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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  August 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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the last minute announcement came today... and the i-team's vanessa murphy is live in the newsroom after trying to find answers about this normally controversial move. ((vanessa murphy)) when we talked with some employees in the area where the burros are being removed - they expressed disappointment... the animals are well liked... locals tell us - sure - the burros can pose a danger for drivers.... but people are to blame...because they stop and feed the animals...and the burros have no fear, approach vehicles, and will walk or run onto roads.... good track record....when it comes to removal of animals and that's why people are concerned. the b-l-m tells us 40 of these animals will be removed from spring mountain ranch state park out of about a hundred in the area from kyle canyon road to good springs which is about 160-thousand acres. as of about 2 p-m today, 17 had already been captured. a spokeswoman for the b-l-m says a request for the removal came from spring mountain
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came through which gave the b-l-m the green light. she also calls the removal "low stress" for the animals and says corals are set up with food and water, the animals go in, a gate closes behind them and they are trapped. but here are concerns and somewhat criticisms we heard of the b-l-m: the short notice. the b-l-m sent a notice out this morning about this operation so locals who didn't know didn't have much time to react. the time of year this operation is these 100 the stress it may cause to the animals.... and how the gathering operation is not open to the public. we searched for it....we found burros, but not the b-l-m and we were told it was off limits to us to make sure it ran smoothly. ((vanessa murphy/reporter: the blm has faced criticism for these types of operations. what would you say to people who are concerned about this now? kirsten cannon/blm: i would say that unfortunately these burros have really been habituated to people.
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em do these roundups earlier in the year before it gets hot. it is stressful on the mamas and the babies. don't over take em out of here. they're great for the park. people love em.)) ((vanessa murphy)) >> alan levinson is a co-owner at bonnie springs ranch - a tourist attraction which is right next to spring mountain state park. he says there is an abundance of burros but again - he wants to know the gathering is being done humanely. ((vanessa murphy)) in the past, with the removal of helicopters have been used...which resulted in criticism of how the animals were being handled. a spokeswoman for the b-l-m says no helicopters are being used this time. she also tells us the public can visit the burros at a local ranch if interested later in the week and then they're headed to california for adoption. we have more information on our website at las vegas now dot com.// ((christianne klein)) sunny skies with a bit of hazy smoke in the air.. katie boer is in for tedd
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katie? ((tedd florendo)) good evening! tracking haze and the heat -- really a rollercaster week for temperatures across the valey -- looking outside right now we see a little bit of haze... ........................ clark county daq has issued an advisory for today and tomorrow advisory for today and tomorrow for potentially elevated levels of ozone and smoke due to the pilot fire wildfire burning near hesperia, california. ........................ temperatures are dropping before a major increase into next weekend. right now low 100s -- all the ...................... there is a little bit of a breeze and that has helped clear some of the haze -- their is a increased mixing/ winds through a deeper boundary layer has helped the smoke/haze that settled into some valleys disperse this afternoon. wanted in connection with a sexual assault. this is video taken from inside a hotel in the 41- hundred block of boulder highway... that's in the area where boulder station is. police say they're looking for the man in the striped t-shirt... after an employee was beaten and sexually assaulted in a hotel
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another employee came to the door. if you know anything... call police or crimestoppers./// ((christianne klein)) an elderly woman bludgeoned to death inside her own home. the 78-year-old was found dead sunday evening near sloan and washington. as the hunt continues for her killer... karen castro found out why someone close to the victim may be to blame. ((karen castro)) investigators are back at the home where they found an elderly woman dead on sunday. they are speaking to a man who identifies himself as the victim's caretaker. he did not t on camera but told us she is erlinda penaflor. according to court records, the 78-year-old filed for divorce from her husband, arthur lopez, in june. in fact, police say she had an argument with her estranged husband the same day she was killed. ((bradley hofland victim's divorce attorney: i feel terrible, i believe that erlinda was a very wonderful lady.)) ((karen castro)) bradley hofland is representing penaflor in her divorce. he last saw her thursday where she appeared worried about her safety. ((bradley hofland victim's divorce attorney: she seemed a little bit cautious and concerned about how her husband
