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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  August 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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in the silver state... the department of corrections says it's not prepared to follow through just yet.///
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storm.. we learned this app is crowd-based... that means it's not going to work... unless you post something. ((katie boer)) clark county regional flood control unveiled this app flood spot....last summer.... created for residents who see share it. think of it as a heads up to other locals as a warning to avoid the area. it's a crowd-sourced program much like the social traffic app "waze" -- a separate app where people receive directions and report slow road ... and the flood spot app works in much the same way. ((kb: if you see flooding on a public can take a picture...share where your location is and ...anthony: oh gotcha... and report )) (( kb: does that look pretty user friendly to you? anthony: i think that's a fantastic idea for southern nevada. kb: would you use something like this? anthony: absolutely i would! )) it's a great idea and a trendy looking app -- but does it work? (( quick nat pop intro to video )) this is video of pouring rain and flooding in one of my
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she already had the app and wanted to submit the video of her flooded pool to other flood spot app users. we took our questions directly to the regional flood control... ((09:58:14 she's in north las vegas where it was raining and we didn't see any warning pop up... however when you go under history you can see this... so are we doing something wrong? :23 beatrice: there were no pictures posted yesterday. unfortunately :26 )) actually she did try to submit her picture... but it wasn't approved! out of 15-thousand people who haven was the only one who tried to share a storm picture from monday night. ((10:57:04 katie: now the el dorado neighborhood did experience flooding from monday's storms but the reason her video wasn't approved on the app was because it was in her private backyard and not on a publicly traveled road :19 )) so we searched for remnants of the severe weather see if any problem spots were around today. ((katie: 11:51:15 one
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off sandy lane just off the las vegas boulevard and while it doesn't look anything as bad as what it did yesterday we'll still take a picture of it to the app and see if it works. 51:29)) i'll keep you posted... but submitting pictures wasn't our only issue... a flood warning was also in place earlier this morning over moapa.. ((10:08:10 so there is a flood warning over here... it's not showing up. :13)) today it did not... in fact it didn't show up yesterday either. ((10:13:29 katie: but typica mhhmm// that little outline... kb: on this map... okay so then let's go to that area..there's moapa..and not seeing anything :39 )) ((katie boer)) so just checking again now...and my flooding pic-- while minor--still isn't showing up on the app. i do want to note the flood
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bugs...but that this is predominately crowd-based... so in order for it to be effective... the public has to share their submissions. reporting from nlv, im kb 8nn. /// ((denise valdez)) tedd said yesterday was our best shot at getting some rain... but what about our chances for the rest of the week? let's find out.
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variety around the region. winds remain light and humidity and dewpoints are still living large at this hour. ................................ ... ........... evening forecast calls for mostly to partly clear skies. still a little humid through the evening with only very slight chances for t'storms and mainly confined to the mountains as the we're now in the backside of the system phi this evening and as we barely even reached 90 degrees today thanks to all that rain cooled air. ((dave courvoisier)) some good news just across stateline... the "blue cut fire" burning in southern california is now 100-percent contained. it started about a week ago in the cajon pass area... and at one point was growing so fast the i-15 was shut down in both directions. it's since been reopened. in all... 57 square miles have burned... that's more than 36-thousand acres. fortunately no serious injuries or deaths have been reported... however more than 300 homes and buildings were damaged by the fire. folks in the area have been allowed back over the last few
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it's not clear what started the blue cut fire... but some are blaming the rise in the number of wildfires on climate change. and now a new study says these fires will expose those of us in the western states to high levels of air pollution in the coming decades. researchers estimate that added pollution is a result of past and projected fires in 500 counties. experts say the findings point to the need for changes in wildfire management... and evacuation programs in those high-risk regions./// ((denise valdez)) the clark county district attorne o called out for how it handles death penalty cases. harvard law school's fair punishment project released a report alleging "an overly aggressive prosecutor"... racial bias... and unfair treatment for the mentally ill. this report just came out today and it refers to the process in the courts - in the meantime -- the department of corrections has its own challenge with the death penalty. the i-team's vanessa murphy talked with the director to find out how these criticisms are being addressed. ((vanessa murphy))
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anyone on death row right now... the department of corrections is scrambling to address this. ((james dzurenda/director of department of corrections: he requested to be executed.)) ((vanessa murphy)) serial killer michael ross was on death row in connecticut in 2005 when he gave up the fight and said he wanted to die. ((james: i was a warden at the time of one of the state prisons and i had a position in the execution at that time.)) ((vanessa murphy)) james dzurenda - now director of since april has concerns that could happen in nevada. ((james: we don't know when this happens. it could happen at any time.)) ((vanessa murphy)) 80 inmates are on death row in nevada prisons...dzuren da says all are in the appeals process - but if one of them asks to be executed - the death chamber has to be ready in 45 days.... and right now - it won't be. you see - two drugs are needed together for lethal injection. one the state has is expired and the other will expire in january
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to sell it for executions so dzurenda says he's put out a national request to get the drugs. ((vanessa: now what? james: just sitting and waiting till the process is done and seeing if someone will respond or a company out there will respond.)) ((vanessa murphy)) the other challenge - construction. dzurenda says the death chamber in carson city - last used in 2006 - is outdated. a new one is being built in ely state prison for an estimated it's expected to be finished on november first. while critics of the death penalty call it a waste of money - dzurenda says his hands are tied - due to state law. ((james: if we don't have an appropriate chamber and policy and medication, we can't even abide by a court order.)) ((vanessa murphy)) dzurenda says the new death chamber in ely state prison will have mutliple purposes.... he says it will have three rooms where meetings and attorney visits can be held and it can be used for storage.
