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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  September 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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weekend. where it's coming from and how it could impact your health. ((katie boer)) and i'm tracking what it's going to take to clear up our skies in southern nevada... i'll break it all down in my full forecast. ((sharie johnson)) >> and the deadly consequences of drinking and driving. how local law enforcement is urging valley residents to think twice before getting behind the wheel after having a few holiday drinks./// "now, live...this is 8 ((sharie johnson)) hazy skies and the smell of smoke in the air. that's what many people woke up to. smoke from wildfires in california has drifted to southern nevada once again. now an air quality advisory is in effect through tomorrow. we have team coverage. mauricio marin has it's affecting some people's holiday celebrations. but first-- katie boer has her eyes on our skies. katie, what's it going to take
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haze lingers across the valley with an air quality advisory in place locally through labor day. ............ here's a peak at your evening planner ... actually a cooler day today with temps in the mid 80s by 9pm--still a bit gusty at times ......... labor day looks nice as well... some haze still possible but cooler conditions with i 6 degrees below normal in the low 90s. now let's send it over to mauricio marin live near the strip with how people in the
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the strip with how people in the valley are being affected by this haze. ((mauricio marin)) >> we just now start seeing the mountains to the west. but for most of the day from the middle of town it was hard to see because of smu in effect right now is for the smoke coming from wildfires in california. the county air quality dparment says potentially increased levels of ozone and smoke can make it dangerous for some people to be outside for a long period of time. so they're urging people with breathing or heart well as young children and senior citizens to limit their time outdoors. some are making the most of the weather and enjoying the breeze. while others are happy to see the gunk in the air go away. ((john casale/resident: "i like it beacuse it's nice and
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it's good exercise." michaelina stanfill/resident: "it's nice to see it roll out that's the nice thing about living in the valley. you know you have a few days of weather like that but pretty much it's going to blow out and be gorgeous weather." )) ((mauricio marin)) >> even if you're officials recommend people to be careful and keep windows and doors cloesd. and change filters if you haven't done so in a while because they can get very dirty with extra polluntants in the air. ((mauricio marin)) >> the air qualiy tomorrow. meaning we can expect to see alot of that haze in the air again for at least another day. reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now. ((sharie johnson)) >> mauricio...should people limit their time exercising outdoors? ((mauricio marin)) health officials say don't over exert yourself. again--try working out inside if you can. but those who may have breathing problems---they recommend not going outside to exercise for at least the next day. back to you.///
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died in drunk driving crashes over labor day weekends. that's only from 2010 to 2014... according to national statistics. and this weekend-- more than the usual number of drivers are expected to be behind the wheel. reporter brittany edney joins us now live from u-s 95 and craig road--with more on what authorities are doing. brittany. ((brittany edney)) traffic isn't the only thing you'll see increase this weekend... law enforcement agencies are stepping up and adding more fi last year during the holiday weekend n-h-p says there were 3 fatialities and 17 dui's in their las vegas valley jurisdiction. as part of the joining forces campaign... nhp, chp, henderson and metro all teamed up on friday to combat traffic safety issues. from about 9 to 4... the agencies issued 372 violations. the campaign is possible due to dederal grant money which helps put more officers on the
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"for the everyday citizen who's going to be on the roadway, who's not going to be drinking and driving, we have to be defensive drivers this weekend. watch out for everyone else on the road, that'll help you be a safer driver." >> n-h-p is also urging drivers to remember to buckle up and to stay off cellphones while you're driving. ((brittany edney)) so if you're heading out to celebrate the holiday weekend with friends and family--- make sure you have a plan on how you're going to get home if you do drink. just an app away on your phone like uber or lyft. reporting live, brittany edney, 8 news now./// ((sharie johnson)) a u-s spy agency is apologizing for a tweet that took a jab at china. the tweet from the defense intelligence agency's account said - quote - "classy as always china." it was referring to dust-up involving the treatment of reporters after president obama landed in china for the g-20
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send the tweet from a personal account, but mistakenly used the agency's. the agency's original tweet was later deleted. ((sharie johnson)) some residents in south oregon are not happy about the 3 point 7 million dollar dakota pipeline project. they carried signs in ashland to try and stop the project yesterday. one of the organizers say it was a peaceful gathering --to show their position in this issue. (((dan wahpepah, organizer) "they are water protectors not protestors because they are willing to lay down their lives f the pipeline is designed to travel from north dakota to illinois-- transferring barrels of oil. protesters are concerned it will affect their land and water rights-- but supporters of the project say it will create jobs./// ((sharie johnson)) should durable medical equipment like wheelchairs and oxygen tanks be exempt from state sales tax? this fall... when you vote... you will help make that decision.
