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tv   8 News Now Good Day  CBS  August 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we're live outside the courthouse .. as one of the suspects will stand trial in just a couple hours. ((michelle mortensen)) >> plus... new information about the arrest of mayor pro tem steve ross' son..
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robberies. ((brian loftus)) >> and... we could be off to a wet start this week.. sherry is watching the radar .. to see if thunderstorms will rock your neighborhood. ((michelle mortensen)) 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 news now good day.)) ((brian loftus)) thanks for waking up with us on 8 news now good day, the marcos arenas... michelle... for the family of marcos arenas... and we learned more information overnight about another high profile case. 27- year- old shane ross is due in court wednesday ... accused of a string of armed robberies. metro says ross would park his motorcycle outside a store ... and rob its employees at gunpoint. 8 news now was the first to break the news... that he is the son of las vegas mayor pro tem steve ross. the family says shane has struggled with addiction, and are urging him to cooperate with police.
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ask the sheriff questions from the viewers in our morning cup of joe segment in the 6am hour. to submit a question... just go to las vegas now dot com... and look for the "don't miss" section./// ((michelle mortensen)) firefighters have made significant progress on the blue cut wildfire in southern california. it's now 85 percent contained.. since it ignited last tuesday ... the fire burned some 37- thousand acres. so far, we know it destroyed just 200- buildings. the wildfire forced more than 80- thousand people to evacuate their homes .. but many have since been allowed to return. it even forced the closure of the main artery between las vegas and southern california -- the i-15-- which has since reopened in both directions. firefighters believe they'll have it fully contained by the end of the month./// sherry, how's the weather? ((sherry swensk)) some overnight showers ...
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they have ended and we'll look for more today. ................... a hot and humid weekend. temps above 100... but some days in th90 starting today. ............ right now we have valley neighborhoods in the 70s.... and humidity between 35 and 45 percent. ............. etween 35 and 45 temps in the 70s outside the valley and even 80 in laughlin. . we'll be looking for thunderstorms today. back to you! ((brian loftus)) thanks for waking up with
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las vegas valley and made national headlines in 2013... the murder of a local teen .. over his i-pad.. ((michelle mortensen)) >> one of the men accused in the case will stand trial today. 8 news now reporter michael stevens is live outside the regional justice center this morning with what's expected. good morning michael? ((michael stevens)) >> brian, michelle... for the family of marcos arenas... trial will officially begin against michael solid. prosecutors say him and another man jacob dismont are responsible for killing 15-year-old marcos arenas back in 20-13. witnesses say dismont jumped out of an s-u-v on charleston boulevard... ran up to the 15 year old... punched him...
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men... and was eventually run over... and killed by their s-u-v. family members remember the teenager as a good kid: ((ivan arenas // father: it's not going to bring my baby back. whether they get life or they get out tomorrow it's not going to change the fact that i'm not going to be able to hug my son anymore.)) ((cherann escalante // marcos's aunt: i will remember him by his smile. every time you saw him he had a smile that nobody else could have. i will remember him by his spirit and his respectful ways. he was a very good boy, a very good boy.)) >> prosecutors say after running over arenas... police found the white ford explorer used in the robbery with brand new tires. investigators scoured through jacob dismont's text messages. in it, they found several messages between him and his half brother... urging him to disguise the s-u-v to hide it from police. medical records show the 15-year-old suffered massive brain swelling and severe internal injuries.
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part in the case. trial for michael solid is set for around 9-am. demetria, how are the roads? there are no problems in the spaghetti bowl right now. everything is clear along the south beltway on 215 and green valley parkway. construction continues at galleria and henderson hospital, which will open up some time this fall.
