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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  September 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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like for a new york doctor. (( the impression that we had at the time with such a catastrophe that there was so few patients coming in that there were many, many lives lost.)) ((denise valdez)) >> hear what moved him the most... during his visit to ground zero after the attack.///
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this past year and for years weren't able to make new today's academy graduation couldn't come at a better time. the sixty men and women who make up metro's class two of 2016 received badges and diplomas this afternoon at a graduation ceremony at the orleans hotel and casino. the recruits were recognized today for their dedication and passion to serve their community after six and a half months in police academy. undersheriff kevin mcmahill...and represent a diverse group of men and women that will be serving all across the las vegas valley. metro tells us the addition of dozens of new recruits will help to fill the gap after recent retirements but say that it will be a process with many more needed. (( we do have quite a bit of attrition and this will help every little bit helps )) (( we've been down for a number of years in our numbers we're well below the national average for police to citizens
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over the valley : )) the ceremony isn't the last step. the sixty recruits from this graduating class now have three weeks of final classes before hitting the road for twenty-four weeks of field training with other senior officers. ((katie boer)) as you just mentioned denise.. metro says they are still in need of 300 more officers. they have additional academies starting up again in october and decemer and a recruits in each of those. ((paul joncich)) katie you said sixty officers were sworn in today... is that a normal number with the need for more officers being so great? ((katie boer)) actually yes, metro told us today's number of sixty is relatively normal... but say they hope to have even more-- one hundred recruits participate in both their october and december academies. ((denise valdez)) the future of more than 8-hundred local students is on
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today. it's a story we first told you about on friday. the trade school has two locations in the valley one in north las vegas and a second in henderson. 8 news now reporter karen castro is live near green valley parkway and the 2-15 with reaction from those affected. karen? ((karen castro)) >> many students showed up for class today but the doors were locked. some of them tell me they were blindsided by the closures, leaving them wondering what to do next. ((karen castro)) he's wearing a shirt that says "pr s but grant cooley is not feeling that pride today.. ((grant cooley - itt tech student: i was hurt, really, because a lot of us, you know, we don't have anything as far as job skills to be a professional as of yet.)) ((karen castro)) cooley found out about itt tech closing all its campuses tuesday morning through an email sent by the school. he showed up to one of two valley locations with the hopes of getting his transcripts but no one opened the door. ((grant cooley - itt tech student: it's kind of sad that they would weasel out, like
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)) ((karen castro)) itt tech is blaming the u-s department of education after imposing sanctions against the school for mishandling government grants. the agency most recently banned itt tech from enrolling students who were using federal financial-aid. ((grant cooley - itt tech student: we're the ones getting punished by this, not the shareholders for itt tech. )) ((karen castro)) more than 8-hundred students are affected by the closures in the valley... the majority are low income single parents and military veterans including cooley and jerold adams. ((jerold adams - itt feel let down.)) ((karen castro)) while cooley was half way through his program, adams was getting ready to graduate in december. ((jerold adams - itt tech student: i feel like it's gonna put me back, might have to possibly start another program.)) ((karen castro)) starting another program also means more money. adams hopes to get help through the u-s department of veteran affairs... but cooley is still trying to figure it out. ((grant cooley - itt tech student: my va's run out, my fafsa, i'm at the end of that from these itt prices.)) ((karen castro)) >> there are options for some
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that on las vegas now dot com... including details on a seminar being held tomorrow in las vegas. reporting live, karen castro, 8 news now. ((paul joncich)) we've been enjoying some cooler mornings these last few days... and while it's going to warm back up a little... tedd's been telling us it'll still be comfortable.
