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tv   8 News Now Good Day  CBS  August 9, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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an overnight shooting leaves one person in critical condition. what police say led up to the shooting.. at an apartment complex. ((kirsten joyce)) >> plus -- a hotel employee sexually assaulted and battered on the job. the advice from a personal security expert. ((patrick walker)) >> and, a slight cooldown is expected mid-week.. before temperatures climb back up! ((kirsten joyce)) >> 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 news now good day.)) thanks for joining us this morning, i'm patrick walker in for brian. ((kirsten joyce)) >> and i'm kirsten joyce. a man is fighting for his life this morning.. after he was shot multiple times. ((patrick walker)) >> this happened last night near lake mead and hollywood. that's where he find michael stevens with the latest, michael? ((michael stevens)) >> (( ))
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((kirsten joyce)) >> ((michael stevens)) >> ((kirsten joyce))
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finding this man.. after a hotel worker was sexually assaulted and battered. it happened over the weekend on boulder highway.. inside a room at a hotel. police released this surveillance video of the suspect... investigators say the suspect left when another employee came up to the room. 8 news now spoke with a retired sergeant.. who's now a personal security expert.. realize.. this can happen at any workplace. it's important to test security protocols where you work: ((ret. sgt christopher curtis, personal safety expert: "see if you can sneak past someone. see if you can get in without your id badge, see if some of the locks don't work. the second you see something like that, you have to report that to a security team or management because things aren't perfect." )) ((kirsten joyce)) >> if you find yourself in an uncomfortable or possibly dangerous situation...
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scared. anyone with information on the suspect's whereabouts.. is urged to call metro's sexual assault section... or crimestoppers. /// ((kirsten joyce)) if you've ever had a question you wanted to ask someone in law enforcement... let us know! we're asking sheriff joe lombardo questions from the viewers every wednesday... during our segment, morning cup of joe. to submit a question... just go to las vegas now dot com... and look for the "don't miss" section. you can find out if your question was chosen.. every wednesday between 6:30 and 7 a-m./// ((patrick walker)) this morning, delta l the repercussions.. from a nationwide computer outage. about 250 flights so far have been canceled today. over at mccarran airport, several arriving flights are already delayed.. so make sure to check your flight before heading out. delta is still trying to figure out what led to the outage.. the company is offering a 200- dollar credit to customers.. who were delayed or had a flight canceled. /// ((kirsten joyce)) right now.. we want to get a check on your forecast. ((brian loftus))
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we still have some breezes out there after a windya it was a hot start to the week, with a high of 106 and many neighborhood temps above 105. and wind gusts to more than 30 mph. ............. temps right now in the 80s
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and the air still dry. ............ some monsoon moisture sneaking up into arizona, but southern nevada under high ahead. ............ we could see some smoke today again from that fire to the west. ((sherry swensk)) demetria, how are the
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((demetria obilor)) apache, north of tropicana and another at nellis and washington. the interstate is clear from any
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around spring mountain, where there are no problems. back to you./// 8 news now is partnering with smiths and silver state schools credit union.. to collect school supplies for more than 18 at- risk schools in clark county. the school supply drive runs through august 12th. for a list of locations where you can drop off supplies.. go to our website las vegas now dot com./// ((patrick walker)) a popular ride at a national water park, where a boy died... has seen problems before. the ride remains closed...
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suffered, while on it. ((kirsten joyce)) >> plus -- a major wildfire in california.. is causing air quality issues in the valley. the hundreds of firefighters being brought to the lines to fight the blaze. ((patrick walker)) >> and smoothing out sunset road. what to expect this week as crews work on a major pipeline project.. coming up in "what's driving you crazy?" /// ((you're watching the valley's news leader...
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nevada is one of the worst places in america
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to help law enforcement fight back. as attorney general, she made sex trafficking a felony crime and increased sentences. she gave victims the right to sue their captors. and expanded the sex offender registry to protect kids. catherine's a problem-solver. that's what she's all about. isn't that something we need more of in washington? i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. ((sherry swensk)) this morning, nearly 800 firefighters in california.. are battling the pilot fire in san bernardino county.. where more than 63- hundred acres
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slowing down. about 16 planes are attacking the fires from the skies. the wildfires have also forced thousands of people to leave their homes.. plus several area school districts will be closed today. the pilot fire erupted on sunday... tripling in size in less than 24 hours! at last check, the fire is only six- percent contained. /// weather today?
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again from that fire to the west.... right now we don't see much looking out from our red rock camera. ............... let's show you where that fire is well to the west of southern nevada... ................ it won't be quite as hot today...
