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management is giving for gathering 40 burros near spring mountain ranch state park.. and what the parks neighbors have to say about it... ((tedd florendo)) and smoke from southern california wildfires is making it's way into the valley... the precautions you should be taking... flights are still delayed after a power outage knocks out the delta airlines st thousands of passengers. i'm christianne klein. ((dave courvoisier)) >> and i'm dave courvosier. the airline says they're still investigating what caused this outage which hit after 5 this morning pst. it's today's top story. 8 news now reporter nia wong is live at mccarran with the latest. nia? ((nia wong)) christianne. as if mondays weren't hard enough. passengers expecting to catch delta flights this morning found hundreds of their flights grounded...some for as long as six hours.
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ly 1000 delayed. flights are starting to pick up here at mccarran as well as across the country. but most arrivals coming from the east coast or the southern part of the country are looking at 2-3 hour delays. that's according to mccarran spokeswoman christine crews. (( sneha patel "our two bags which checkd in at pocatello have still not arrived. it was supposed to get it on the previous flight when we got over here. we're still waiting for the luggage. so a lot of inconvenience."")) for now delays are sl delta figures out what led to this outage. passengers are urged to check their flight status online or by calling...before they head to the airport. ((nia wong)) delta is offering refunds for cancelled flights. for those that are significantly delayed....passen gers can make a one-time change to tickets without a fee. reporting live from mccarran. nia wong 8 news now. ((christianne klein))
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gathering burros in one part of the valley.... a move that's been controversial in the past. the i-team's vanessa murphy looked into how this is being done and why the gathering comes as a surprise. ((vanessa murphy)) the b-l-m just sent out a notice today saying we're gathering burros today so the public didn't get much notice about this. according to the b-l-m, the request for the removal of the burros came from spring mountain state park because they are eating certain plants and causing a danger on roads. the park came in late 2014... this is happening the 100 plus degree weather because the contract just came through. we headed out to see how the operation was being done and how the animals are being handled.. we found burros like this one...but no gathering operation. a b-l-m spokeswoman says it's out of the public's view to make sure the process runs smoothly, but she explained corrals are set up for bait and trap...the
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drink, a gate closes behind them...and she calls this process "low stress" for the burros. but alan levinson who co-owns bonnie springs ranch next to the park says he is concerned about the heat, the affect is can have on the younger and older burros and he believes the b-l-m should be more transparent with the process. ((alan levinson/bonnie springs ranch: anything in the government these days is is such a problem that i think that if they're rounding them up with a, they're baiting some corrals in the area, the news crews should at least be able to go in, video what's going on, check it out so they can make the public feel at ease, that it is humanely, nobody is being chased around with helicopters which has happened in the past.)) a spokeswoman for the b-l-m says no helicopters are being used this time.... the burros will eventually be taken to california where they will be available for adoption. ((vanessa murphy)) 40 burros are expected to be gathered....out of an estimated hundred in the area. and the public can view the
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in the week.... coming up at six, we'll have more on this and why some say people are to blame for the problem with burros in the first place.// ((christianne klein)) commenters on our 8 newsnow facebook page were overwhelmingly against rounding up the burros. cathy said: ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!! how about the cars slow down and drive safely. it is us that moved in on them!! and wayne said : really? cant you post more warning signs...or even more fencing to keep the dumb animals out...the 2 legged kind./// ((dave courvoisier)) and a son ... back home from a two year missionary trip. we're learning more tonight about the henderson family killed in a fiery crash sunday. the brandt's were on their way home from a family trip in utah. 8 news now reporter shakala alvaranga is live from the family's church -- at maryland and tropicana with how they're holding up. ((shakala alvaranga)) >> dave, within a day -- a local mother lost half of her family. as she and her son in law try to cope with this loss, there has
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church family, but the entire community. it's an immeasurable loss ... for a mother. 00;14;51 mike talbot, family friend "he was just a good man. he was always happy. his wife, joy, is incredible. a very sweet person, a very strong person." joy brandt's husband and two children died sunday in a car accident. joy and her son in law -- the two sole survivors. 00;04;08;12 bruce hansen, director of the las vegas institute "the love they had for their father was very evident and the love they had for his ch sometimes talking about how proud he was of his sons and daughters." their son carlon just got back home from a two-year missionary trip. the family went to utah to celebrate. but on their way home, tragedy struck. 00;04;52 bruce hansen, director of the las vegas institute "she seemed more concerned about some of her family member and the loss they'll have with their brother and sister as she was about herself." police say the family's car rolled over on i-15 and caught on fire. the son carlan, their daughter
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brandt died on scene. 00;01;26 bruce hansen, director of the las vegas institute "mike was more low key then some of us here but the kids loved him. he was a great counselor, very good listener, long pause very gifted instructor ...many kids always wanted brother brandt as their teacher." ((shakala alvaranga)) within fourteen hours, a go fund me page for the family has already raised more than 5 meanwhile, the nevada highway patrol says they are still investigating what caused the crash. reporting live for 8 news now, shakala alvaranga. /// ((christianne klein)) the growing wildfire in southern california has caused evacuations and closures in san bernardino county. the pilot fire has burned 45-hundred acres.. but so far no homes. the flames jumped a road last night.. and hundreds of firefighters are trying to keep it away from other ones. they only have 5 percent containment.
