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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  August 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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((dave courvoisier)) one of the hottest education topics is the center of conversation right now at ccsd's regular board meeting. good evening, i'm dave courvoisier. ((christianne klein)) >> and i'm christianne klein. we're talking about ab 394, the 2015 nevada bill to create a plan to reorganize ccsd. ((dave courvoisier)) >> over the last year, an advisory committee has held public meetings to get community feedback. and during that time, ccsd has been silent, until now. ((christianne klein)) >> sharie johnson is live at the flamingo office of the district with more on their concerns about ccsd's reorganizatio the board of trustees says it has three major concerns about their reorganization: legal employment, civil rights and student achievement. they wouldn't go into detail about everything. the board says it wants to delay public comment until after tonight's discussion. but they did release a statement.
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paramount concerns are for the improvement of achievement for all students in the ccsd and in equity and access to a high quality education for all ccsd students, therefore, there must be asssurances that ehe proposed plan will nto result in substantial disruption to the students within the ccsd. ((sharie johnson)) we have a crew inside the meeting and will have reaction from board members and parents when reporting live, sharie johnson, 8news now. ((dave courvoisier)) the drug enforcement administration put its foot down on marijuana... saying it has not accepted medical use and has a high potential for abuse. ((christianne klein)) >> this comes as several
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laws... including nevada... are looking at legalizing recreational weed. patrick walker takes a look at the effort. ((state sen. tick segerblom/(d) las vegas: "the dam is about ready to break, it may take 10 years, but in the next 10 years, marijuana will be legal thoughout the united states.")) ((patrick walker)) state senator tick segerblom has been a driving force behind nevada's budding marijuana industry. he says nevada is playing a growing role in the marijuana conversation. ((state sen. tick segerblom/(d) las vegas: "people come to nevada from all around the country, all around the world, recreational marijuana is legitimate, and has a public purpose, then they'll take that back to their states.")) ((patrick walker)) over the last decade and a half... the legalization effort in the silver state and nationwide has come on the medical marijuana side. medical marijuana is legal 25 states and washington d-c... half the country. but while the d-e-a this week denied any medical benefits of cannabis... states are moving forward. nevada is one of five states that could legalize recreational marijuana this year... joining 4 other states and the
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trying to get kids more involved in drugs, and i think it's probably the wrong way to go." annette magnus (off camera): "oh alan...")) ((patrick walker)) our politics now faceoff panel weighed in on who would benefit from a legal weed industry in nevada. ((alan stock/kxnt radio host: "they're praying on people's desire to have it legal, again, big businesses are going to be the ones who make money on this thing.")) ((annette magnus/ex. dir., battle born progress: "but also the state makes money on this alan, and we've talked about this before, just like colorado and washington, the state will make a lot of money if this is taxed and regulated the way so is there any indication of how the vote will go? recent independent polls show the initiative passing by a margin of 8-9 percentage points. of course... the election is still three months away. patrick walker... 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) now to the weather... and will the valley see some rain tonight? ((christianne klein)) >> katie boer is here with the answer.. ((katie)) another nice but cooler day across the valley...we did briefly climb to 102 -- but that was very brief with most of our afternoon spent in the upper
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lots of blue sky but we do have a few clouds this afternoon -- we did see a few briefly intense cells south of boulder city and searchlight -- instability stemming off some of the sporadic storms we've seen in nearby mohave county. but those storms have pretty much winded down here this early evening. ...................... looking at the next few hours....your evening planner shows temps in the mid 90s through 7pm. clear and warm around 93 by 9pm. by 11pm look for temps in the upper 80s with low 80s expected by ey ................... generally the rest of the evening looks dry and fairly quiet... with monsoonal moisture winding down around mohave county. the mccullough range and mohave county a slight concern for some gusty outflow winds from thunderstorms through the evening. .................. dry weather expected areawide tomorrow through monday and into first half of next week, with temperatures rising above normal for mid august. no monsoon threat....for now. chance of moisture returning to the area late next week. ...................... today: we briefly climbed to 102 -- a little cooler now.
