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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 5, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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it's "e.t.'s" labor day special. >> good for you. get ready. >> as hollywood says good-bye to summer, we show you how to vacation like a star. >> aloha. >> aloha. >> exotic trips and honeymoons. inside the amazing celeb getaways. >> look where we are. >> the couples overseas stars who are back home in the usa. plus, two diva vacation exclusives. >> ciao, mariah. ciao, bell la. >> mariah's unbelievable getaway. >> paris. >> "e.t." >> now for september 5th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> hi, everybody. thank you so much for joining us
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we certainly hope you had a great one. >> lavish vacations, exotic locations, sometimes, clothing optional. >> oh my. call me a romantic. my favorite events this summer included a beautiful bridal gown. >> can i ask you one question? what's your last name? >> all right, honey. h-a-r-t. >> from their wedding bands to custom gown, kevin hart's wedding to paris was elegant and picture-perfect. custom vera wang with applique and another vera wang creation. sheer lace gown. a portland, oregon, screening of stand-up film "what now." >> bling on your fingers. married now. >> yep. this chocolate is locked up, ladies.
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i'm with my family. >> you remember your wedding? i remember the picture of you on the ground. do you remember your wedding? >> i woke in the morning with grass stains on my shirt. to this day, they say i passed out. some people say i jumped in the pool for no reason at all. it got bad. it was my wedding. don't judge me. >> the ceremony took place at this place in nt california. his 8-year-old was the best man. >> hanging out with my best man. hey. my best man. >> the destination part of the nuptial. >> the sand. water coming up while you eat. i'm a romantic guy, man. >> seahawks quarterback and
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english estate castle. >> we had about 100 plus people there at the wedding and really close friends and family. and, you know, they understand it's about love and treating each other close and keeping it real tight knit. that was easy to do for the most part. everybody kept their mouth shut. >> they did. >> we've been waiting for this since the couple posted their sweet engagement announcement in march. >> she said yes. yeah. >> the guest list included kelly roland and jennifer hudson. mindy weisz had to change locations twice. first choice, north carolina. but the couple cancelled that plan due to the transgender bathroom laws. next choice, paris scrubbed because it was couture fashion week. so england it was. and as they say, third time's a charm. >> how does it feel? different being married to ciara? >> not at all.
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best friend and madly in love with each other, obviously. but it's cool. we're the wilsons now. so that's pretty cool. >> we remember how they claimed they were remaining celibate. >> this is what we're doing tonight. >> "dancing with the stars" pro made dance partner "shark tank" the life exchanged i dos on july the 31st. the bride. so pal olivia newton john at the reception and couple on the dance floor. for the honeymoon, tropical bora bora. >> it was the best time, i thought. >> most likely, kim won't return to the show anytime soon and bye-bye maiden name. >> changing my name, that's kind of a little bit of getting used
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>> kim is hanging up her dancing shoes for now but at least we get back this season. he's been getting ready to be a dad. beyonce is due in january. john legend and chrissy teigen got nostalgic with their baby girl. >> look at where we are. >> you are in italy. chrissy and john went for their first family vacation this summer to where it began. they shot "all of creating moments from their romantic music video. ? because all of me loves all of you ? ? all of your perfect imperfections ? >> it's also where the couple got married back in 2013. chrissy gave us legendary vacation envy with her snapchat p posting every moment with luna just 3 months old at the time.
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li living it up. and what's better, the view or the emeralds? jay-z and bey with a stroll to dinner. italian sports car moment and made the mediterranean sizzle with moments like this. they're not the only celebs who took a roman holiday cr chri krichrir christina rick richie. italy is where the couple tied the knot and took time to relax and what else? a glass of vino. not every celeb needs to jet
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summer vacation. we'll show you a group of stars who enjoyed partying right here in the good old usa. ? it's a party in the usa ? >> miley cyrus knows something about living it up big time. on-again liam hemsworth enjoyed their summer in so cal from singing in the car to date nights at the malibu hot spot. these seem perfectly happy hanging out with pups at home or pig in a bikini. ? this is all so crazy ? >> oklahoma ranch. >> we're here at the snapchat ranch. >> documented the day off on snapchat that included laundry and good old home cooking from her man. >> what you got? what are you eating? >> dancers may also enjoy the great outdoors and the mom of three got in on the action riding an atv with 2-year-old
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>> the day ended with a sunset fire and blake showing off some moves. over on the east coast, kourtney takes nantucket with three kids staying at this rental by the beach, activities including jumping from a boat, tubing with her baby daddy scott disick and of course, lots of bikini pics. and finally, britney spears and her boys say aloha, >> aloha. >> aloha. >> several videos playing in the sand but not all fun and games in a radio interview, revealed she almost drowned after getting sucked under a wave. >> still the pop star able to enjoy the rest of her vaca jumping from a boat and evidently ditching her bikini top. >> on land, it's so last season.
