> she wrote a book called
3:47 pm
she had a record come out science and magic debuted number 2 for new artists on the billboard chart. >> sometimes cast members like to do solo interviews. they don't want to be with their co-stars. pudge that way. >> how did pudge actually become famous? >> i had a personal instagram account and i started posting pictures of her on there, and people started following me asking to see more photos of pudge. >> and now we have the two co-stars who actually do play well together. we've got nala and waffles and of course their handlers and owners pookie point here. swaflz a scottish fold cat. there are some other pretty famous scottish fold cats out there. i'm talking about taylor swift's fold cats. also scottish fold? >> yeah. >> do you guys follow each other on social media? >> i hope. maybe they can go on a date sometime. >> let's talk about their resumes. these guys are pretty busy. wasn't waffles in a commercial? >> yeah. >> what has waffles done? >> he's like an actor, model,
3:48 pm
>> you know, those cats are tough interviews. >> they don't say much. >> they don't say much. who knew? but with my allergies i was earning some major hazard pay right there. >> no one can say you don't go to the ends of the earth for your job. >> that's right. >> up next, the show making headlines for exposing "the bachelorette's" dirty little secrets. we're with both the stars. has "unreal" gone too far? >> i think we pull the veil back on reality for baby number three.
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the people that i work with, i love them dearly. >> that is kerry washington who is filming 15e67bz of "scandal." baby number two on the way. and now she tells the new "in style" that has its unique challenges. "there's nothing high end for professional women who are pregnant."
3:51 pm
jessica alba and other star moms pass back and forth. i love it. she makes do with it. she says, "you're less afraid to spend money because you feel that a lot of people are going to use it." >> it's like the sisterhood of traveling maternity clothes. i like it. now, we're at home with the celebs also adding to her family. >> remember emily maynard from "the bachelor" and "the bachelorette"? well, she didn't find lasting love on either show. but two years ago the single mom finally tied the knot and is now >> nice. >> our senior news editor jennifer paris checked in on emily at home. >> it's very strange. i still watch it and i say i can't believe i did it. it seems so long ago. my life is normal now. my life in charlotte is so normal. >> after failing to find her forever love on "the bachelor" and "the bachelorette" emily met her husband tyler at their church. >> did he watch the show? >> no. she's never watched the show. but his brother actually watched
3:52 pm
there's this girl from charlotte, you have to meet her, i think she's your wife. he didn't watch "the bachelor." he didn't watch "the bachelorette." >> no. >> will you not allow him to? >> maybe in a couple years we could go back and laugh about it. you know, but yeah, he didn't even like to watch the show when i'm not on it. it's just not his deal. >> and you guys just celebrated your two-year anniversary. >> feels like we've been married for a lot longer because we have so many babies on the way. >> the mom to from a previous relationship and 1-year-old generals is eight months pregnant with the couple's second child. >> do you know what you're having yet? >> no. we decided we're going to let this be a surprise. we already have a girl and a boy. >> emily says all her pregnancies have been rough. >> i mean like sick sick. not just ooh, i don't feel so good. so i did what every girl does and went to social media. there were so many women. i talked to my doctor about it
3:53 pm
me almost immediately. >> what advice do you have for jordan and jojo? now that the cameras are gone. >> no one should ever take any bachelor or bachelorette dating advice from me. i'm the worst person to give advice. it did not work out well for me in the past. i would say just don't read the magazines, don't go to an airport, don't go to a grocery store, don't ever go to a target. just cocoon yourself in your house basically. it's the only way you're going >> emily is due next month. her 1-year-old jennings just got his first haircut with dad tyler. >> i remember the days my kids were so -- we've said this before but if you are a "bachelor" or "bachelorette" fan you have to check out lifetime's "unreal." >> season 2's finale is monday night. so there is plenty of time to binge watch. and i'm actually behind a couple episodes. >> you've got to catch up. >> it's a brilliant hiengs look
3:54 pm