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((christianne klein)) smoke from that fire is already drifting this way. clark county has issued an air quality advisory... katie boer is here to tell us about it.. tedd...
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temps... at least for now... are on the down swing into wednesday and thursday. ........................ most of the week looks dry and sunny but small thunderstorm chances arrive here in las vegas by wednesday (only 20% chance) -- moisture is expected to surge rthward tuesday leading to a slight chance of afternoon thunderstorms over southern mohave county. thunderstorm chances will increase over mohave county esday night through trsday as additional moistures drawn t. ........................... checking out your extendedforec droing to the 90s wednesday d thursday. en climbing back up starting frida saturday and sunday look) > an eerly woman murdered in her house sunday has been identified by loved ones as erlinda penaflor home near sloan and washington yesterday evening where they discovered her body. 8 news now reporter karen castro is live in the neighborhood with what she's learned. karen? ((karen castro)) >> we spoke to a relative who lives in the home with the victim. he was too distraught to speak to us on camera but told us the elderly woman was a devout catholic who decided to divorce her abusive husband
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penaflor had an argument with her estranged husband the same day she was killed. he was no where to be found when officers arrived at her home. investigators believe she suffered blunt forced trauma to her head. according to court records, penaflor filed for divorce in june. her attorney says her husband, arthur lopez, currently lives in arizona. bradley hofland last saw penaflor on thursday when they discussed the final steps in finalized the divorce. ((bradley hofland victim's divorce attorney: she seemed a little bit cautious and concerned about how her husband may take the final decree being that she may come to las vegas.)) ((karen castro)) >> the couple was expected to be in court next week after hofland filed a motion to give penaflor exclusive possession of her home. if granted, the motion would not have allowed her husband to enter the house. meanwhile, loved ones say the 78-year-old woman was a parishioner at the prince of peace catholic church. members of the congregation
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((karen castro)) >> police have not made an arrests in the murder. but the victim's loved ones say her husband is to blame. reporting live, karen castro, 8 news now. ((christianne klein)) donald trump delivered some specifics on his economic plan in detroit today. the republican presidential candidate outlined his tax proposals. the speech was focused on overhauling the tax code... and tearing up trade agreements.. saying americanism.. not globalism will be his motto: (( (donald trump/(r) plan, no american company will pay more than 15% of their business income in taxes. in other words, we're reducing your taxes from 35% to 15% )) ((christianne klein)) democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton called his plan "trumped up" trickle down economics. she is giving her own speech in detroit on thursday./// ((christianne klein))
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race... including here in the battleground state of nevada. the poll showed a 2 point overall lead for clinton here in nevada among likely voters.. 43 percent to 41 percent. trump leads among white voters here... by 15 points... but clinton leads among latinos by 54 points. and the same poll shows a tight senate race as well. republican congressman joe heck leads democratic former attorney general catherine cortez masto by a 38 to 35 percent margin voters still in that race./// ((christianne klein)) 8 news now is your local election headquarters. you can follow all the latest election news here on channel 8 and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((dave courvoisier)) thankful for his hometown: (( you can't fake that stuff)) >> we hear from the coach of palo verde graduate... and brand new olympic bronze medal swimmer cody miller... are you tired of being tracked? 8 on your side tells you how to
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browser.... next on 8 news now at 5, the valley's news leader.
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tedd florendo. this is 8 news now at five.")) ((dave courvoisier)) one of the best stories to come out of the rio games so far is a swimmer from las vegas who cody miller swam for sandpipers swim club and graduated from palo verde high. and last night after the race he thanked las vegas for supporting him. cody miller's longtime coach is in rio for the games and today paul joncich reached out to him. ((paul joncich)) during our telephone conversation from rio, las vegas sandpipers coach ron aitken got emotional talking about codys' performance, and the letter that cody wrote thanking his hometown swim club for it's support. ((paul joncich))
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broke the american record in the 100 meter breastroke last night. miller finished third, but was refreshingly joyful about it. and during his post race interview when he thanked the las vegas for it's support. coach aitken told me, that's typical cody. (( ron aitken/sandpipers swim club: "you can't fake that stuff." "at that moment that's not rehearsed, the things he said, about how grateful he was to everybody that supported him." watching him celebrate and the relief of it all and all that hard workd and perseverance that he's put himself through and come out of it ((paul joncich)) miller may have another chance at a medal. he is waiting to see if he will be part of the 400 medly relay scheduled for the end of this week. aitken says they haven't made the decision about who will be swimming yet. ((paul joncich)) but even if he is not chosen to swim in the relay, cody miller - with his bronze will go down as las vegas's most successful olympic swimmer ever.
