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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  August 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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(( i was just like no, that can't be )) ((dave courvoisier)) >> the craigslist scam that left this man out of thousands... and how you can prevent the same thing from happening to you. ((denise valdez)) >> donald trump sets a hard line on immigration: (( there will be no amnesty. )) ((denise valdez)) >> the details of his plan and what it could mean for those living in the shadows. ((tedd florendo)) >>more wind and a cooling trend. labor day weekend is almost here and so are the 90's. how long it will last coming up. on the valley's news leader
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((nia wong)) >> dave and denise, this transaction seemed simple enough... it involved a truck with its title and the victim even vetted out the seller for two hours. it wasn't until he reached the dmv that he learned... he'd been taken for a different kind of ride. it all started with this craigslist ad kirk duldulao spotted last friday. a 2004 ford f-350 ...with 20 inch wheels he says was a deal too good to pass up. ((kirk duldulao/sm "i was like, if you can do it for 7 grand tonight, i'll give you cash in hand right now.")) duldulao is one of the two men you see here in a back lot...purchasing a truck from the seller he met through the ad. ((kirk duldulao/scammed out of $7,000: "he seemed like a really honest guy, he had the titles, the keys to the truck.")) after taking the ford for a test drive...duldulao handed over the cash and drove off with his new ride friday night. come was a transaction which left him without his money and his truck too ((kirk duldulao/scammed out of $7,000: "i walked into the dmv to try and get a 30 day permit, and apparently they told me that
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ago.")) the dmv took the title and metro seized the truck. another unfortunate case michael rodriguez says is all too common. ((michael rodriguez/metro pio: " it is very difficult for us to catch these suspects because often times they're moving.")) rodriguez says there are ways to protect yourself when purchasing a car online. buyers should ask for i - d and enter the vin number onto the nevada dmv's website to see if it may be stolen. ((michael rodriguez/metro pio: "they should have a paper trail, have when metro is notified....rodrig uez says it's often too late. a lesson learned the hard way for duldulao...who is sharing his story to warn others. ((kirk duldulao/scammed out of $7,000: "it's not about the money now, but it's about bringing him - scums and scammers off the streets.")) ((nia wong)) >> just to clarify....duldul ao did ask for this seller's i-d which matched the name on the title. he suspects the i-d was fake. now he says he's tasked with finding the suspect... to get his money back.
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((dave courvoisier)) a whirlwind day for republican presidential nominee donald trump... centered around his new immigration plan. trump's day started with a meeting with mexican president enrique pena nieto in mexico city. trump said the u-s has the right to build his proposed wall along the border we share with that mexico would pay for the wall wasn't discussed. president pena nieto denied that claim... saying he told trump that mexico won't pay for it. despite their differences, both men called the meeting constructive./// ((dave courvoisier)) after the meeting, trump flew to phoenix to hammer out exactly where he stands on immigration. taking a hard line, trump promised that if elected, all immigrants in the united states illegally will be subject to deportation. that number is estimated to be 11-million people.
