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tv   Politics Now  CBS  August 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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one of the people who attended a hispanic roundtable at trump donald trump makes a surprise visit to the valley. one of the people who attendedra hispanic round table at trump tower tells us all about it. >> we have failed. the state of nevada has failed the kids. >> a decision on the education savings account program will not come down before the start of school. i'll break down what happens now to the 8,000 people who have signed) up. >> people really want to win this, and i think you see it getting even more nasty. >> the rhetoric is getting hotter in nevada's senate race. we brach down the attack ads this week and how much worse it will get before november.
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nominee donald trump made a surprise visit to las vegas on friday. thanks for joining us. >> trump held several fundraisers friday in a round tabler discussion with local hispanic leaders. that tookp place in the afternon at trump tower. no local media was alerted that trump was even coming and it was national media that were only allowed in for a quick sound bite before cameras were told to leave. [ inaudible ] >> he's saying he wants to see some jobs that are happening out now. this is the guest that attended. joei hernandez, president of the nevada hispanic business group, restaurant owners latecia
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the committee advising trump on latino matters told us what he learned at the meetings, on his way out. >> well, he came to las vegas to meet with a group of latino leaders. in that group, we saw people business, people state, local leaders and organizers, community activists, and that was -- that's important to know. the fact that he's reaching out, andt nevada want. in the first meeting he clarified some of those things. again, the main thing is that mr. trump is reaching out. he cares, and what i saw there was a trump that really cares, a trump that was take notes and telling his people to take notes also. and he was asking questions. he was hoping to -- open to the dialogue and open to questions, to ideas, and that is very important. he's reaching out, and that's
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reference to a question about how donaldt trump has characterized latinos in the past. so steve, let's talk about his secrecy element of the visit, we reported it right away. we're the first to have that out. very interesting, the local media -- there were no plans to let us hear about this. >> yeah, kind of mind boggling. no one told bus it. i later talked to somebody with the trump campaign that confirmed he was aware ofs the visit the day before but didn't iell anybody. i said, don't you guys want publicity. this is your presidential nominee coming to las vegas. could you at least get, you know, some publicity out of it and apparently they wanted this meeting, i think, to have a lower profile. it's interesting in meeting with the hispanic community, because they're so important in nevada, growing and a vital part the electorate. and it's natural that he would want to do that.
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credit for doing it. >> when you look at the national audience versus the local audience, we're aware of the almost weekly protests that happened at the trump tower. these events happen at the trump tower and weren't publicized. perhaps was this a way for the national media to see him in his property, something we normally don't see. >> and that's nothing interesting aspect. he is always at the treasure island, s sometimes south point. wherever in las vegas but at his own so this i think -- again, i think this goes to the fact that he really wanted to have a meeting that was not a high-profile meeting, and wanted to meet with business leaders, and i think really legitimately the kind of -- you get a feel for how he's doing to work with the latino community and an area in which he can improve his reputation there because he's got a lot of ground to make up over hillary clinton. >> the clinton campaign has been putting a lot of recruitment
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resources here in nevada. >> and trump obviously as we were discussing didn't speak to reporters during his w visit but hillary clinton had not held a news conference since december 4th. she accused trump of making hate groups mainstream. >> i hear and io read some peope who are saying there's this bluster and bigotry is just overheated campaign rhetoric. an outrageous person saying outrageious things for attention. but look at his policies, ones that trump has proposed, they would put prejudice into practice. >> we've seen both of the president candidates, both of the vp candidates here in las vegas. just a two-week timespan. will we see more of this. >> absolutely. nevada a key battleground state. we saw the recent poll we reported in the show last week. they're neck ine neck, right nt to each other and need several
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them between them to nevada in order to try to advance what they're trying to do. ihe just hope the next time that they do, they let us know. they let us know. you can't stop the hillary people. i get tons of i've mails every day. there's too many of them, i try to unsubscribe. so mr. trump, we know you're watching. let us know the next time you're headed down that way. >> it's not the lack of trying we're asking to be notified. we still be found out through other way for him to tell us. the rhetoric also between hillary clinton and donald trump, steve, has been now over race, and that's been getting heated. why are they going in that direction? yeah. that is a new feature in this campaign and i think donald trump, you know, he has been roller balling that issue because the way he's talking about hispanic people, black people and other. i think some of his supporters
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because they're afraid to talk about race or racial issues because they're afraid of being labeled a racist. donald trump says, look, hillary clinton, that's her standby, she calls you a racist if you disagree with her and she piles on that issue. the refusal to denounce the kkk leader and things like that and basically accusing him of prejudice and bias throughout the campaign. i think that's where she sees an opening to increase and keep on her side minority populations. but trump is making the message, look, she hasn't done anything for you and not gonna do anything forp you. >> let's go on to this youtube video making the rounds this week from trump fans who claim it showed voter registration for not happening here in las vegas. that would happen even well secretary of state.h
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state party. >> can i get hillary memorabilia from you guys? memorabilia? yeah. >> donald trump crossed out on the back, registering people to vote. >> for republican and democrat. >> but you're not, though, because look. i'm going to takene i can have one of those. >> well, this was the explanation that state -- secretary of state barbara sagaski says the law prohibit as person working for voter registration agency from displaying political preference, distributing campaign material or otherwise conducting themselves in a partisan matter while providing voter registration opportunities to the public. well, the key phrase here is voter registration agency, which is a government entity, like the dmv or election center for clark county. that person worked for the state party which is not in and of itself a golf even i did. of course, we also ask the secretary of state's office to
