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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  August 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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happening right now... a monkey got loose on a flight that just landed at mccarran international one minute ago. thanks for joining us live at 11... i'm dave courvoisier. ((christianne klein)) >> and i'm christianne klein in for denise... initial reports are that a passenger smuggled the monkey on the flight and at some point it escaped custody. a spokesman tells us airport police are responding. we have a crew on the way to the airport right now looking for more information. we'll bring you any new details as we get them./// ((dave courvoisier) lightning show for southern nevada tonight... compliments of arizona. ((christianne klein)) >> the lightning you see on your screen is from across state lines. locally, no rain to speak of... but we were able to see the light show looking east from the valley. ((dave courvoisier)) >> katie boer is in for tedd tonight... she starts us off with a first check of your weather at 11./// ((katie boer)) pretty quite within our state lines and no lightning to speak of... but from the strip you could see a spectacular light show just over the state line in arizona where they saw hundreds of lightning strikes earlier this
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the winds are the other ting we're watching with breezy conditiosn this afternoon that have turned gusty this evening.... ................... let's look at the next couple hours and help you plan yur start tomorrow morning... ((dave courvoisier)) voters will have a say come november on an issue that will sales. if passed..."question one" would require nevadans to go through a federally licenced gun dealer for private sales and transfers.
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opened in the southeast part of town. brittany, how does this new office correlate to the ballot measure? ((brittany edney)) >> n-r-a officials tell me it's part of a state-wide fight against question one. adding they believe that background checks will not decrease crime because they say criminals wouldn't abide by the law anyway. today, volunteers from across the state united at the field office to discuss the ballot measure and make calls to residents. the n-r-a says if passed, question one will increase the citizens and limits their freedoms. adding these next few months are critical for opposers as it's a chance to show the public that you can fight back. ((robert uithoven, campaign manager, nra - nevadans for freedom "we won't be silenced even though michael bloomberg will have plenty of money, he'll outspend us in this campaign, we'll do our best to stay competitive. having a field office where nevadans can come in, sign up, volunteer and call other voters, and educate them on this i think is very important." ))
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state a chance to reduce gun violence. ((david moody fraternal order of police "i think it's not going to stop it but it will prevent it, and if it prevents one or two from getitng hurt because somebody bought a gun then it's well worth it.")) the n-r-a says they will keep the field office open through november and they also have a second location in reno ((brittany edney)) >> if passed, certain the requirement like guns inherited from family members, or lending a friend a gun while hunting together and also for immediate self defense. dave. ((dave courvoisier)) >> brittany... what kind of resources is the n-r-a pumping into the field office and is this a state or national effort when it comes to the ground crews? ((brittany edney)) >> the n-r-a says it will likely end up being a
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measure from passing. also, the volunteers are all nevada residents--- officials tell me that this is a grassroots effort to defend the second amendment. we'll send it back to you./// ((dave courvoisier)) there's a strange case developing tonight out of florida's gulf coast... south of tampa. a woman was accidentally shot dead by a punta gorda police officer... at a safety demonstration. roleplay scenario in which the officer was playing a bad guy. she had been randomly selected to participate in a "shoot - don't shoot" scenario... designed to simulate the decisions that go into using lethal force in a real-life situation. the officer reportedly fired several times in front of a room full of people... and is now on administrative leave pending the investigation./// ((christianne klein)) gun rights versus gun control was also front and center on the campaign trail today.
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hillary clinton would be the end of the second amendment. and then he said this: (( donald trump/(r) presidential nominee: "if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i dunno." )) ((christianne klein)) >> many were quick to react... believing trump's ambiguous comment was a threat on clinton's life. others defended trump, saying he was merely telling gun owners to get out the vote. former c-i-a director michael hayden, who is on record saying that clinton is more qui was shocked: (( michael hayden/former cia director: "if someone else would have said that outside the hall, he'd be in the back of a police wagon now with the secret service questioning him." )) ((christianne klein)) >> the secret service has since tweeted that they are aware of trump's statement... but haven't commented further than that. the clinton campaign called trump's comment dangerous and suggestive of violence. the trump campaign called the media dishonest... and says he was talking about voting./// ((christianne klein)) the democrats spent
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of unity... but there's still an underlying rift. today, clinton campaigned with embattled former dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz in florida. wasserman schultz is still favored to win her primary battle, but today bernie sanders emailed his supporters... urging them to donate to wasserman schultz's opponent. leaked emails revealed favoritism from wasserman schultz toward clinton and against sanders in the democratic primaries./// ((christianne klein)) 8 news now is your local election headquarters for all the races that matter to you... on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((dave courvoisier long to get their suspect in a hotel sexual assault into custody. 22-year-old ivon major was located and arrested early this morning after concerned citizens contacted detectives in response to surveillance video plastered on air and online. a hotel employee was assaulted saturday while on the job. major will face charges of battery, sexual assault, kidnapping, robbery, burglary, and open and gross lewdness. anyone with information in this case is urged to call crime
