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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  September 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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an investigation is centered around a henderson home tonight. thank you for joining us live at 11... i'm paul joncich. ((christianne klein)) >> and i'm christianne klein... police responded to the home on blythswood square, that's in anthem, in southernmost henderson. that's where reporter brittany edney joins us live now... with more details. brittany? ((brittany edney)) >> henderson police are investigating an apparent murder suicide at a home just a few yards behind me. officials tell us police came out here early tonight for they found two people dead inside. police are here, processing the scene and trying to figure out what exactly happened. we're told that both the victim and the suspect appear to be in their late thirties or early forties and investigators do believe that this is domestic related. and investigators say police have been out to the home once in the past year for a domestic related service call. police add that they don't have
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the shooting. ((michelle french, henderson police department: "this is a very difficult situation that occured, and it is a tragic situation. at this point, we're going to be doing our invsestigation to see what exactly happened and we're going to be looking at all avenues that may have happened with this case.")) ((brittany edney)) >> the investigation is ongoing... stay tuned to 8 news now and for updates.... reporting live, brittany edney, 8 news now./// ((paul joncich)) ((christianne klein)) >> >> ((christianne klein)) we are following some more breaking news tonight... a 47 year-old woman has died after being hit by a motorcycle as she attempted to cross lake mead boulevard at webster street -- near civic center. the woman was rushed to umc trauma where she succumbed to her injuries. the motorcycle rider suffered non life-threatening injuries. he was also taken to u-m-c. a downed motorcycle remained on the scene of the crash. it's not immediately clear what caused the accident, but alcohol
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the crash remains under investigation. eastbound lanes of lake mead remain closed at this time./// ((paul joncich)) heavy traffic at state line once again tonight... as thousands of labor day weekend visitors are trying to make their way back to california for the shortened work week. you're taking a live look at interstate 15 in primm, where this slow-moving traffic was expected. if you have to head that way, expect serious delays because this could take a while to clear out. and please be careful and one of our viewers sent us this video from the interstate earlier today... showing drivers trying to skip the lines by driving on the shoulder... even going off-road at one point!/// ((christianne klein)) a new hurricane has formed tonight... but the east coast isn't clear from hermine's power just yet. ((paul joncich)) >> the atlantic storm is starting to blow out to sea... but a coastal flooding danger extends from new jersey to massachusetts and rhode island... after the storm wreaked havoc on the florida panhandle all the way to the mid-atlantic.
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((christianne klein)) and closer to home, newton is now a hurricane and is expected to make landfall over the southern portion of baja california any time now. mexico will take the direct hit... before newton drifts into the southwestern u-s... tedd is tracking newton and joins us now with a first check of your weather./// ((tedd florendo)) ((( winds have actually helped. we have seen less smoke today than over the weekend. still a slight haze in the air, but the winds also not as strong as yesterday. temps this morning dropped as low as 69 at mccarran. we haven't seen tt summer felt like it this morning. plenty of sunshiine and cooler today than yesterday. .......... ......................... .......... let's take you through the the eveing with your planner. temps stay warm tonight but not hot. we have light breezes but not windy. looking at clear skies again with only a slight haze in the air for this evening. we have a detailed look at what to expect the rest of the week, coming up in your weathernow forecast.
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remains at large tonight. the manhunt for 25-year-old alonso perez is gaining national attention. he was taken into custody over the weekend in an interview room... but managed to slip the cuffs and escape the building when a detective stepped out of the room. police say perez stole a pickup
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deadly shooting of 31-year-old mohammad robinson. the young father was gunned down august 27th near a mcdonalds at north las vegas boulevard and pecos. police say perez is 6-foot-three... 200 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. he has an air jordan logo tattoo on the side of his neck. if you see him, don't approach him, ... he's considered armed and dangerous. instead, call police or crime stoppers./// it's now a sprint to the finish for the presidential candidates. hillary clinton and donald trump spent labor day courting voters in the critical battleground state of ohio. mark albert has the latest on the campaign from the white house.