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money on vacation. ? i'm on a boat ? >> the lonely hit song must have been on repeat for these celebs including roeese witherspoon. took over italy and croatia and they were living. beautiful views, drinks. but most impressed with the fab dieting skills. kate hudson took a euro trip and had too much fun with snapchat. but it's thisic us why we love her so much. carefree drink in hand with the boho chic dress and the view is nice too. cruising over, leonardo dicaprio got in boat time with tobey maguire. just kidding. nina wasn't going to miss this day. the 24-year-old model lying low while the boys took turns driving into the ocean. and kylie with her 19th birthday like your average american
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rapper boyfriend tyga and friends including sister kendall and bella hadid and baldwin. there was a private jet on the way back. >> out of here. >> cindy crawford and the rest of her genetically blessed family got nautical in ontario with a grill-in with the fan and went old school with a canoe. and tried and true celeb playground, the hamptons. a preseco, of course. cheers. wait until you see mariah carey's yacht. still ahead tonight, how this diva and her billionaire fiance really lived. >> that is the most fabulous thing i have ever seen in my life. the naked stars of summer on vacation. >> we like to go topless. >> closed captioning provided
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december last year. 14 americans are killed in a mass shooting inspired by isis. in the aftermath, congressman joe heck had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns. heck voted "no." 23 times. individuals on the fbi terror watch list
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it's not just that joe heck does nothing to stop them. it's that he's voted to let them keep doing it.... 23 times. senate majority pac is responsible for the content
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welcome back to "e.t." for a lot of stars, summertime is the perfect time to fit into a bathing suit. >> why stop there? some were plain naked but not afraid. >> i'm a european german girl and we like to go topless. >> and so that's what she heidi klum spent her latest vacation. >> don't love the tan lines. >> posted several pics on instagram showing all her curves and the samples of her swimwear line. >> it comes with tops. >> yes, it does come with tops. >> next, orlando in full bloom. cinc ? baby you're a fwork ?
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decided to ditch his trunk to go au naturel. taking a paddle board with his lady in tow and never to be outdone, the biebs bears it all in the aloha state. two days after orlando went sans pants, justin with a show of his own. skinny dipping in hawaii with nearly naked australia h sahara ray. last year, he was naked on a balcony in bora bora. ? is it too late to say sorry ? still to come, our day in paris with celine dion swarmed by fans. >> they know the lyrics of my songs better than myself. >> mariah carey takes us on her $25 million italian yacht. >> "e.t."
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. whoa. by now, we all know everything mariah carey does is just a little over the top, that goes for her summer vacation as well. the key to a happy romance is separate bathrooms but as carly steele found out, it's his and her yachts.
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>> it's important to have his and her everything. >> the second privately owned vessel, a luxury liner mariah called home this summer anchored off the coast of italy, our carly steel got an exclusive look. >> these are the slippers. there's a moment. >> this gorgeous bar. i love there's a bar on the >> there's it here in the middle of the seating area. which i like. kind of cool. >> the master suite is one of six state rooms and plenty of posh amenities all for afforded $340,000 a week and oh, mere $40,000 extra for just fuel. >> i know your kids are on the boat. what do they enjoy the most? >> swimming in the water. they're amazing swimmers.
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go. >> i went down the slide. >> did you? >> i did. it was good. i don't know if i'm doing it again but it was good. >> mariah and her twins, morocco and monroe. l.a. area restaurant and while in europe, mariah hung out with leo and the weekend but kept to a strict diet. >> i want to talk how you look. sexy. >> thanks. >> can you give us one tip h you maintain this discipline when you're abroad? >> i just have to eat the same boring foods all the time and i was trying to get into workouts with a trainer that's here. >> it can be nice. i know you love tuna tartar. >> milan. yes, we are back in the studio working on a new project. >> summer hasn't been all day for mimi. she's been hard at work updating
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las vegas, and long awaited guest spot on empire with precious director lee daniels but diva that she is, she looked good doing it all. >> nice to talk fashion with you. how many bikinis do you pack? >> well, i've had to acquire some new ones, but as many as i can. so i have options. but i'll always wear a bikini only for special occasions. >> word on when we hear the music. >> hanging out with celine dion this summer. get the gigs. celine returned to paris where she was saint magnifique. ? i see you, i feel you ? >> played a sold out crowd every night still healing from the
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turn it into a family vacation with her three sons. every day, fans were stationed outside of the royal hotel where many had a chance to meet her. >> celine, what do you make of this amazing fan reaction? >> they know the lyrics of my songs better than i do myself. >> arriving at the arena, we had a cool look into celine's world. >> i feel we have wonderful people cooking for us, for everybody. see you in a little bit. get ready for the show. bye, see you later. >> more comfy clothes for the sound check and then meet and greet some lucky fans. keeping the atmosphere light before a show, celine rebooted
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jackson. ? "e.t." nana ? ? whoo ? >> showtime. >> that's her brother, michelle, leading her to the stage. and we are right there as the curtain is lifted. never more glamorous surprise, she does her own stage make-up. >> i don't use false eyelashes. two things. if i use them for a songs, i will use individual because if i lose one, it won't show. if i use a stripe and i blink and it's in my forehead, suddenly, got a mustache. >> resumes her vacancy at c caesar's palace and making a new album. >> she's phenomenal. >> she is phenomenal. i love her for her talent.
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the person she is. at the vmas, i saw her and take the time to really write a song to give me a tool. to help me move forward. to walk. to keep going. it's called recovery. >> wow. >> get ready. ? my heart will go on and on ? >> well, here's something celine and mariah had in common besides a beautiful voice and love for european vacation, but the same stage at caesar's palace in las vegas. >> what appeared on mr. rodgers' neighborhood? is it steve carrell or brian cranston?
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>> we hope you all had a great labor day weekend. join you tomorrow to take you to the set of magnificent chris pratt, denzel washington and the entire super star cast. >> difficult? >> impossible. >> we'll see you then, everybody.
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hey, gentlemen. hey. hey. hello. if any of you are looking for something to do on valentine's day, amy and i'll be streaming our first-ever live episode of fun with flags. you're welcome to join us as we celebrate the timeless love affair between wind and flapping fabric. penny and i have dinner reservations that night, but any other time, no. sorry, bernie and i are breaking in not a clue. raj? spending valentine's day with emily. you don't sound very excited about it. oh, i am, i am. i g... i guess i'm still wondering if emily and i are right for each other. does this have to do with that girl you had coffee with? you mean the strong, sexy angel i can't stop thinking about? who can say? you've been talking about breaking up with emily forever. why don't you just do it already? yeah, just get it over with. well, you say it like it's easy.


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