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((michelle mortensen)) hard to believe .. but a week from today, parents will be packing up lunches.. and kids will be heading back to school! before that chaos ensues.. mom's and dad's need to make sure their student is registered. about 90 thousand still haven't signed up for ccsd.. which is required. school district is doing registration completely online on their infinite campus. if you haven't enrolled just go to the distict's website, and look for infinite campus. you can also stop by any school or library. not doing so could cost ccsd millions in state per pupil funding./// ((brian loftus)) still to come on 8 news now good day... the world's top athletes are heading home ... so they can get ready for tokyo... ((michelle mortensen)) >> a look at all the fun at
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final events over the weekend. ((brian loftus)) and... you have the green signal, but no one's stopping. it's a problem that's happening in a busy area, and it's driving you crazy, so demetria looked into it and got you some answers./// ((you're watching the
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for seniors like barbara, social security makes a difference every month. but for the wall street types who've given congressman joe heck's campaig over $500,000, social security could mean billions of dollars in fees. that's what privatizing social security means and why joe heck and wall street support it. under heck's privatization plan, retirement security gets risked on the stock market. and the wall street types supporting joe heck make billions. whose side are you on? senate majority pac is responsible
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this is 8 news now good day)) ((brian loftus)) hard to believe .. but the summer olympics are over already! but not without a little bit of controversy. ((michelle mortensen)) >> team usa swimmer, ryan lochte spoke publicly this weekened for the first time since the armed robbery claims. as jeremy roth reports.. the athlete took responsibility for his actions. ryan h in an ex exclusive interview with nbc's matt lauer... four-time olympian and gold medalist, ryan lochte took "full responsibility".. for embellishing the incident in rio that brought international outrage. ryan lochte: "if i never did that we wouldn't be in this mess. butt sot 1:06:40 none of this would've happened and it was my immature behavior." last sunday, surveillance video showed lochte and three of his teammates..gunnar bentz, jack conger and jimmy feigen at a gas station after a party. lochte told brazilian authorities as they attempted to
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guards forced them out of the taxi gun point.. and on the ground. rio officials later questioned the swimmers and refuted lochte's account of that night.. and said the olympians were confronted by the security guard only after they vandalized the gas station bathroom.. and were asked to pay for the damages. matt lauer: you said at some point after you refused to sit down the security guard put the gun to your forehead and cocked it. that didn't happen? ryan lochte: "that didn't happen." butt sot matt lauer: "why'd you do that?" butt sot ryan lochte: "i was still intoxicated. i was still under that influence." the international olympic committee and usa swimming are investigating the incident and will determine whether the swimmers will face fines or suspension. i'm jeremy roth reporting. ((michelle mortensen)) team usa dominated in rio's
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america won ... with 121 medals.. 46 were gold ... 37 silver... and 38 bronze. ((brian loftus)) china trailed behind with 70 .. and great britain had 67. russia took home fourth place... ith 56 medals.// here's a look at some of the weekend highlights from brazil.. team usa men's basketball brought home their 3rd straight gold medal. they beat serbia 96 to 66 yesterday. this win made carmelo anthony the most decorated male in olympic bast coach mike krzyzewski .. he's the first coach to win three gold medals./// ((brian loftus)) and in women's basketball... team usa dominated spain on saturday .. 101 to 72. they won gold ... keeping america's 20- year long winning streak alive. this is the 6th consecutive gold medal for our women's team./// ((michelle mortensen)) and brazil redeemed themselves after their humiliating loss in the 2014 world cup.. they beat germany on the soccer field to bring home the olympic gold medal. it was the first time brazil won
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((michelle mortensen)) and team usa made history in the boxing ring. claressa shields won back to back gold medals in the middleweight class.. beating out her competition from the netherlands. shields makes history by becoming the 1st american boxer-- male or female-- to win back-to-back gold medals at the olympics./// ((brian loftus)) on the wrestling mat.. usa's kyle snyder won gold in the 97 kilogram freestyle.. beating out his opponent from azerbaijan. at just 20- years old .. snyder made history ... olympic champion in the u-s./// ((michelle mortensen)) of course we couldn't talk about weekend highlights of the games without mentioning the closing ceremony. ((brian loftus)) >> star gymnast simone biles carried the flag for team usa.. before the festivities, the 4 foot 9 athlete said she was a little worried: ((simone biles: i'm very honored they selected me. one of my biggest worries is the flag will be too heavy for me. i'm a little worried but i think they'll guide me through it. ))
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tokyo ... which will host the games in 2020. japan's prime minister stole the show, dressed as nintendo's mario./// ((brian loftus)) athletes from around the world shined at the olympics.. but we couldn't be more proud of our las vegas legends! ((michelle mortensen)) >> for our city, it was the most successful olympic appearance yet.. sports reporter jonathan tritsch looks at some of our locals who stole the show. las vegas athletes traveled to rio unproven..but unafraid...they may call a gaming city home..but they had golden game themselves.. successful swimmer in city history..reaching for the bronze in the 100 meter breastroke and then grabbing gold as a member of the 4x100 medley relay team connor fields dominated led the field from start to finish in bmx racing..the 23 year old is one the third olympic winner in this event inbee park is no stranger to championships.. the bishop gorman gael and 7 time major winner
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vashti cunningham rose about the pressure to make the high jump finals at age 18..she did not medal..but like the las vegas in the world sports spotlight...she's ascending..and the best is yet to come./// sherry, how's the weather?
