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tv   8 News Now at Noon  CBS  September 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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mixed with lots of warm sunshine at the noon hour. humidity in the teens and some southerly breezes. gusts near 20 at the airport and higher in other places like boulder city and the lake. .............. hotter and drier and today with moisture shifting east and storms firing over arizona. ............ temps increase through the afternoon to low 100s... .......... then check out the weekend. a much cooler weekend ahead wi day monday./// kirsten joyce >> it's going to be a busy weekend.
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3-hundred- thousand people to make their way to las vegas this labor day. 8 news now reporter michael stevens is live from the 15 and st. rose parkway... with your holiday travel outlook. good afternoon, michael? ((michael stevens)) >> kirsten... labor day marks the unofficial end to summer... and it is one of the busiest travel holidays of the year. trip advisor numbers show nationwide 37-percent of people plan on taking-off this weekend... last year. in order to keep everyone safe on our roads... a number of law enforcement agencies are teaming up to target heavily populated areas such as the i-15 corridor between california and las vegas. on average, about 45-thousand people drive this stretch per day... adding up to about 16-million cars per year. with this stretch being one of the busiest in the country...
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joining forces cracking down on drivers not following the rules of the road: ((trooper jason buratczuk // nevada highway patrol: last year we had three fatals on labor day weekend, just in las vegas alone -- which even on fatal is unacceptable. but three that's just too much so this weekend we're all going to work together and make this road as safe as possible.)) ((michael stevens)) >> the agencies taking part are focusing on speeders... distracted drivers... and people not wearing their seat belts. their overall g i this busy weekend. ((michael stevens)) and here's some good news... if you are driving... gas-buddy-dot- com says this labor day wraps up the cheapest summer at the pump in 12-years... with the average gas price sitting at 2-19 a gallon. ((kirsten joyce)) >> michael, what agencies are teaming up? ((michael stevens)) >> n-h-p, c-h-p, metro
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what agencies are teaming up? ((michael stevens)) >> n-h-p, c-h-p, metro police... as well as officers from the henderson police department. ((kie captured national headlines... former stanford all-american swimmer brock turner has been released from jail in san jose. turner served three months of his six-month sentence for raping an unconscious woman outside of a fraternity house in 2015. his sentence ignited a massive controversy nationwide for being too lenient. turner will likely return to his ohio hometown -- where he must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.
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continues to move across the southeast after making landfall as a category one hurricane overnight. at least one death has been blamed on the storm so far. kenneth craig has more on the storm that's bringing heavy rain and even tornadoes to the south. waves lash the bulkhead along charleston's waterfront while shopkeepers sandbag storefronts ahead of tropical storm hermine. the storm made landfall overnight near the florida panhandle as a category florida in more than a decade. a seven-foot storm surge and several inches of rain flooded streets, and downed trees knocked out power to more than 100-thousand residents. (gov. rick scott/r-florida) "we will spend the coming days assessing the damage and responding to the needs of our communities and florida families" hermine is now bringing heavy rain and 60-mile-an-hour winds to georgia and south carolina. (mayor john tecklenburg/d- charleston, sc) "we're taking this storm very seriously." charleston mayor john
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longer a hurricane, it is still a threat. "we are expecting serious winds, serious rainfall that can lead to flash flooding." here along charleston's waterfront, hermine is more of a spectacle than a threat, at least for now. (mindi bowers/ charleston, sc) "we're enjoying it right now, and not really prepping or anything." "i love it... i absolutely adore it." benjamin moore has lived here all his life. stride. (benjamin moore/ charleston, sc) "i'm afraid it's going to veer and go inland. that's what it usually does." from here, hermine is expected to move off to the northeast and stall off the coast of new jersey for labor day weekend. kenneth craig, cbs news, charleston, south carolina. ((kirsten joyce)) >> more than 76-thousand customers are without power statewide in georgia... as hermine continues its path across the state./// ((kirsten joyce)) some big changes are on the way to the clark county school district.
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ccsd. it will take most of the control and decision making away from the a central district and hand it over to principals, teachers and parents. basically... each ccsd school will be it's own precinct. some trustees fear it will divide the valley in to have and have not's. but advocates claim money will be dolled out through a formula -- which ends up giving more to those who need it most: ((linda young: "you tie in the monies to achievement you'll find that minority communities don't always get the money that they need to help educate students appropriately michael roberson: "so students on free and reduced lunch students with special needs or disabilities they will receive more money per pupil than other schools. " )) ((kirsten joyce)) >> with the help of teachers and parents, principals will decide on the budget, instruction and staffing. that will be a major learning curve -- which the administration promises to help with. a final vote is set for next week... and if that's approved...
