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tv   8 News Now Good Day  CBS  August 15, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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((michelle mortensen)) >> and i'm michelle mortensen in for kirsten we're waking up to clear skies here in southern nevada but it's a much different story in lousiana ... where 20 inches of rain fell in just 24 hourslast week ... and they are expecting even more today ... causing historic flooding. ((brian loftus)) it's so bad... the president declared parts of lousiana aj .... as the rising waters have already taken five lives. scott mclean is live from baton rouge with the latest. ((scott mclean)) over 20 inches of rain fell in southern louisiana in just 24 hours starting late last week and the area is expecting more today. that means the water is expected to rise even more. the massive flooding claiming the lives of five people and prompted a major disaster
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southern louisiana submerged under flood waters from heavy rains that began late last week. roadways littered with cars abandoned after passengers had to evacuate. thousands of people rescued over the weekend due to the rising waters -- the neighbors started knocking & i started hearing all kinds of noise so i walked outside they were trapped in cars... oh my god i'm drowning we're coming... we're coming and plucked from rooftops of homes it may be some time before the floodwater levels will dissipate. "i want to stress the fact that this is still a significant flood event so nothing has changed from
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you're in your home and you're in a safe location, that is the best place you should be right now. stay in that location. louisiana governor edwards issuing a state of emergency and receiving federal assistance promises from president obama. this an ongoing event, we still have hundreds of road closures around south louisiana. roads that had been open are now impassable. butt to i'm asking for people to remain patient and through this. the damage surreal.... we knew it was going to be bad, but we didn't think it was going to be nothin' like this. ((scott mclean)) the louisiana department of transportation & development shared images of their tour of the baton rouge area on sunday afternoon. reporting live from baton rouge
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((michelle mortensen)) back here in the valley ... we're experience some record highs. ((brian loftus)) >> yesterday we hit 1-11--- tying the record from 2002. but continued exposure to these high temps can put people at risk for heat related illenesses. and it's something the homeless in our area are constantly battling with. ((david hammond, homeless "a lot of water, a lot of wet rags, a lot of shade and hopefully you get a good breeze and if not, you're going to pay the i nothing nice.")) ((rick hollis, homeless "we had a friend die of dehydration recently up on the strip but you got to do what you have to do. we all look out for each other but it's hard, it's tough.")) ((brian loftus)) >> several cooling stations are available throughout the valley. both of the men you just saw say they don't go to any of the cooling stations or shelters because they believe they are
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weather today?
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been horrible and we saw the rain even starting back on friday. ........... the rain is ending today... and back here in the desert the one-teens are continuing. .............. today we should see a slight break down to 107, but that is still hot and you need to keep drinking water. ............. cooler as the week goes on. ((brian loftus))
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north las vegas police are connected to an early morning shooting outside the silver nugget casino.... yesterday morning. ((michelle mortensen)) >>police tell us they are relying on surveillance video and tips from the public to find who might be responsible. ((officer aaron patty/north las vegas police: "alot of the shootings when they do happen like this we really rely on the help of the public to contact us give us a little bit of information point us in the right direction." )) ((michelle mortensen)) >> if you know anything call north las vegas call
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roads with demetria ((demetria obilor)) there are a couple of crashes reported on the east side. watch out for one at charleson and us 95. another happened earlier at sahara and hollywood. back to you!/// ((brian loftus)) this tuesday we will say goodbye to the final tower of the riviera. ((michelle mortensen)) >> and we'll of course be
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right here on channel 8. as you may recall ... just a few months ago in june ... the monaco tower implosion was the first phase in a four step process to renovate and expand the convention center. the plan from the l-v-c-v-a will create a mixed use facility and parking space. it's expected to bring in thousands of permanent jobs./// ((brian loftus)) the race to the white house is heating up as both candidates are pounding the pm ((michelle mortensen)) >> coming up on good day ... the war of words on both sides ... as trump and clinton stump for support in battleground states. ((brian loftus)) and start your week on 8 news now good day.. with "monday mornings with the mayors." each week we'll hear from one of our southern nevada local mayors. you can submit your questions on las vegas now dot com... this morning north las vegas mayor john lee will be in studio during our 6 am broadcast to answer you're submitted questions.// ((you're watching the valley's news leader... with brian loftus, kirsten joyce, sherri swensk and
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((michelle mortensen)) in the race for the whitehouse ... donald trump rallied support in connecticut... while tim kaine did most of the campaiging this weekend for the democrats. brian webb brings us to speed as both camps took jabs at one