kevin frazier talked to both leading ladies. >> that is what i'm talking about, people. >> one leading lady constance zimmer just got her first emmy nod. >> what would it mean to win an emmy? >> i mean, it will make me cry. i can't. >> what would it mean? >> it's that thing that you always dream about and you don't ever expect. so you know, it would be life changing. >> i hope you win. "entourage" and "agents of shield" but it's "unreal" that's getting a lot of attention. remember chad's "bachelor in paradise" bathroom accident? that was his own doing. but "unreal" had a similar thing happen to one of its contestants. >> episode aired on monday, and people definitely were like, all right, you've definitely gone too far. >> because you had a producer slip a little -- >> some type of diuretic into
3:55 pm
>> that girl needs to go. >> blowing my mind. it really makes me say wow, what we're doing is not that far-fetched. >> give me one second. >> shiri appleby plays rachel, another producer who goes to the extremes. >> how do you guys feel bachelorette is a little pissed off about this show? >> they're doing fine. the show's been on for 20 seasons. they've got like 16 million viewers watching. my heart's not breaking for em really pulled the veil back. >> i think we pulled the veil back on reality television. at least my intention was not to go out there and take this huge abc franchise down. i enjoy "the bachelor." >> how do you play crazy so well? what's it like to play someone who is like -- >> it's exhausting. i feel like we just finished shooting about six weeks ago or so and i'm just starting to come back. my character was thrown into a
3:56 pm
it takes its toll. >> while romance is a big part of the show, the most important relationship is between rachel and her boss quinn, played by constance. >> are you going to seriously pretend you care about me now? >> the real love story of the show is between the two of us. >> and also the wonderful thing is we're both working mothers. to have that sort of camaraderie in this experience is invaluable. >> now, shiri has been acting since she was 3. ready for this? she was on "e.r.," "who's the boss" with alyssa la also roswell, "law & order," knott's landing and "thirtysomething." >> straight ahead, two dueling divas. britney's late-night bedroom peep show. can she match mariah carey's new show drama? >> is this a normal outfit for people to wear? i don't know. >> then we're back in the gym for more of "bachelorette" bad boy chad. could the most hated man in the show's history really win back america's hearts as "the bachelor"? >> i'd like people to see the friendlier side of me. closed captioning provided
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now it's mariah versus britney in a diva-off. ? you got me feeling emotion ? >> is this a normal outfit for people to wear? i don't know. but i'm at home and this is what i wear. >> score the first one for mimi. i mean, who else can get away with doing an interview laid out on a chaise and wearing a black corset? of course brit is the hot bod ki beach and dancing around gives us serious fomo. but britney and mariah tie when it comes to this. both love wearing black clothes with cutout cleavage. both post pics of their adorable kids on instagram. >> i don't like that one. >> both have a troupe of half naked men as their backup dancers. and both love to throw down with a good prank. yeah. did you see brit's surprise wake-up call to jimmy kimmel?
4:01 pm
>> but mariah can hold her own too. >> hi. how are you? it's pamela. i'm calling from mariah's team. my name is pamela. >> so who wins this diva-off? well, we all know britney's sweet, but even she would bow down to mariah's stiletto and sequined world. the bride-to-be gave us a glimpse of herself trying on wedding gowns. and check out what happened last night when a street rapper asked mimi for a handout. >> you got it going on. >> slay, diva. slay. starting monday, all aboard the ss mariah. >> ciao, mariah. >> ciao bella. >> mimi gives "e.t." an exclusive tour of her $25 million yacht off the coast of italy. >> this is like one of my favorite places ever. >> and you thought your summer vacation was fun? wait till you see how this diva and her billionaire fiance roll. >> you and james have his and hers yachts.
4:02 pm
>> pillow talk. inside her private quarters. as she breaks big news to "e.t." >> nobody said it was possible. but i did it. only one show can party like this with mariah carey. >> so long. >> starting monday. >> arivaderci, "e.t." >> i think that i as well as other people deserve love. so i think maybe i deserve to be the next bachelor. >> did you catch bad boy chad's antics this week? >> oh, yeah. >> trying to show tender side on monday night's finale. and then as you saw earlier his "bachelor in paradise" elimination. >> quick left turn. no coming back from that one, chad. here is more from lauren zima's interview at the gym with the one-man romance wrecking crew. >> like 190 pounds. it's not like -- half these dudes in here are probably bigger than me. i ate 30 pounds of protein in three months. >> we're used to seeing chad working out or starting fights. but monday night a different side. >> i made some mistakes.