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r-presidential nominee) our country, in terms of manufacturing, in terms of jobs, is going to hell. he was the big attraction at a county fair near youngstown. (sot): we're gonna bring jobs back to ohio! (stand up: mark albert / cbs news / the white house) labor day marks the traditional kick off to the fall campaign...and it'll be fight to the finish. a new cbs news battleground tracker poll shows clinton holds a slim lead over trump in the 13 critical states. she brought out key surrogates: former president bill clinton president joe biden showed up in pittsburgh.and former opponent bernie sanders rallied supporters in new hampshire. nats...i am so happy to have all of you with me. journalists flew on clinton's campaign plane for the first time monday. trump also invited reporters aboard his private jet. he said he'll do it more often. both campaign planes will be logging a lot of air miles. the november election is a little more than two months away. mark albert for cbs
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>> today was clinton's first q and a session with reporters since december./// ((christianne klein)) 8 news now is your local election headquarters for all the races that matter to you... on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((paul joncich)) president obama met with russian president vladimir putin ahead of the g-20 summit in china... hoping to hammer out a ceasefire plan for syria... but left empty-handed. putin pulled back at the last minute... rejecting a u-s offer to isis and al qaeda-linked terrorists. president obama cited the icy relationship between the white house and russia as a reason it's been so hard to come to an agreement: (( (president obama) "we have had some productive conversations about what a real cessation of hostilities (in syria) would look like that would allow us both -- u.s. and russia -- to focus our attention on common enemies // given the gaps of trust that exist, that's a tough negotiation." ))
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>> the president also canceled a meeting with the president of the philippines after he publicly insulted president obama. the white house says president obama will instead meet with south korea's president to discuss north korea's latest ballistic missile launch./// ((christianne klein)) former clark county commissioner thalia dondero has died at the age of 96. dondero was the first woman to serve as a commissioner when she was elected in 1974... where she served for 20 years. shal regents for the nevada system of higher education. tributes have been pouring in today... with senators reid and heller, congresswoman dina titus, and commissioner steve sisolak all offering their condolences to her family and speaking fondly of her storied career./// ((paul joncich)) a man has been arrested in bullhead city for setting off homemade explosives in the area. philip kirkorian junior is being held at the mohave county jail in kingman. he was arrested after several
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saying a red dodge truck was involved. someone who knew kirkorian reported him to police. they got a search warrant and say they found items used to make explosives as well as several devices complete and ready to use./// ((christianne klein)) a big traffic change due to project neon is scheduled to start in just a few hours. starting at 4 a-m... the martin luther king boulevard on-ramp to u-s highway 95 northbound will be closed -- for a couple of months. the closure will last until november 15-th. it's necessary to make room for a for a flyover bridge you should take bonanza road west to rancho drive as an alternate route./// ((paul joncich)) 8 news now has learned of a six- year- old girl's death... after drowning in a pool last week. according to a department of family services report... the child was pulled from the pool unresponsive. she was taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead. also in the report... c-p-s notes four instances of neglect allegations dating back to 2006...
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we've reached out to metro to see if anyone is facing any charges in the drowning but have yet to hear back./// ((christianne klein)) two california correctional officers shot at the fresno county jail seem to be improving. on saturday, an ex-convict reportedly tried to skip the visitation line... leading to a commotion. officers toamalama scanlan and juanita davila were both shot. davila's friends say she is in critical, but stable condition and is being closely monitored. scanlan can't speak or op but he is responsive. he even gave doctors a thumbs up. the fresno community is rallying around the officers: (( jason barberich/family friend: "there's family from everywhere, from all over california, las vegas, seattle, hawaii, texas, i mean it's amazing," officer's son: "with all of the prayers and everything, all of the support, people coming in and visiting us. they're giving us constant food, people are dropping off a whole lot of food. it's really helping us." )) ((christianne klein)) >> a taser failed to subdue the
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the fresno county sheriff has since increased security at the jail./// ((paul joncich)) there is more to liberty high school's win over westlake, texas. coming up in sports, chris maathuis will tell us why it was an historic night in the lone star state. ((christianne klein)) >> but first... powerful blasts rattling the southern highlands... and neighbors have made an interesting discovery. katie boer shows us the big update to this story. next on the valley's news leader.///
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"no trespassing" signs the blasting site in the southern highlands... that's at the center of controversy. neighbors are worried about damage to their homes and their safety. katie boer shows us what one neighbor found after the latest round of blasting.
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underground construction in the bay area. the site... now only partially closed off by this limited orange mesh netting ((00:02:54 to see something like that you know, still out there, underground, uncontrolled on a site that's open to anybody who cares to go up there...its a matter of concern :04 )) now his concern has shifted from damage to his house to the dirtbikers...and the high school students that walk home by this site after school. in fact -- howard told us he called both the poc we followed up with the county to see if anyone went to investigate we shared howard's pictures with the county p-i-o dan kulin who told us monday the construction company is required to hire an outside company to inspect. after each blast those inspectors walk the site. additionally the blasts are also electronically monitored to make sure they're detonated. he said after our report saturday the contractor came and walked to site to conduct a
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highlands, katie boer 8 news now. ((christianne klein)) >> we spoke with commissioner susan brager today. she told us she plans to hold a private meeting sometime tomorrow. she's invited the environmental protection agency, the county building department... as well as comprehensive planning and the building developer's legal council. neighbors wanted to know why their attorneys can't be at the meeting. we'll continue to follow this story and bring you updates as they happen./// ((paul joncich)) evacuation orders have been issued... in paradise, california... north of sacramento. the so-called saddle fire has grown to more than 360 acres in just a matter of hours. at least two homes have been destroyed. evacuation shelters have been set up to assist those who have been forcred from their homes./// ((tedd florendo))
