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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  August 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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and this community knows what to blame: ((dave courvoisier)) >> the plan to deal with the eastside coyote problem. ((christianne klein)) >> multiple slot machines burglarized... all pointing to one suspect. how police say he's gotten away with multiple jobs... and the pictures they want you to see. ((katie boer)) >> serious flooding at zion traps visitors at the park... plus, your most accurate weather now... on the valley's news leader./// > dave and christianne, as many as 7 animals have been attacked and killed near tropicana boulevard and boulder highway -- by coyotes. we talked to one woman, with
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happened to her puppy luke. and, she's not the only one fed up and wanting answers. it's a quick, four second clip of a coyote in the palm gardens estates. "i was sleeping in the middle of the night and it was around 1:30 2 o clock, when i was awoken by my other dog and this blood scurdling howling that i had never heard of before." justine's dog duke was attacked. "it fractured its neck multiple lacerations around with no possibility of keeping alive and ...pause....i had to euthanize him." atleast 7 dogs and cats have already been killed by coyotes within the past month. "duke was 8 1/2 pounds,
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in arizona. he gave him to me because he knew i was alone." in hopes of squashing rumours, the nevada department of wildlife met with residents tonight about what happened ... and what steps you can take to keep your animals safe. but many are still upset that the issue is just now being addressed. "i have concrete 6 foot brick walls around my house. never. i don't have over brush. i have a gardner that comes in. i've done everything right." another neighbor that we met came home to a grisly scene in his neighbors front yard. his neighbors cat, also killed ... "he was, you know, chest part was cracked open ... hearts gone, lungs gone." "just to hear that other dogs and see the cat. you know what i mean, they drew the first blood. there coming after my dogs." ((shakala alvaranga)) >> so what steps can you take to keep your animals protected? the most important ...
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any vegetation trimmed, keep your trash secured and walk your dogs on a short leash. ((dave courvoisier)) >> shakala, will any action be taken by the city to address the problem? ((shakala alvaranga)) >> right now, the nevada department of wildlife is urging anyone to call them if they see a coyote acting aggressive. while they stressed that this is the coyotes home just as much as it is ours, they will take the necessary steps - like euthanization - if a coyote becomes aggressive with a human. ((christianne klein)) we're learning more about on a frontier airlines flight from columbus to las vegas... that raised a ruckus thanks to a monkey onboard... without permission. frontier officials say a passenger broke policy by not informing the airline that he was bringing a service animal onboard -- and refused to turn over documents verifying the monkey's status. metro did respond, but determined this wasn't a criminal matter. it's not clear what consequences the man faces with the airline.
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remaining in the county between five to 24 hours must be reported to animal control. longer than that requires a permit. violators can be punished with fines or jail time depending on the offense. the passenger reportedly stowed the monkey in a duffel bag onto the plane... then later concealed it in his shirt. t-s-a tells us agents are not required to ask for documentation when passengers travel with animals./// ((dave courvoisier)) a little bit of haze continues to linger over southern nevada thanks to regional wildfires and ozone... katie boer's in for tedd tonight and has a first check of your weather at 11./// ((katie boer)) our air quality advisory has been allowed to expire -- but smoke and dust levels still remain at "moderate" ... staying a bit hazy and murky in the evening/morning hours especially. as far as alerts go however... there is a flash flood warning for areas just ne of st. george, utah and ne of kingman. -- this area has seen some extensive lightning and thunder. .......... current conditions are in the upper 90s and low 100s... we did hit 100 today -- warmed up a bit but won't see much more of a climb into the evening. looking at upper 90s tomorrow