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that she may come to las vegas.)) ((karen castro)) hofland has been practicing law for 17 years, but it's not until recently that he has noticed a deadly trend. three of his divorce clients have been murdered. ((bradley hofland victim's divorce attorney: it's occurred over the last 3 to 4 years and what's kinda odd is that it's occurring with people who are elderly in age.)) ((karen castro)) the couple was supposed to be in court next week where a judge was going to decide whether to give penaflor exclusive po husband from entering the property. ((bradley hofland victim's divorce attorney: you just wouldn't expect something like this to occur.)) ((karen castro)) karen castro, 8 news now. ((christianne klein)) >> police want to talk to the victim's estranged husband. we're told he now lives in arizona. it's unclear what he was doing in las vegas on the day of the murder. no one has been arrested./// ((dave courvoisier)) things are finally starting to pick up at mccarran again... after delta experienced a nationwide computer outage. out of 6- thousand flights
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delayed. at mccarran... most arrivals coming from the east coast are looking at two- to- three- hour- delays. delta is still trying to figure out what led to the outage. the company is offering a 200- dollar credit to customers who were either delayed more than three hours... or if their flights were canceled./// ((dave courvoisier)) m-g-m resorts is ready to make room for the re-invention of the monte carlo. today the company announced it's closing the monte carlo pool... "the pub" restaurant and bar... and the "street of dreams" shopping area. october third. it's part of the 450- million- dollar transformation of the property... to turn it into "park m-g-m" and "the nomad las vegas." during construction... guests will be able to use pools at mgm's sister properties. "the park mgm" will have 27- hundred rooms... while the nomad will have just under 300... and is modeled after the property with the same name in new york city./// ((christianne klein)) las vegas finally has a dave & buster's! the restaurant and gaming center officially opened today
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with 180 games... a full restaurant and bar... along with plenty of t-v screens to watch your favorite games: (( we really wanted to be here for the locals which is why we're not on the strip but we want to be engrained in the community )) ((christianne klein)) >> if you watch a u-f-c or boxing match at dave & buster's... there's no cover for admission. the new location hired 300 employees for the grand opening./// ((christianne klein)) on the other side of the valley... chicken restaurants are new location. there's still a lot of work to be done... but the new chicken shop will eventually open near stephanie street and wigwam... just off the 2-15. this will be raising cane's most eastern location... and the second one in henderson./// ((christianne klein)) >> just down the road... work is coming right along on a new "chick- fil- a." this one is near warm springs and stephanie. another henderson location is also in the works... chick- fil- a is now being built where the original "nacho daddy" was... near eastern and st. rose parkway./// ((dave courvoisier))
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president... are going after each other like never before. the war of words between hillary clinton and donald trump... as the two question each other's sanity./// news music voice over: "you're watching the valley's news leader with dave courvoisier,
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this is 8 news now at six." ((christianne klein)) many people have thought this election cycle was crazy at one time or another. but what happens when the candidates and their supporters actually start calling each other crazy? ((dave courvoisier)) >> review-journal columnist and politicsnow co-host steve sebelius is here with that. ((steve sebelius)) >>we've all heard candidates their proposals as nuts, right? but this has become a banner election for questioning the temperament and sanity of the two leading contenders. clinton mentioned it during her convention acceptance speech, and last weekend, trump fired back. take a look: ((hillary clinton: donald trump can't even handle the rough-and-tumble of a presidential campaign! a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. donald trump: unstable hillary clinton, and you saw that, didn't you saw that where
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she said, she did, it wasn't a press conference because that's around 250 days. but it was in front of some friendly reporters. they asked her a very easy question and she short-circuited. )) ((steve sebelius)) >> and it didn't stop there. trump also called clinton a horrible human being lacking in judgment, temperamentn brainwashed, a monster and the devil. right wing media is replete with stories alleging clinton has some sort of brain injury. and clinton supporters aren't shy about making fun of trump, either. director rob reiner opined on real time with bill maher on hbo on friday that trump was mentally ill. robert kagan, writing in the washington post, questioned whether republicans realized they may have backed somebody with a disordered personality. and mark cuban used a reference involving bats to suggest trump was crazy.