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((paul joncich)) as tropical storm hermine pounds the new england coast... officials are still hard at work keeping folks out of the water. (( capt. gregory wood//lifeguard - "neck back injuries, getting flipped over by the waves, they can get pulled out by rip currents. its very dangerous for the public.")) ((paul joncich)) >> the storm is expected to stall in the area.. making for a long new york's long island to cape cod like dangerous rip currents and strong winds by tomorrow.. forecasters predict it will once again head out toward the sea./// ((paul joncich)) donald trump was on the road in virginia beach today... making a push to military families. that area alone is home to more than a dozen military facilities. at the same time... the trump campaign rolled out a list of 88 retired generals and
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((paul joncich)) and while trump is in virginia and north carolina... hillary clinton went to florida for a rally in tampa. this comes as her campaign unveiled a new ad showing wounded veterans listening to trump's actual comments on the campaign trail. the president and first lady michelle obama will campaign for clinton in battleground states next week./// ((paul joncich)) a new poll shows trump now in the lead among likely voters. the c-n-n o-r-c poll shows the repubca ahead of clinton... with 45-percent to her 43-percent. however... results show most voters still expect to see clinton prevail in november. 59-percent think she will be the next president. only 34-percent think trump has the better shot at winning./// ((paul joncich)) 8 news now is your local election headquarters for all the races that matter to you... on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((denise valdez)) the celebrations continue for olympic gold medalisy connor fields. today... he was given a key to the las vegas strip during the county
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fields became the first american to win gold in bmx racing. he grew up in town.. graduated from green valley high school and is currently a student at unlv. last week... the city of henderson also honored him with a special ceremony./// ((paul joncich)) up next... 15 years later.. and many still struggle to talk about the events on september 11-th. (( they were in shock, emotionally in shock and didn't understand what was happening.)) special... to learn about what it was like working in a new york hospital during the attack. we'll be right back.///
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. as a doctor, i see how decisions in washington impact my patients here in nevada. so even though i'm a republican, i won't be voting for joe heck. joe heck's voted ten times to defund planned parenthood, which thousands of women depend on for cancer screenings. man's right to choose even when her health is at risk. for me and my patients,
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this is 8 news now at five.")) ((denise valdez)) sunday marks 15 years since 9-11.
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at that day and how it's affected so many of us. the i-team's vanessa murphy talked with someone very special to her who helped the injured that day. ((vanessa murphy)) i grew up in new york....and i remember being at school on 9-11 and frantically calling my grandfather and other family members to make sure they were okay. since then - i had known my grandfather helped the injured that day but it's actually not something we talked about in depth....and i thinko ((dr. james mazzara/grandfather: the last tragedy that i can remember by history in my lifetime was pearl harbor. and this was obviously much, it was bad or worse than that if you could imagine that but it was, it was quite tragic.)) ((vanessa murphy)) this is my grandfather doctor james mazzara -
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mazzara/grandfather: it was quite imagine that something like that might happen. )) ((vanessa murphy)) in 2001 - he was chief of clinical cardiology at saint vincent's hospital in manhattan and that morning - he was working at a small conference with medical residents until they were notified a plane had hit one of the twin towers. ((mazzara: first consideration was that it was a terrible accident. and most of us left the conference immediately cause one of the windows on the floor that we were on you could actually with smoke.)) ((vanessa murphy)) but when the second plane hit - they knew it more than an accident.... ((mazzara: during the course of the day it was even more shocking.)) ((vanessa murphy)) a disaster plan was put into place inside the hospital. my grandfather describes waiting in the emergency room for
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time with such a catastrophe that there was so few patients coming in that there were many, many lives lost. )) ((vanessa murphy)) he remembers 30 to 40 coming into his section of the e-r...some with trouble breathing... ((mazzara: they were covered in dust.)) ((vanessa murphy)) all of them shaken up. ((mazzara: they were in shock, emotionally in shock and didn't understand what was happening.)) ((mazzara: we just tried to comfort them.)) ((vanessa murphy)) my grandfather sleptn night...waiting for more patients who never came. photos and messages like this covered parts of buildings like saint vincent's as loved ones hoped to find the missing. ((mazzara: we had a wall of remembrance.)) ((vanessa murphy)) and that wall of remembrance... ((choked up)) ((vanessa murphy)) for my grandfather - a painful reminder of the nearly three thousand lives lost in the 9-11 attacks. ((mazzara: it was very sad vanessa.)) ((vanessa murphy)) he was also reminded like so
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which had photographed for years. when he went to visit ground zero shortly after....the words his heard then - still strike a chord today. ((mazzara: they said this is - this is hallowed ground...crying...)) ((vanessa murphy)) difficult to watch my grandfather get emotional... but he wanted to continue doing the interview... and i think this shows how 9-11 has deeply affected so many even 15 years later...especially ((denise valdez)) be sure to watch our 9/11 special here on 8 news now.. sunday from 5-30am to 6-30am. that's during the time when the twin towers were hit 15 years ago. we'll take you to the many memorials across the country.. and hear from those whose lives were forever changed that day. again that's sunday morning at 5-30... here on channel 8.///
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((denise valdez))
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be legal in nevada... lawmakers are already busy
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one of the bills focuses on edible products. patrick walker is live inside "releaf" dispensary near sahara and paradise with more. patrick? ((patrick walker)) >> denise... a pair of state lawmakers are sponsoring a bill to keep edible products purchased at dispensaries like this... out of the hands of children. the nevada dispensary association wants its medical ma along with possible future recreational outlets... to follow more stringent guidelines. they announced today they're backing a proposed bill by state senators patricia farley and tick segerblom... that calls for restricting the shape of edibles to be squares... and they can't resemble candy. also... edibles must be packaged in single doses... and packaging must be non-descript and opaque. additionally... there's a component for childhood prevention and education programs... similar to what's being implemented in the state of colorado right now. farley says some businesses.... like releaf...