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more starting saturday ............ looking ahead at your dayplanner we'll drop into the mid 90s and occasionally gusty by 7pm, low 90s by 9pm. around 11pm upper 80s with low 80s and mostly sunny skies by 8am tomorrow. ............ some excessive lightning and thunderstorms for our neighbors to the ne. monsoonal moisture still lingers over mohave county -- but it's pretty much consolidated to that area and moving ne. so really no threat to our neighborhood. .................. high pressure is going to start tuesday we're looking at temps. old woman... after her newborn child was found dead inside an apartment complex. july where she's been held at the clark county detention center with no bail. 8 news now reporter nia wong has been looking into the case. she joins us live from c-c-d-c tonight. nia? ((nia wong)) >> in salazar's arrest report...she hid her pregnancy from her mother up until she gave birth to her baby in a bathtub. law enforcement were called to the apartment where they discovered the dead baby girl. we reached out to planned parenthood who says cases like salazar's are nothing new. a months long secret ...unravelled police
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the morning of july 6th. according to court documents...erica salazar called for medical help after her daughter veronica came out of the family bathroom...bleed ing. at a hospital...veroni ca admitted to giving birth in a bathtub before her arrival. her neighbors...frien ds...and even her own mother didn't know she had been pregnant. (( rosita castillo/planned parenthood of southern nevada: "you know it's sad. it's frustrating." )) veronica's veil of secrecy is not unusual for rosita castillo. the cuidate program manager for planned parenthood of southern nevada says lf unintended...and nevada is no different. (( rosita castillo/cuidate program manager, planned parenthood: "it's the judgment thing, it's the feeling shamed, the feeling embarrassed that a lot of times impedes women from actually looking at their resources." )) castillo believes communication... .with a or trusted adult could prevent tragedies like this one from happening. (( rosita castillo/cuidate program manager, planned parenthood: "if parents don't talk to them, they're going to go somewhere else or they're just going to hide as much as they can from them." )) she says women have a
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abortion to even nevada's safe haven law--which allows parents to surrender their babies under 30 days old without arrest. (( rosita castillo/cuidate program manager, planned parenthood: a lot of things could have been going through her mind through those 9 months... )) ((nia wong)) >> salazar's indictment.. is not open to the public. so far we know she faces one count of murder. she's set to be in court at her arraignment next wednesday. reporting live from ccdc. nia wong 8 news now. ((christianne klein)) >> unplanned pregnancies not on women who have them but for the community as well. any idea on how much this costs nevada? ((nia wong)) >> according to "the national campaign" public spending for unplanned pregnancies in the state cost 103-million dollars in 20-10. ((dave courvoisier)) question one on the november ballot is turning into a heavyweight battle over gun rights. as we told you yesterday, the n-r-a has opened up shop in
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today, survivors of domestic violence voiced their support for the initiative. today's forum at safe house in henderson was organized by the "yes on question one" campaign. the ballot measure would require a background check be performed on private party gun sales. annette scott with safe house supports the measure: (( annette scott/safe house: "we're not saying people shouldn't have guns, i'm a registered gun owner. we just don't want people that shouldn't have guns to have them." )) ((dave courvoisier)) >> opponents of question one say st correlations between background checks and reducing violence. both sides of the question one campaign are well funded... which means we'll be hearing much more about gun background checks in the lead-up to the election./// ((dave courvoisier)) the n-r-a has launched a three-million dollar t-v ad buy in nevada... aimed at hillary clinton. the ad, titled "defenseless" calls clinton "hypocrite hillary"... claiming she'd leave americans defenseless with strict gun control measures. the n-r-a says a clinton
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justices who would overturn the second amendment. the ad is also being aired in key battleground states including pennsylvania, ohio, and north carolina./// ((christianne klein)) donald trump is feuding with the media again... tonight, he's taking aim at c-n-n over a report that the secret service spoke with the presidential candidate about his controversial comments concerning gun rights and hillary clinton. trump tweeted out that no such meeting or conversation ever happened... and wrote that cnn made it up beca controversy erupted yesterday when trump said at a rally that second amendment defenders might be able to stop clinton. some interpreted this as a threat. the trump campaign maintains he meant by getting out the vote. and another trump comment is raising eyebrows tonight... at a rally in florida, trump called president obama the founder of isis... and clinton the co-founder./// ((christianne klein)) meanwhile, hillary clinton's email woes just won't go away... tonight, they're at the center of a new scandal...