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next couple of days. ................ we still have some breezes out there after a fairly windy monday. the air is staying very dry again today. gusts have already been bumping around to over 30 mph out at the lake overnight. ........... and the mountain has some gusts to ...................... some monsoon moisture spreading up into arizona, but southern nevada under high pressure and another windy day ahead. ............ tropical moisture from javier which soaked baja will overtake the
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........... flood watches are already posted over much of arizona and western new mexico. ............... ((sherry swensk)) back to you./// ((patrick walker)) investigators say a 10-year-old sustained a neck injury.. before he was killed on the world's tallest water slide. officials say caleb schwab d the boy was recovered in a pool at the end of the ride. but now there are questions about these kinds of water slide attractions: (( debbie hersman, president of the national safety council: "there are no federal requirements for oversights or reporting as far as injuries or fatalities for this industry. it's up to the states and the local communities to really oversee these operations - these waterparks. but it really is the responsibility of the waterpark operators to make sure that every ride that they offer to the public is safe." ))
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facial injuries on the same ride. the park is expected to reopen tomorrow... but the water slide will remain closed. /// ((kirsten joyce)) police released more details of the property.. where hundreds of roosters were seized for illegal cockfighting. metro police and clark county animal control found the roosters were tethered.. which is a common practice used to train them to fight. wooden cages, boxing muffs, and medications.. common for fighting roosters.. were also found. a total of 335 birds were seized from the property. seven puppies died during the raid. the two men accused of the illegal ring -- javier salgado and silver gayton -- are facing charges in relation to the alleged cock fighting ring. /// ((kirsten joyce)) metro police are looking for a suspect.. who beat up and robbed a security officer early this morning... near mountain vista and vegas valley. police say three men took the officer's handgun, baton, and spray... before taking off in a nearby neighborhood. police air units and k-9 were able to locate two of the
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okay. if you have any information, call crimestoppers. /// let's get a check of the roads with demetria. /// let's send it over to demetria for a check of traffic./// ((demetria obilor)) construction continues in the northwest on us 95 and 215 as part of the state's centennial bowl project. us 95 and mlk is all using this exit instead of south rancho due to a closure. the 95 south ramp to south rancho is closed through mid-september.
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the valley's news leader./// ((patrick walker))
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ride- sharing company lyft is giving riders some flexibility with their rides. ((kirsten joyce)) >> and, hulu is taking a new route when it comes to gaining back customers. hena daniels joins us live from wall street. good morning patrick and kirsten. wal-mart is buying on-line retaler jet-dot-com in an effort to compete more aggressively in on-line sales. wal-mart is paying three billion in cash and 300 million in stock. jet-dot-com was launched a year ago to take on amazon.. and grew fast. it should help wal-mart reach a younger, higher income customer. // no-more free t-v on hulu. hulu started as a free site supported by advertisers..
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with-in a few weeks those free t-v episodes will be gone.. but will be available through yahoo. hulu says relatively few people watch the free episodes. hulu says it has about 12 million subscribers who pay for original shows. // lyft is making it easier to drop off a friend or pick up a bottle of wine. lyft riders could always make multiple stops by talking to the driver. now lyft is offering riders the ability to add a second /// ((kirsten joyce)) >> hena burger king is changing the game with a new hybrid menu item what's that about? a: yes, burger king is going tex mex... the fast food chain unveiled its newest creation - the whopperito... the ingredients will include beef, tomatoes, onions, lettuce and
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the whopperito will be sold nationwide beginning august 15th.// /// demetria obilor some of you have been asking road. over the past several months, there have been a couple of different projects on this road slowing you down. this week, expect more cones and delays. for the next couple of weeks, crews are going to be paving sunset between mcleod and eastern as part of the central segment of the paradise whitney interceptor project. this week, there will be nightly lane restrictions along sunset from 6pm to 7am. at mcleod, there will be two lanes open for traffic in each direction. you can use warm springs and russell as alternates to get
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remember, you can write me at. traffic 8 at las vegas now dot com. back to you./// ((kirsten joyce)) ((kirsten joyce)) now on good day... now on good day... i'm one of them. yo tambien. i'm one of over 300,000 nevadans who rely on social security. social security helps us pay the bills... ...and enjoy the retirement that we've earned. that's what makes joe heck so dangerous. his plan to privatize social security means billions in profits for wall street... ...risking retirement security on the stock market. what if it crashes again? wall street has given joe heck over a half a million bucks. i wonder who he's working for? because it's not us. afscme people is responsible