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look to the east... with clouds in the sky. ...................... some overnight showers ... but they have ended and we'll look for more today. ................... a hot and humid weekend. temps above 100... but some days in the 90s are coming this week...
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neighborhoods in the 70s.... and humidity between 35 and 45 percent. ............. we'll be looking for thunderstorms today.... and temps under 100 degrees. then drier tomorrow and the rest of the week./// thanks, sherry. now to demetria for a
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crews are working to install safety cables on summerlin parkway from buffalo to 215. the southbound 95 off-ramp to south rancho is closed, so crews can work on project neon. you can exit at mlk and valley view instead. here's what things look like on charleston near i-15.
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ndotprojectneon .com.
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ads for joe heck are attacking my time as attorney general. the thing they left out is the truth. the truth is crime actually went down during my time in office. i'm proud of my record cracking down on meth, protecting seniors from scams, and holding banks accountable for defrauding homeowners. i'm catherine cortez masto. i approve this message because i've spent my career solving problems.
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head back to the classroom in a few days. ((michelle mortensen)) >> marlie hall has tips to help kids get back into a good sleep routine. the kuenstler family has had a busy fun filled summer. (helen kuenstler/mother) i really try to keep them on a schedule ..which is a little later than the school year ..although they still have to get up for
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pediatrician dr. elissa rubin says it's time make sleep a priority. (dr. elissa rubin/happy and healthy pediatrics) try and get that bed time moved up a little earlier and to do it gradually over a two week period so they don't really feel it so much and if need be wake them up earlier electronics and screens should be off limits about an hour before bed because they can be stimulating and kids need to wind down. dr. rubin says getting enough rest is critical for children. that means 9 to 12 hours for 6 to 12 year olds and 8 to 10 hours for teen and healthy pediatrics) : if not their school performance is very affected. not only on their levels of attention, but just their level of comprehension and ability to remember things and what they are being taught helen says her children thrive on sleep. (helen kuenstler/mother) i think they just learn so much better they can focus in school less meltdowns and happier and experts say be consistent.. letting kids sleep in or stay up late on the weekend makes it harder to get back on track for the school week.
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((michelle mortensen)) >> research shows not getting enough sleep can put children at risk for physical and mental health problems such as obesity and depression./// demetria, what's driving people crazy? driving people crazy? demetria obilor tammy says heading home, i travel north on teddy drive arrow, but opposite traffic comes barreling through cutting us off, nearly hitting pedestrians. i reached out to the city of las vegas to see if there were any issues with the signal head. city staff went out and discovered no problems with the light or its programming. they determined the light was acting as it should, only allowing the northbound right-turn arrow to be displayed when all of the opposing traffic have a red indicator displayed.
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are just running the red light, which means this is an enforcement issue. the city says they will be more than happy to inform metro of the problem, but also recommends directly calling police at 311 to request assistance. what's driving you crazy? remember, you can write me at. traffic 8 at las vegas now dot com. we'll be right back.///
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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hillary clinton's running mate is stumping in las vegas today... the special guest he's bringing .. to help drum up votes. ((michelle mortensen)) >> plus... the head of boulder city is joining us bright and early! we'll be chatting with the mayor .. to get your questions answered. ((brian loftus)) >> and... it's not be raining now ... but you might want to grab your umbrella before heading out the door.. sherry is tracking our chance for rain. ((michelle mortensen)) 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts
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news now good day.)) ((brian loftus)) thanks for waking up with us on 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader. i'm brian loftus. ((michelle mortensen)) >> i'm michelle mortensen, in for kirsten. ((sherry swensk)) >> and i'm sherry swensk. we could be off to a wet start this week with a little rain! sherry, how's the weather? ((sherry swensk)) clouds covering our skies this monday morning... with the sun peeking through.