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for donations to the clinton foundation. a conservative watchdog group released nearly 300 pages of messages today... some raise questions about what kinds of official favors may have been granted to clinton donors. in a 2009 email, a top clinton official and two of clinton's aides exchange messages saying it's important to take care of someone. today, trump's running mate mike pence pounced: (( gov. mike pence (r) vice presidential candidate: "that's the old pay to play system the american people are sick and tired of and donald trump and i are going to bring it to a crashing end in h >> the clinton campaign insists the person in question wasn't a donor, but a former staffer who had nothing to do with the foundation. they added that clinton never used her influence as secretary of state because of donations to the foundation./// ((christianne klein)) 8 news now is your local election headquarters for all the races that matter to you... on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((dave courvoisier))
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tower in new york with suction cups... requested a private audience with donald trump. the unidentified 20-year-old from virginia posted a video to youtube saying he's an independent researcher who wants to "discuss an important matter" with trump. police pulled the man into an open window on the building's 21-st floor... three hours into the stunt. he was taken to a hospital for exhaustion and a psychological evaluation./// ((christianne klein)) a vehicle rolled upside down right before 6:30 at rainbow and warm springs. metro tells us a there was a collision with a lexus... flipping the lexus. the driver suffered undisclosed, non life-threatening injuries... and was alert and conscious after the crash./// ((dave courvoisier)) it's time to kick off the football season, the high school kids are ready to roll. plus... this former unlv rebel is trying to make the raiders roster, while his brother is a starter for unlv. chris maathuis has more in sports. ((christianne klein)) >> a serial slot burglar is
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cleaning out the machines... and how he's getting away. next.///
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and supports overturning roe v wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. joe heck. part of the problem in washington.
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since may... and metro detectives are asking for your help catching him. they say the man targets convenience store slot machines in the northwest valley and in north las vegas. in several incidents, he's pried the front panel off machines using a crow bar. he then takes off with the cash in a dark colored four-door sedan -- possibly a toyota corolla -- which is missing the front right hubcap. in other events he's been seen similar to a dodge intrepid. the man is about six feet tall... if you have ay information please don't confront the man -- he may be armed -- instead, call crime stoppers./// ((dave courvoisier)) there's a new way to see yosemite national park... a flight company is now offering a bird's eye view from 10-thousand feet up. the hour-long flight takes off from historic mariposa to the park, which is just over a five-hour drive from las vegas. the owner of airborne aviation services and the airport manager, anthony borreson, says he wanted to show people what
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to make it accessible for everyone: (( anthony borreson, owner, airborne aviation services and the airport manager: "folks that can't hike anymore or folks that can't really see the perspective like a bird would see can still do that today." // (joe moeller/ reporting) "it is interesting, because you are seeing the canyons like you have never seen them before." (stan wheeler/ pilot) "you are seeing everything from above instead of looking up." )) ((dave courvoisier)) >> the f-a-a just recently approved the scenic tours over yosemite. the flyover operates year-round, depending on weather... more sights in an hour than most do in a lifetime./// ((christianne klein)) katie told us to keep an eye on heavy rain in southern utah... and they got just that. flash flood waters rose in just a matter of minutes in springdale -- partially submerging a car. in zion national park, hundreds of tourists were trapped between closed roads. a man even swam on state-road nine to remove debris that was blocking a drain. visitors couldn't believe how fast and how bad the storms moved in: (( dominic parisi/ visiting from california: "the
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first got here, and it was rushing." emily duran visiting from california: "the hailing was insane. it was so large and it was dropping in like, piles." )) ((christianne klein)) >> the heavy rains left behind mud and debris on roads, making them dangerous -- if not impossible -- to pass. inside zion, mudslides closed the tunnel and other roads, forcing the park to turn away visitors./// ((katie boer)) our air quality advisory has been and dust levels still remain at "moderate" ... staying a bit hazy and murky in
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there is a flash flood warning for areas just ne of st. george, utah and ne of kingman. -- this area has seen some extensive lightning and thunder. .......... current conditions are in the upper 80s to low 90s... we did hit the century mark today -- warmed up a bit but won't see much more of a climb into the evening.e looking at upper 90s tomorrow though before another warmup to temps at or above 105 degrees or more startinga looking ahead at your evening planner... we'll drop into the low 90s and upper 80s tonight with low 80s and mostly sunny skies by 8am tomorrow. ............ some excessive lightning and thunderstorms for our neighbors to the ne. monsoonal moisture still lingers over mohave county -- but it's pretty much consolidated to that area and moving ne. so really no threat to our neighborhood. .................. high pressure is going to start to build and an influx of drier air is going to invade the region -- pushing out the monsoonal moisture east of us...even farther eastward. then we're just looking at a dry end of week, dry and hot weekend
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skies and lows dropping to 80-degrees. for your thursday look for upper 90s and mostly sunny skies. ............. your extended forecast shows a return to triple digits by this friday -- low 100s at least. up to 106 by saturday and 107 by sunday. monday and tuesday we're looking at temps. up to 106 with sunny, dry conditions to end the week, into the weekend and into early next week.
