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tv   8 News Now at Noon  CBS  August 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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republican and democrat we're not just discussing our different views on tax policy or anything else of importance. we are facing a divisive candidate, whose loose cannon temperament and his complete lack of preparation make him unqualified to be president." )) ((kirsten joyce)) 8 news now is your local election headquarters for all the races that matter to you... on air and online at las vegas now dot com. ((kirsten joyce)) north las vegas police are investigating a suspicious death.. where a body was found inside a car in the parking lot of a thrift store... near craig and allen. police believe the body was inside the vehicle for several days.. and that there are no obvious signs of trauma. police say the vehicle is connected to a missing person report. if you have additional information on this case, call crimestoppers. ///
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220-thousand dollars for the man accused of sex trafficking underage girls. david coil made his first court appearance this morning. a judge says he'll be placed on house arrest and have to surrender his passport.. if he posts bail. the court will also track that payment if he makes it... to be sure he's not using cash made from his trafficking operation. according to his arrest report... police were notified of coil earlier this month. he was allegedly u late last year. his next court date is set for september 27th./// ((kirsten joyce)) the desert pines teacher accused of an inappropriate relationship with a student... was indicted by a grand jury. 23-year-old johnathan scheaffer faces numberous counts... all for sex acts with a student. metro police say the teenage girl told them she was in a relationship with her teacher for ten months. scheaffer claims they did not actually have sex... and everything they did was consensual.
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health district is reporting it's first human case of "saint louis encephalitis" since 2007. the man was older than 50 and has was hospitalized.. but has since been released. you can get infected from mosquitos.. and symptoms include fever... nausea... and vomiting... but it can result in death. there is no specific treatment of the disease... but you can reduce your risk of infection by using insect repellant... and staying away from areas where mosquitoes are known to be./// let's turn our attention to the weather now... the sky has mostly cleared after a wet start to the week... and more rain could be on the way... sherry's here now to explain where we'll see them first. ((sherry swensk)) yesterday's winds helped clear out a lot of the smoke that was carried in midweek. and so it's not as hazy... but we have other changes to be aware of today and into your weekend. ........... thunderstorms will be shaping up closer to home today... as an
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east. ........... a little extra energy around the base of that low will help trigger storms in clark and mohave counties today. ........... the mountains will be the first target... then the lower elvations as the day goes on. ........... the chance for storms lingers into tonight and your saturday. watch the skies if you're heading out this afternoon and tonight. more on your weekend coming up./// ((kirsten joyce)) continue to rumble through parts of central italy devastated by wednesday's earthquake. at least 278 people were killed... and rescuers are working against the clock to save more who may be trapped under tons of rubble. because as jonathan vigliotti explains... officials say aftershock damage could cut off access to the hardest-hit areas. rescue dogs are searching the
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once buildings in accumoli, italy. more than two days after an earthquake devastsed parts of central italy, the race is on to find survivors. this trainer says the dogs are brought to areas where they believe there are missing people trapped below the rubble. from above, the scale of the destruction is overwhelming. several people have been pulled from debris since the quake struck wednesday. but crews admit the odds of finding survivors are aftershocks are slowing the effort. more than one thousand of them have shaken the already unstable ruins, and are threatening to close the roads into amatrice. this home puts the devastation of the earthquake into perspective. when the quake hit at 3 in the morning the home collapsed on top of itself. inside, asleep at the time, a family of 3. neighbors here say they didn't make it out alive. for many, the search for loved ones ends here, at a small airport in
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grieving relatives in and out of the hangar where dozens of bodies await identification. the first funerals are being held today. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, amatrice, italy. kirsten joyce back here at home... a nevada highway patrol trooper is shot... and another man is killed. it happened early this morning... on boulder highway. michael stevens has the latest. ((michael stevens)) metro police is taking over the e trooper was shot following a routine traffic stop. ((trooper chelsea stuenkel // nevada highway patrol: always when we hear about these incidents it's always very scary in this line of work. we hear about it all the time throughout the country but when it's one of your own involved in an incident like this it's shocking.)) ((michael stevens)) n-h-p says it was just after midnight when a trooper tried stopping a white cadillac heading south on boulder highway. just off the 95.
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the trooper followed him... and that's when bullets started flying with at least one of them hitting the trooper in his torso. ((trooper chelsea stuenkel // nevada highway patrol: ballistic vests are a huge friend to a police officer. it's a great tool -- that helps stop rounds from various weapons. but you can still sustain injury from those rounds. anything from bruising to broken bones... and thankfully our officer is uninjured. unharmed and doing okay.)) ((michael stevens)) killing the man. all morning... traffic along boulder highway was at a stand-still as police investigated why this happened? michael stevens... 8 news now. ((kirsten joyce)) >> no word yet on troopers name... or the suspect. n-h-p says more details should be out in the next few days. ((kirsten joyce)) next on the valley's news leader... public money is at the center of a heated debate. but there's more to explain when it comes to how las vegas will pay for a potential new stadium.