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after being shot multple times. what police are looking into as a possible motive. ((patrick walker)) >> plus -- learning the rules of the road. the new app that's helping teen drivers how to drive. ((sherry swensk)) >> and, another windy day for the valley - followed by a slight cooldown... but don't get too comfortable.. as temperatures will climb back in the triple digits by the weekend. 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8
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thanks for waking up with us, i'm kirsten joyce. ((patrick walker)) >> i'm patrick walk in for brian. metro police are investigating a shooting.. where a man was shot multiple times outside of an apartment complex. ((kirsten joyce)) >> police are currently looking for the suspect... michael stevens is live near lake mead and hollywood.. where the shooting took place, michael? ((michael stevens)) >> patrick, kirsten... metro's homicide te to this shooting. it happened just before midnight. metro says they believe the person responsible walked up to a ground level apartment and started shooting. a man in his early 20's was hit multiple times. he was taken to u-m-c where he's not expected to survive. police say a couple of small
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but weren't hurt. right now, no arrests have been made. police say they're not going to stop until the person who did this is locked up: ((lt. dan mcgrath // metro police: 00;10;15 recently we've seen a number of younger -- these younger men involved in senseless violence with guns so it is a big concern for us as an agency. and there's going to be some more officers in this area later today and even the next few days so hopefully we catch this person. 00;10;39)) ((michael stevens)) >> metro's gang unit is also here investigating... not sure if anyone had any ties. right now, police say they're talking to witnesses and checking cameras in the area... that might've picked up anything. ((michael stevens)) >> metro police say they do expect to be in the area investigating for the next several hours. patrick, kirsten? ((patrick walker)) >> ((michael stevens)) >> ((kirsten joyce))
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forecast. ((brian loftus)) >> hi sherry, how's the weather looking today? ((sherry swensk)) we still have some breezes out monday. ........... it was a hot start to the week, with a high of 106 and manythe week, neighborhood temps above 105. and wind gusts to more than 30 mph. ............. temps right now in the 80s around the valley...
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some monsoon moisture sneaking up into arizona, but southern nevada under high pressure and another windy day ahead. ............ we could see some smoke toda west. ((kirsten joyce)) >> students are getting ready to go back to school in just a few weeks..
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((demetria obilor)) >> and the d-m-v has made it pretty easy for them.. to learn the rules of the road... with a new program and a new "ready road app" . ((kirsten joyce)) kevin malone, of the dmv joins us now... - parent's supervised driving
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let's take a look /// ((demetria obilor)) traffic along the south beltway is
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remember to check your flight status if you're flying with delta. work continues at charleston and
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southwest gas pipeline project. expect some slow downs heading through the area.
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near moapa. a newlywed, a former bishop, and a son back home from a two-year missionary trip were among the victims. the brandt family were on their way home from a family trip to utah... when their s-u-v rolled over and caught fire. joy brandt lost her two children.. as well as her husband. she was also injured in the accident, but will survive. a go fund me page for the family has already raised more than 25-thousand dollars./// ((kirsten joyce)) hacking into cars is now ((patrick walker)) >> the uptick in car thefts one police department is seeing.. and what officers say you can do.. to keep your car safe. /// ((demetria obilor)) welcome back...
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doing chores is a pain.. but one mom took it to the next level with her kids.. to make sure they were getting them done. and to hold them to it... she was going to give them the wi-fi password. mom posted this note in the kitchen... saying "today's wi-fi password can be unlocked by texting a photo of a clean kitchen to mom. said photograph must contain one box of crackers on the counter by the stove (to prevent re-using any previous photos). thank you for playing. favor. love, mom." the post has gotten close to 200-thousand views... so parents, take note. /// sherry how's the weather today?
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smoke layer over the valley this morning... ....... we expet to see some more smoke today again from that pilot fire to
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much looking out from our sunset station camera. ............... sunrise is about 15 minutes away... and sunset closer to severn-thirty now. ................ it won't be quite as hot today... with temps getting back to normal and a little below the ......... let's show you where that fire is well to the west of southern nevada... ................... we still have some breezes out there after a fairly windy monday. the air is staying very dry again today.