4:03 pm
a lot this last year. >> what was the point of that speech? >> yeah, i think that people saw a bad side of me. people saw me being mean sometimes. but i think that everyone should be capable of being mean when they have to be. >> let's talk about who's going to be the next bachelor. is it going to be you? >> there's no way it's going to be me. i think it will probably be luke. he played his cards right. he kept everything on the inside. whereas everything i had spewed out. >> and that spewing out continues tuesday night "bachelor in paradise." in the words of chris harrison -- >> it is truly a train wreck. >> how does it feel knowing that everything that's going to happen is going to be shown on tv? >> "paradise" was just the absolute most ridiculous you could ever possibly expect from me. >> everything's uphill from here. >> i mean, i regret everything that day. but can't take it back. so whatever. the way it goes. >> we have a little video message from jordan and jojo --
4:04 pm
advice to give you but i know that if i said anything you wouldn't listen anyways. so you just keep doing you. >> do you. >> good point. i wouldn't. i would not listen. i'm not going to take advice from jo-jizle. >> a lot of people are talking about this amazing beard you you have. will you ever shave it? >> i considered it. i shaved a little for "the bachelorette" but then i was like i don't like shaving it. i like it like this. >> hey, chad, i think there might be a little more to worry about than just the beard. jus had us worried last year after a brain cancer diagnosis and collapse last summer. vallie harper made a rare public appearance this week. val valerie's starring in a new movie. we talked about that and about her prognosis since her most recent health scare. >> i know you're in there. >> in her first starring film role since her diagnosis, valerie plays a woman with alzheimer's in "my mom and the girl." all while she continues her
4:05 pm
>> you wake up and say oh good, i'm here. another day. words to live by right there. >> i had a great long one. and great stuff happened to me. my darling husband. >> her husband, tony cacciati, was with her a year ago when valerie fell ill while doing a summer stock play in maine. she was airlifted by helicopter to the hospital. this woman is a fighter. >> i probably had three months. because they don't have ae for the lining. >> you don't have brain cancer. >> it's in the lining of the brain. it's another area. >> this new performance reminds us why valerie is an award-winning actress. >> you have to put me in a home. >> i liked the way it was written. >> i don't know a great deal about alzheimer's. just what it does. >> above all, valerie is courageous and able to laugh about the toll aging has taken on her health.
4:06 pm
you're turning 77 in august. you're going to be 77. that's not what this is. that's age. >> i have to say that valerie is bringing so much awareness to cancer and now because of this role alzheimer's as well. very special lady. >> she is. it's so nice to see that she's working as well. >> still ahead, all new shannen doherty on the haunting "90210" cancer battle. >> i couldn't imagine that happening to me. >> then whatever happened to kate gosselin's ex, jon? the father of eight's life today. >> everybody's got to do laundry. >> and jessica simpson reveals her hot mom secrets for cutting cal calories. >> i was like dancing on tables
4:07 pm
4:08 pm
4:09 pm
? ? these boots are made for walking ? classic jessica simpson right there fro oh, yeah. come on now. >> hard not to. >> ten years ago. but now the 36-year-old singer, she's a fashion mogul. >> actually i've got her shoes on right now. her brand brings in close to a billion dollars a year in sales. they're very comfortable. i'm just saying. but while money hasn't changed jessica, motherhood has. >> as far as like balancing who i used to be before a mom, i think i was like dancing on
4:10 pm
workout. ? these boots are made for walking ? >> now i'm chasing kids. >> from partying pop star to married mother of two and billion-dollar merchandising mogul, the 36-year-old fashionista on the cover of september's "women's health" magazine talks balancing fashion, family, and fitness. >> every day i want a corn dog. every day. because my kids love corn dogs. like i've got to not eat off my kids' plate. let them have the have always kept tabs on jessica's weight. >> media scrutiny sucks. i try my hardest to step above it and rise above it. you need like a solid ground to stand on. i feel like i always say that i'm never affected by it would be a lie. >> but jessica inc. is stronger than ever. she credits the success of her brand to the fact she's been "every size there is."
4:11 pm
woman. and i want to wear the same things that everybody else wants to wear. and i want to be able to provide those things for people who are trying to be your friend and saying you look good, girl. >> other & even though she's got a picture perfect family and a thriving business, jessica says there's more to come. >> i always reach for the stars, all of it. there is no high yet for me. there's always somewhere to go. >> now, one of those places to go is the recording there she is hard at work on new music. and let's not forget jessica has sold nearly 10 million albums worldwide. >> i mean, she's had so much success since her reality star case with ex nick lachey on "newlyweds." but do you remember the gosselins from "jon & kate plus eight"? let's just say life hasn't been quite the same since jon walked away from this hit. we spent a day in the life of his new reality without kate or the kids. >> the neighborhood laundromat.