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death of a toddler. ((christianne klein)) >> 8 news now had the only camera in the courtroom as details were revealed about the case today. ((dave courvoisier)) >> the i-team's vanessa murphy was there and she's live in the newsroom to explain. ((vanessa murphy)) the two year old baby boy's injuries at the time of his death ranged from broken ribs, bruises from head to toe, second degree burns...and the list goes on, according to prosecutors. the mother's boyfriend faces murder and child abuse charges. neglect charges... she's accused of failing to take action when family and friends warned her her children were being abused by her boyfriend. this is 27 year old nick hopkins. records show he has a lengthy criminal history. he's in jail on a one million dollar bond. a clark county deputy district attorney described in court today the abuse started with hopkins flicking the children....ages 2 and 4 years old because they wouldn't
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was found unresponsive inside their home. she called hopkins an incredibly dangerous human being who tortured the two year old child over time...and described the evidence in this case as overwhelming. police say they also found ecstasy, marijuana and methamphetmine there along with a stolen gun inside hopkins' room. ((vanessa murphy)) i talked with the child's mother, emerald onate. she agreed to an interview with us but then backed out. she said she was unaw she is expected to be taken into custody followed by then a 100 thousand dollar bond set by a judge today. she is pregnant now she told me with a due date next month. that was a concern mentioned in court today. the deputy d-a mentioned hopkins would be the father of this child.. reporting live in the newsroom, vanessa murphy, 8 news now.// ((dave courvoisier)) the oakland raiders continue their quest to bring the n-f-l to nevada. raiders reps met with nevada
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potential training camp sites. the raiders want 750 million dollars in public funding. they've scouted several potential sites for a stadium here in las vegas.. as for a training camp site.. reno seems to be the top choice right now./// ((christianne klein)) ((christianne klein)) senator harry reid is stirring the pot tonight.. during a press call with reporters this afternoon.. he had some strong words for republican presidential candidate donald trump. (( harry reid calling out donald trump )) >> reid is retiring from office at the en so far.. no comment from donald trump. ((dave courvoisier)) it may be hard to believe but there's a thriving vineyard
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in fact, it's harvest season at the pahrump valley winery. ((christianne klein)) >> 8 news now reporter karen castro found out how the grapes make it through the summer heat. ((karen castro)) it's day one of the wine harvest season at the pahrump valley winery. crews have been hand picking zinfandel grapes since the early morning hours. ((monica carlson volunteer, pahrump valley winery: the zinfandel have a little bit of green on it so we're picking those off and just keeping the best of the grapes in the cluster.)) ((karen castro)) it takes at least five months to get the grapes looking plump and red. so how they survive the desert heat? ((gretchen loken lots of trial and error.)) ((karen castro)) co-owner gretchen loken says she and her husband didn't know much about wine... much less about running a winery. but over the last 12 years, they've figured out a strategy on growing grapes in harsh conditions. ((gretchen loken co-owner, pahrump valley winery: so you gotta make a few mistakes in the winery when you're doing the production, figuring out harvest dates, what kind of yeast to use, how to ferm it, how to blend, all those different decisions that go into producing a bottle of wine.)) ((karen castro)) the winery has come a long way
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first ever red wine. currently, pahrump valley winery produces seven types on wines with locally grown grapes. many of them have won national awards. ((gretchen loken co-owner, pahrump valley winery: you can see they don't' all fit on the wall, they're some up here on the shelf, there are some in the shelves there.)) ((karen castro)) the wines are aged up to two years... all must have the stamp of approval from loken. ((gretchen loken co-owner, pahrump valley winery: you get to drink every day for work, what's not to love about that job.)) ((karen castro)) it's hardly a job for the volunteers who donate their time volunteer, pahrump valley winery: we love this facility so much and what it's done for our community.)) ((karen castro)) karen castro, 8 news now. ((christianne klein)) it's happened again.. another amusement park accident. ((dave courvoisier)) >> this time.. a boy falls out of a rollercoaster.. find out where.. and the latest on the boy's condition.. next on 8 news now.. the valley's news leader./// news music
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leader with dave courvoisier,
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for over 300,000 nevadans, social security means a secure retirement. but in washington, congressman joe heck supports privatizing it... turning our savings over to wall street... and risking it on the stock market.
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in fees for wall street. and they've donated over half a million dollars to his campaigns. those numbers speak for themselves. joe heck is a threat to a secure retirement, because he's part of the problem in washington. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. this is 8 news now at six." ((christianne klein))
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rollercoaster.. it happened at the idlewind amusement park in western pennsylvania. the good news.. it appears the boy will be o-k. no word yet on how far he fell.. or what happened on the ride. the accident comes days after a 10-year old boy was decapitated on a waterslide in kansas./// ((weather toss))
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down here this early evening. ...................... looking at the next few hours....your evening planner shows temps in the mid 90s through 7pm. clear and warm around 93 by 9pm. by 11pm look for temps in the upper 80s with low 80s expected by early tomorrow morning. ................... generally the rest of the evening looks dry and fairly quiet... with monsoonal moisture winding down around mohave county. county a slight concern for some gusty outflow winds from thunderstorms through the evening. .................. dry weather expected areawide tomorrow through monday and into first half of next week, with temperatures rising above normal for mid august. no monsoon threat....for now. chance of moisture returning to the area late next week. ......................
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tonight lows drop down to 81 degrees.... by friday we're lookign at high temperatures up to 104.... climbing up to 110 by sunday. ..................... your extended forecast shows temps. on the rise into the weekend. highs peak by sunday...up to 109. saturday- wednesday temps. will be above 105-degrees ((weather toss)) a creative sleuth in the midwest may have found the name of the las vegas hockey team. ((christianne klein)) it's apparently been narrowed down to five...
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afternoon. i can confirm two names have been discussed with the nhl. some guy in the midwest may have dug up a possible answer to the name of nhl team. plus... in the world of taekwondo... las vegas hit the jackpot... why? the answer coming up next here on channel 8.
