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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  September 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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highest--- and the message from officers to motorists./// plus... tomorrow's smoke won't just be from firing up the grill--- but the california wildfires as well. katie boer explains the impact straight ahead in your weather now forecast./// and... a company's bankruptcy is leaving ships carrying cargo stalled at sea along california's coast. what retailers are trying to do to ensure this doesn't impact your holiday shopping season./// news now weekend edition." ((sharie johnson)) a plea to motorists this labor day weekend from officers... they're asking drivers to think twice before getting behind the wheel after drinking. that's where we begin tonight... i'm sharie johnson. local agencies say they're out in full force for the holiday weekend. reporter brittany edney joins us now live with more on the efforts to keep roads safe. ((brittany edney))
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roads this weekend--- but limousine to take in the sights of las vegas... making sure to drink responsibily. (( brett killury, visitor "i've had experences before with my family that had accidents with drinking and driving so it's important to do it because if you don't, bad things happen to everyone around you.")) ((brittany edney)) last year during the holiday weekend n-h-p says there were 3 fatialities and 17 dui's in ..something they say they hope won't become an annual tradition. troopers say it's important to look out for your friends and family members. ((trooper jason buratczuk, nevada highway patrol "if they're irresponsible and not responsible enough to make correct decisions then maybe we'll have to make it for them. if you have to take someone's keys away, do that because you may be saving their life." ((brittany edney)) plus the lives of others on the roadways as well.... and their loved ones. like in killury's case-- he says it's changed him forever. (( brett killury,
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only now started learning how to drive now. so it's a pretty big deal, it's impacted mine and my family's life as well.")) ((brittany edney)) >> n-h-p is also urging drivers to remember to buckle up and to stay off cellphones while you're driving. sharie. ((sharie johnson)) >> and what should people do if they see an impaired driver? ((brittany edney)) >> you can call star n-h-p from your phone to connect with local or call 9-1-1. we'll send it back to you. ((sharie johnson)) from the roads to the skies... though temperatures are expected to be more enjoyable here in the valley... we still have to worry about the air quality. earlier today the skies were hazy and filled with smoke from the wildfires burning in california. katie boer joins us now with more on those conditions and how it will impact your labor day plans...
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predicted to hit parts of the new york and new jersey coasts today have headed out to sea. but threats from hermine remains. hermine is blamed for the deaths of two people. in florida and the carolinas, it's caused widespread flooding and severe beach erosion. the storm continues to bring crashing waves to the jersey shore-- and as far south as virginia. and while off shore hermine delivered a rough journey to a royal caribbean ship heading from new jersey to ((sharie johnson)) over in oklahoma a powerful magnitude five-point-six earthquake rattled central oklahoma yesterday. it has re-newed concerns about the disposal of wastewater from oil and gas production. oklahoma geological survey experts say the increase in quakes is connected to the disposal of wastewater from an oil and gas production process known as fracking.
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earthquakes in the state last year.. compared to just 2 in 2008 . now... following saturday's quake... 37 wastewater wells are scheduled to close./// ((sharie johnson)) bankruptcy from a major shipping company is expected to have a negative impact on california. right now cargo ships are not being allowed to unload at ports in los angeles and long beach. hanjin filed bankruptcy now many terminals fear if they allow them to dock-- they will get stuck with the bill. and in some cases hanjin isn't pulling into port thinking their cargo will get siezed. a bankruptcy court is expected to grant the company protection as early as tuesday--- but some would like the secretary of commerce to intervene. ((we want to make sure that american workers and american consumers and the owners of the goods are not
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((everyone is working together to mitigate what potentially could happen. believe me that the business and the labor is lost up on the issue of moving the cargo.)) ((sharie johnson)) hinjin shipping company is a korean based company and is one of the largest shipping company's in the world. and according to the feds hinjin transports about eight percent of goods to the west coast from asia./// ((sharie johnson)) meanwhile... divert a disaster overseas during a meeting with russia's president. he's working to revive a deal that would coordinate airstrikes against isis and al qaeda linked terrorists in syria. russia had pulled back from their initial agreement with the us. it would have ended the syrian regime's air attacks on civilians --- and enabled aid to flow in to besieged, starving cities. president obama admitts america needs russia if it has any chance of ending the suffering
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get some buy in from the russians on reducing the violence and easing the humanitarian crisis, than it's difficult to see how we get to the next phase.)) ((sharie johnson)) the talks are taking place at the g-20 summit. it's an international forum for world governments and central bank governors./// ((sharie johnson)) some major road closures could throw a kink in your commute. traffic anchor demetria obilor breaks down how project neon could impact your drive at also... another security scare over at l-a-x what sent people into a frenzy straight ahead on the valley's news leader.///
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sharie johnson, katie boer & jon tritsch. this is 8 news now . ." ((sharie johnson)) for the second week in a row, a major security scare at people mistook as gunshots... leading to chaos. today, a suspected car thief from louisiana triggered the incident. people started pushing their way through the tsa screening area. some even ended up on the tarmac. because of the chaos police made travelers start the screening process over. which took about two hours. ((there were a lot of police officers. quite a number with the big assault rifles.)) ((this area here was completely packed with people.
