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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 15, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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inside kevin hart's extravagant weekend wedding. >> the fun has just begun. >> the bride's two dresses, a lavish ceremony. we have all the details. >> glad you made it. >> christie brinkley's first interview since her split. did she get back together with john mellencamp. >> friendship is the basis for everything. >> and inspirational and emotional exclusive with >> julian was a scholar. after the murder of her nephew, brother, and mother. turn the horrible tragedy around. >> all of a sudden we' dreading birthdays and holidays. is shemar moore discussing his former criminal minds co-star after he got fired from the show. now august 15, 2016. one of the biggest movie stars in the world kevin hart told us he gave his long time love a
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no expense of spared. >> it was so extravagant. at the same time it was romantic. we have the details. >> what's your last >> hart, honey! h-a-r-t. >> from their wedding bands to her custom ground their wedding looked elegant and picture perfect. by the end of the niiht, this out on the lawn. he captioned the post "how my wedding night ended." the groom was still buzzed at brunch. >> i'm a married man but i'm with my family and still drunk as [ expletive ]! with my wife! >> hey! [ laughter ] >> the comedian tied the knot with enicko parish. she wore custom vera wang silk gown with hand embroidered la app cays. she changed into a long sweet
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the wedding included two big surprises. ? ? ? i gave you you ? >> alicia keys performed unbenortheast to the bride beforehand. guests learned there was a carnival set up. kevin and his new bride shared the spotlight with his children from a prior marriage. heaven hendrix. his 8-year-old son, who is also the best man. >> hanging out with my best man. >> hi. >> hey! >> my best man. >> had brunch, worked out. >> he was blissed out sa morning. and who can blame him.
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love love. >> he strolled with bride to be. to the beach with his kids. and it was so sweet and sentimental. my goal in life one day is -- >> you're on your way, kevin. next up. >> honeymoon time! the fun has just begun. the adventure of the harts. >> there's always laughter with there is more wedding news tonight. we have pictures so you never seen from eva longoria's big
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this is my favorite. eva hoisted in the air by her husband peppa. >> victoria beckham designed her dress and put on her shoes. >> adel said "hello" to a sold out crowd in l.a. she cleared up the rumor she's been asked to perform at the next super bowl. >> adel being her totally candid self. telling fanning it's not about music and she's not the performer they would be looking for anyway. >> i'm not going dance like beyonce >> the nfl and pepsi who sponsor the super bowl halftime show released a joint statement saying they didn't officially ask. they responded saying, quote, we have had conversations with several artists. however, we have not, at this point, extended a formal offer to adel or anyone else." ? ? >> but adel was on a roll saturday night flushing rumor. >> an [ laughter ] >> the mom of one was sp
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friday, but if she did need any super bowl advice she has bruno mars in the corner. he was at the show last night with his girlfriend. he's got two halftime performances under his belt. and more rumor busting. don't believe reports that bruno is about to sign on to a $40 million a year gig in las vegas. we checked into it and it's false. well, bummer. this is true. jennifer lopez's ex marc anthony went to see her show. he posted for a picture backstage with j lo's beau. >> i love that. on the other hand, amber heard's nasty divorce took a big step forward this weekend when she faced off against depp's lawyers. kicking off tonight's legal edition. amber gets grilled. >> amber, is johnny depp's lawyers trying to intimidate
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amber is met by the media. in a scheduled deposition after a domestic violence suit against her estranged husband johnny depp. >> arriving in a law offic amber was mobbed. as knew breaks about the story we reported in may. the allegation is johnny cut off a tip of his finger a month of a the two married. "e.t." has a finger injury story line. he wrote "billy bob" on a mirror. reportedly the name depp accuse amber of cheating with. thomas gibson hired legal counsel to represent him after being dismised from the show. he was fired last week where he allegedly kicked a writer after an disagreement.
