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tv   8 News Now Sunday Morning  CBS  September 4, 2016 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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the clark county school district. we'll tell you what they are and what critics are saying about the reorganization plan. >> plus labor day weekend is still going strong. but where does the valley rank among other popular tourist destinations for the holiday. that answer is up ahead. >> and we'll see if we're in for another round of cool breezes. 8 news now, the valley's news leader starts right now./// "now, live...this is 8 news now weekend edition." ((nia wong) thanks for waking up this sunday morning, i'm nia wong. travellers from across the world are in the valley.... labor day celebrations are in full swing. which makes sense since las vegas has been ranked the number one destination on several different travel sites. local tourism leaders say they're expecting 307- thousand people to spend the holiday here in town ... that's nearly 1- percent more than last year. they're expected to bring in 206- and a half million dollars ..
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point 8 million people traveled here during july./// ((nia wong)) but despite the pain on the roadways... there will be little pain at the pumps. gasbuddy shows gas is at an all time low for the first labor day weekend in 12 years. they estimate nationwide motorists will save 18-point-nine billion dollars this summer compared to the year prior./// ((nia wong)) the triple digits are finally gone this weekend. so let's take a look at the forecast with katie boer. ((katie boer)) >> a nice, dry and sunny continues today... one thing to expect... much cooler temperatures across southern neveda. here's a look at your sunday planner with temps. in the 80s early on... climbing into the low 90s later this afternoon. should be nice and calmer with
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our sunday. /// ((nia wong)) two correctional officers are fighting for their lives after a man opened fire in the lobby of a central california county jail. we're told the officers were shot in the head and neck. the visitors' line at the fresno county jail ...then shot the officers during a struggle. the male officer remains in critical condition--- while the female officer is in stable condition. the suspect has since been taken into custody and now faces several felony charges./// ((nia wong)) north las vegas police continue to hunt for a murder suspect who escaped custody friday. they say alonso perez is wanted in connection to last saturday's homicide near the mgm grand on las vegas boulevard.
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the owner--- but perez was no longer in the area. we're told perez also has a 3 inch "air jordan" logo tattoo on the left side of his neck... perez is considered armed and dangerous... and police ask anyone who sees him to call 9-1-1./// ((nia wong)) this friday we may find out the fate of clark county schools.. and their plan to reorganize. that is if the 12 lawmakers making up this legislative council have their way in one week, you can expect these changes by next fall: -which meanse itself. principals would be in charge of hiring and funding , with a team of teachers, staff and parents. also associate superintendents will oversee 25 schools, answering to the district superintendent. ((senator michael roberson this is more about shifting funds from central admin. to the schools. for the 1st time atleast 80 percent of all unrestricted general fund education dollars will go directly to the schools and after the 1st year it will be atleast 85 percent ))
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concerned about equal opportunities for all. while advocates argue title one schools will get more money. if all goes according to plan...this transition would be in place next august./// ((nia wong)) coming up on the valley's news leader. friends and family members came together to say their goodbyes to philando castille. we take a look at the emotional gathering. and world leaders are in china this morning for the annual g-20 summit. the major issues they came together for. that's next right after this break./// "you're watching the valley's news leader...with nia
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((nia wong)) welcome back to the valley's news leader. police and family members are searching for answers in the
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his home town of st. louis. family and friends tried to hold back tears as they watched a white horse-drawn carriage carry castile's body to his final resting place. castile was shot and killed by police in minnesota during a traffic stop. it was reported castile told the officer he was licensed to carry a gun. castile's mother says she is lobbying for new laws as far as how the police are policing so what happened to her, won't happen to another mother./// ((nia wong)) world leaders are in chth annual g20 summit the economic summit is the final g20 summit for us president barack obama and the first for british prime minister theresa may. china's president xi says the global economy was recovering but faces several challenges in finance and trade. also up for discussion are the global steel crisis, the uk's brexit talks and tax of multinationals like apple./// ((nia wong)) mother teresa joined the ranks of other catholic saints this morning.