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((sharie johnson)) >> reports show four people were inside of the stolen car... one was arrested and the others inside of the car-- were questioned and released./// ((sharie johnson)) one thing opens and another shuts down... that seems to be the theme of project neon. this week, road closures on us 95 will be impacting your route to work. demetria obilor explains what's going on in this week's look ahead... i hope everyone is having a great labor day weekend. we probably won't normally would tomorrow, but that doesn't mean there won't be slow downs. first, let's start with the good news... the 95 south exit to south rancho is open right now... the state reopened this ramp for the holiday. tuesday night, the off-ramp will close down again and you will be back to alternates like mlk and valley view. early tuesday morning, the martin luther king n-ramp to northbound 95 will close early
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for a new hov flyover that will be constructed as part of project neon. overnight lane restrictions continue all around the spaghetti bowl area, including your surface streets. head to ndot project neon especially if you live in this area. and of course, i will keep you in the loop tomorrow on good day. see you then. ///
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survivors and first responders coming together to remember devastation and celebrate recovery following a massive fire./// also... a cool down is on the horizon as we roll into labor day. katie boer joins us to explain just how long before we hit the
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ads for joe heck are attacking my time as attorney general. the thing they left out is the truth. the truth is crime actually went down during my time in office. that's why i've been endorsed by law enforcement across nevada. i'm proud of my record cracking down on meth, protecting seniors from scams, and holding banks accountable for defrauding homeowners. i'm catherine cortez masto.
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((sharie johnson)) today marks five years since the devastating labor day weekend fire in texas. survivors and first responders came together to remember its devastation and celebrate their recovery. a record breaking one-thousand six hundred sixty homes were destroyed in the powerlines from a tropical storm. for 37 days more than 32-thousand acres were burned. those who lost their homes placed roses on a mural of the fire to represent a house or family that was affected. (( dallas wayne, lost his home in the fire: it all helps in the healing process in a lot of ways a lot of things about the fire were just horrific)) ((sharie johnson)) >> a mural will soon hang in the courthouse there as a sign of hope
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weather ((katie boer))
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speaking of labor day...your monday holiday forcast shows sunny skies with temperatures below seasonal average by about 6 degrees.. .................. satellite radar showing some pretty quiet conditions... there is some uncertainty in the forecast with a tropical system on the swing in direction it takes that could mean an increase in clouds or rain for later this week...right now however -- it looks dry and sunny. ................ current temps are in the low 80s to upper 80s right now with with
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tonight. ................ your extended forecast shows temps remaining below seasonal average through thursday...with highs climbing into the upper 90s by friday and saturday. sunday look for a return of triple digits. jon joins us now as
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spotlight ((jon tritsch)) >>this won't happen again for the rest of the year.. but notre dame and texas engaged made it worth their time.. wait until you see this overtime shootout plus it was a fantastic week of's only fitting we wrap it up with a finale..
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the nfl will take over sundays beginning next football seizing the opportunity and spotlight and telling the pros..dare you to match the intensity and pageantry of notre dame and texas game of the year already... with 2 breathtaking plays.. first the longhorns.. true freshman shane buchele finds amani foreman and he makes
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notre dame's turn.. deshon kizer to eq saint brown.. and he cartwheels into the endzone.. 4th quarter.. texas down 4..deonte foreman the 250 pound running back scores over time..texas has already scored.. notre dame responds.. deshon kizer finds cj sanders.. irish eyes are smiling.. 2nd overtime..notre goal..texas goes for the win.. tyrone swoopes touchdown.. longhorns back on the big stage..winning 50-47 in double overtime we've had 2 fantastic high school game of the week's a credit to you the people..week three..we're counting on you again we're trying to spread out our coverage..getting as many schools involved as we can while still featuring quality contests.. do you want sunrise mountain at spring valley? what about desert pines at clark?
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page and vote it was the first full weekend of football in las vegas and the city shined under the lights in high school and in was so dominant..we had to take our game to the next is a football finale for the week that was it was time to glow.. throw... and get low.. football season is back...and it put on a show... the rebels won their opener and did it in style (tony sanchez/coach: "we'r1 haven't done that in a while") johnny stanton let it fly and led with flare he powered on the ground and punished through the air 3 touchdowns to devonte boyd.. a connection you can't deny (johnny stanton/qb: "saw a blitz, changed the play, knew devonte was going to run right by their guy.") jackson state got jacked but their band was in demand..i mean not trying to boast (joe williams iii/drum major: "we really ready to take over the state of nevada and the whole west coast.") byu was in trouble until a liberty grad said i'm going to come thru for ya
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liberty is elite now every one knows the nation can't hang with gorman but here's where the gaels get scary.. how about this holy heave...touchdo wn hail mary tate martell's pass to brevin jordan shook the whole neighborhood and then (tate martell/gorman: "we made adjustments in the second half and then we were all good." roll for the score.. and come back for more.. and let the whole town buzz.. in this great vegas football week pickens county public schools may have a facilities and maintenance job opening...but you may need to pass a sobriety checkpoint before you pick up the can of paint..the viral picture you are seeing is the actual football field lines of a south carolina high school.. no one has claimed responsibility for this masterpiece in creativity or admitted to have been in a hurry..or chasing a squirrel ((jon tritsch)) that's it for sports tonight... lets send it back over to
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((sharie johnson)) the earthquake may have been scary for many families around oklahoma - but for one tulsa couple it turned out to be a little miracle. : ((to have that to say "hey you came into this earth because of a earthquake," is
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last for her whole life.)) all 6 pounds and 4 ounces of ainsly grace ring came into the world with a rumble. her mom, tara, says her water broke during yesterday's earthquake. dad josh tells us that nurses kept saying the earthquake caused the birth. he says it is a very memorable way to mark the birth of his daughter./// ((sharie johnson)) thanks for watching 8 news now at 11. 4-am. and, for news anytime, just go
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(grunting) (breathing hard) holmes: so did you learn anything, watson? watson: yeah. that you fight dirty. i fight without mercy. a habit you should develop if you hope to defend yourself against bigger, stronger opponents. which may occur, unless we limit ourselves to investigating crimes committed by small children (phone ringing) hello, mistress. what? hang up and dial 911. ask that captain thomas gregson be informed of the call. i'll be there shortly. yes. okay. hurry along, watson. dead body awaits.


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