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((paul joncich)) liberty high shocked
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((christianne klein)) >> and that is on the football field. the patriots upset made history in nevada. ((chris maathuis)) >> there's nothing like going into texas and coming away with a win. bishop gorman did it a few weeks ago... and liberty did it four days ago. and now history is being made. plus... this ufc fighter really didn't something special over the weekend. i'll tell ya about it coming up next here on channel 8 ((chris maathuis))
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vegas. because of their success, other programs around the valley have benefitted. one is liberty. the patriots looked to gorman as a template for what to do to succeed and it is paying off. last friday, liberty beat the best team in texas... westlake was ranked 16th in the country. but since the patriots knocked em off... chaparral fell out of the top 25 and liberty debuted at number 23. two las vegas teams in the usa
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rich muraco/liberty head coach: "im pretty sure that 2 nv schools ranked in the top 25 says a lot about nevada football.. gorman put everybody on the map and we're trying to follow suit. kenyon oblad/liberty qb: "we're all rivals on the field, but all from same city, but they cheered for us and we cheered for them. muraco: "go to tx and see how much they care about football it was like a college game, police, workers stadium everything... tx it was bigger in texas. liberty isn't finished with its big out of state games... in a few weeks, they've got 13th ranked centennial from corona,
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country has another big game this friday. bishop gorman is traveling to long beach to face st. john bosco, who's ranked 7th in the country. it was two years ago that gorman beat bosco here in las vegas. gorman is coming off friday's big win over cocoa florida, but this friday the stakes are even higher... two top ten teams in long beach this friday night. current unlv coach tony sanchez is familiar with st. john bosco. when they played two years ago, josh rosen was the quarterback here in vegas when the gaels beat em. now he's the quarterback at uc. he beat tony's rebels in vegas last year. this saturday, unlv travels to ucla to meet rosen and the bruins. week one of the college football season is in the books. lots of nail-biting and diverting moments from thursday to monday. 4th ranked florida state facing 11th ranked ole miss in orlando. the rebels were having fun in the first half... chad kelly throws a short td toss, it's 7-0. then in the 2nd another short td toss, it's 14-3. he'd go 21 yards making it 21-3.... then ole miss rushes for a td..
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over right! wrong. 2nd half it was all florida state... the closest the rebels got was 39-34 in the 4th. largest comeback in school history as the noles win it 45-34. ((chris maathuis)) las vegan kris bryant had his career best 21 game mark of reaching base snapped going 0-5 against the brewers.. but another las vegan does us proud, former sierra vista grad chris carter gives the milwaukee brewers a 1-0 lead on the solo shot, he's 33rd homer on the season. but it was nearly enoughh up the brew crew 7-2. ((chris maathuis)) all right for the next three days, you have a voice here at channel 8. it's time for our 'fans choice game of the week' you get to decide. here are our three games... so far the numbers favor foothill at arbor view. but there is sunrise mountain at spring valley.. or desert pines at clark. go to our channel 8 facebook page and look for the fans choice game of the week and vote.
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page... the former ufc champ was hiking with her friend over the weekend near mary jane falls on mtn. charleston. she heard a little 6-year-old named kia broke her arm... so miesha carries the girl down the 2.6 mile trail. great story of service and helping out. ((paul joncich)) our strange stories for monday right after this.///
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. as a doctor, i see how decisions in washington impact my patients here in nevada. so even though i'm a republican, i won't be voting for joe heck. joe heck's voted ten times to defund planned parenthood, depend on for cancer screenings. and heck opposes a woman's right to choose even when her health is at risk. for me and my patients, joe heck makes no sense. december last year. 14 americans are killed in a mass shooting inspired by isis. in the aftermath, congressman joe heck had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns. heck voted "no." 23 times. individuals on the fbi terror watch list
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it's not just that joe heck does nothing to stop them. it's that he's voted to let them keep doing it.... 23 times. senate majority pac is responsible for the content
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((christianne klein)) former republican presidential candidate ben carson dipped out of a live tv interview after realizing he'd forgotten his luggage! carson
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his vehicle. he did return to complete the interview... saying he'd taken care of the situation./// ((paul joncich)) more than one-million dollars worth of marijuana plants were discovered at a connecticut daycare. police removed more than 600 plants from behind a fence that was built around the daycare... after compliance inspectors raised suspicions when they were being denied access to the complete property. the daycare owner's license has been suspended and the house has been condemned./// ((tedd florendo)) ohio poic cookout... after they say 41-year-old jose diaz stole an unlocked ambulance from a gas station. he's then said to have driven the ambulance to the party and parked in the driveway. party-goers didn't even know the man. diaz wasn't hard to catch -- the ambulance had a gps tracker inside. he now faces multiple charges./// ((paul joncich)) that's all for us live at eleven. ((christianne klein)) >> the late show with stephen colbert is next with
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>> stephen: let's see what donald trump is saying about hillary clinton now. >> she's the devil. >> stephen: huh. i wonder if that's true. amy, can you get me the devil, please? >> hello. >> stephen: thank you! >> she's good. >> stephen: okay, donald trump says that hillary clinton is you. >> i'm cool with that. >> stephen: wait, wait, you are? >> yeah, i mean, we don't agree on everything, but you have got to admit her nomination is historic. i feel like i'm part of something. wait, has anyone compared me to trump? >> stephen: no, not that i'm aware of. >> oh, good. i may be prince of lies, but i pay my subcontractors. well, i better get back to the pool of flaming excrement.


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