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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  August 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>>ted: rain day on the right, quarterback coach for the 49ers this year. >>tim: and with chip a long time play for him and you capture college.
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football sleeper from jack-in- the-box? >>tim: based on last year torrey smith would be a sleeper i don't think anybody is thinking about mcdonald at tight end. i don't think people are expecting the offense to do this based on the first three season not expecting them to have a huge breakout your. vance mcdonald very capable of a big time breakout year. he would be my guy. >>ted: has caught 40 passes 23 after gabbard took over as quarterback last year. maybe a little bit past halfway . >>tim: i could see him i could see him getting 5-foot
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he can block, run after the catch, drops early in his career and i think part of it is he wants it so bad, trying so hard, gets robotic in the open field. bigger, stronger, faster. sixth grade football you will have success. that mentality. just relax.
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>>ted: the punter peter mortell free agent for minnesota trying to win a job as he hangs one up. apologize for the audio problem there. ball down at the ten. we saw packers marquise williams from north carolina. so we were talking about vance mcdonald. can help but think that is going to be a pretty good tight and. >>tim: very good rapport with blaine gabbert. you can see that in practice. mentioned it last year in terms of his receiving volume going up. he was a second round pick out of rice.
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ability. he has all of it. like so many of these young guys all tied to each other. they just need success. wants that success happens it will perpetuate the confidence which will i think perpetuate better, more consistent players. >>ted: it is clear. it's funny i asked vance yesterday, talking to him, he's established a lot of people missed it paying close attention but he and gabbert had developed something. >>tim: absolutely. >>ted: it seems to have carried over. ponder will get sacked inside the five. >>ted: reggie -- gilbert talk about running to the corner back inside putting that thing tight. that is how you run that outside, running around the
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>>ted: ponder had not had a whole lot of chance not like last week. >>tim: what a difference a week makes. >>ted: trying to run out of problems here to get to dujuan harris. can't get very much. this has not been. >>tim: comfortable for the most part. >>ted: the deeper that -- this is one of the things you wonder how much of a measure it is. preseason football. the roster. it hasn't worked as well for the 49ers tonight. green bay seems to have gotten the better. the deeper you go. >>tim: in preseason, in a real game, green bay is not going all those fourth downs. we all know that. the game would had a different tone for sure. >>ted: pinion let's that get
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whichever let's that role. close to 3 minutes remaining in the game on a night where green bay is going to likely get away with the preseason pitcher. you can go to 49ers .com to check out 49ers football. the 70th year the commemorative logo been used to celebrate 70 years of 49ers football. next game will be the season opener monday night september 12 against the los angeles rams. >>tim: you look at the and everyone can play defense in this division. seattle, arizona, st. louis rams rams. they can all rush the passer. arizona does it more with the blitz for sure. i think you look at teams offensively with the exception of arizona, maybe the age of carson palmer you can question that a little bit with the offensive line but there is question marks in seattle with offense, question marks in st. louis with her offense other than todd gurley, who is a
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your guess? keenan or jared. >>tim: it's a guess keenan. >>ted: mind too. so much focus on that game if it is -- i'm wondering if jeff fisher takes a pass on the game . >>tim: knowing jeff he will probably trot him out there. >>ted: you know him. >>tim: i know jeff. shayne skov made a couple of nice plays. we had al guido on, talking about other things but shayne skov still in a battle for the inside linebacker spots. a good preseason, made some nice plays here. in the 4th quarter. >>ted: two-minute warning coming up. a lot of guys between both
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packers winning 21-10.
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tonight's coverage of 49ers preseason football is brought to you by round table, the last honest carmaker -- pizza. toyota, and bud light, a proud partner of the 49ers. you just struck gold. >> ted: the players again with basically seasons greetings in august. have a good year. green bay after falling behind 7 to 0, eryn rogers delivered
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our audi play of the game. >> tim: he had a -- the best of him both times. 76 plays to -- to i believe 44 plays for the 49ers. only 20 the wind missed touchdown opportunity. after that, other than driscoll on a drive or two, the offense was just not very good and that will not make chip kelly on the offense of staff happy at all. >>ted: was about kaepernick's first game, one quarter with not much production. what is our take away?