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leaders wait to make a decision. plus... a new way to treat cancer in children... without them suffering from life-long side-effects./// ((you're watching the valley's news leader with brian loftus, kirsten joyce and
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((kirsten joyce)) looks like the oakland raiders might seriously be considering las vegas as their new home. the team filed for trademarks to the phrase "las vegas raiders." meanwhile, talks are moving forward on two potential n-f-l stadium sites... the land north of russell, west of i-15... and the bali hai golf course. but proponents say they're not cover 750- million dollars toward the project. that money would come from an increase in hotel room tax. once 40- percent of the cost is fulfilled... private investments would pay the rest: ((andy abboud/las vegas sands: "the beauty of this project is the backup of any cost over runs falls on the private developers, in this case the adelson family, so if this stadium didn't perform in the worst case scenario immediately, which we don't anticipate, and didn't perform extremely strong then the risk of that falls on the
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payers." )) ((brian loftus)) >> the cost for the stadium is one-point-9 billion. the raiders will put in 500-million... and 600- million would come from private money. the sands will walk away from the deal.. if the state cannot sum up the remaining 750- million. time is a factor because the governor would have to call a special session to approve the funding... and the n-f-l owners would need to approve a team location. /// ((kirsten joyce)) with the debate heating up over who will pay for this stadium... we asked you on facebook whether public funds should be used. 59-percent of you say no... while 32-percent support it. you can still get your vote in... just go to the 8 news now facebook page./// ((kirsten joyce)) and don't forget to watch our special "raider nation relocation" show saturday afternoon at 4:30 right here on channel 8. we talked to the team... groups trying to prevent a move... and oakland fans. the titans - raiders preseason game is right after the special./// ((kirsten joyce))
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weekend for burning man. the festival starts sunday and runs through september 5th. nearly 70- thousand people are expected to attend. many travelers fly into the reno- tahoe international airport to get to the event. last year, airport officials say they saw people from 34 countries fly in. /// ((kirsten joyce)) still ahead... grocery store shelves have been cleared out. why folks in florida are filling up on essentials this weekend. that's next here on the valley's news leader./// ((you're watching 8
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tropical storm gaston is moving northeast across the atlantic... and folks in florida are preparing for the worst. families are stocking up on food... water... batteries. early this morning... winds hit speeds of 65 miles per
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its a tropical storm now.. but the closer it get to florida, the potential is to reach hurricane strength. meanwhile in the pacific... tropical storm lester is moving away from land as it gets stronger over the next few days./// ((kirsten joyce)) we saw some rain earlier this week here... sherry joins us with what's on tap for the weekend. /// ((sherry swensk)) skies are mostly sunny as we head through our friday.... but clouds are on the horizon and will soon be building... as we'll be on the kick off our last weekend of august. ............ a lot of yesterday's haze from california wildfires thinned out yesterday with the gusty winds. ............... temperatures will take a break for a few days... before the heat returns for the start of school
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desert today and tonight to bring that chance of storms closer to home here in clark county. ............. through tonight and into saturday as the energy from this low passes through. and these storms will get some extra energy with them as an enhanced jet stream at the base of this low slides over our area... .................. so they could turn intense in
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gusty winds and hail. if you see dark skies and lightning... you need to get indoors. ........ yesterday's storms were focused over northern arizona and southern utah... and they will have storms in those areas again today. so if you're traveling to the grand canyon or up to zion... watch the weather reports very closely. .............. and our local mountains will be the first target for storms today... with possibly heavy rain, lightning and damaging winds. hail will likely accompany these storms again with colder air aloft. ............. the lake will get dangerous to be on the wa that might develop out there... and even outflow winds from nearby storms in arizona. ........... valley residents could have a dicey drive home today and tonight with any storms that pop up and wet streets or bring the winds and lightning. ........... the chance for storms lasts into tonight, overnight and your saturday. then more sunshine returns sunday... and heating up again as kids head back to school on monday. no doubt they'll have the shorts
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have a safe weekend everyone./// ((kirsten joyce)) coming up on the valley's news leader... a childhood cancer that used to be tricky.. to treat. a new therapy that targets cancer cells... is helping protect children during dangerous treatments./// ((you're watching 8
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soft-tissue sarcomas are cancers thbe and tissue near joints. this cancer can strike at any age.. but one form of sarcoma is especially cruel.. because it most often strikes patients under ten. as martie salt shows us, a new therapy is wiping out the cancer while protecting kids from life-long side effects. bridget whiston has spent most of her days over the past year inside a missouri hospital. "her stomach started blowing back up. it was hard. you knew there was something not
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rhabdomyosar coma, (rab-do-my-oh -sar-coh-mah) the most common soft-tissue cancer in kids. for bridget, it started near her liver. "it's a challenge because the tumor is right next to her heart. it's also a challenge because this area moves as we breathe." chemo took the toddler's hair, but also wiped out most of the tumor. for the remaining cancer cells, doctors used a cutting-edge radiation system called the mridian (mer-ih-dee-an) system by view ray. "if she takes in a deep breath and the tumor goes outside of the radiation field, e until the tumor returns back into the target." protecting the healthy cells. "anything that minimizes, side effects or an area of treatment that doesn't need treatment, is huge." doctors say there is every sign that, for bridget, the precisely placed dose is working. "there's no sign of the tumor, so that's wonderful." the whistons hope to leave
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no lasting signs of bridget's battle with childhood cancer. this is martie salt, reporting. ((kirsten joyce)) >> doctor perkins says before the mridian doctors would treat the sarcoma by plotting a radiation course with traditional x-ray machines. in addition.... x-ray and c-t scans also expose patients to additional radiation.. which doctors are trying to avoid./// ((kirsten joyce)) >> the valley's news leader will be right back./// ((you're watching 8
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we've all be there... walking through the mall and
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shopping could be over. the "i-bag-2" is designed to stop you from spending money. you can set the handbag to lock when its g-p-s senses you are in places where you spend the most money... and during times when you tend to shop the most. it even flashes and vibrates when you take out your wallet. the bag is a prototype by personal finance website "finder-dot-com". no word on when it could be available to the public./// that's all for 8 news now v the valley's news leader. be sure to join us at 4 and online at las vegas now dot com.. for the latest on donald trump's visit to las vegas today.
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