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need expensive medical devices to survive. but opponents say the ballot measure will take away money for public services and other tax hikes will need to compensate. a similar proposal died in the legislature last year. nevada already exempts medicine and prosthetics from the sales tax. 23 other states have tax exemptions for medical equipment./// ((sharie johnson)) the race to the white house is winding down. leader-- where the candidates stand in the polls as the 11th hour approaches.. and the one major complaint voters have for our nominees./// "you're watching the valley's news leader...with sharie johnson, katie boer & jon
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we sent him here to fix it. but congressman joe heck became part of the problem. wall street invested over a half-million dollars in congressman heck's campaigns, and heck supports their agenda -- privatizing social security, handing wall street billions in fees, but risking our retirement in the stock market, cutting benefits, putting wall street ahead of us. congressman heck -- what's wrong with washington.
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((sharie johnson)) we are in the home stretch for the race to the white house. and this weekend a new cbs news poll shows hillary clinton leads donald trump 45 to 37 percent in pennsylvania.
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can still win without the state in november. clinton also leads trump by 2 points in the 13 most competitive states including arizona. however voters are still concerned with clinton's explanation about why she used a private server while she was secretary of state. (((tim kaine, democratic vice presidential nominee) she said look by using one device i made a mistake, i apologized for it and i wouldn't do it again. )) ((sharie johnson)) voters head to the polls in 65 days. meawhile a cbs news poll found voters feel both candidates outreach to minority groups-- is really based on the need for votes and not genuine concern./// ((sharie johnson)) a brand new stadium... expected to lure the raiders to las vegas... comes with a mighty price tag. 1.9 billion- dollars to be exact. tonight on politics now... we dissect the las vegas sands stadium pitch....where all that money would come from... and why billionaire casino mogul sheldon adelson is willing to spend a substantial amount of
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'this is not about sheldon adelson being a raiders fan, this is about sheldon adelson being a las vegas fan.")." also our i-teams george knapp sits down with nevada's democratic senator harry reid-- to hear his take on the race to win the senate. that's all coming up on politics now at 5-30 following this newscast right here on 8 news now. where we are your local election headquarters for all the races and issues that matter to you both on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// parts of the east coast still facing the threat of severe weather. coming up on the valley's news leader, why people on the jersey shore say they're taking no chances as hermine lingers a few hundred miles offshore./// "now, live...this is 8
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today. known as the "saint of the gutters" -- the roman catholic nun devoted her life to helping the poor, the sick, and the marginalized. she received the nobel peace prize for her work in 1979.