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nats "lock her up" with supporters in fairfield in fairfield connecticut chanting "lock her up", donald trump blasted his rival, chanting "lock her up", donald trump blasted his rival, democratic nominee, hillary clinton on saturady night ( sot donald trump / republican presidential candidate ) "she is going to raise your taxes and put more regulations for your businesses which is going to put everybody out of work.." a republican presidential candidate hasn't won connecticut writing off the state. ( sot donald trump / republican presidential candidate ) "we're making a big move for connecticut" trump says, in november, he can win states that have gone to democrats in recent elections including pennsylvania. friday trump warned the election could be rigged and now his campaign is recruiting "trump election observers"- (sot - trump fri) "the only way we can lose, in my opinion, i really mean this, pennsylvania, is if cheating goes on. i really believe it." (grfx) trump trails clinton in national
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(3051 plus evening) kaine: my prediction is when this campaign is all over and people have forgotten the losing campaign that he ran, the two words they will remember about donald trump is you're fired (applause) nats clinton's v-p pick tim kaine campaigned in new hampshire saturday critisizing trump's character. ( sot sat0046 at :53 tim kaine / democratic vp nominee ) "this guy will make up anything and we are not gullible people." kaine and clinton released their 2015 tax returns friday and are calling on trump to do the same. brian webb for cbs news. ((michelle mortensen)) >> trump said he won't release his returns until an audit is completed./// ((brian loftus)) donald trump's running mate is defending trump's claim that president obama is the founder of the militant group isis. governor mike pence was asked if trump was being sarcastic when he first made the claim and he responded by saying that trump was very serious. (gov. mike pence/ (r) vice presidential nominee) "i, i think he's being very serious, and he was making a point that needs to be made. that there is no question that the failed policies of president barack obama and secretary
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within iraq in which isis was able to arise." ((brian loftus)) >> when pence was asked if the "sarcastic excuse" is "getting a bit old" pence said no. he added that trump speaks plainly, like everyday americans./// ((brian loftus)) 8 news now is your local election headquarters throughout the campaign season... on air and online at las vegas now dot com. /// ((michelle mortensen)) one grammy award winning year's superbowl halftime show. ((brian loftus)) >> who turned down the offer that most would kill for? and why? is coming up on good day. you're watching 8 news now good day.
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valley's news leader. this is a fire tornado - or 'fire-nado' for short. the video was taken near portland by the cornelius fir wildfire can sometimes create its own wind... and that can turn into a spinning vortex of flames like you see right here. crews were able to put out the fire without any injuries. sherry how's the weather today? the heat will keep fires burning
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help either. ...................... today we should see a slight break down to 107, but that is still hot and you need to keep drinking water. ............. cooler as the week goes on.
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the roads with demetria ((me
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at northbound 95. the ramp should reopen by 6am. traffic is looking a lot better on the strip by convention center drive. most of the barriers have been removed, but upgrades continue along convention center drive.
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((michelle mortensen)) one grammy award singer won't be performing during this year's superbowl show ((brian loftus)) >> we'll tell you who told superbowl officials why she's passing on one of the biggest performances in the country. is next on 8 news now good day the valley's news leader./// now good day.
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question you wanted to ask someone in law enforcement... let us know! we're asking sheriff joe lombardo questions from the viewers every wednesday... during our new segment, morning cup of joe. to submit a question... just go to las vegas now dot com... and look for the "don't miss" section. you can find out if your question was chosen.. every wednesday between 6:30 and 7 a-m./// ((michelle mortensen))
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bullhead city river regatta. nearly 30- thousand people floated down the colorado river from laughlin to bullhead city. every year there's a theme and this year was pirates. participants decorated their crafts that varied from innertubes to elaborate rafts floating on barrels./// ((michelle mortensen)) grammy award winning singer adele will not perform at the next super bowl. she told her fans at a concert in los angeles last night that she was offered a halftime performing slot.... isn't about music. she then added ... she's not beyonce and she can't dance. but she still said it was kind of the super bowl organizers to make the offer. super bowl 51 will be held in houston on february fifth next year./// we'll be right back........///
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wildfires are popping up all over the west coast. including one here in nevada that claimed the life of a nevada firefighter. ((michelle mortensen)) >> plus...northern california is catching all of the heat from this weekend's past wildfire's. ((brian loftus)) >> and...a protest turns deadly in milwaukee after a man was shot by police during a foot chase. ((michelle mortensen)) 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 news now good day.)) i our whole lives and now all of our neighbors look at what they have to come home to. its cruel absolutely horrible ((brian loftus)) > this morning california fire crews are fighting several wildfires... thanks for waking up with us i'm brian loftus ((michelle mortensen)) and i'm michelle mortensen in for kirsten. the clayton fire north of san francisco exploded sunday burning through the town's main street...


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