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not offer a path to legal status or citizenship: (( donald trump: "people will know that you can't just smuggle in, hunker down and wait to be legalized. it's not gonna work that way." )) ((dave courvoisier)) >> trump also promised to triple the number of deportation officers and to hire more border patrol agents. trump also said he would do away with daca... the policy that allows undocumented immigrants who came to the u-s before their 16-th birthday to receive a work permit and ((dave courvoisier)) the speech was chock full of promises and left few questions about where trump stands on the immigration issue. katie boer spoke with republicans and democrats tonight for their takeaways from trump's speech./// ((katie boer)) >>well dave... bottom line -- parties on both sides agreed that trump's stance-- especially on immigration-- hasn't changed much. but both republicans and democrats we talked to said... that actually didn't surprise them. a superpac watch party for trump's speech was held tonight
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nonpartisan" group at the "for nevada's future" office. many of the democratic voters in attendance laughed when trump talked about his love for the people of mexico and his respect for president enrique pena nieto. while there were plenty of "boos" and eye-rolling, at one point the whole room erupted when trump talked about his proposed right to build a wall between the u-s and mexico. but many in attendance said this was pretty much what they had expected... (( that he was going to lay out a plan... the first line he said was 'he's going to lay out a plan for immigration reform . he has no plan, he doesn't know what a plan is. he's just a reality show and his stunt in mexico was just that--it was just a stunt. )) ((katie boer)) >> we spoke to republican, fernando romero, a local president for the partisan group "hispanics and politics" here in southern nevada. he told us trump's speech tonight was essentially the same rhetoric he's had all along. (( he is not softening
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as his approach to immigration and i personally don't see anything positive coming out of this )) ((katie boer)) >>now we reached out to the trump-pence campaign's nevada headquarters following tonight's speech... they issued this part saying... "donald trump is the only candidate in this race with a plan to end illegal immigration. percentage of illegal immigrants of any state in the nation and this has had a damaging effect on the wages, prosperity and security of legal residents and american citizens." you can read the rest of their full statement on las vegas now-dot-com. denise. ((denise valdez)) hillary clinton called trump's visit to mexico a publicity stunt... then leveled more harsh words for the republican nominee... in a speech before the
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(( hillary clinton/(d) presidential nominee: "people have to know they can count on you - that you won't say one thing one day and something totally different the next. and it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours then flying home again." )) ((denise valdez)) >> clinton was also invited to meet with mexican president pena nieto, but does not appear to have any a time. meanwhile, a new washington post - abc news poll released today finds that 59-percent of registered voters have an unfavorable view of clinton. that's on par with the 60-percent unfavorable view for trump./// ((denise valdez)) 8 news now is your local election headquarters for all the races that matter to you... on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((dave courvoisier)) another round of construction blasts went on as- scheduled in the southern highlands this morning. residents in as many as 28 homes
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effects we've told you about. they've hired a lawyer and are exploring an injunction to stop the blasting. we've asked the construction company multiple times for their side of the story... they have refused comment./// ((denise valdez)) multiple tropical systems are of concern for the u-s tonight. tropical storm hermine is slowly moving florida... and is already drenching parts of the gulf coast. the florida panhandle could get 10-inches of rain or more. tropical storm watches have been extended all the way to the mid-atlantic. madeline is swinging south of the big island overnight -- and hurricane lester is packing 130 mile per hour winds... with hawaii's small islands in its sights later this week./// ((denise valdez)) tedd's tracking the tropics in your first check of weather tonight./// ((tedd florendo))
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breezes have picked up a little as well around the region up to 20 mainly. not anticipating any alert for wind today and the rest of the week. we are going to warm up through the week however with temps peaking on thursday and friday. humidity remains very dry as well. .......................... ......... .................. evening planner calling for warm temperatures through the night with light breezes again. plenty of 90's this evening with 11pm temps nice and comfortable. commute temps should be in the 80's again and hotter tomorrow. but your morning should be nice with light winds increasing by afternoon. we''ll have more on the rest of the k
