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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  September 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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heading back to southern california... and it's looked like this basically all day. ((paul joncich)) >> many of the visitors... and many locals as well... made their way to lake mead for some fun in the sun during the long weekend. thousands of people took to the water to swim and ride jet skis. there were also plenty of patrols on the water... making sure people were wearing life vests and staying safe. ((christianne klein)) >> one thing people had to deal with though is some smoke in the air thanks to a wildfire burning in southern california. this video was shot yesterday... when we saw the worst of the haze. clear just yet... people with breathing problems are being asked to limit their time outdoors./// ((paul joncich)) let's get to tedd florendo... we saw a dip in temperatures today... are coller temps here to stay? ((tedd florendo)) ((( winds have actually helped. we have seen less smoke today than over the weekend. still a slight haze in the air, but the winds also not as strong as yesterday. temps this morning dropped as low as 69 at mccarran.
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summer felt like it this morning. plenty of sunshiine and cooler today than yesterday. .......... ......................... .......... let's take you through the the eveing with your planner. temps stay warm tonight but not hot. we have light breezes but not windy. looking at clear skies again with only a slight haze in the air for this evening. we have a detailed look at what to expect the rest of the week, coming up in your weathernow forecast.
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yet to hear back./// ((paul joncich)) a quiet community in anthem hit with a string of burglaries over labor day weekend, and residents are on alert. 8 news now reporter nia wong on precautions some are taking. for nearly the decade she's lived in solera....katheri ne cherry says she's never seen anything out of the ordinary ....until labor day weekend. ((katherine cherry: "i did see a police car when i came home one day after being out in the morning but i hadn't heard anything officially.")) with no wn think much of it at first. ((katherine cherry: "here, we know everybody and we watch out for each others homes.")) the latest data on spot crime dot com reveals 5 break-ins at solera...including one on serene moon way...doors down from cherry's home. ((katherine cherry: "i'll be more diligent about keeping doors and windows locked and everything.")) we tracked down cherry's neighbor who's home was burglarized over the holiday weekend. he didn't want to speak with us on camera. but he did tell us the heist on
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with cash, jewelry and urns containing the ashes of his deceased dogs. ((paula mcclurkin: we were coming home from dinner on friday evening,....there were two cop cars on jade sky off to the right hand side as we were coming up the hill. )) paula mcclurkin says she considered her street a safe one. incidents like these are a first for her and her husband. (( paula mcclurkin: "it's scary . i've never been in a situation like this before." )) otheriv christina galvak-say these breakins have the community talking about more ways to protect themselves. ((christina gavlak: "their concerns is they're going to do more in terms of security, locking their doors, putting possible security alarms, getting dogs, those types of things.")) nia wong 8 news now. ((paul joncich)) >> henderson police have not yet responded to our request for more information./// ((christianne klein)) a man police say is armed and dangerous... is still on the run after
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away friday morning.. after police say he turned his handcuffs until he broke free. perez allegedly stole a truck and took off... but that vehicle was found saturday and returned to its owner. he's also accused of killing a man back on august 27th. if you know anything... or happen to see him... don't make contact with him... immediately call police or crimestoppers instead. /// ((christianne klein)) tomorrow marks five years since four people were killed inside a carson city i-hop restaurant. northern nevada and in kuwait are marking the anniversary of the mass shooting. tomorrow... soldiers and airmen will take part in a memorial walk and run from the i-hop restaurant to the guard complex to honor the lives lost. three guard members were killed in that shooting... along with a south lake tahoe resident. seven others were hurt. the 33- year- old gunman killed himself...he had been previously diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.///
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worried about damage to their homes... and their safety. katie boer has continuing coverage tonight following what one neighbor found this weekend after the latest blast. ((00:18:11 katie: southern highlands neighbors told me they made a startling discovery over the weekend at the construction site where the blasts have been going's a site that's virtually unsecure --you can see this bike right here ...until our story aired on saturday ... since then these no trespassing signs have just recently popped up :29 )) weren't in place when howard maccarley found these wires and red tubes that ran underground while walking his dog around the construction site. (( 00:02:35 howard: it looks like somebody left some charges out there the last time they were blasting :41 )) howard isn't just a nearby homeowner, he spent 30 years in undeground construction in the bay area. the site... now only partially closed off by this limited orange mesh netting ((00:02:54 to see something like that you know, still out there, underground, uncontrolled on a site that's open to anybody who cares to go
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now his concern has shifted from damage to his house to the dirtbikers...and the high school students that walk home by this site after school. in fact -- howard told us he called both the police and fire department. we followed up with the county to see if anyone went to investigate we shared howard's pictures with the county p-i-o dan kulin who told us monday the construction company is required inspect. after each blast those inspectors walk the site. additionaly the blasts are also electronically monitored to make sure they're detonated. he said after our report saturday the contractor came and walked to site to conduct a secondary inspection. (( 00:21:12 katie: we spoke with commisioner susan brager today who told us she plans to hold a private meeting sometime tuesday. she's invited teh epa, teh county building department as well as comprehensive planning and the building developers legal neighbors told me if it their legal coucil