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following the canonization... pope francis offered some 15 hundred homeless people a pizza lunch at the vatican. most of the homeless live in shelters run by mother teresa's sisters of charity order./// ((sharie johnson)) the heavy rain and high winds predicted to hit parts of the new york and new jersey coasts today have headed out to sea. but threats from hermine remain-- after the storm left behind damage and power outages in fid southeastern states. wendy gillette has more from new jersey. the dog days of summer are still hanging around in belmar despite (ocean shot) hermine lingering a few hundred miles offshore. (wave) the storm is bringing crashing waves to the jersey shore and as far south as virginia....(surfing shots) only perfect conditions for surfers. (ray elms/belmar lifeguard supervisor) "you can be up to your knees and a wave knocks you off your feet. you get caught in a rip, you could be in trouble." (flag) that's why it's a red flag day, warning of the
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patrolling the beach, along (cops walking) with unformed police officers. swimming is not allowed. edgar rivera is only allowing his five year old daughter sophia to wade up to her knees. (edgar rivera/beachgoer) (wendy) do you feel the pull of the water when you're in? (edgar) oh yeah you do, you actually feel it. you've got to be careful. (wendy gillette/cbs news/belmar, nj) "this storm could also cause severe beach erosion. workers in belmar created these sand berms over the weekend to protect an area devastated by sandy in 2012." the storm has tracked east since saturday, improving the forecast. (gov. chris christie/(r) west or go further east all those things will decide what impact it will have especially on our coastal areas." the storm is now expected to hang offshore until as long as wednesday. high tides sunday night and monday morning could cause the most problems because of storm surge... erasing the summer fun. wendy gillette, for cbs news, belmar, new jersey. /// ((sharie johnson))
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in florida and the carolinas, it's caused widespread flooding and severe beach erosion./// ((sharie johnson)) ((katie boer)) good evening sharie... lots of haze in the skies this morning...which triggered an air quality advisory for clark county through labor day. .................. let's look ahead to lab with light breezes and high temps. about 7 degrees below normal. ............... below now we talked about those breezes ...winds should continue
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look for temps. at 7pm around the mid 90s, by 9, upper 80s...right around 11 tonight mid 80s expected. ............... right now the activity on the radar is mainly to the ne of us..... ................. while the next few days look dry and sunny...forecast models show plenty of uncertainty for tha it's dependent on the track of a tropical cyclone forecast to develop near the baja penninsula. ................. for now however...
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look for highs below average the next few days.... sunday and monday trending 7 to 8 degrees below average. we'll climb a little more into the mid 90s mid week. temps.
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samsung galaxy note seven smartphone. it caught fire whi test test test test test test test test heading into work satuy morning for a shift change-- triggered the fire alarms. they say their coworker was sleeping when the explosion happened. ((dana rhoades/action ambulance emt "if that exploded when he was on it, he definitely would've been hurt, serious burns or whatever." shane mckenney/action ems paramedic "it was scary, it's something i'm used to. it's not something i'm ever going to be used to, with the technology these days, this shouldn't happen." )) ((sharie johnson)) this happened less than 24-hours after samsung announced a massive worldwide
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sevens-- after reports that the devices could catch fire while charging. samsung released this smartphone just a month ago. /// the fire capitan plans to share this case with the state fire marshal because it involves electronic merchandise./// ((sharie johnson)) the maker of gatorade has come out with an organic version of the popular sports drink. pepsi-co announced the new product will be sold in select markets this fall. g-organic comes in berry flavor. and it only has seven ingredients, including organic cane sugar and sea salt. ((sharie johnson)) a double dose of panda cuteness coming up after the break you don't want to miss these newborn twins and what makes their birth an extra special one for zoo atlanta./// ((sharie johnson)) as people across
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flooding, many in this area are doing what they can to help those impacted.... especially for our four-legged companions. a special adoption day was held at jefferson parish to make way for animals coming in from flood-impacted areas. organizers say the goal is to keep animals displaced by
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place to keep them. ((robin beaulieu/exec. director jefferson parish shelter "so what we're doing is we're adopting out our own animals to make room for these other animals. that we are really going to have to hold upto 30 days. " )) ((sharie johnson)) they say there has been a constant flow of animals coming from flood-ravaged communities. adding that the need to find homes is at an all time high with more than 10 thousand animals already coming into their shelter each year./// ((sharie johnson)) and finally tonight zoo atlanta is celebrating a special delivery! panda mom lun-lun gave the cubs arrived less than an hour apart. they are the first giant panda sborn in the united states this year... and the second set of twins for 19-year-old lun lun. giant panda cubs are born blind, and almost hairless. and about the size of a cell phone. the zoo says its focus now is making sure they have the best opportunity to success.///
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((patrick walker)) >> coming up on politics now... we disect the las vegas sands stadium pitch.... >> there is no recourse to the taxpayers. >> we dissect the las vegas sands stadium pitch and the new plan that's starting to evolve. >> joe heck, one of the most deceitful people i've ever known to ben >> harry reid not holding back, he fires off about the race to win the senate. >> i'm not surprised at all. >> unlikely allies legal aid of southern nevada weighs in on a potential bill to regulate the payday loan industry. >> from 8 news now. this is "politics now" with steve sebelius and patrick walker.


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