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remind its members last week that they shouldn't be diagnosing people they haven't treated. and if trained professionals shouldn't be doing that, the rest of us should probably lay off, too. ((steve sebelius)) >> besides, it's a self-defeating charge for politicians to make anyway. if somebody is really mentally ill, they can't help what they say or do, and deserve our compassion and help. but if they're not crazy and they can help it, well, then they're just awful people and nobody wants to vote for an awful person, right? so call me crazy, but maybe people crazy. ((dave courvoisier)) we're your local election headquarters keeping you up to date on all things politics on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((weather toss))
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good evening! tracking haze and the heat -- really a rollercaster week for temperatures across the valey -- looking outside right now we see a little bit of haze... ........................ clark county daq has issued an advisory for today and tomorrow for potentially smoke due to the pilot fire wildfire burning near hesperia, california. ........................ temperatures are dropping before a major increase into next weekend. right now low 100s -- all the way up to 107 to 109. ...................... there is a little bit of a breeze and that has helped clear some of the haze -- their is a increased mixing/ winds through a deeper boundary layer has helped the smoke/haze that settled into some valleys disperse this afternoon. strong trough for early august forecast to lie across the pac nw/california and western great basin through thursday keeping the western
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and breezy. ....................... look for lows tonight in the low 80s... warming up to 102 degrees with more sunshine tomorrow. temps... at least for now... are on the down swing into wednesday and thursday. ........................ most of the week looks dry and sunny but small thunderstorm chances arrive here in las vegas by wednesday (only 20% chance) -- moisture is expected to surge northward tuesday leading to a slight chance of afternoon thunderstorms over southern mohave county. thunderstorm chances will increase over mohave county tuesday night through thursday as additional moisture is drawn into the area. ........................... checking out your extended forecast -- look for some rollercoaster temperr and thursday. then climbing back up starting friday. by saturday and sunday look for temperatures near 110s. ((weather toss))
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((christianne klein)) jon tritsch is in for chris tonight... to tell us about a basketball legend. ((dave courvoisier)) it turns out... the summer games helped bring the nation together back in the 60's... jon? ((jon tritsch)) that's right..spencer haywood had a hall of fame professional career but his fondest memory
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he almost wasn't apart of it plus it was miller's time in rio.. the las vegas swimming sensation.. found himself on the medal stand and we talk to his club coach who saw it live
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las vegas resident spencer haywood has an olympic history unlike most. the year was 1968..the united states was in turmoil..but the country stopped to watch team usa basketball win gold and witness 19 year old haywood break records the hall of famer remembers his time in mexico city..chris maathuis has more chris matthuis: spencer has come a long from the 1968 olympic games.
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he'll never forget the pressure on his shoulders when some athletes boycotted the 68 games. (spencer haywood/gold medalist: "the 68 olympics were very unique because we had kareem abdul jabbar, elvin hayes, wes unseld and those guys boycott the 68 olympics. those guys elected an 18 year old and said you're going to save america. i was like, 'who me?'") chris matthuis: he sits here wondering if he hadn't listened to 4 ti winner jessie owens... who won his gold in front of hitler in the 1936 games in berlin. (spencer haywood/gold medalist: "jessie owens spoke to george foreman and all the rest of us in the big commissary. we were like 'man, what's he talking about?'. he got angry and said, 'how would you feel if you had to run before hitler, now get your out there and play.' we were like, 'yes sir mr. owens, yes sir." chris matthuis: haywood won't be
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sacrifice he made fighting the supreme court for all kids to have the ability to leave school early. who hasn't heard of the term "one and done" ((jon tritsch)) >>thank you chris..the 1968 olympics also featured dick fosbury leaping over the high jump bar backwards..chan ging the event forever..vashti cunningham and others have taken it from there ((jon tritsch)) the road to rio is far more sacrifice than sweetness..but for las vegas swimmer cody miller every grueling lap and every godforsaken workout was wori made a splash with an american record and bronze medal in the 100 meter breastroke last night.. cody's club coach ron aitken got emotional talking about his athlete's performance and was in brazil to witness history (( ron aitken/sandpipers swim club: "you can't fake that stuff." "at that moment that's not rehearsed, the things he said, about how grateful he was to everybody that supported him." watching him celebrate and the relief of it all and all that hard workd and perseverance that he's put himself through and come out of it every single
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miller may have another chance at a medal. he is waiting to see if he will be part of the 400 medly relay scheduled for the end of this week..either way miller made the podium and is a las vegas swimming pioneer./// ((jon tritsch)) through one weekend of the summer games.. the united states has started fast but hasn't always finished first china leads the way with the most golds..while usa has collected the most hardware overall...italy and australia.. fairly athletic.. they are on the board... ((christianne klein)) over the next couple of weeks our team in rio is stepping outside the olympic village... to get a better understanding of the culture in rio de janeiro. ((dave courvoisier)) >> in tonight's "destination rio" report... jacque jovic checks out one of brazil's most recognizable landmarks... the "christ the redeemer" statue.
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most people who make it to the top of corcovado mountain to stand at the feet of jesus. the 98-foot tall, 700-ton concrete and soapstone statue known as christ the redeemer is one of the new seven wonders of the world. the outstretched arms... nearly as wide as the statue is tall... overlook rio. security guard jorge murta overlooks the statue and says he feels fortunate to work here. (jorje murta/security guard) "the landscape, the statue and the sea. i work andj (jacque) tour guide neyla bontempo says christ the redeemer is her favorite spot. (neyla bontempo/tour guide) "how about to have my own office here you see... it's nice to work in this place." (jacque) visitors from all over the world say they feel the open arms welcoming them to this beautiful city. (esther albers/holland) ""it's a really impressive statue. it represents everything rio stands for in the country. it's really impressive to be here with this view and feeling the spirit of the
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((dave courvoisier)) >> you can check out all the "destination rio" reports online at las vegas now dot com./// ((christianne klein)) thanks for watching 8 news now at 6. we're always on at las vegas now dot com and our app ... along with facebook and twitter. ((dave courvoisier)) >> see you tonight at 11. goodnight.///
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