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tv   8 News Now Good Day  CBS  August 17, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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pornography will be back in court today. the charges that he's facing and how this all started is coming up. ((michelle mortensen)) >> plus...the rain is drowning the south and wildfires are torching the west. we take a look at the severe weather that's holding this country hostage. ((brian loftus)) >> and... we take a look at our weather back here in the valley to see if any of those fires will affect us. ((michelle mortensen)) >> 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./ news now good day.)) ((michelle mortensen)) natural disasters and severe weather are rocking communities from indiana to california and louisiana this week. thanks for waking up with us i'm michelle mortensen ((brian loftus)) >> and i'm brian loftus in the west - another massive wild fire... the south, deadly flooding... ...and across the country's midsection - an onslaught of devastating tornadoes. reid binion reports. (shawn brady /
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evacuated and i haven't heard from them since." a california resident -- one of many -- affected by wildfires raging across the state. a new blaze igniting tuesday... engulfing an area roughly half the size of san francisco after less than ten hours. by evening - the "blue cut" fire had already forced mandatory evacuations for more than 80-thousand people. in the central u-s - a different but destructive disaster - seven tornadoes striking across indiana monday. and in the south - more devastation -- not from fire, but water. (gov. john bel edwards historic flooding event." governor john bel edwards... ...stressing the ongoing severity of the flooding - saying tuesday that it's caused at least 11 deaths. (gov. john bel edwards / (d) louisiana) "we are still very much in an emergency search and rescue response mode for much of the parishes. saving life is the most important priority that we have." edwards - saying he expects that nearly half of the state's parishes will be declared disaster areas. (gov. john bel edwards / (d) louisiana) "today, eight additional parishes have been
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declaration." residents still coping with their own losses - reaching out to help those around them. (marcel dupepe / flood victim) "this is what it's all about man -- helping people." i'm reid binion reporting sherry how's the weather today? let's take a look at
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i-15 is closed through the cajon pass due to the bluecut fire. crash in the spaghetti bowl on northbound i-15 at us 95. up in the northwest, 215 is under construction at ann road. expect some delays in the area as work continues.
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a woman at gunpot a northwest las vegas t-j maxx store... into the parking lot this yesterday afternoon. multiple witnesses called 9-1-1... and statements made created uncertainty as to weather this was a street robbery or a commercial robbery. out of precaution, metro's tactical team took over as shoppers hid inside the store. mos: (( "i didn't think it was real at first, but i mean, i'm still shaking, but i had two of them on me... and i was thinking i was going to hide in the bathroom because i thought they had the harder doors, steel doors, but then another girl with her two-year-old daughter
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hid basically." )) ((brian loftus)) >> after conducting a sweep, police determined there was only one suspect. he was detained by an n-h-p trooper, who was first on the scene. at this time, police don't know why the suspect singled out the victim. they are also investigating whether the suspect's gun was real or a toy. no injuries were reported./// ((michelle mortensen)) a metro police officer accused of possesing child pornography will be in court this morning. offficer ruben delgadil friday following a dual investigation between the "internet crimes against children task force" and internal affairs bureau. he now faces one count of possession of child pornography and one count of distribution of child pornography./// ((brian loftus)) if you've ever had a question you wanted to ask someone in law enforcement... let us know! we're asking sheriff joe lombardo questions from the viewers every wednesday... during our new segment, morning cup of joe. to submit a question... just go to las vegas now dot
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you can find out if your question was chosen.. sheriff lombardo will be on this morning between 6:30 and 7 a-m./// ((michelle mortensen)) shock and sadness is reigning over the campus of florida state university. ((brian loftus)) >> coming up we'll look at the disturbing case of a fsu student who killed then ate the face of one his victims. ((michelle mortensen)) ((michelle mortensen)) >> plus obamacare loses a major sponosor that could put the program in jeopardy. we'll tell you who dropped out next on good day./// ((you're watching the valley's news leader... with brian loftus, kirsten
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for seniors like barbara, social security makes a difference every month. but for the wall street types who've given congressman joe heck's campaigns over $500,000, social security could mean billions of dollars in fees. that's what privatizing social security means and why joe heck and wall street support it. under heck's privatization plan, retirement security gets risked on the stock market. and the wall street types supporting joe heck make billions. whose side are you on? senate majority pac is responsible
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demetria obilor. this is 8 news now good day)) ((michelle mortensen)) of florida... a florida state college student is accused of brutally murdering a couple... then eating one victim's face. a witness called 9-1-1 to say his neighbor was being attacked. responding officers had to unleash k-9's and use tasers...