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nun devoted her life to helping the poor, the sick, and the marginalized. (pope francis) "she was your model of sanctity. i think that perhaps we should have a bit of difficulty in calling her saint teresa. ((nia wong)) >> mother theresa received the nobel peace prize for her work in 1979. she died in 1997, at the age of 87./// ((nia wong)) > tropical storm hermine is making her way up the east coast. we'll give you a look at some of the damage she's already left behind. ((katie boer)) >> i'm tracking the latest on cooler temperatures for your labor day weekend. i'll break down the details coming up next./// "now, live...this is 8
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((nia wong)) two people are dead and dark as tropical storm hermine moves up the east coast from florida. the storm toppled trees into homes in south carolina and left several hundred thousand people without electricity from florida to virginia. the storm is predicted to hit the jersey shore tonight. it's already creating high waves and dangerous conditions. this is the same town where sandy knocked a roller coaster into the ocean in 2012. hermine is not predicted to be anywhere near sandy's severity... but the storm might regain its
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a nice cool down is coming our way this week. katie boer has your check of the weather. (( )) ((katie boer)) >> a nice, cooler day for your sunday as we're mid way into the holiday weekend. here's a breakdown of your weather headlines... we're looking at temps dropping below seasonal average, with our dry conditions continuing....for now. monday look for highs in the low 90s with possibly some changes or rain chances by late week. .................. today sunny with highs in the low 90s...
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70s--maybe, maybe even a few upper 60s possible for our cooler neighborhoods. ................. water vapor imagery shows why there's some uncertainty in the extended forecast... a
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depending on it's movement... we could some scattered rain or increased clouds. ................ for now...i'm leaving your extended forecast nice and dry... we'll see low 90s through monday. climb to the mid 90s tuesday through thursday with a return to the upper 90s once more by next friday and saturday. /// ((nia wong)) just ahead on 8 news now. amorino gelato is partnering with they join us this a segment you don't want to miss. stay with us. we'll be right back. "now, live...this is 8
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>> one of the linq's newest shops is already making strides to help out our community. amorino gelato is partnering up with the make a wish foundation in nevada for this entire month. here to tell us about that is (jeremy decherchi, co-owner of amorino nevada) "now, live...this is 8
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that was so much fun watching those games)) ((nia wong)) gymnist, madison kocian, is combining her baseball and gymnastic skills....when she threw out the first pitch at the texas rangers game. not only did she throw out the pitch, but she also put to use some of the moves that made her an olympic gold medalist this summer in rio./// ((nia wong)) the unlv rebel football team is looking to continue their good start. they're now shifting focus to the rose bowl when they play ucla. state 63-13 during their season opener. thursday's win was their first opening win since 2009 and head coach tony sanchez is pleased with the strong start. (tony sanchez/coach it's so great to get that gratification in week one after all that hard work. because if you don't, it's tough pill to swallow. i know one thing, we feel a whole lot better than we did a year ago.") ((nia wong)) >> the rebels will play the 16th ranked ucla bruins at the rose bowl next saturday at 7
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his singing skills again. the late late host and danny mcbride channeled their inner michael bolton and kenny g when they performed a rendition of a classic duet. let's take a look. tell me how am i supposed to live without you now that i've been lovin' you so long how am i supposed to live without you how am i supposed to carry on ((nia wong)) >> the two jammed throughout the night after singing the classic song. you can catch the "late late" show with james corden monday through friday at 12:37./// ((nia wong)) >> that's all the time we have for 8 news now this morning.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: today on "face the nation." candidate enter the final stretch of campaign 2016 and east coast prepares for another possible round of hurricane hermine. saturday, donald trump went to church looking for minority votes and maybe some divine intervention to help his campaign against hillary clinton. >> i am he your message and i hope my presence here will also help your voice to reach new audiences. >> dickerson: after surprise trip to mexico and speech on immigration further muddled his message, outreach strategy work income we'll find out battleground tracker poll numbers plus analysis of where the race stands. we'll talk with new jersey governor chris christie who heads donald trump's president


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