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high school kids. ((christianne klein)) >>who knows how many will sign with the rebels. but they're making an effort... right chris ((chris maathuis)) >> in fact tony sanchez met with a bunch of those kids today at the annual high school football media day with coaches and players ready for the season. plus... to pass the time in rio.. the us sw fun. you'll want to see this next here on channel 8. ((chris maathuis))
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anticipation is high, as it always is. most of the coaches and star players gathered to enjoy a lunch and talk football. unlv coach tony sanchez was the guest speaker... he talked about having fun, being responsible and playing with passion. tony sanchez/unlv coach: "las vegas high school football is such a talented group of kids and great coaches to be out here today and see some faces and say hi and wish
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the rebels and excited about prep football, it's talented and will be fun to watch." hayden bollinger/arbor view: "gorman they brought it all here.. .because of them we get so much prospects and that, it's cool." dalyn leavitt/ moapa: "there's a lot of good talent out here it's fun to play against for sure and watch." markell grayson/desert pines: "class of 2017 is the best i don't think anyone would be better then 2017, i believe the talent out here is great and should be exposed more." speaking of football... we just got back from raiders training camp napa and ran into a former unlv rebel. john lotulelei wears number 55...he's hoping to make the roster... he's right on the edge. he's been close before... we asked him about his brother tau, who's a senior at unlv. john lotulelei/raiders linebacker: "my brother adjusts quick and loves tony sanchez... last year i was keeping up with their games, the got the cannon back, this year they brought in
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position.. that brings the best out of everyone." here's a sign of optimism... there's been a lot of talk about the raiders coming to las vegas. but how about this... nothing official... but the old pete rose sports bar is out and bert tabor the perfect establishment.. and since he's a huge raiders supporter, he's got the name up and hoping the county and state makes the bold move. (bert tabor/consulting partner: "we're trying to appeal to our state representatives, our county commissioners and especially mayor carolyn goodman. just win baby. we will win the country and have an nfl team here and that's what i'm pushing.") ((chris maathuis)) since we're talking about the raiders... we've got a special coming up at the end of the month called raider nation relocation.
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trying to keep the raiders from moving. their certainly passionate about their team ((chris maathuis)) in baseball tonight, the 51s are watching their hopes of the post season fade away. they lost again tonight 8-7 to albuquerque. in the big league's tonight, las vegan chris carter does it again. he does big. carter smacks this 3 run home run to cap a 4 run third. his 26th on the season travels 442 feet off the scoreboard. brewers win it 4-3. here's somethiy forget if you're the fan in pittsburgh. at the padres pirates game... the foul ball goes into the stands and the guy looking to catch the ball... spills all the nachos and sauce all over his face and shirt. loses his beer and has a face full of grub.. and he doesn't even get the ball to take home as a memory of this sausey night. what do the athletes do in rio to kill time and have fun along the way. if you're the swim team... you do what's popular... car karaoke. party in the usa/miley cyrus: "got my hands up playin' my song... and the jay-z song was on..
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fly away im noddin' my head like yeah, moving my hips like yeah." ((dave courvoisier)) our strange stories for wednesday right after this.///
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for over 300,000 nevadans, social security means a secure retirement. but in washington, congressman joe heck supports privatizing it... turning our savings over to wall street... and risking it on the stock market. in fees for wall street. and they've donated over half a million dollars to his campaigns. those numbers speak for themselves. joe heck is a threat to a secure retirement, because he's part of the problem in washington. afscme people is responsible
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((chris maathuis)) an oregon family woke up to a shocking discovery...their home completely ransacked. then they went to the security video and were even more disturbed. they found that a stranger went unseen and unheard in the middle of the night while eight people
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made food for herself... even tried on clothes! the good news tonight, police have arrested the suspect./// ((dave courvoisier)) an unusual feline from pittsburgh, is looking for a special home... meet this four-eared cat, named batman. batman can't hear out of the back ear flaps. but.. we're told.. this is the first four eared cat to be found in the area in nearly 100 years! there have already been several adoption applications../// ((christianne klein)) we've all been there --running late... maybe caught ui for whatever reason, you miss your flight. most people just re-book. but this guy at madrid's international airport actually breached security and ran onto the tarmac! lugging his two carry-ons, he scurried toward the plane.. and even more astonishingly -- he managed to board that ryanair flight! afterward, he was arrested./// ((dave courvoisier)) that's all for us live at eleven.
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bill maher. we'll see you back here tomorrow night.///
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