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attorney's be at the meeting. :33 reporting from teh southern highlands, kb i'll send it back inside to you :37 )) ((christianne klein)) the first woman to serve as a clark county commissioner has passed away. thalia dondero was elected to the commission back in 1974... and served for 20 years. she says some of the male members of the commission back in the day expected her to serve as the secretary... but she refused and demanded equal treatment. statement today... saying "from her tireless work to improve education for nevada students, to her vital role in expanding southern nevada's economic and recreational offerings, thalia was a one-of-a-kind advocate for the silver state and its residents. the impact of her work will continue to be felt for generations to come." dondero was 96- years- old./// ((paul joncich)) presidential candidates didn't take the holiday off today... both clinton and trump were on the
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what they're doing to win voters in the battleground state of ohio. hillary clinton:) i want to win ohio! hillary clinton promised a cleveland labor day crowd she'll fight for american workers. (sot: hillary clinton / d-presidential nominee) we're going to say yes to standing up for workers' rights and dignity, yes to good jobs...yes to the american dream. across town, trump promised labor leaders he's t overseas. (sot: donald trump / r-presidential nominee) our country, in terms of manufacturing, in terms of jobs, is going to hell. he was the big attraction at a county fair near youngstown. (sot): we're gonna bring jobs back to ohio! (stand up: mark albert / cbs news / the white house) labor day marks the traditional kick off to the fall campaign...and it'll be fight to the finish. a new cbs news battleground tracker poll shows clinton holds a slim lead over trump in the 13 critical states. she brought out key surrogates: former president bill clinton
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pittsburgh.and former opponent bernie sanders rallied supporters in new hampshire. nats...i wanted to welcome you onto the plane. journalists flew on clinton's campaign plane for the first time monday. trump also invited reporters aboard his private jet. he said he'll do it more often. both campaign planes will be logging a lot of air miles. the november election is a little more than two months away. mark albert for cbs news, the white house ((paul joncich)) and we're your local election headquarters keeping you up to date on all the races on air and online at las vega ((christianne klein)) hermine is pounding the east coast. up next on the valley's news leader... what's so unique about this particular storm... and the damage it's already caused./// news music
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this is 8 news now at six." ((christianne klein)) it's a storm like no other... hermine made landfall in florida on friday... and is now whipping up dangerous rip currents and storm surges along the northeast coast. ((paul joncich)) >> here's what's strange about this storm... it was a hurricane, then transitioned into a post- tropical cyclone...
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back into a hurricane. according to the stats website 'five thirty eight dot com'... that's never happened before. ((christianne klein)) >> jericka duncan has the latest concerns from people dealing with the storm. waves along the jersey shore overnight, hermine whipped up strong waves... sea, the rough waters rocked this royal caribbean cruise ship, headed from new jersey to bermuda. (derek biedermann//cruise ship passenger) when you see the crew on the cruise ship starting to get dizzy d gotten pretty bad derek biedermann beed-ur-man is one of around 6 thousand people onboard the ship trying to outrun hermine. (derek biedermann//cruise ship passenger) the whole boat started rocking people started getting sick, they started distributing vomit bags around. hermine the deadly storm made landfall last friday as a category 1 hurricane. it's already hammered coastal areas stretching from florida to virginia, knocking out power for hundreds of thousands and causing widespread damage. its now targeting the eastern seaboard from maryland to
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hufnagel/ massachusetts resident) we've been doing this almost 30 years we se the sunrise on labor day no matter what. this hurricane is nothing. (christie+sandy broll) governor chris christie says hermine won't come close to having the same destructive power as superstorm sandy in 2012. still, he's urging everyone not to take any chances. (chris christie) we don't want to see people. have injuries or loss of life because of going into the ocean in dangerous conditions. hermine may regain hurricane strength but the worst of the storm is pretty much over and co jericka duncan, cbs news, seaside heights, new jersey./// ((christianne klein)) hermine is blamed for the deaths of two people... one in florida and another in north carolina./// ((weather toss))
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((( stayed warm today but below our 98 degree average high for this time of year. stayed dry and the breezes also decreased this morning. looking at clear blue skies with just a light haze in the air as the air quality advisory comes to a close tonight. ............ ....................... ...... neighborhood by neighborhood temps in the low 90's for many locales, with the east side of the valley seeing warmest temps since they're lower in elevation. not as hot for those areas to of the valley. coolest up in kyle canyon this afternoon and we have freeze warnings in the central to northern part of the state. ................................ ... ......... regional temps also stayed extra warm today especially down in laughlin and of course the hottest spot in death valley. still warm down the colorado river valley and coolest in the central part of the state. expecting those freeze warnings up there to kick in by 11 pm tonight and overnight as those areas could see temps between 28
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air quality remains moderate for ozone due to lingering smoke. but the smoke is now down to good and mostly just a light haze outside right now. we do expect the air quality advisory to expire tonight. ................................ ... ........... radar showing clear and dry conditions with no precip here only in the midwest right now. that could change though the mid to second half of the week for the desert southwest as we expect moisture from hurricane newton to move up the gulf of califorina into arizona and new mexico as of now. this could change and will need ............ .......... tonight expect temps dropping to comfortable 70's by morning again under clear skies. winthe stay mainly light overnight as well under clear skies. tomorrow expect a high of 96 and just a little below average. still plenty of sunshine with mainly light winds. ............ ....................... ............. neighborhood by neighborhood temps with mostly be in the upper 90's for your tuesday with some areas close to 100 on the east side of town where we're lower in elevation and typically are warmest. not as bad as the west sid eof
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and warmer than yesterday. ..... .............................. .............. extended forecast calls for us to warm up again with temps gradually getting warmer through the week. looking at clouds to develop midweek due to moisture from hurricane newton which should stay south east for now. highs will return back to the 100's the weekend.