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>> and metro has arrested 55 year-old arthur lopez on an open murder with a deadly weapon charge. lopez is accused of killing his estranged wife, 78 year-old erlinda penaflor. her body was discovered inside a home near washington and sloan sunday evening. police say she died from blunt force trauma to the head after a likely domestic disturbance. lopez remains jailed in the clark county detention center./// ((christianne klein)) the time for public input on a proposal to reorganize the clark county school district is running . their two cents at the clark county government center commission chambers. nia wong was there... and shows us how support staff dominated the public commentary: when it comes to reorganizing the clark county school district...the biggest thorn in the side of support staff can be seen under their arms ....on these yellow placards. (( denise bassett/ccsd bus driver: "we're scared, we're hurt, we feel unappreciated, we need to feel like you guys want us." )) the current preliminary plan would give more power to
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outsource services. (("you're going to lose a lot of good employees, you're going to lose a lot of good people that love kids, that want to be here...that can't. we can't afford to be here.")) not so...according to the advisory committee which unanimously voted in favor of this proposal. ((john vellardita/clark county teachers union: "i have heard parents talking about an ac going down and having to wait hours for a repair.")) among the committe is john vellardita who claim this plan is not about eliminating jobs. (("i am very concerned where folks are very fearful of that's not intended with this....that i think is driven by political agendas." )) questions regarding diversity initiatives were another hot topic of the night. (("you're going to be empower to speak up, to demand your job has the resources needed to do what you need to do and that's to deliver." )) vellardita says this plan is to
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administration. ((christianne klein)) >> that was nia wong reporting. the next and last town hall meeting will be tomorrow at the winchester cultural center. from then on the committee will finalize plans by the middle of next week....then it's on to the state board for approval./// ((dave courvoisier)) state officials have approved another 125-thousand dollars to defend education savings accounts in an ongoing legal battle. the nevada board of examiners is allowing the attorney general's office to spend the money on law firm bancroft associates. 420-thousand dollars from nevada... today's decision raises the payout to 545-thousand. the nevada aclu's director questioned why the attorney general's office wasn't doing the defense in-house./// ((christianne klein)) delta airlines now says their backup systems didn't function properly... after losing power to a critical power control module yesterday -- causing thousands of cancellations and delays. more than 15-hundred flights were canceled due to the power outage.
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resulting in the loss of power. delta has seen residual slowness in their check-in and boarding process as a result. affected passengers have been offered vouchers for future delta flights./// ((christianne klein)) new details tonight... a federal jury has found california's largest utility guilty of obstructing investigators about how it was identifying high-risk pipelines after a deadly gas line explosion in 2010 in the san francisco bay area. the natural gas pipeline blas destroyed 38 homes. a jury determined that pacific gas and electric co. misled officials in their investigation. prosecutors recently decided not to pursue a 562-million dollar penalty if the company was found guilty./// ((dave courvoisier)) all new at 11... ryan bundy faces new charges after a reported fight with deputies who were transporting him from jail to an appointment earlier today in oregon. bundy reportedly refused to be handcuffed and spun on a deputy
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disruptive behavior, failure to do as ordered, and assaulting staff... on top of federal charges related to the occupation of the malheur national refuge./// ((dave courvoisier)) so the big question... who does tony sanchez put under center? the rebels have to pick a field general... and there's a good old-fashioned quarterback camp battle. jon tritsch shows us... coming up in sports. ((christianne klein)) >> and a woman loses 350 pounds the old fashioned way -- diet and exercise. the embarrassing moment that she life around... next on the valley's news leader./// "now, live...this is
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you're taking a live look at mccarran international airport where a flight has just landed... airport officials tell us a monkey got loose on the flight and now security officers are involved. ((christianne klein)) >> a passenger reportedly smuggled the monkey on board. we have a crew at the airport and hope to have a live report for you in this newscast... we'll also bring any new details
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an amazing story out of california... after four and a half years of just diet and exercise... a woman has dropped a whopping 350 pounds! ((christianne klein)) >> jacqueline adan has undergone a complete transformation of her body... and her mind. adan says for years she stayed at home to avoid public judgment... and she would eat to cope with self anger and shame. at her heaviest, she weighed more than 500 pounds. a turning point came at disneyland when she got stuck at a turnstile: (( "adan: i kind of got unstuck. didn't make eye contact with anyone. q: and that was rock bottom? yeah." )) ((christianne klein)) >> that's when she decided it was time to get real help. she got a trainer who helped her clean up her diet... work out... and then work out some more. bo kelly credit's adan's work ethic for making such a drastic lifestyle change: (( bo kelly, trainer: "unique? absolutely 100% one of a kind, there's only one jacqueline. but her story will go on to