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wouldn't want to meet with a client in the same place where an inmate could potentially be executed.// ((dave courvoisier)) president obama spent tuesday afternoon getting a first-hand look at the devastation left by the deadly flooding in louisiana. the weather there is blamed for at least 13 deaths. 60-thousand homes have been damaged or destroyed... and more than 106-thousand people have registered for emergency federal aid. residents are asking the president for more than financial assiste help with the massive cleanup effort./// ((dave courvoisier)) monday, the streets are expected to be busier with the start of the school year. ((denise valdez)) and there are pedestrian safety concerns across the valley -- but especially in one north las vegas neighborhood. 8 news now reporter karen castro is live at the intersection of simmons and lone mountain to tell us why some students don't feel safe. karen? ((karen castro)) >> this intersection is quiet now but come monday
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schools in the area. one major problem is there aren't any sidewalks. despite frustration among residents, the city of north las vegas says there isn't much they can do. but they have found a temporary solution. ((aveon johnson student: it's pretty scary but it's ok because i know how to ride my bike. )) ((karen castro)) aveon johnson rides his bike everywhere, including to school. and when he comes across areas without sidewalks ((aveon johnson student: i go in like alleys or i take shortcuts f )) ((karen castro)) the intersection of simmons and lone mountain is among one of the areas in north las vegas that doesn't have sidewalks forcing pedestrians onto the road. two undeveloped corner lots are nothing but dirt. ((gary bouchard concerned resident: it's a busy street and it's busiest when the kids are going to school because at the same time, their parents are going to work.)) ((karen castro)) gary bouchard lives in the areas and has been reaching out to city leaders to address the issue. but says he often gets the run-around. ((gary bouchard resident: their attitude is when
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more seriously. )) ((karen castro)) but his plea during last week's council meeting didn't go un-noticed. the city has decided to install a temporary asphalt sidewalk on both ends. ((gary bouchard resident: there's reasons you have sidewalks and this is so blatant. it's a busy street. )) ((karen castro)) but north las vegas says it's not their responsibility to install sidewalks, even though they are for public use. a spokesperson for the city says developers are in charge of paying and installing evy intersection is nothing is being built... which means aveon will have to keep using shortcuts to go to school. ((aveon johnson student: because you don't want to get your parents upset, if you get hurt.)) ((karen castro)) >> the temporary sidewalks will be installed on monday at a cost of 15-thousand dollars. reporting live, karen castro, 8 news now. ((denise valdez)) buses are also a top concern not only for parents... but police..