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answer though by friday. we're trying to get some of the stuff. >> absolutely. and you remember enduring the caucuses which are party run all the way, you had people who were registering people, just signing them up for the caucus, who were wearing trump signs and buttons and what not. and that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way even in an event that was totally run by a political party. >> here's something else making news or lack thereof this w the status of the state's controversial school program appears to be in limbo at least for another week. the supreme court is hearing two challenges to that program but they did not issue a decision in its weekly releases of opinions. those happen on thursdays. so question is what happens now is. >> some 8,000 families are hoping to find out when or if they'll receive money for private education will not learn until after the school year begins whether or not the school's choice program will be
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i talked with our chief of staff and said we can probably dog it for 32 days.t >> reporter: the state treasurer in charge of administering the state education account program has encouraged parents to continue applying for efas, even though the program status is in limbo. opponents say that's the wrong move. >> we don't know what the on this case and at this point everything is at a standstill, so you cannot continue to sell this program. >> reporter: educate nevada now isos the groundsi that money is being drained from public schools for private education. that's the premise of a lawsuit that led a carson city judge to let an injunction on the the program. outside of that, opponents are concerned about what would happen if the supreme court rules for the state of nevada and parents pull their children from public schools. >> i think it's a huge disruption and the court should have decided this already so that we know one way or the other what the decision is. >> it's a program that struck
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it does come down of course we will break down the issue. lightest attack in the hotly contested sand break here and what it may mean going forward
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nevada's u.s. senate race is heating up pretty early. not only are the candidates going after each other but u.s. the fray. >> some of the attacks come from outside groups that technically can't coordinate with campaigns and this has already been
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now heck's campaign has launched an entire web site dubbed corrupt dedicated to attacking cortez. the theme, she's enjoyed a seriest of appointments to plummet inside jobs. she let a former top democrat who pocketed more than $100,000 in campaign funds plead guilty she refused to launch a lawsuit against the affordable care act when the republican governor told her to do so and pled guilty to gross misdemeanors. and that list goes on. now, many of the decisions criticized on the web site can be chalked up to the prosecutorial discretion which the ags do every time to serve the interest of justice but the
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allegedly act out in a partnership rather than impartialality in many of the" cases. cortez's master campaign immediately dismissed the aas quote, gutter politics, unquote, from heck when she was previously attacked on both defunding planned parenthood and record of working with both republicans and democrats in the legislature and her endorsement by police groups. well, of course we're seeing with all the money coming in from the candidate, this one paid for by j h each other, senator harry reid, whose seat they're both going for, is in this as well. >> in recent days, reid said heck is a phony, he said he's a fraud and the most flat fraudulent candidate he's ever seen in 50 years politics. immediately after she announced her run, he has said publically he has a proprietary interest in seeing that she's elected to the seat that he's giving up. >> in all his 50 years, he can't
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candidate. i don't know. very interesting. >> we'll see.k well, just how nasty is thii going to get? it's when i saw the ads coming out a few weeks -- about three weeks ago or thereabouts, when she started talking about abortion, the a word, abortion. then i knew that there was desperation coming from her side. >> our face-off panel takes on this senate race that's becoming more tense by the day. plus... >> hillary clinton will be your hired president. donald trump will be a you're >> vice-presidential candidate tim kaine tries to get traction during a trip to southern nevada
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who will win nevada's senate seat and how nasty will it get before we find out? we put that to our facebook panel. >> let's look at the senate race
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it's been a lead for joe heck pretty much the entire way in the polls, a close lead but captain cortez has been putting in the ads but the outside campaigns again another round from both sides putting in the attack ads. how bad will this get? it is a very important race. >> you just said it. it's a very important race and that is what's behind all of it. both sides are all in on this race. it's one of the most important races in the country this year. and so nevada is important many reasons, both in the presidential rate, the senate race and all the way down the ticket. the legislature is in play. this is one of the most important election cycles in a very long time. so fours, you know, we very focused on making sure, that you know, people are turning out to vote. people are educated about the candidates. and so i think you see this get even more nasty. i think you see both sides going after each other because there's
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to win this and it will get even more nasty as it moves along. >> harry reid the democrat, now a chance to go republican. republicans are putting a lot of money and effort into it. i think they've probably -- sheldon house is probably putting a lot into this particular race as well as some of the other local races because he wants to make sure that heck beats torres masto. when i saw the ads coming out a few weeks -- about three weeks ago or thereabouts or when she started talking about abortion, the a word, abortion, then knew that there was desperation coming from her side. because now all of a sudden, when they try to use the abortion thing, he's gonna prevent women from having healthcare and they're gonna be dying in the streets, you know, it's that kind of a thing. that's a sign of desperation. >> no. actually, the polling is showing that that issue moves people in this election. people are very interested in the votes against planned parenthood, they're very interested about women's health and interested about abortion.