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sandpipers swim club couldn't be more proud./// ((weather toss))
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a deeper boundary layer has helped the smoke/haze that settled into some valleys disperse this afternoon. strong trough for early august forecast to lie across the pac nw/california and western great basin through thursday keeping the western half of our forecast area dry and breezy. ....................... look for lows tonight in the low 80s... warming up to 102 degrees with more sunshine tomorrow. temps... at least for now... are on the down swing into wednesday and thursday. ........................ sunny but small thunderstorm chances arrive here in las vegas by wednesday (only 20% chance) -- moisture is expected to surge northward tuesday leading to a slight chance of afternoon thunderstorms over southern mohave county. thunderstorm chances will increase over mohave county tuesday night through thursday as additional moisture is drawn into the area. ........................... checking out your extended forecast -- look for some
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and thursday. then climbing back up starting friday. by saturday and sunday look for temperatures near 110s. ((christianne klein))
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tracking what you view to serve up targeted ads. in this tech minute, consumer advocate michelle mortensen shows us what to do to stop advertisers from following you around online. ((michelle mortensen)) got a minute? good -- because that is all you need to stop advertisers from tracking you around the web. ((michelle mortensen)) here's all you have to do. turn on the do not track mode in your browser. in firefox, click the menu button and choose preferences. find the privacy panel, click manage your do not track settings and check the box. forh tab from the menu and scroll to show advanced settings. click the "send a do not track request" option. know that honoring this request is voluntary and sites may still be able to track you. another tip ... visit the consumer opt-out page from the network advertising initiative website and select all the companies you don't want serving you customized ads via cookies. also, turn off ad tracking on facebook by visiting settings and clicking on ads.
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well as "ads on apps and websites off of the facebook companies". ((michelle mortensen)) and once you've done all that ... you should see the ads bombarding you online go down dramatically. ((dave courvoisier)) 8 news now is partnering with smiths and silver state schools credit union.. to collect school supplies for more than 18 at- risk schools in clark county. the school supply drive runs through august 12th. for a list oo you can drop off supplies.. go to our website las vegas now dot com./// ((christianne klein)) the muppets play their first music festival. the songs that doctor teeth and the electric mayhem wowed the crowd with in san francisco this weekend... ((dave courvoisier)) and... monte carlo is going full steam ahead with its transformation into a luxury hotel. coming up tonight at six on the valley's news leader... the major attractions that will soon shut down to make way for "park m-g-m."///
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an 18-year old daredevil tried a risky somersault. ((dave courvoisier)) >> it was taken from the top of this landmark in bodo, norway. the 18-year-old is a gymnast..
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all kinds of places.. but never one this dangerous. you can see him somersault from one rock out-cropping to another. ((christianne klein)) >> he said it went well.. but his mom was not very pleased with him for trying it./// ((dave courvoisier)) and the muppet band played it's first musical festival this weekend: (( nats from song )) ((dave courvoisier)) >> doctor teeth and the electric mayhem played at the outside lands this was posted on the festival's offical youtube page. ((christianne klein)) >> they played their signature song "can you picture that"... and a cover of "had a little help from my friends." the 25 minute set was thier first music festival.. despite playing together for 40 years./// ((dave courvoisier)) thanks for watching 8
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now at five. the valley's news leader. don't forget we're always streaming on the "news on" app... and you can find us on facebook and twitter. ((denise valdez)) the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six. /// news music ((dave courvoisier)) an employee attacked
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i'm one of them. yo tambien. i'm one of over 300,000 nevadans who rely on social security. social security helps us pay the bills... ...and enjoy the retirement that we've earned. that's what makes joe heck so dangerous. his plan to privatize social security means billions in profits for wall street... ...risking retirement security on the stock market. what if it crashes again? wall street has given joe heck over a half a million bucks.
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afscme people is responsible
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> rose: delta down. >> so we're just here, twiddling our thumbs. i have no idea what to do. >> rose: a computer crash grounds one of america's largest airlines, leaving thousands stranded. also tonight, a new zika infection in florida, but this one miles north of miami. a new donald trump reads his economic policy off a prompter, prompting this: >> there is no other donald trump. >> rose: at the olympics, much ado about cupping. and the special guest who made a bride's wedding. >> hi!


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