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through but that was hours ago ... and we'll be on the lookout for more today. ................... a hot and humid weekend. temps above 100... but some days in the 90s are coming this week... starting today. ............ right now we have valley neighborhoods in the 70s.... percent. ............. temps in the 70s outside the valley and even 80 in laughlin. . we'll be looking for thunderstorms today.
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((brian loftus)) presidential candidates are campaigning in the v ((michelle mortensen)) hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine will be in town today. he'll address the iron worker convention at the mirage.. kaine will be joined by his dad, who owned a union- organized ironwork and welding shop in kansas city. kaine is expected to talk about the plan for jobs and the economy./// ((brian loftus)) on the republican side... donald trump will also be here this week. he's scheduled to speak at the south point casino arena in las vegas on friday. the town hall is free to the public and starts at 2-pm. more information on either of these events is up on our
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/// ((brian loftus)) 8 news now is your local election headquarters. you can find all things politics both on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((michelle mortensen)) and the british man accused of trying to shoot donald trump at a rally in las vegas .... is slated to stand trial today. michael sandford pleaded not guilty to federal charges. federal investigators say he tried to grab an officer's gun during the event in june at treasure island. agents say sandford told them he drove f and practiced at a gun range the day before trump's visit. sandford could face up to 30 years in prison, if convicted./// demetria, how are the roads? wach out for a crash on northbound 95 near decatur. out on the strip near convention center drive, cones are in place for an improvement project,
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stevens is live outside the regional justice center... michael, the family has been waiting for this day for a while... right? ((michael stevens)) >> brian, michelle... that's right. they had a small victory earlier this month when jacob dismont... one of the two suspected killers plead guilty for his part in the case. today... trial will officially begin against michael solid. prosecutors say him and dismont are responsible for killing 15-year- in 20-13. witnesses say dismont jumped out of an s-u-v on charleston boulevard... ran up to the 15 year old... punched him... and stole his i-pad. police say arenas ran after the men... and was eventually run over... and killed by their s-u-v. former classmates of the 15-year-old say they still can't believe something like this happened to their friend: ((ronnie beaner // friend at bonanza: he was like the kid that everyone wants to see, he's funny, he's fun to be around, he's athletic, he's the kind of kid you'll never see just sitting there.
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garside choir: a funny guy that always makes you laugh no matter what the situation was. he's always going to stick up for you no matter what the situation is.)) ((michael stevens)) >> prosecutors say after running over arenas... police found the ford explorer used in the robbery with brand new tires. investigators scoured through jacob dismont's text messages. in it, they found several messages between him and his half brother... urging him to disguise the s-u-v medical records show the 15-year-old suffered massive brain swelling and severe internal injuries. again, earlier this month... dismont plead guilty for his part in the case. trial for michael solid is set for around 9-am. ((michelle mortensen)) and metro police are investigating two separate homicides... that happened just an hour apart on saturday. the first call in near cheyenne and sandy, where police found a
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heard a loud noise that they thought were fireworks. police say the victim died from a gunshot wound... and do not have anyone in custody. /// ((michelle mortensen)) the second happened an hour later, near tropicana and maryland, at the parkway villas apartment complex. police were called to a fight between two men.. where one of the victims suffered from a head injury. it's still unclear on what led to the incident. this is the 110th homicide in metro's jurisidiction this year./// ((brian loftus)) a federal judge in texas temporarily blocked president obama's directive on transgender rules in school bathrooms. ((michelle mortensen)) >> in may, the obama administration told public schools in the u-s that transgender students must be allowed to use bathrooms and locker rooms for their chosen gender identity. ((brian loftus)) afterwards, texas and 12 other states asked to halt the directive./// ((brian loftus)) we are getting your questions answered.. ((michelle mortensen)) >> boulder city mayor is joining us in studio this
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((brian loftus)) >> we'll be right back on 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader./// ((you're watching the valley's news leader... with brian loftus, kirsten
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demetria obilor. this is 8 news now good day)) ((brian loftus)) vallley are starting their week with us here on 8 news now good day. ((michelle mortensen)) >> boulder city mayor rod woodbury is joining us today for our monday mornings with the mayors segment. thanks for joining us! our first question-- on the november ballot, there is a question for boulder city.... authorizing use of capital improvement fund money to pay off the city's sole remaining debt (raw water line debt). how did it end up on the ballot? ((brian loftus))
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has been able to remain the way it is for years.. but your facing some challenges now.. what are they? ((michelle mortensen))
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street project design.. as well as the land around the future interstate 11-u.s. highway 95 interchange area?
