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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  August 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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accused killer. ((dave courvoisier)) a mother reaches out to a judge... hoping to see her son in person. why the british woman says she needs to meet with the man accused of trying to shoot donald trump at a las vegas rally.///
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and girls club movement since 1994 in ohio. then, in 2009 -- moved to nevada. he worked as an athletic director at john c. kish clubhouse for two years and was then promoted. in a statement to 8 news now, the boys and girls club said... "we are committed to the highest standards of ethical behavior and integrity, and do not tolerate inappropriate or illegal activity on the part of any club staff, volunteer, or youth member. all employ undergo a thorough criminal background check and all supervisory policies are designed to ensure the maximum safety and protection of club members and staff." ((shakala alvaranga)) meanwhile, the boys and girls club says it is fully cooperating with authorities -- and until the investigation is complete, willis brown has been suspended and banned from all boys and girls club premises. reporting live shakala alvaranga 8 news now. /// ((christianne klein))
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a bizarre murder in a quiet neighborhood has metro police looking for a killer. new information was just released about the man they're after in this case. 8 news now's mauricio marin is also live with more about the victim. ((mauricio marin)) >> this is the house where police discovered the victim's body. the coroner has just released the her name---cinthia wendy perez rodriguez. she was 25 years old. and metro police are on the hunt for a man who livet santana a suspect. metro police say he beat rodriguez to death---hitting her in the head and left her body inside this house near rancho and the 95. police say he may have taken off in a 20-15 blue two-door scion. neighbors say santana lived with his dad and another relative in this house. we tried talking with a man coming out of the home---he drove off. one of the victim's friends stopped off looking for answers before talking with authorities....hop ing her friend wasn't the victim. she told us perez's mom had
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all night. and got real worried when police wanted to meet in person. (( lizeth cuevas/looking for missing friend: "they asked me if she was finger printed. i described her completely. after i described her he said he was going to come and talk with me." 'i'm praying to god it's not here but i just need to make sure it's not her." )) >> family received the painful news this afternoon that perez was in fact the victim in this murder case. police were first alerted after one of the guy's living inside the house found her body when he got home...with obvious trauma to the head. ((mauricio marin)) are concerned the suspect is still on the loose. they say the folks in this house keep to themselves. for another look at the suspect's photo---head over to las-vegas-now- dot-com. reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((christianne klein)) it's been a deadly 24 hours for pedestrians ... as three people have been hit by cars the most recent crash happened last night near eastern
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when a 37- year- old woman walking in a marked crosswalk was hit. as a result of these incidents police are asking drivers to slow down and be aware of their surroundings. they're also asking pedestrians to use crosswalks and check for cars multiple times before crossing the street./// ((dave courvoisier)) hillary clinton is taking a day off the campaign trail today... so she enlisted her husband to step in for her. former president bill clinton made his way to las vegas today... he just wrapped up a speech inside the colosseum at caesars now anchor patrick walker... patrick? ((patrick walker)) the former president spoke in front of about three thousand voters inside the colesium. his message: hillary clinton's campaign is about bringing people together from all communities. (( people in this election will have to decide whether the country your were born in will be favorable to its motto and eternal mission... that we're stronger together. )) ((michelle mortensen))
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on the aapi community and played off of the theme of uniting versus dividing. he also talked about the importance of the upcoming election... and made the case that his wife is most qualified to be president of the united states. the former president also said that asian americans and pacific islanders will be the difference makers in elections across the country this year. (( "you're going to have a big impact on the vote in nv.......... local elections, state elections, federal
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((patrick walker)) >> green party candidate jill stein and libertarian candidate gary johnson each made their cases as well. stein called for a green new deal -- a policy of standing up for people... the planet and peace. and johnson stressed how government should stay out of citizens' lives. post-convention political activity latest in the post-convention political activity happening in the silver state. bill clinton's visit today follows two other stops by hillary clinton in nevada in the past month. reporting live... patrick walker...