4:12 pm
>> jon says he leads the normal life he always has, including everyday chores. >> i didn't buy a washer and dryer yet. like i have to do laundry. you meet so many different people in the laundromat. and they're like hey, aren't you -- i'm like, everybody's got to do laundry. ? happy birthday to you ? >> parents to a set of twins and sextuplets, jon and kate but the put their life out there for "jon & kate plus eight." but they divorced in 2009. >> i don't really talk to my ex-wife. so it's all kind of just helter-skelter. i have my life and she has her life we have our life with our kids. that's it. it's all scheduled. i see her in person like at the bus stop and stuff. but i don't talk to her. >> it's all just -- >> it's not that i hate her. i just don't talk to her. >> the paparazzi used to chase him down. now he's relieved not to be hounded in his hometown of reading, pennsylvania. and he wishes he had a better
4:13 pm
15-year-old daughters. >> maddie and cara i don't see that much or that often. we're kind of not talking right now. the kids i do get are hannah leia joel and aidan. sometimes i get alex i. but not often. and then colin i haven't seen for a really long time. i go to the house to pick them up i can't trespass, hey, give me my kuds kids. it doesn't work. i have to go to court every single time. so i'm figuring all that out right now as i get more stable in my life and my career financially. >> we asked for kate to weigh in on jon's comments but ner she or her reps responded by our deadline. like any single dad, when the kids visit jon does the cook. >> when the kids come it's probably anywhere from 150 to about $225 in groceries. but i get them at the grocery aisle because i can get three times as much and it's discounted. the expiration dates are closer to the time of expiring. >> oh, my gosh. >> while kate and the kids still do specials for tlc, jon earns a living doing jobs like sales and pursuing his passion of music by
4:14 pm
tv salary that i used to. people are like, oh, why didn't you save that money? i donated that money to my ex-wife. >> he did a stint cooking at tgi friday's, saying he did it for fun and donated his wages to charity. >> because i worked at tgi friday's. who cares? what if i was a plumber? would you knock me down then? what if i was a firefighter? would you knock me down then? >> jon says he survived reality arm gedon and accepts the way life played out. >> we got married too young. we had kids and i just think we were two different people. i think tv made it faster, sped up our divorce. but i think in the long run it was just we would have split anyway. >> jon told us that he is not finished with tv. he's actually out there pitching some shows and he hopes to land a job hosting a series. i can actually see that. still to come, shannen doherty's emotional new interview, relying on family to help her through her cancer battle. but which of her "90210"
4:15 pm
of my heart. >> that's ahead. but first, this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays which actor dropped out of yale university to pursue acting? is it alec baldwin, david i laugh, i sneeze... there goes my sensitive bladder. sound familiar? then you'll love this. incredible protection in a pad this thin. i didn't think it would work, but it does. it's called always discreet watch this. this super absorbent core turns liquid to gel, surprisingly thin. so i know i'm wearing it, but no one else will. always discreet
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i accept i'm not 22 these days. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't play anything less than my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'm going for it. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus it had significantly less major bleeding than warfarin... eliquis had both... that's what i wanted to hear.
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as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... ...and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i accept i don't play my best. and going for eliquis. reduced risk of stroke plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. welcome back, everyone. just a few weeks ago, "90210" star shannen doherty stunned the world by posting a series of photos shaving her head after an aggressive round of chemotherapy. >> so brave to do that.