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steps to boost conservation at lake tahoe... which has seen a five-foot reduction in water clarity and increased temperatures... believed by scientists to be a result of climate change: (( president obama: "we're supporting conservation projects across nevada to restore watersheds, stop invasive species and further reduce the risks posed by hazardous fuels and wildfires. // we're incentivizing private capital to come off the sidelines and contribute to cos because government can't do it alone." )) the president also announced action to prevent a public health crisis from california's salton sea. the mostly man-made lake has been drying up... leaving toxic pollutants behind and making nearby communities sick. since the first summit in 1997, the federal government has invest more than 1.8 billion dollars in lake tahoe projects./// ((denise valdez)) court will resume
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murder trial. jurors found solid guilty on all charges in the death of 15 year-old marcos arenas in 2013. solid's attorney argued that the incident was an accident -- not murder. the other defendant, jacob dismount, already pleaded to second degree murder and conspiracy to commit robbery. he'll be sentenced in october. solid could face life in prison without parole./// ((dave courvoisier)) with the generosity of football coach tony sanchez a bunch of boys and girls will enjoy football game. they will also see one of the most colorful marching bands in the country. that story coming up in sports. ((denise valdez)) >> the colin kaepernick controversy is heating up in nevada. where some say the former wolfpack star is no longer welcome. next.///
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former unr quarterback colin kaepernick's decision to sit during the national anthem... isn't sitting well with some -- and now this controversy has spread from san francisco to the
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that includes memorabilia from kaepernick's time as a member of the wolf pack is prompting some protests. the airport has received more than one hundred angry messages by phone, email and social media from locals and travelers alike. they want the swag removed from the display case. the university controls the case and can make a decision whether to keep or remove it. kaepernick's social protest stems from his perceived mistreatment of minorities in america./// ((denise valdez)) well, no controversy here... a floa heard of gold. a photo of wide receiver travis rudoplh sitting with middle schooler bo paske has gone viral. paske has autism - and his mom says - most days he eats lunch alone. rudolph was visiting the boy's school and noticed bo sitting solo. that's when he decided to change that: (( travis rudolph/fsu football player: "honestly i saw him by himself and i was like, yo, can i have a seat with you and eat with you? he was like sure, why not. we just started out having a good conversation, you know.")) ((denise valdez))
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the boy's mother said she was in tears when she saw it. rudolph says he hopes bo can join him for an f-s-u game this season./// ((dave courvoisier)) when it comes to fighting cancer.. we're all in this one together... and we were invited to a great cause tonight. a decoration party at pinot's pallete.. here's how it works.. for a 10 dollar donation.. people can decorate a bag as a tribute to someone they care about.. these bags will then make their way to washington d-c... and be showcased at the lights of hope event: able to the person that's fighting cancer or died from cancer and to remember to have them in mind and their message is going to washington dc and it's making a bigger impact to the world.")) ((dave courvoisier)) the donations benefit the american cancer society... this year's lights of hope event in d-c.. takes place september 13th./// ((denise valdez)) they dedicate their lives to
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were thanked for their work -- not only in hospitals and clinics -- but in the community too. the 11th annual health care heroes awards were handed out tonight. our very own paul joncich was the emcee. honorees are nominated for everything from humanitarian efforts in other countries to life saving research. nevada business magazine spsonsore the event and proceeds benefit students pursuing careers in healthcare. ((dave courvoisier)) just a reminder, the mandatory fall watering schedule goes into effect in a little the schedule is in effect from september first to october 31-st. irrigation is limited to three days a week... depending on your assigned watering group. you can read all about it at the southern nevada water authority's website./// ((tedd florendo))
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to kick off. ((denise valdez)) >> unlv coach tony sanchez has the community fired up. now will it translate into wins on the field? ((chris maathuis)) >> that's the hope, more experience, better players and coaches. and guess who will be watching their first college football game... about 100 kids. that story is coming up. also... the halftime band at tomorrow's season opener will be exciting. the sonic boom story coming up next here on channel 8./// ((chris maathuis)) the anticipat december last year.