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donald trump at a local rally... wants to visit her son behind bars. michael sandford was arrested at a rally back in june... when donald trump was speaking at treasure island. police say he tried to grab an officers gun. sandford's mother is asking a federal judge to allow the visit. his lawyers say their client would benefit... because he suffers from serious psychological problems and has been on suicide watch in federal custody. sandford pled not guilty to charges that could get him up to 30 years in prison./ it's been nearly a year... but the national park service was finally able to re-open a stretch of road in death valley national park. here's a look at the before picture... heavy flooding wiped out most of the road in the "jubilee pass" last october... and the federal highway administration had to step in to do the repairs. well here's what it looks like now... fresh pavement and all. today they held a ribbon cutting ceremony calling it the "jubilee pass jubilation." the road closure prevented
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spring's wildflower "superbloom." flooding also damaged scotty's castle... that's not expected to reopen until 2019./// ((dave courvoisier)) our "gr8 school supply drive" wraps up today. people from all over the valley have been donating supplies the past two weeks. ((christianne klein)) >> let's check in with katie boer... she's next door in studio b where all the items are being rounded up. ((katie boer)) a gorgeous day across the valley as temperatures heat back up over especially into this upcoming weekend! right now plenty of blue sky with a few clouds. ............... looking at temperatures... most of us are in the low 100s right now -- climbing up to about 105
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planner.... look for 100 degrees by 7-pm. upper 90s by 9 and low 90s around 11pm. tomorrow moni temperatures in the upper 80s. ............... alerts: no watches or warnings right now.. -- however, there was a flood advisory just west of kingman, and ne of bullhead city for west central mohave county. ................ storms: minor/minimal -- but some activity on the radar...mainly east and se of us.... but scattered thunderstorms well south and east of las vegas will dissipate this evening. ................. dry and hot weather is expected through the weekend into the first half of next week. moisture may return to portions
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pictures today showing a man who may have been involved. police tell us a woman was robbed yesterday while walking near maryland parkway and twain... that's across from the boulevard mall. the woman told police she was choked and even passed out... that's when she was robbed. if you know anything... call police or crimestoppers./// ((christianne klein)) every year... more teenagers die from car crashes than all diseases combined. to help try to change that deadly trend... invited teenagers onto their campus today. they took part in a live crash demonstration... put on goggles to see what it's like to drive impaired... they even visited the intensive care unit. the most sombering part though... was when they heard from brian lavoie... whose daughter hillary was killed in a crash: (( brian lavoie: you know we try to smile and we go through our lives and live our lives every single day but something inevitably reminds me of hillary at multiple times a day.
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>> lavoie reminded the students to always wear a seatbelt. he says in 18- years he never saw his daughter without a seatbelt on... but for some reason during a road trip... she decided to take it off and that's what cost her her life./// ((dave courvoisier)) a surge in cuban immigration to southern nevada continues to put a strain on a local organization. ((christianne klein)) >> catholic charities is the only agency is the state that provides federally funded services for refugees from the island nation. ((dave courvoisier)) >> 8 news now reporter karen castro takes a closer look at tht >> catholic charities is having a hard time keeping up with the case load. cuban refugee arrivals are up 37-percent compared to the same time last year... and there are no signs of slowing down. ((yusleidy cruz - cuban refugee: . speaking in spanish she says: indescribable.)) ((karen castro)) yusleidy cruz is lost for words thinking about starting a new life in the u-s. she left cuba more than two months ago. ((yusleidy cruz - cuban refugee: .)) ((karen castro)) she says: i'm looking for a better future, better living conditions. cruz is among a wave of cuban
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it's a trend that began in 2014 when the u-s announced it was normalizing diplomatic relations with the island nation. ((carisa lopez-ramirez - vice-president, immigration and migration services, catholic charities: the numbers continue to be steady in terms of an increase in arrivals.)) ((karen castro)) so far this year, catholic charities has received more than 18-hundred cuban immigrants... compared to about 13-hundred last year. currently, the weekly in-take is between 25 to 75 refugees. ((carisa lopez-ramirez - vice-president, immigration and migration services, catholic charities: it's definitely very busy in terms of case management and employment services cause those are key components to those services thate populations.)) ((karen castro)) catholic charities can typically process new arrivals within two weeks. right now, the wait times is up to a month. ((carisa lopez-ramirez - vice-president, immigration and migration services, catholic charities: certainly our case load has increased.)) ((karen castro)) in the past, the organization received many families. but that has changed in recent times... with younger and single cubans migrating to las vegas. ((yusleidy cruz - cuban refugee: ((karen castro)) she says: this is what i've always wanted. ((karen castro)) >> cubans make up the majority of refugees in the state.