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good around him. the fourth preseason game in san diego where virtually none of the big guns play. what happens with colin kaepernick? i still think the evaluation is ongoing. as i said, the school played pretty well and we also talked about ray-ray armstrong and that battle for that other spot. i won't make the decision but to me, i think he won the job tonight. bravery played well. >> >> the first half. the 49ers had a spark in the first quarter but it did not last. karl hyde's long run, that touchdown pass. we will see you for preseason game four from san diego next thursday night but we invite you to stay tuned.
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severe storms tear through the region... and we have the video of flash flooding over the 95. your most accurate weathernow forecast... straight ahead. ((denise valdez)) >> a rash of car burglaries plaguing a south-central community: (( "we've had our cars.. all 3 of our vehicles broken into" )) ((denise valdez)) >> the thieves caught on camera... and why police haven't arrests. ((dave courvoisier)) >> pre-season is almost over and the bets are heating up at the books. the surprise team drawing big attention... coming up on the valley's news leader.///
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>> and i'm dave courvoisier. tedd said these storms were coming... he starts us off tonight with a first check of your weather./// ((tedd florendo)) skies staying a little hazy still from burnign wildfires in california. gusty winds today not only brought the smoke in from the southwest, but at the same time it's scouring it out quickly. still a slight haze remains along with the air quality advisory through tonight. air remains dry in the single digits, but we'll begin to see the humidity and dewpoints rise again tomorrow and saturday as t'storms return. ............... .................... ................. hour by hour forecast shows hazy and gusty conditions through the evening hours and then relaxing late night. temps int eh 90's then night for the 11. sunny start for tomorrow but we'll see an increase in clouds as early as midday as t'storm chances increase tomorrow. ((dave courvoisier)) these brazen burglars
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... until now. the two thieves are seen going door to door, unlocking cars and stealing whatever they could find inside. ((denise valdez)) >> the crime was captured on one neighbors surveillance footage. in the bella terra community near valley view and famiglia in south-central las vegas. 8 news now reporter shakala alvaranga got ahold of the video tonight... and joins us with more. dave and denise, in the video, you'll watch the two successfully get into one of those cars. but we learned tonight, that at least six other residents in that
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gentlemen, going up and down the street, 4:45am, checking car doors, looking for an opportunity...and unfortunately i was one of the unlucky ones." )) "as soon as i opened up the door..." they stole his keys ... his digital camera ... and check book. "everything was rummaged through...glove box was open, things were not how i left them, and at that point realized my bag was gone and we had been robbed..." and paul's neighbor caught it all ... on camera. ruthless, they're relentless, they're shameless, they don't care. at least six other neighbors in bella terra say the same thing ... happened to them! (("we've had our cars, all 3 of our vehicles, broken into.")) but police haven't had much luck catching the culprits. (("it really made me angry, you know the first thing that i thought was just my kids are just a few feet away from them and it's just a feeling of anger.")) the janik's have lived here for thirteen years. "there's no doubt, i'm getting security cameras,
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the least i can do, just a little peace of mind for me and my family." but now, they don't feel safe in their own home. "it's just unfortunate to see how they were roaming our streets while everybody was just peacefully sleeping ... and that's the saddest part of it all." ((shakala alvaranga)) >> police say they are investigating these burglaries -- and ask anyone that may be a victim or know the two adults seen in that video, to call /// ((dave courvoisier)) donald trump made a surprise, unannounced visit to las vegas today... just days after he canceled a campaign event slated for the south point resort and casino. instead, trump met with business leaders in his trump international hotel after he quietly flew into the valley this morning. his campaign did not inform the local media of his visit. we spotted his private jet at mccarran international airport.