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((chris maathuis)) the best kept secret the nhl may be leaking out... three new names have emerged in the race to come up with a name and logo for the las vegas franchise. nhl owner bill foley says he's filed for trademark protection on night hawks, desert hawks and red hawks. but he also told me he is filing two other names.. but for protection purposes wouldn't reveal those names. ((chris maathuis)) we talked to the slueth who found the names that foley was trademarking. clark rasmussen says he was
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(( )) clark rasmussen/web troll: "so i was thinking about it this morning and had jsut gotten around to seening the whole i'ts going to be a bird, but have knights in it sort of thing that foley talked about this week.. and i started going through the list of birds that are native to nevada and night hawks really jumped out on that list and i took a look to see if las vegas available and it was already taken and it was registered to one of bill foley's companies." ((chris maathuis)) so one thing led to another and desert hawks and red hawks were all filed by foley's company. ((chris maathuis)) it was picture day for the unlv football team... it was also an off day for the team. the annual picture day took about an hour. they'd pose, smile and do it all over again. and you can tell they were having a good time. we tried to find the most photogenic rebel among the group. (( )) dominic baldwin/unlv dl; "coach said me but everyone out here is photogenic together, we like to have a lot of fun on photo day." tau lotulelei/linebacker; 'secretly
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type of person to say and show it outloud." tim hough/unlv db; "selfie wish probably say devonte even no matter how ugly he is.. he takes a lot of photos." ((chris maathuis)) lots of fun with the players today... more tonight at 11. of course those smiles will turn to grunts and groans as two a day's continue. team scrimmage open to the public is this saturday morning beginning at 9:30 ((chris maathuis)) three-time world champ simone gymnastics all-around title to her resume. the 19-year old solidified her mantle as the best gymnast in the world by taking the gold medal, finishing well ahead of teammate aly raisman (rys'-mihn), who gets the silver. here is your olympic leaderboard for thursday... usa is dominating the count. 13 gold, 12 silver and 10 bronze... overall 10 more then china. then japan with 19 and australia with 14. ((chris maathuis)) on the world stage, soccer is the most popular sport...
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and it's about to get a whole lot bigger in las vegas thanks to the sports' most recognizable names in the game, who are bringing their talents to town. jon tritsch has more jon tritsch: they are a family of champions..deco rated and dedicated to taekwondo (jean lopez/coach: "the opening ceremonies in beijing and i'm looking to my left and looking to my right and seeing my brother mark, my brother steven and my sister diana and thinking man we are a long way from home.") jon tritsch: it's time to strike a jon tritsch: vegas sport taekwondo is a factory for fighting champions.. they are partnering with olympic coach jean lopez and his 2 time gold medalist brother steve (jean lopez/coach: "there's a lot of talent. this is the fight capital of the world and it just makes a lot of sense to team up with kids who really have a bright future.") (jon tritsch: "taekwondo already has a firm foundation in the valley. kick in legends like lopez, and it's bound to have an olympic-sized impact.") (allan agustin/vst: "this is going to be the olympic training center for the lopez
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lucky for this opportunity to have jean lopez come and work with us. it's really awesome how he's picked our school to try and help us.") jon tritsch: the united states has won 8 taekwondo medals..6 have been coached by's time to launch las vegas to the podium (jean lopez/coach: "the legacy i want to leave behind is to inspire these kids and and inspire a new generation for producing new olympic medals for the united states.") (erica schwartz: "i think it'd be really cool to win gold at the olympics. goal to go for but i'm going to try.") ((chris maathuis)) steven lopez has won 2 gold medals and one bronze... he is among three athletes who own 3 medals in the sport. and now they're coming to vegas to share their skills. by the way the taekwondo action begins next week. ((dave courvoisier)) if you arrive in rio de janeiro by sea... the first thing you'll likely see when you get off your cruise
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((christianne klein)) >> in tonight's "destination rio" report... jacque jovic takes a trip back in time at one of the coolest attractions outside the olympic games. ((jacque)) it's the focal point of pier maua. from the outside, the museum of tomorrow appears to be more of a modern art sculpture than a science museum. ((leonardo menezes/content manager)) "it was designed by the spanish architect santiago calatrava. he's very well-known for other buildings around the world." ((jacque)) from every angle... the building is il ((leonardo menezes/content manager)) "the use of natural light, the use of solar panels and the use of water from the bay to cool the air conditioning system." ((jacque)) "as a tourist in rio there are so many things to see, you can't waste any time. so i'm going to the museum of tomorrow today." ((natsot)) ((jacque)) once inside you start with a trip back in time to where our universe and planet began and move forward to the present day. ((leonardo menezes/content manager)) "we are changing the activity of the planet with our industries, with our transportation, with the growing population...
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forward to tomorrows where we are right now and face the challenges of the future." ((jacque)) the more than 800-thousand visitors who have passed through the exhibits since the museum opened last december... get the same message. ((leonardo menezes/content manager)) "depending on the choices you make today, you can configure tomorrows that are sustainable or tomorrows that are not sustainable. it depends on you." ((christianne klein)) thanks for watching 8 news now at 6. dot com and our app ... along with facebook and twitter. ((dave courvoisier)) >> see you tonight at 11.
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