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is also up about 30-percent. there is relief on the way. we'll tell you all about it, coming up at 6. ((dave courvoisier)) a massive new store is on its way to the valley... and they need workers. "curacao" is set to open later this year at meadows mall. tomorrow... they'll start the hiring process.... with an emphasis on bilingual workers. you can apply online or head to their employment center at meadows mall. "curacao" is a department store offering up electronics and appliances... as well as many different services popular with t ((dave courvoisier)) a real show in the sky! ((christianne klein)) >> we show off some of the great shots las vegas locals were able to snap... of last night's meteor shower.///
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tedd florendo. this is 8 news now at five."))
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who donated to our "gr8 school supply drive"...
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our "gr8 school supply drive"... helping to make sure students at local schools have everything they need for a successful school year. joining me tonight is bob day with smith's food & drug. ((christianne klein)) mother nature really pounded pretty much the entire state of louisiana today. widespread showers created flooding... and it's not letting up. more rain and thunderstorms are expected to move into the area tomorrow. luckily sunday's forecast looks better with sunny skies. that doesn't mean the flooding will go away though... it will take a few days for rivers to go back down to normal
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people across the country went outside in the middle of the night... to get a glimpse of a beautiful show in the sky. ((katie boer)) >> yeah the annual perseid meteor shower wowed people all across the northern hemisphere... including right here in las vegas. val lehnerd snapped this awesome shot. you can see a meteor streaking across the sky out at red rock canyon. and take a look at this beautiful picture sent in by tyler leavitt... he near searchlight. of course if you have any pictures... send them to us on facebook or twitter... you can also e-mail them to pix... that's p-i-x.. at las vegas now dot com./// ((katie boer)) a gorgeous day across the valley as temperatures heat back up over the next couple of days -- especially into this upcoming weekend! right now plenty of blue sky with a few clouds. ...............
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right now -- climbing up to about 105 degrees this afternoon. ............... looking at your evening planner.... look for 100 degrees by 7-pm. upper 90s by 9 and low 90s around 11pm. tomorrow morning we start off warm with temperatures in the upper 80s. ............... alerts: no watches or warnings right now.. -- however, there was a flood advisory just west of kingman, and ne of bullhead city for west central mohave county. ................ storms: minor/minimal -- but some activity on the radar...mainly east and se of us.... but scattered thunderstorms well south and east of las vegas will dissipate this evening. ................. dry and hot weather is expected through the weekend into the first half of next moisture may return to portions of the area late next week. ................. the major heat is set to return for the weekend with temps. peaking sunday at 110 degrees. ................. current conditions right now: the radar is pretty quiet. temps. are in the low 100s. ................ looking at your extended forecast... today: high peaks around 105 degrees. with lows tonight: 83. on saturday: 108...temps peak sunday: 110, monday: 109, tuesday: 108 ((christianne klein))
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river this weekend. ((dave courvoisier)) >> how you can still take part in the annual "river regatta" down in lauglin./// ((coming up... coming up on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. ))
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finally tonight... thousands of people will head
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for the 10-th annual river regatta. ((christianne klein)) >> it gets underway tomorrow morning... this year's theme is 'pirates of the colorado.' people will decorate their floats and inner tubes for chances to win prizes. you can still sign up to take part... a pass will cost 45- dollars. the last launch into the river is at one tomorrow afternoon./// ((dave courvoisier)) thanks for watching 8 news now at five. the valley's news leader. don't forget we're always streaming on the "news on" app... and twitter. ((christianne klein)) the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six. ///
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? ? ? captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: deep trouble in the deep south. flooding threatens lives along the gulf coast. >> i just told him, you know, "don't panic. i'm here for you. i'm going to get you out of these waters. i'm going to rescue you." >> pelley: also tonight: >> go home to momma. and your mother is voting for trump! >> pel t >> the republicans do have a tougher path. >> pelley: we'll show you how tough. the amazing simones, the gymnast and the swimmer. >> she just kind of blows the rest of the world out of the water. >> pelley: she's talking about the gymnast. >> pelley: and steve hartman, at summer camp. >> the kids who come here share one exceptional bond. this is the "cbs evening news"


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