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republican group "americans for prosperity". he then attended to private events at his hotel... including a roundtable with hispanic business leaders: ((donald trump - (r) presidential candidate: we've been doing very, very well with the latinos. we've been doing far, far greater than anyone understands and we want to see jobs come in, we're going to bring jobs. we want to see good things happen. )) ((dave courvoisier)) >> trump left las vegas earlier tonight. another fundraiser. tomorrow, former arizona governor jan brewer will assist trumps campaign in opening a new office in las vegas. a grand opening celebration for the headquarters is from 10 to 2... on palms airport drive near paradise and sunset./// ((dave courvoisier)) union officials protested at the trump international hotel this morning ahead of trump's visit. they continue to demand that he enter contract negotiations with workers at the off-strip property. last month, the labor group scored a small victory in their
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national labor relations board rejected trump ruffin commercial llc's challenge of a december election in which a majority of the votes cast favored unionization./// 8 news now is your local election headquarters for all the races and political news that matter to you... on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((denise valdez)) an n-h-p trooper is lucky to be unharmed after exchanging shots with a suspect just after midnight early this morning. the nevada highway patrol released this picture of his badge... disfigured after deflecting a bullet. protective vest. a shootout ensued after the trooper made a traffic stop and a man in the car ran off. the trooper pursued the suspect when there was an exchange of fire. the suspect was killed and will be identified by the coroner's office. metro is now handling the investigation./// ((denise valdez)) and a huntington beach, california officer was saved by his badge during a shootout with a suspect. police responded to a call of violence in a home, when they confronted the suspect who jumped in the car and started
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hit the badge and vest and bounced off. the officer wasn't even aware that he was shot and continued the pursuit. a chase went all the way to cajon pass where the suspect died in a fiery crash./// ((dave courvoisier)) >> last night's deadly fall in red rock canyon remains under investigation tonight. 31-year-old justin manering fell about 160 feet. as 8 news now's mauricio marin found out... the tragedy appears to have happened in an area often under-estimated for the danger it presents.
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peak club: "what they don't realize is it's slick because when there is water there water and sand stone can at times make things slick." )) ((mauricio marin)) although the investigation continues on how justin manering fell... whitney suspects it may have happened towards the end of the ice box canyon trail where people try climbing up rock. ((branch whitney/52 peak club:" i've seen lots of people. scramble up there and have gone up to help people down because it is kind of tricky." )) ((mauricio marin)) rangers at red rock say terrain can also come apart. ((kathy august/re is made of sand stone and sandstone itself is actually hard for sandstone but it can crumble ." )) ((mauricio marin)) so they urge people to navigate on and around rock carefully. mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((dave courvoisier)) >> for those trying hiking for the first time - red rock canyon offers hiking tours. also...52-peak club is hosting a free hiking safety training session next week. we have the details on las-vegas-now- dot-com./// ((denise valdez)) the coroner's office has identified the body that was discovered last night in a car
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as 24 year-old brandon sumerlin. the cause of death is pending. investigators call his death suspicious and are working to determine how long he was in the car. according to a go fund me page that sought to hire a private investigator -- sumerlin was last seen by his family one week ago when he left his home, presumably, to get snacks. that was the last time they saw him. if you have any information about this case... please call crime stoppers./// ((dave courvoisier)) the galleria at sunset is hosting the peoples autism foundation... after the organization's warehouse went up in flames yesterday morning. the mall is accepting any school supplies or donations. a delivery will be made on monday morning. the foundation provides support to autistic children and their families./// ((dave courvoisier)) high school football is officially back! we sent our crews all over the valley for the first week of prep action... jon tritsch has all your highlights coming up in sports. plus: (( "they're very much the sexy pick this year" ))
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lot of attention from betters at the sports books... and it's probably not who you think. who some say the smart money is on for the new season... next.///
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eleven." ((denise valdez)) professional football is back! and the regular season is just around the corner. it's week three of the preseason at the sports books. one team you should be very familiar with is popular already: (( jay kornegay/westgate superbook: "well, this year everyone's talking about the raiders! not only moving to las vegas, but doing really well. as they're very much the sexy pick this year as many, many people -- not just average joes -- but even the sharpest of handicappers expect the raiders to come through and have a successful year." )) ((denise valdez)) >> the over-under for the
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kornegay at the westgate superbook thinks they could be a ten-win team this season. he's predicting a record season for football bets at the westgate. we also asked about daily fantasy sports trying to make their way back into nevada... and what effect they have on the books: (( jay kornegay/westgate superbook: "the bottom line is that daily fantasy leagues should go through the licensing process as we all have and they should pay the same fees, the same taxes as all other licensees in the state of nevada." )) ((denise valdez)) >> jay told us he doesn't think draft kings and fan duel will have a huge impact on sports books because of the unlimited gaming options here. a proposal submitted earlier this week to gain permission to operate in nevada without a gaming license was met with skepticism from state officials./// ((dave courvoisier)) there's been a nationwide outcry over the skyrocketing price of life-saving epipen drugs. now, emergency responders in salt lake city say they have a much cheaper solution: (( cary turner/ slc ems coordinator: "it does exactly the same thing. this was $3.50 versus $400." //


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