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over 30 mph out at the lake overnight. ............................. tropical storm javier hit baja yesterday with heavy and 60 mph winds... and now that moisture desert and bring some heavy rain for the rest of the week. ........... flood watches are already posted over much of arizona and western new mexico. ............... while areas to the west will stay dry and windy today - with the stronger southwesterly flow pushing the monsoon away from us. ((sherry swensk)) back to you./// ((patrick walker)) it's nearly impossible to hotwire a new car... but they could be increasingly vulnerable to hacking. kiten joyce)) >> police in texas are investigating a series of thefts.. where they believe the thieves hacked into them in just minutes. kris van cleave reports. point. click. steal. security video outside of a houston home shows this guy
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and breaking out his laptop... apparently using the jeep's on-board computer diagnostic port to trick it into accepting a generic key he brought with him. and then just driving off. (david payne) "who needs the hotwire when you got a laptop." that jeep belonged to david payne's daughter david payne / daughter's car stolen "actually my daughter was in the room sleeping above it, her dog was sleeping with her, and the dog slept through it, she slept through it, nobody ever heard a thing.//(11:09:49) it's like being invaded, the guy coming in stealing typically thieves target older cars because of the value of their parts. but not these two. working always at night, they struck again using a laptop to take this jeep grand cherokee. police arrested michael arce and jesse zelaya, but believe the pair made off with up to 100 vehicles which were then smuggled into mexico. (officer jim woods/houston police department) "if it's this easy to steal or somebody actually has the knowledge and the ability and knows how to utilize that ability to be able to commit the
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similar string of jeep thefts are under investigation in california. the national insurance crime bureau, which investigates stolen car claims for the insurance industry, has noticed an uptick in newer-harder to steal vehicles being taken. "...which sort of surprised us because they have all this new technology." spokeswoman carol kaplan. (carol kaplan/nat'l insurance crime bureau) "it's almost like cyber-hotwiring." "yes. in the old days thieves could hotwire a car but when the new technology came along it was no longer and that's why we saw auto thefts really drop off. but as with any kind of crime, the thieves always find a way to outwit technology. so it's incumbent upon the insurance industry and the auto industry to always stay one step ahead of the bad guys." kris van cleave, cbs news, washington. ((kirsten joyce)) >> police say if you can park your car in the garage... some experts suggest a steering wheel lock./// let's take a look on the roads with demetria. ///
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for a check of traffic./// ((demetria obilor))
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>> what's expected to close at the hotel in the coming months.. as part of the re-branding process. ((kirsten joyce)) and with the olympics underway... here's our portuguese word of the day: (( celebracao is the portuguese word for celebration. celebracao. )) ((you're watching the valley's news leader... with brian loftus,
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((kirsten joyce))
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as the monte carlo starts to re-brand itself. m-g-m resorts announced its closing the monte carlo pool.. "the pub" restaurant and bar... and the "street of dreams" shopping area. all three areas will close october third. it's part of the 450- million- dollar transformation... to turn it into "park m-g-m" and "the nomad las vegas." during construction... guests will be able to use pools at m-g-m's sister properties. "the park mgm" will have 27- hundred rooms... while the nomad will have jt property with the same name in new york city./// ((kirsten joyce)) right now.. we want to get a check on your forecast. ((brian loftus)) >> sherry swensk is here with that. ((sherry swensk)) early light from our rio camera... and the winds are bumping around up in some neighborhoods, but
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............ so if you have plans to be out having fun in either area today - expect a lot of wind. ............ winds are switching around on the mountain today... from north to south. .............. gusts to more than 30 mph have already produced choppy waters ............... be safe if you've got boating, swimming, or jet skiing plans. ........... temps in the valley will start to fade a little - backing down to 102 today and then dropping to upper 90s for a couple of days. not a huge drop in temps, but close to ten degrees by tomorrow. .......
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107 and above. ((sherry swensk)) ((patrick walker)) donald trump unveiled a new plan for the nation's economy.. in an effort to get his troubled campaign back on track. it had some of the specifics his supporters and critics have been asking for. the plan calls for income tax brackets of 12, 25, and 33-percent. trump also called for full deductions of child care expenses. meanwhile, hillary clinton called trump's plan a economics.. and mocked trump's economic team made up of 13- white men. clinton plans to offer her vision for the economy in a speech on thursday./// ((patrick walker)) former president bill clinton and libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson will speak at a forum in las vegas on friday. if you're interested in going to the event.. you have until today at noon to sign up. doors open at 1-pm friday at the colosseum at caesars palace. /// ((patrick walker)) 8 news now is your local election headquarters throughout
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now dot com. /// ((patrick walker)) let's take a look on the roads with demetria. /// ((demetria obilor)) traffic on westbound summerlin parkway is starting to get jammed up most likely due to some construction happening in the area. the spaghetti bowl is southbound i-15 at us 95.
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((demetria obilor)) >> back to you./// ((kirsten joyce)) advertisers on the internet are watching your every move.. ((patrick walker)) >> michelle mortensen shows us how you can put a stop to that in today's 8 on your side. ((kirsten joyce)) plus... mat franco taking his magic from the strip ... to our studio! how he's celebrating his first year as a las vegas headliner. ((patrick walker)) those stories and more.. coming up on 8 news now good day, the
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a man is fighting for his life this morning ... what police believe sparked the overnight shooting on the east side. ((patrick walker)) >> plus... you may just be waking up ... but delta is already canceling more flights .. we look into how you could be affected if you're flying out of mccarran. ((kirsten joyce)) >> and... winds blowing smoke from california's wildfires into the valley.. when the air will finally clear up. ((patrick walker)) 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 news now good day.))


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