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ripping the victim's face with his teeth. the victim and his wife died from stab wounds. the neighbor who tried to help was also stabbed. no motive is known... the suspect's blood has been taken to see if he was on spice or bath salts./// ((brian loftus)) a new strategy is being employed in fresno, cao male mosquitoes with a germ that prevents zika from spreading have been released in the area. the mosquitoes were flown in from kentucky. if the mosquito with the germ fertilizes mosquito eggs that can carry zika, they won't hatch. a new c-b-s poll shows more than half of americans don't think the government is doing enough to prevent a large outbreak ((brian loftus)) a big blow for president obama's landmark health care law. aetna is backing up big from
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the 15 states it served... after saying it lost 430-million- dollars. united healthcare will dramatically cut its participation too, saying its losses could be close to a billion over two years. humana, blue cross/blue shield, and others are also pulling way back... faced with a brutal truth: a lot more people got insurance, but they are much sicker and their treatment is more expensive than expected. (sen. john mccain/(r) arizona) "it's clear that obamacare is unraveling at a rapid rate. we're going to have to go back to squar back and not only repeal but replace and make health care available to every american." (president obama) "the insurance companies are saying these marketplaces, this law, will work. they're putting money on the line because they think it will work." ((brian loftus)) >> but it turns out people insured under obamacare tend to be older and have higher rates of serious, expensive illnesses -
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and diabetes, plus those with pre-existing conditions are now eligible for insurance. the kaiser family foundation predicts next year, many obamacare users could see the cost of their premiums rise by ten percent. ((michelle mortensen)) the riviera is no more, but it's still apart of las vegas history. ((brian loftus)) >> that's right coming up on good day we'll look back at the place that was home to many legends like "the rat pack."/// you're watching 8 news many legends like "the rat pack."/// you're watching 8 news now good day. ((run the whole
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riviera hotel-casino came tumbling down yesterday morning. ((michelle mortensen)) >> local businesses and residents were told to stay indoors during and after the implosion. the hotel closed last may after 60 years on the strip. now it is making way for the convention center expansion. katie boer lays out of the
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60 years of riviera history came down in about 18 seconds early tuesday morning. ((nat pop )) the implosions making way for an expansion of the las vegas convention center--that is currently at capacity. the plans for growth first announced in february 2013... ((katie: 00:02:49 with the demolition of the riviera we're now halfway throughy phase one--next up creating an outdoor exhibit space and parking right here... they'll also be creating a landscaped public space righ the strip 03:01)) the new space could attract 69 new events... not to mention 1-point-8 million additional attendees in a ten year period. ((katie: 00:10:07 phase two takes place in this parking lot off convention center drive. it'll create a brand new 600,000 square foot exhibit facility :17)) the facility on the current gold lot will meeting rooms, a pre-function space, along with loading
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they renovate without displacing anyone. think of it like renovating your house...while living in in. ((katie: 00:09:35 phase three consists of the lvcc renovation and additions to the existing facility behind me :42)) the budget for phase two and three a whopping 1.4 billion dollars -- that will take three to five years once funding is approved. ((katie: 00:06:27 a schedule has yet to be determined for phase 4 that'll be right across from the riviera boulevard where theyll be creating a future expansion of exhibit space. also a center and and a parkign structure :40)) once completed the new district could be worth 4-billion in economic impact in the next decade sherry how's the weather today?
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you can see the moon that will be full tomorrow overnight...
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getting ready to set to the west. ................ hot dry conditions continue for the desert and that won't help the fire in southern california. ........... dry winds will pick up speed again for us today... and the smoke and haze will spread across southern nevada. .......... the blue cut fire is in the area where fire weather warnings are still in place in southern california. temps will stay hot for us in las
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drop into the the end of the week. .......... down to 102 by the weekend. let's take a look at the roads with demetria ((demetria obilor)) ((demetria obil) on southbound 95 around lv blvd. i'm not seeing major slow downs, but keep an eye out for something. typically nhp gets these things cleared up pretty fast. things are quiet through the convention corridor, but expect more traffic in the area later today for magic, the fashion tradeshow.
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back to you!/// ((michelle t some families have to
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epi-pen has gone up. ((brian loftus)) >> the reason why the drug is becoming so expensive.. that story and more coming up on 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader./// ((michelle mortensen)) gordon gecko famously
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a month after 9/11, i got a call from david and he told me he was going into the national guard. he was sent to iraq to be a gunner on a humvee. a car pulled up in the driveway and three soldiers got out, and the sound of their boots as they came up those stairs will, you have moments when you really don't want to live anymore, it's a fate that i would not wish on anybody, not anybody. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. ...wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say, she probably... i would like to tell donald trump what it feels like,
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and i don't think that donald trump will ever understand that. votevets is responsible for the contents of this advertising. said " greed is good" in the movie wall street. but it turns out.. greed may not be so good for your finances after all. a study by state street's center
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high on a "love of money" scale... actually have bad financial outcomes. it found that the money lovers are less likely to prioritize saving or contributing to their retirement plan..///
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a southern california fire continues to burn out of control. the dozens of people it's stranded... and the thousands that have been evacuated. ((michelle mortensen)) >> plus -- will the valley see some of the wildfire smoke? sherry will explain if the skies will start to turn hazy. ((brian loftus)) >> and, taking the next step in breaking up the school district. when the plan to reorganize c-c-s-d may go into effect. ((michelle mortensen)) >> 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// news now good day.)) ((brian loftus)) thanks for joining us, i'm brian loftus. ((michelle mortensen)) >> and i'm michelle mortensen in for kirsten. this morning, nearly 82- thousand people in southern california have been chased out of their homes... after a fast moving fire sparked near i-15 in the cajon pass. here's a map of where the fire is at to give you some perspective. from here in las vegas to the fire... it's roughly a two- and- a half hour drive. ((brian loftus))


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