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aircraft charts right now. for him to have taken those votes against planned parentalhood 10 or 11 times, i think that's a very important issue that they're going to be bringing up over and over and over again because they want to remind women that he is not pro women, and he is not pro choice. >> well, he is pro women, absolutely. he's married to a woman, he's very pro women to say that's not, is ridiculous. >> not when it comes to our healthcare. >> very much pro women and pro women's healthcare. >> okay. >> and the votes you're talking about, if you lk know fact, almost every one of them are called for credo votes which means they're not votes to actually put it in the -- a complete full vote, but certain procedural issues i'm not in congress, i'm not privy to all that stuff but they're procedural votes. nothing going to stop him from helping fund women's health. not through planned parenthood, you're absolutely right. not happy with planned parenthood.
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and then they're trying to use that against him by saying he's anti-abortion, which he did not say -- >> he's also anti-planned parenthood and anti-women's health. look it. i worked at planned parenthood for years. i know exactly what they do. i know the they provide. i did a tour request joe heck one time at one of our health centers and walked in and said, wow, that is a real communityol health center and then he still proceeded to defund planned parenthood. so for me he is anti women. he is anti-women's health, and
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taken against these issues. and believe me, this is gonna be one of the most important issues we talk about when it comes to joe heck. >> well, you can watch the rest of that debate as well as the discussion about the alleged election fraud video we told you earlier in in the broadcast and the role the clinton foundation will play in the rates on our web site. >> all right, steve, thank you very much. we will go over the other big political stories this week. the debate over building stadium for a potential las vegas
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sands court laid out an ultimatum to the committee saying they would back out if they did not get $750 million in room tax money. one week after a republican presidential nominee mike pence visited nevada, democratic vp nominee tim kaine also made the trip. on monday he stuck to pretty of the same script, touting economic improvement and criticizing what he calls donald trump's bleak picture of the country. >> the republican convention was dark and gloomy and blame america first, looked reichgott that city 5 or and people say, well, that's a disturbing picture of america. i said that is not a picture of america but a guy that toured through donald trump's mind and that's a very scary place to be. >> and daily fantasy sports companies like draft kings and fan dual are trying to operate in nevada, this front of the nevada gaming commission to talk about potential licensing rules but the latest proposal was met with skepticism. there are other states have adopted and legalized daily fantasy sports, but none of them are within the confines of what we typically do in the state of nevada. >> is it good for the industry? does it increase revenue stream? does it increase jobs? i'm beginning to feel that the answer's no. coming up next on politics now, some big names will be at a lake tahoe summit next week. we'll tell you who will be there and who will be playing a
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giuliani and donald trump are experts on female anatomy. that's true. just look at this actual video the two of them made? you're really beautiful, a woman that looks like that has to have her own special set.
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setted. oh! donald, i thought you were a gentleman. >> that was an actual video, it was in 2000. >> time for what to watch when we tell you about the big political stories happening next week. a line-up of bigwigs including president obama will be at the lake tahoe summit, all about restoring take law -- oh tahoe and open to the public. the killers will be playing a concert at thes summit this yea. and the government's prescription drug summit will be held wednesday, thursday at the mgm grand, the goal there is to address the national opioid crisis. >> thanks for watching politics now. we are your local election
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