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(art in the park, wurstfest, chautauqua, winter art fest, etc.) any changes to the events? ((brian loftus)) >> to submit a question... just >> to submit a question...
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and click on the banner that says monday mornings with the mayor./// weather today? ((sherry swensk)) clouds and color in the sky this morning... not much wind, but plenty of humidity. ............. highs today should stay just under 100 degrees...
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the lows near normal, in the upper 70s. and that depends on cloudy or clear skies. clear skies will allow temps to cool more. .................... we'll be on the lookout for showers and maybe some thunderstorms with lightning and gusty winds today. .............. but clouds could also hold back some dynamics and co into southern nevada today. ............. some of the overnight showers and thunderstorms had some vivid lightning to the north and east of the valley.. but eventually we may see some of that here today. ............. the desert will have some widespread showers and thunderstorms today until the low pressure moves east tomorrow. demetria, how are the roads? watch out for a crash at decatur and desert inn. sahara and jones work as decatur alternates. i'm
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now. the slow downs are due to construction work that's happening in the area. traffic is staying slow in the spaghetti bowl right now along southbound i-15 at us 95.
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the four seasons was filled with on and off air talent.. several members of our 8 news now family received the lifetime achievement award. most notably paula francis was a part of that group. during her acceptance speech she thanked many who have helped her along the way. also gave advice to those looking to thrive the business. ((that privilege enables you to bring the news and the truth to those who have no voice and those who work hard everyday who come home to get
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tell the truth.)) ((sherry swensk)) >> our former general manager emily neilsen was also honored ... along with a big majority of our sales department. each inductee has served at least 20 years in broadcasting... with 5 of those years being here in nevada./// with 5 of those years being here in nevada./// sherry, how's the weather today? ((sherry swensk)) that was a great night for channel 8 honoring two great women in
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and then just about our whole sales team getting inducted. .............. a warm weekend and a muggy one, too. it stayed humid and somewhat hot. ............... slightly cooler yesterda, but the humidity made up for it. right now we've got 70s around the valley. ........... some passing showers late last be looking for more chance of rain and thunderstorms today. ............... an area of low pressure will bring moisture and energy into the area today and tonight. ............. then on our way to sunshine and not too hot. highs in the upper 90s and near 100. we start drying out tomorrow and then spend midweek with normal temps at 101 ... and settle into upper 90s into
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august./// demetria, how are the roads? the carpool lane is blocked on northbound 95 near decatur after a crash. traffic is starting to get busier on the beltway, so expect some traffic as you head into the airport this morning.
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points. it fell 45 points on friday.. the nasdaq fell 1 point.. but despite the slight drop, the nasdaq made its 8th straight week of gains./// ((michelle mortensen))
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8 news now good day! just head to our 8 news now facebook page.. and upload a photo of your pet. on friday, we'll announce our 8 lucky viewers who scored an 8 news now mug./// ((brian loftus)) after trying to fight during the press conferences and weigh in .. connor mcgregor proved he had what it takes in the ring. he fought nate diaz for the second time this weekend at the t-mobile arena. mcgregor came out on top after a majority decision. diaz beat him the first time, by submission./// thanks for joining "c-b-s this morning" starts right now.///
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in the west. it is monday, august 22, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." is donald trump wavering on his promise to deport undocumented immigrants. plus the journalist who went back to donald trump's childhood at a reveelg look at the candidate. >> the florida zika scare, many are dressed for protection. the rio olympics come to a close and colorful medals we'll look ahead at when the games could return to the u.s. first, a look at today's eye-opener.


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