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((christianne klein)) liberty went into texas and beat a nationally ranked team. ((chris maathuis)) that's such a big deal... and in the process liberty made history. the patriots flexing deep in the heart of texas... that's a big big deal for nevada prep sport a couple of las vegan playing each other on the diamond today. more next here on channel 8.
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football players raised money, did extra chores at home and did all they could to raise enough
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westlake high in austin, texas... one of the top teams in the country and 'the' number one team in texas. last friday, the patriots rolled into westlake and played in front of 8 thousand fans. the patroits did the ole texas two step on the chaparrals and today are ranked in the usa top 25. gorman is ranked 1 and liberty is ranked 23rd in the latest usa super 25 prep poll. (( )) rich muraco/coach;"im pretty sure that 2 nv schools ranked in the top 25 says alot about nevad football.. gorman put everybody on the map and we're trying toi follow suit. kenyon oblad/qb: "we're all rivals on the field, but allk from same city, but th and we cheered for them. muraco/coach'; "go to tx and see how much they care about football it was like a college game, police, workers stadium everything... they say
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big out of state games... in a few weeks, they've got 13th ranked centiannial from corona, california. ((chris maathuis)) the top ranked team in the country has another big game this friday. bishop gorman is traveling to long beach to st. john bosco, who's ranked 7th in the country. it was two years ago that gorman gorman is coming off friday's big win over cocoa florida, but this friday the stakes are even higher... two top ten teams in long beach this friday night. current unlv coach tony sanchez is familar with st. john bosco. when they played two years ago, josh rosen was the quarterback here in vegas when the gaels beat em. now he's the quarterback at ucla... he beat tony's rebels in vegas last year. this saturday, unlv travels to ucla to meet rosen and the bruins.
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bryant... he was working on a career best 21 game record of reaching base. but today the former bonanza high grad goes 0-5. but another las vegan does us proud, former sierra vista grad chris carter gives the milwuakee brewers a 1-0 lead on the solo shot, he's 33rd homer on the season. but it was nearly enough the cubs are too good and they beat up the brew crew 7-2. venus williams looking to make a little history as the 2nd oldest player to reach the quarters. but she ran it third set, venus a mistake at the net cost her. but comes back and ties it with a forehand winner.. so here we go... pliskova serving for match point.. and venus' return is long... and she's out... 4-6, 6-4, 7-6. pliskova reaches her first quarterfinal. ((chris maathuis)) alright for the next three days, you have a voice here at channel 8. it's time for our 'fans choice game of the week' you get to decide. here are our three games... so far the numbers favor foothill at arbor view.
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at spring valley.. or desert pines at clark. go to our channel 8 facebook page and look for the fans choice game of the week and vote. finally this is pretty cool... former ufc champ miesha state was hiking with her freind over the weekend. near mary jane falls on mtn. charleston. she heard a little 6 year old named kia broke her harm... so miesha carries the girl bown the 2.6 mile trail. great story of service and helping out. ((christianne kl thanks for watching 8 news now at 6. ((paul joncich)) >> see you tonight at 11. goodnight./// ((christianne klein)) this sunday marks the 15-th this sunday marks the 15-th december last year. 14 americans are killed in a mass shooting inspired by isis.
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had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns. heck voted "no." 23 times. individuals on the fbi terror watch list have purchased firearms over 2,000 times. it's not just that joe heck does nothing to stop them. it's that he's voted to let them keep doing it.... 23 times. senate majority pac is responsible for the content
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from washington, d.c., this is "power players" week on "jeopardy!" here are tonight's celebrity guests -- his best-selling novels are critically acclaimed and have won numerous honors,


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