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>> jacqueline is posting pictures to her instagram and blog to reach out to others. she does have about 30 pounds of excess skin... which she is having removed through multiple surgeries./// ((dave courvoisier)) a barbershop in oakland is getting attention for its strict rules for getting a trim... pull your pants up! the shop is actually named "pull your pants up barbershop". owner tyrone burns says customers have to respect the rules and if they don't, he'll kick them out. sagging pants and swearing are t burns even started a donation drive to give belts to kids... even if it's a message they don't necessarily want to receive: (( tyrone burns/owner: "when i see that, i see a person that's trying to be a wanna-besomebody that's trying to be like everybody else, that don't really know their own identity." )) ((dave courvoisier)) >> some regulars admit the message may not have resonated with them when they were younger... but burns says the policy is working and that young people who do come in the shop have discovered that self-respect is gained by giving respect to others./// ((christianne klein)) one person was killed and
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montreal, canada. the truck was carrying flammable liquids when it caught fire and exploded in a rush-hour collision involving at least four vehicles. it took more than 100 firefighters to handle the scene and put out the fire. a nearby building was damaged by the intense heat./// ((christianne klein)) the remnants of tropical storm javier are being felt not far from here... heavy rains caused this bad flooding in tucson, arizona. intersections throughout the cif submerged. they're dealing with more rain tonight... that's expected to carry on into the morning./// ((dave courvoisier)) a little bit of a
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tonight... compliments of arizona. ((christianne klein)) >> the lightning you see on your screen is from across state lines. locally, no rain to speak of... but we were able to see the light show looking east from the va >> katie boer is in for tedd tonight... she starts us off with a first check of your weather at 11./// ((katie boer))
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grad continues his banner year ((christianne klein)) >>kris bryant is the face of the chicago cubs..and maybe the game's best player ((jon tritsch)) >>the mvp candidate was impressing once again how far did the ball fly off the bat of bryant..we've got the highlights plus quarterback questions in coaches on the qb battle coming up in sports ((jon tritsch))
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i'm one of them. yo tambien. i'm one of over 300,000 nevadans who rely on social security.
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njoy the retirement that we've earned. that's what makes joe heck so dangerous. his plan to privatize social security means billions in profits for wall street... ...risking retirement security on the stock market. what if it crashes again? wall street has given joe heck over a half a million bucks. i wonder who he's working for? because it's not us. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. harper's historic 2015 earned him the hardware..but this year it's all about kris bryant..he plays three different positions and has hit 27 homeruns and counting for the best team in baseball..who deserves it more? did i hear 27? can i raise you
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and this ball lands in lake michigan.. bryant has driven in 70 runs this season..the cubs win again 5-1 over the angels meanwhile bryce harper is in need of an mvp physical therapist and probably a hug..the las vegan sat out his third straight game with a neck soreness.. when he's hasn't been much better.. harper is batting .233 for the season and has only homered 4 times since june first... meanwhile tim tebow is making in baseball.. the heisman winning quarterback and beloved but inconsistent former nfl signal caller has been working out vigorously in an effort to get back in the game.. tebow was once a star fielder and hitter..but hasn't played since his jr year of high school.. good news no one can intercept throws to first base.. ((jon tritsch)) the unlv quarterback.. many have tried..few have succeeded...the qb question mark swirls around camp rebel once again.. there are two contenders..but no starter yet
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intriguing competition this fall...juco transfer johnny stanton had the lead in the spring.. but veteran returner kurt palandech wants the job to be his..the performance of the position will make or break the season for unlv..coaches are enjoying the close battle..but what they really want is a field general (tony sanchez/head coach: "it's hard to win if you don't have that position solidified. right now we don't. but that's all right. all we are looking for is someone who can manage the offense, put us in good situations, protect the ball, not put the ball in jeopardy.'' barney cotton/offensive coordinator: "you know kurt was a backup although he almost played half the time and johnny is ne going on there. we have to have good leadership out of that spot. we are charting everything they do so hopefully in 7-14 days we can determine who is 1 and who's 2.") ((jon tritsch)) when marvin menzies took over the runnin rebel job..the unlv roster was a dumpster fire..the first thing the coach did was bring in leadership and stability with 2 5th year senior transfers 6'7'' forward christian jones came to vegas after playing under 2 coaches at st. johns.. 6'2'' guard uch-ey
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francisco and knows what it's like to have a program in disarray..the two have grown strong through adversity and weren't scared to become rebels (uche ofoegbu/sr. transfer: "i've played with 3 different coaches now. i feel like i help the team overall. it's like another coach on the court. that's what i think i bring." christian jones: "we have a few new players at st. john's, a new coach, so being here is not completely different for me. i'm really kind of used to it in a way.") wondering..why is the grim reaper sitting beside the pool..actually that's 21 time gold medalist michael phelps... the champion loves smiling on the podium..he loves his family.. he loves america.. but we can confirm he does not like dancing south african swimmers.. if you invade his space.. you're gonna get the phelps face ((christianne klein)) we're back right after
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news ... a smuggled monkey loose on a flight that just landed at mccarran. ((christianne klein)) >> nia wong joins us live from terminal three with new details. nia? ((nia wong)) >> ((dave courvoisier)) that's all for us live at eleven. ((christianne klein))
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aduba and neil degrasse tyson. we'll see you back here tomorrow night.///
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>> two minutes, stephen. >> stephen: thanks, mark. ( laughter ) ( popping sound ) ( laughter ) ( popping sound ) ? ? ? >> tonight, stephen welcomes uzo aduba. astrophysicist neil degrasse tyson. and a musical performance by adia victoria.


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