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the gossip is real. now a new former criminal minds co-star is speaking out about th >> i believe in karma. good things happen to good people. honesty, hard-working people, humble people. people who believe in basic goodness. >> shemar moore left the show after 11 seasons posted this video. then deleted it. possibly commenting about gibson. >> treat people how you expect them to treat you. >> shemar may have been commenting about keith tisdale. a man who admitted te money from shemar's charity. another rumor swirling between bieber and selena. that's selena arriving in l.a. on sunday. hours before she and justin declared war.
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instagram. gomez seemed to insert herself into a post of a new girlfriend. that is lionel richie's 17-year-old daughter sofiya richie. they went to tokyo over the weekend and posted pictures that enraged bliebers who trashed the couple. bieber posted. you are fans you wouldn't be so mean to people that i like. selena supposedly weighed in with "if you can't handle the hate, you should stop posting photos of your girlfriend." justin seemingly hit back. it's funny to see people that used me for attention and still trying to point the finger this way. selena appeared to respond with an explosive allegation. funny how the one ch multiple times are pointing the finger at the one that was forgiving and supportive. that prompted bieber to allegedly fire off this "i cheated? oh, i forgot you and zayn."
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the #selena ended justin party started trending on twitter. biebs stopped following his ex on instagram. ouch. >> social media, as much as it's a blessing and it's fun, it can tear people down >> it can bring people together like juan pablo and his new girlfriend. yes, they met on instagram. the most hated man in bachelor history found love. the former beauty queen and tv presenter in venezuela. congratulations! meanwhile matthew mcconaughey is back from rio. he was all over the summer
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>> i was there for one week. it feels like i saw enough to be there for a month. >> the all-american texan and his brazilian born wife kept busy during the first week of the rio olympics. >> my wife and i hit as much as we could back to the olympics village back again ten times. >> camila did several tv reports. matthew was there as a fan. >> team usa play all day. that's what we do. >> we had swimming events brazilians versus the americans. i came out and in the americans section but when a brazilian was in the race she went out of that se back on his own turf in l.a. for his premier for his first animated movie. >> literally the first time i've done that. >> a far cry from his more serious role adds "dallas buyers club." or "true detective." i kept getting asked what films do your kids love th they haven't been able to watch any yet. i was looking for something to do with an animated character.
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animated films for awhile. i found it. >> matthew and i can take your kids to see the movie starting this friday. we have another star talking about a highly anticipated new role. jennifer hudson on her "hair spray" live jitters. >> i don't know what i'm thinking! john legend and chrissy teigen's love story reveal >> this could be great. why is christie brinkley defending her ex
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happy birthday. come on. how adorable is that? chrissy teigen celebrated luna's fourth month birthday. john legend is revealing to us how he fell in love with luna's mom. don't ask him about luna growing up. >> i'm not thinking about her first date. we're trying to get her to over. >lu how it began for her parents. needless to say it was love at first tweet. >> i started to fall in lot of with her over the she's got with 140 characters. >> john and chrissy started talking while he was on >> we were texting a lot. i started to see her sense of humor. we would talk on the phone. i started to fall in love with how engaging and witty and funny she is. they were spending time together between stops.
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wasn't nerves it was like excitement. >> and maybe john's own love story that inspired him to tell the tale of the first couple. the grammy winner is executive producer on the upcoming movie about barack obama and michelle obama's courtship. >> i start dating the first black guy that walks through the front of the door. it would be tacky. >> you think i'm cut >> john said he's sending the real first couple a copy of the film. >> they might sure the fact-checking issues with it. i'm sure they'll have -- we didn't say it like that. but i think it captures the spirit of who they are.
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light. still ahead j. lo, carrie watkins. why hollywood's most famous ladies were hanging together over the weekend. find out what was inside the best goody bag ever. is christie brinkley back with john mellencamp? what she revealed to "e.t." a jennifer hudson's exclusive. remembering her murdered nephew. how she's turning her family tragedy into a triumph. closed captioning provided
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what could bring nearly all of hollywood's a-list ladies like kerry wash adams, kristin bell to one place? the ultimate day of ladies only pampering, of course. jennifer kline party is favorite among the hollywood set. it's no wonder why. the day is filled with decadent and indulgence in every turn. we're talking rough spa treatment, shopping, and gourmet treats. stars like c.a.t ran mcafee were
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goody bags with candles, luggage to take home. #sundayfunday. christie brinkley had the fun weekend. she had a big smile on. even though it's been less than a week since we learned she camp. is there any chance they can get back together? that's one of the things we found out during her first interview since the break up. >> i just think that in today's world with everything we see going on in all of that, it's important to stress kindness. >> keeping it classy the 62-year-old super model spoke out why she defended her ex after a tabloid declared they split was due to his, "red neck ways" and made him sound like a donald trump fan. >> i think we start in our homes and circles.