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school year./// ((kirsten joyce)) up next.. football is back... but not without some controversy. hear how colin kaepernick's choice to sit during the national anthem was recieved on military night in san diego. plus... unlv is celebrating a big win in the season opener... but just as exciting as the game... was the halftime show. the valley's news leader is back in a few minutes./// ((you're watching the valley's news leader with brian loftus, kirsten joyce and
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call today. ?? (( nats booing )) ((kirsten joyce)) 49er's quarterback colin kaepernick was bo against the chargers. he once again, sat during the national anthem in protest of what he calls racial injustice. kaepernick took a seat just moments after the team's annual salute to the military. he was also joined in protest by his teammate, safety eric reid. kaepernick vowed to indefinitely continue to sit. just last month, he wore socks at practice .. showing pigs wearing police uniforms./// ((kirsten joyce)) it's not just the nfl making sports headlines right now... college football is finally
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season in a big way. last night unlv welcomed jackson state to sam boyd stadium.. the rebels moved the ball and seemed to score at will unlv scored twice in the opening 2 minutes of the game and never let took their foot off the gas... winning 63-13./// ((jackson state university marching band playing)) ((kirsten joyce)) and ... the sonic boom of the south..... jackson state's band perfe game.. they played a few songs before leaving after halftime to catch a flight../// ((kirsten joyce)) still ahead on 8 news now... brightening the las vegas strip. the famous welcome to las vegas sign has gone gold... to raise awareness for an important cause in nevada./// ((you're watching 8
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night will be a little brighter this month. the bulbs have been swapped out with gold ones to raise awareness for childhood cancer. clark county commissioners and folks from "the candlelighters childhood cancer foundation" flipped the switch at the welcome sign yesterday. every year, 75 kids are diagnosed with cancer here in southern nevada..//// ((sherry swensk)) well for those who have been wilting in the late summer heat into this labor day holiday weekend. late summer heat - there is good news as we head into this labor day holiday weekend. .......... much cooler temps will arrive starting sunday into monday and that means the overnight hours will cool off, too. you might even think about putting out the fall decorations. ............ speaking of fall - don't forget
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days a week. and thankfully the days will cool to help avoid evaporation... but we are still looking at the potential for some hot days this month. ............... yesterday's storms flared up just after lunch in the southeast valley and damaged some trees in green valley - with downburst winds and rain up boulder highway. ............... a cold front will sweep through the west and deliver the cool down - with breezy winds through the weekend. ............... colder air moving in behind that front from way up north. .......... hermine delivering heavy rain and the threat of tornadoes
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outages into the weekend. ............ and lester still on track to sweep by hawaii this weekend with some heavy rain and gusty winds as a category one hurricane. ........ our hot 100s will drop quickly to 90s and even upper 80s by monday! ........ our hot 100s will drop quickly
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((weather toss)) ((kirsten joyce)) still ahead... a miracle fix for a damaged heart. see the life changing results that have stunned medical researchers in utah./// ((you're watching 8
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new study that shows a patients' own stem cells.. can be supercharged to fix damage. in a study from the university of utah... there was a 37-percent reduction in the number of times heart failure patients went to the hospital or died. and as martie salt explains... it's something researchers have never seen before. utah senator ralph okerlund (oh-kerr-lund) d attacks and congestive heart failure. but he didn't feel well. "if i walked from my house out to the mailbox across the street, i'd have to stop a couple of times on the way." (:08) doctor amit (ah-meet) patel put the senator in the ix (icks) cell d-c-m cell therapy study at the university of utah. "we basically took the certain cells that were still alive and put them in a healthy environment and basically had their own body start healing the
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tablespoons of bone marrow from patients, and put them in a bioreactor for twelve days to supercharge them. "so all the young stem cells grew up and all the old weaker cells that had the effects of aging, diabetes and all that died off." (:07) then he injected one-hundred to two-hundred- million healthy stem cells into patients' hearts after mapping out damaged areas. the supercharged cells triggered an immune function to help the heart heal itself. half the 114 patients in the study got the therapy. (oh-kerr-lund) knew he was one after a few months. "i still am not out running races, i won't be running any marathons with the damage that has been done to my heart, but i feel well enough now that i can kind of do what i want as long as i move slowly." (:12) he's excited to have been part of the study and hopes it helps many other people. i'm martie salt, reporting. ((kirsten joyce)) >> the patients who got the placebo in doctor patel's
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doctor patel says a much larger study needs to be done to prove the cell therapy works before it's available to the general public. ((kirsten joyce)) we'll be right back./// ((you're watching 8
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gilbert gottfried is in town this weekend and he sat down with demetria obilor this morning: (( demetria obilor: i'm wondering if you could throw us some impressions i hear you do a mean andrew dice clay too. gilbert gottfried: that just came up in conversation! this is kind of like when people would go on with jay leno and he'd go "you know i read somewhere...
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)) ((kirsten joyce)) >> gilbert gottfried performs at the m resort tomorrow night at seven... tickets are still on sale./// that's all for 8 news now live at noon.. the valley's news the valley's news leader. remember that 8 news now is always available at las vegas
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>> bill: we're not waiting. >> brooke: you only just signed divorce papers. we shouldn't be rushing into this. >> bill: ending a marriage that was dead a long time ago. and -- and haven't i been the poster boy for -- for patience, i mean, counting the days until this moment? well, no more. we have nothing to hide, no one to protect, no fears. our life together starts now.


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