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and are being proactive in having more stringent packaging standards for the products they sell.: ((state sen. patricia farley/(r) las vegas: "they have been in conversations about the importance of this, and they're agreeing to start the practice now even before the law has been passed." )) ((patrick walker)) >> 8 news now travelled to denver to investigate colorado's marijuana industry. and during one trip earlier this summer... we learned that accidental consumption by minors has been one of the biggest unintended consequenses of the legalization of recreational marijuana there. it's an issue the industry and lawmakers have be including new packaging and clear doseage information. ((patrick walker)) i want to bring jason over real quick so i can show you the packaging. this is child-proof... a second layer around the edible. reporting live... patrick walker... 8 news now./// ((paul joncich))
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still ahead... a new trend in the housing market. ((denise valdez)) >> why families around the country are choosing to fit into a smaller home... and whether las vegas is seeing the same effect. ((paul joncich)) >> tupac shakur was shot just off the las vegas strip. tonight at six... we look what it was like for reporters covering the story... that ended up with it's own place in pop culture history.///
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i pledge allegiance, to the flag [continues in background]
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blood coming out of her...wherever [pledge continues in background] you gotta see this guy; "oh, i don't know what i said. ah, i don't remember." i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters... get him the hell out of here... get him out of here! get out!
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story we've been following the last week... homeowners in southern highlands have been complaining about blasting that's being done nearby... as part of construction. today... county commissioner susan brager met with the builder and county staff... and says they are following all safety guidelines... and will make sure to notify
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((denise valdez)) a new housing trend is emerging throughout the country. rather than growing into bigger homes... families are instead downsizing over time. (( j.p. piccinini/ jp &associates realtors - "5-thousand square foot was the norm, now we are down to about 3-thousand square feet." )) ((denise valdez)) >> areas like north texas are one of the areas seeing it the most. real estate agents say families don't want massive homes anymore... mainly because of their cost... and companies don't want to build them becuase they aren't nearly as profitable. that means more townhomes.. condos.. are getting swept up. here at home... we're actually seeing the opposite. experts tell us local builders are having a lot of success with larger homes... because the las vegas market makes it harder to sell entry-level homes./// ((paul joncich)) if you're not a family looking to downsize... you've still got a way to save big right now... at the grocery store! you may have noticed lower prices on things like a dozen eggs, a gallon of milk and a pound of meat. all of it is costing about 40 to 50 cents less than this time
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the country's food supplies are growing but demand is down in overseas markets like china... where a strong dollar has made american goods more expensive./// ((denise valdez)) thanks for watching 8 news now at five. the valley's news leader. ((paul joncich)) the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six. /// news music
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we sent him here to fix it. but congressman joe heck became part of the problem. wall street invested over a half-million dollars in congressman heck's campaigns, and heck supports their agenda -- privatizing social security, handing wall street billions in fees, but risking our retirement in the stock market, cutting benefits, putting wall street ahead of us.
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pons captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the candidates come out >> once again donald trump is totally unfit and unqualified to be our president. >> putin looks at hillary clinton and he smiles. boy, would he like to see her. >> pelley: as the fall campaign begins, we'll size up the battle in the battleground states. also tonight, a confession in the abduction and murder of an 11 year old 27 years ago. >> it's incredibly painful to know his last days, last hours, last minutes. >> pelley: a sexual harassment suit against former fox news chief roger ailes is settled with an apology from the company and a reported $20 million. and the rebirth of the


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