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treated fairly, stick up your friend. >> she said it was distance and friends that kept them apart the 12th annual are author's night. >> i numberly believe that it's easier to save the world on a good hair day. >> you know that to be a meme. ? ? ? it hurts so good ? >> the couple started dating last september. why asked her, christy played coy. >> what does it take to have to date christie brinkley? >> i don't know. >> a fun, successful kind of guy. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> two months later she was no longer trying to hide the fact that she and the rocker were a
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>> yes, john and i are dating. we're having a good time. and, you know, it's fun. >> since they split on friendly terms, we had to know, could there be a reboot in the future? >> you never know. good friendship is the basis for everything, right. >> i love that. another major interview with jennifer hudson. >> yeah. she dot weekend at an yule event julian was murdered in 2008 along with their mother and brother. they turned their unspeakable family tragedy for others. >> i wanted my sister to be able to look forward to her son's birthday. >> it was a loss of unfathomable proportion. on one day, jennifer lost mother, her brother, and her 7-year-old nephew julian. shot dead in jennifer's hometown of chicago by her estranged brother-in-law who is in prison. for years jennifer couldn't bring herself to talk about the >> my mother told me, jenny, what i love about you is no matter how negative things are, you seem to find the pos
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easy. >> wow, what if we gave to the children? and then, therefore -- so six years ago, the two sisters came up with an idea to turn the family's tragedy into a triumph of the spirit. every year on julian's birthday or what he liked to call hatch day, they celebrate his life by donating school supplies to thousands of children in need in the community. >> s i guess my momma was right. >> right. >> julian was a scholar of a child. you know, as a student and he was a giver, as well. >> the program started in a church basement has grown to being able to help over 5,000 children get ready for school. >> i have no idea what we're starting. to think back then to now it's like look at the seed we have planted.
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help to give back. >> and while jennifer is making a difference in the lives of thousands of chicago school children, she's also looking forward to her next big project "hair spray live." we just did a table read recently i was blown away by the cast. it's an amazing cast. i'm excited to be a part of it. it's going to be a great experience. make sure you watch december 7th, on nbc! . yeah. it's going to be good. it's going to be fun. i'm already singing. >> oh, yeah. >> i'm ready. i'm here for it. she's working on new music with legendary producers collide davis and l.a. reid. the last type they worked together they did the sound
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it's going to be awesome.
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at "e.t."
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his life. who he's calling his crush. demy lovato in hot water. why she's apologizing and why her mom is involved. >> colbie caillat opens up about her wedding plans. check out our exclusive premier of her new music video "gold mine." watch it on consideration provided by -- eddie murphy i starring in his first movie in four years. >> tomorrow he's telling us about that and his family life. >> he's a very busy man. >> yeah! >> bye, everybody! eddie murphy on his nine
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is my kids. >> his hollywood hiatus and comedy come back. >> are you going to do stand up again? and at home with ellen pompeo. inside her hollywood mansion the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother
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the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need
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now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. (dramatic music plays on tv) (gunshot on tv) oh, my god. she shot him! i can't believe she shot him. this woman is a monster. yeah, but look at her jacket. i want that jacket. she just murdered her boyfriend. it's covered in his blood. a little club soda-- it comes right out. (cell phone rings) who are you avoiding? nobody. not important. oh, no. please tell me she's not going to poison his daughter. she should poison whoever cut her hair. what? she can get away with murder, but not those bangs. do you even pay attention to the plot? of course, i do. i love this show. i also love that kitchen. i wish we had a pizza oven. (cell phone rings)


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