4:18 pm
to "entertainment tonight," telling our senior news editor, jennifer perros, about her diagnosis, her brave battle to survive, and a terrifying setback. her breast cancer has spread. >> i had a single mastectomy in may. it wasn't just one tumor. it was a couple of different tumors. which is why i had to have a mastectomy. i couldn't have a lumpectomy. >> shannen only had one breast removed at her doctor's recommendation and she she did learn that the cancer in the breast she removed had spread. >> they discovered that some of the cancer cells might have actually gone out of the lymph nodes. so for that reason we are doing chemo, and then after chemo i'll do radiation. did they put a stage number on this? they do a stage when they take the tumor out. you know, once it starts spreading, you're above stage 2. you're a stage 3, 4, whatever it
4:19 pm
treatments. there's nothing i can do to change it. >> you're still going through chemo. >> i'm still going through whatever my doctor is telling me to go through because i trust them. >> it was 16 months ago that shannen was first diagnosed. now she doesn't want to know what stage she's in and how far the disease has spread is not important to her. she wants to just focus on the fight itself. >> has it spread to anywhere else in your body? >> i mean, we don't really -- as of now, no. but we don't know because it did when lymph nodes we did notice that one of the lymph nodes -- one of the cancer cells was protruding out of the lymph node. >> shannen first knew something was wrong when she felt something on her breast. >> you were in the shower doing a self-breast exam. >> yes. >> was that the first time you knew something was wrong? >> yeah. i don't know if it was i knew something was wrong but i could tell. i felt something. >> did you go to the doctor? >> i did not go to the doctor right away. my -- i can't get too into this because i'm in the middle of a lawsuit at the moment.
4:20 pm
it. and so i didn't have insurance to cover me for going to the doctor. >> after completing chemo and radiation, shannen will have reconstructive surgery. sharon osbourne, christina applegate, and angelina jolie all opted for reconstruction after their mastectomies. dr. jay orringer, who reconstructed angelina's breasts, is working with shannen. and during an early surgery he left her with a little something. >> he put an expander in. so you kno something there that's cute and sometimes we fill it up and make it bigger. it's something so personal right now. >> but one of the most devastating moments was when shannen decided to shave her head. >> millions of people were touched when they saw your first inst instagram, the moment before you shaved your head. >> this is just that moment where you know, my mom was comforting me and i was crying.
4:21 pm
hair was really matted. like dreadlocks. and i went to try to brush it out, and it just fell out. i was just holding on to like just huge clumps of my hair in my hands and just running to my mom and crying, being like my hair, my hair, my hair, my hair. just grab the kitchen scissors. my mom's like, wait, wait, wait, just grab she grabbed the kitchen scissors. i put it in a ponytail. she just chopped it up. and it was this cute little bob. it wasn't enough. it was just falling out. >> then you shaved to a mohawk. >> we did stages. we did a pixie, and then we did a mohawk, which was my favorite look. and then we had to get the shaver thing and just buzz it off. >> shannen is brave but became emotional talking about her mother rosa, who has been there
4:22 pm
>> thank god. thank god she's there. thank god she -- you know, we're so close and we have such a good relationship. and i know it affects her. and i know -- she's so strong. my mom is like -- she's a steel magnolia. she's a southern girl. she'll force feed me. >> shannen married photographer kurt iswarienko in 2011 and feared she would make him a widower when she first lea >> i looked at hmm and i was like you better enjoy every single second that you have with me because i'm going to be dead in five years. and he just burst out crying. and was like you can't say that. and that phase was short, thank god. >> it's no secret shannen had a falling out with some of her "beverly hills 90210" co-stars. but she remains close with others including jennie garth and brian austin-green. >> i gave her a call last week and just let her know i was
4:23 pm
utilizing this to really try to shine a light into other people. >> i thank them from the bottom of my heart for reaching out to me. >> and in a bizarre turn, more than 25 years ago the iconic series foreshadowed shannen's real life. >> brenda walsh found a lump. >> yeah, actually in her breast. >> i remember that episode because it really meant a lot to me. >> what did you find? >> a lump in my breast. >> you'd think in that it would actually become a reality one day. >> back then i didn't. as a kid, man, i thought that i was, you know, invincible. i was going to live forever. >> and it is so important to have that community surrounding you to support you during t
4:24 pm
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4:26 pm
travel consideration provided by -- look at all those stars this weekend. charlize theron is celebrating turning 41. punky brewster, soleil moon frye
4:27 pm
now take a final look at your choices. which actor dropped out of yale university to pursue acting? that is david duchovny, who is celebrating turning 56 this weekend. >> starting monday, all aboard the ss mariah. >> ciao bella. >> mimi gives us an exclusive tour of her $25 million yacht. starting monday. >> we're almost out of time this weekend but for all the late-breaking hollywood news just go to our website, >> before we go, check out the video from shawn song "treat you better." >> the debut singsale off his album "illuminate". the 17-year-old addresses a serious issue in this video, abusive relationships and provides contact information for the national abuse hotline. >> good to see him using his celebrity to help others. >> good to see him using his celebrity to help others. >> bye, everybody.
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