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stopped. ((trooper chelsea stunkel//nevada highway patrol - the bus drivers don't put these stop arms out to be a nuisance. they don't put them out to inconvenience drivers or make them late for work. they do it for plain and simple the safety of the kids on the bus. we need to protect our kids. they're children, we can teach them so much but we need to take responsibility as adults to keep them safe. )) ((denise valdez)) >> police urge parents to plan ahead for traffic once school starts. and to try and save time in the morning... pack your child's lunch and ba to it's ready to go the next day. by the way... fines for not yielding at a stopped bus start at 250-dollars... and goes up to 1-thousand dollars for the third offense.. with the possibility of getting your license suspended./// ((dave courvoisier)) coming up... parents are taking their fight to the white house. ((denise valdez)) >> the steps they are taking in an effort to take down the fast-rising costs of epi-pens. ((dave courvoisier)) >> plus... a new study looked into when young football players are most
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the valley's news leader is back after the break.///
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for seniors like barbara, social security makes a difference every month. but for the wall street types who've given congressman joe heck's campaigns over $500,000, social security could mean billions of dollars in fees. that's what privatizing social security means and why joe heck and wall street support it. under heck's privatization plan, retirement security gets risked on the stock market. and the wall street types supporting joe heck make billions. whose side are you on? senate majority pac is responsible
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((dave courvoisier)) people across the country are asking for answers about the sky-rocketing costs of epi-pens. some lawmakers are na the company behind the life-saving allergy medicine. ((denise valdez)) >> with prices up more than 400-percent... gilma avalos found some parents are weighing dangerous options... to protect their kids.
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its life or death." though her child's safety is priceless, youree was shocked by the price of filling her epipen prescription this month. "we paid $600 for one pack" youree owns the fort worth moms blog, and sponsors a fort worth food allergy support group for moms. the sticker shock has dominated conversations online. "people just can't afford to buy them at all. we've heard situations where people are recommending going to canada or other contemplating buying expired medication on ebay. "people are having to become creative and making choices and maybe not always making the safest choices." the actual cost of the drug inside--is about two bucks. "the other 598 is for the use of the tool (laugh)" in its latest statement--mylan appeared to point the finger at the healthcare insurance landscape--saying more families are enrolled in high deductible health plans--which
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"i think they need to come out and justify why they want to charge this much for epinephrine injectors." ((denise valdez)) >> the company says it offers coupons worth up to 100 dollars.. >> the company says it offers coupons worth up to 100 dollars.. but families with high deductibles say they are still on the hook for the majority of the cost. ((dave courvoisier)) >> nearly 52 thousand people have signed a petition to congress.. asking for an investigation into what they call "price-gouging"./// ((dave courvoisier)) another danger some kids are ci head injuries. and a new study shows young football players actually have a higher risk of head injuries during practice drills... than in games. virginia tech researchers followed 34 players from ages 9 to 11... and found 70 percent of "high magnitude" impacts happened at practice. the team recommends that coaches reduce time spent on tackling and blocking drills... to lessen the chances of head injuries.///
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tedd florendo
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a closer look at instagram
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photos... could reveal more about you than you think. ((denise valdez)) >> plus... think twice before you decide to adopt a desert tortoise. coming up tonight at six... why the pre-historic creatures make great pets... and the dangers they pose to the entire species... if you let them loose.///
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((dave courvoisier)) picking out a filter on instagram... could reveal more about you than you think. ((denise valdez)) >> a team of researchers from harvard and the university of vermont looked at nearly 44-thousand instagram pictures from volunteers, some who had a history of depression. they found that people who are depressed post ((dave courvoisier)) >> researchers said the study was a way to explore new avenues for early screening for mental illness. however the study has not been formally published or independently reviewed./// ((denise valdez)) here's something you probably thought you'd never hear... kfc is getting into the skincare game. ((dave courvoisier)) >> the fried chicken brand introduced sunscreen that smells like what else fried chicken! it's called... k-f-c's "extra crispy" sunscreen... and has an spf 30. ((denise valdez))
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giveaway... that were all claimed within a few hours. it ran as part of the "extra crispy colonel" tv ads that have been running around the country./// ((dave courvoisier)) thanks for watching 8 news now at five. the valley's news leader. ((denise valdez)) the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six. /// ((karen castro))
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the thing they left out is the truth. the truth is crime actually went down during my time in office. that's why i've been endorsed by law enforcement across nevada. i'm proud of my record cracking down on meth, protecting seniors from scams, and holding banks accountable for defrauding homeowners. i'm catherine cortez masto. i approve this message because i've spent my career solving problems.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dubois: the new trump-pence immigration policy. >> reporter: you're here'r illegally you have to leave thee country. yes or no? >> dubois: also tonight, florida tries to determine if there's a new zika zone outside miami as the number of mosquito-spread infections grows. martin shkreli became the poster boy for drug price gouging. now he's defending the soaring d cost of life-saving epipens. and we first met pat hardison shortly after his amazing face transplant surgery. wait until you see him now. >> now i'm just an average guy walking down the street. this is the "cbs evening news"


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