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ooting inspired by isis. in the aftermath, congressman joe heck had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns. heck voted "no." 23 times. individuals on the fbi terror watch list have purchased firearms over 2,000 times. it's not just that joe heck does nothing to stop them. it's that he's voted to let them keep doing it.... 23 times. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this ad. i'm catherine cortez masto . as a doctor, i see how decisions in washington impact my patients here in nevada. so even though i'm a republican, i won't be voting for joe heck. joe heck's voted ten times to defund planned parenthood, which thousands of women depend on for cancer screenings. and heck opposes a woman's right to choose even when her health is at risk. for me and my patients,
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lots of football fans looking forward to unlv's season opener. rebs are 29-19 in home opening games. rebels are looking to win their first game of the season for the first time since 2009. they've got jackson state visiting sam boyd. i know of 100 new faces in the stands. coach tony sanchez is donating 100 tickets to underprivileged kids, some who will be watching their first game live his doing this with the help of metro. tony sanchez/unlv head coach: "this is a great
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and help some less fortunate young kids. to go and experience a college environment and hopefully create some aspirations and dreams." robert plummer/metro: "so we're going to tailgate hamburgers hotdogs let them experience the college experience and get up in the stands and cheer the rebels to a victory.." ((chris maathuis)) those kids will be in for halftime treat, one of the most soulful, entertaining and talented bands in the country will be performing. they're called the sonic boom of the south and as jon tritsch shows us tonight, the big bang theory will become a reality. miles bringing instruments of soul to shake las vegas (joe williams/drum major: "it's hard to tell if a trip like this will come to fruition or not. but it came and we're really ready to take over the state of nevada and the whole west coast.") jon tritsch: several thousands people gathered in north las vegas to to watch but be hit with a cultural boom (lawrence weekly/lvcva chair: "it's really an honor to bring this really rich and pure culture to our community and to give these kids that exposure and educate our community on the historical black colleges and universities.")
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but they don't play (joe williams/drum major: "we're in show business and that's the biggest thing. no matter what's going on through the week and we keep up the standards of this great organization.") jon tritsch: 12 hours a day.. they march and see their reflection in their instruments..but they know their sound will serve (anthony jones/trombone leader: "i know that somebody was touched today by the way we performed. a kid maybe saw us today and said i want to do that some day.") jo take their eyes off of them but (anthony jones/trombone leader: "i've never been west of oklahoma and to be in las vegas, nv is just a treat.") jon tritsch: in the city of showstopping performances..t hey fit right in.. jon tritsch 8 sports now ((chris maathuis)) high school football fans have had four days to cast votes on which game we should feature as our game of the week. we had three good ones up for grabs. chaparral at basic... that could've been exciting, but not enough votes and it fades
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goes away. so this week we will be at gorman as the gaels host cocoa florida. jon tritsch will be live at six.. and then we'll have a complete wrap of that game at 11. ((chris maathuis)) and hey, former bonanza grad kris bryant is unstoppable right now. he hit another dinger tonight for the cubs in a win over the pirates. he has 36 on the season. ((denise valdez)) our strange stories for
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((chris maathuis)) this one's kind of uplifting... a singer at the washington redskins' annual welcome home luncheon was so nervous... he forgot the words to the national anthem!
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devour him, the crowd got him back on track by singing the words themselves... and he joined back in to finish strong./// ((denise valdez)) the entire first floor of a pennsylvania police department has been forced closed by bees. there's so many of them they're coming through the walls. bee experts have been called upon to see what can be done, but so far there isn't a concrete plan except to stay out of the building. the city says they're open to any bee relocation plans./// (( plane had to be evacuated in albuquerque... after a suspicious device was found onboard. flight staff moved the item to the galley and police were called in to sweep the plane. turns out... it was just a vibrating device that fights wrinkles as it rolls over a person's face. no arrests were made./// ((denise valdez)) that's all for us live at eleven. ((dave courvoisier)) >> the late show with stephen colbert is next with
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news music buyer beware.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: is this real or is it in my head? >> hey, stephen. thanks for having me on your show tonight. >> stephen: am i having you on? do i even have a show tonight? if the the show is all in my head and the audience is just a bunch of computer viruses? >> what? >> stephen: when? >> oh, i see what's going on here. i'm on "mr. robot," so you're doing a "mr. robot" bit here. i get it. >> stephen: am i, or is the bit doing me? maybe we're all just 1s and 0sed in a big game of ms pac-man. >> i took a plane to get here tonight. >> stephen: you're not real.


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