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tv   8 News Now at Noon  CBS  September 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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they came out with assault rifles. they blocked off the street. they were screaming for perez to come out of the house. we have you surrounded. they arrested two people but let them go.)) (( when they said perez, i thought, i put two and two together. so, it was very scary.)) ((michael stevens)) >> perez had been on the loose since he broke free from and escaped from the north las vegas police department. perez is the primary suspect in the august 27th shooting death of 31-year-old mohammed robinson outside of a mcdonald's restaurant. witnesses say the deadly argument started with nasty words about robinson not holding a door open for a woman. perez was booked... and is being held inside the clark county detention center. kirsten joyce
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charges perez faces? ((michael stevens)) >> brian, right now, it looks like he's being held on assault charges with a deadly weapon... and battery... more charges could be added in the coming days. ((kirsten joyce)) two people are dead after a shooting outsida apartment complex last night. it happened at the avery park apartments near torrey pines and smoke ranch. metro police say the men responsible for the shooting are still on the loose. at this point they are not sure if it was gang related... or what the motivation was. but residents in the area say they have seen a lot of violence recently.. and are considering moving: (( joe, neighbor: "we've got the volleyball courts and the sandboxes right outside of our window so the kids play there a lot and that's not the best thing so i think we're probably gone."))
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for several male suspects but do not have a description yet. anyone with any information at all on this case is asked to call crimestoppers./// ((kirsten joyce)) students left in the lurch by the closing of i-t-t tech campuses.. have a chance to get more information today. the learning center is hosting a seminar at 2 o'clock today. .. to give itt tech students more information about loan forgiveness and transferring. the college closed all campuses across the country... after it was saio two of the campuses were here in the valley... and had more than 800 students enrolled. the u-s department of education says those who left within the past 120 days can apply for a loan discharge. we have more information about today's event at las vegas now dot com./// ((kirsten joyce)) and summer is not going away yet. we are going to be approaching triple digits again today... sherry are we going to hit them? ((sherry swensk)) yes summer heat is not over for
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of summer season left on the calendar - we will feel like it. .......... temps right now are in the low 90s... and the air is dry. stay hydrated and cool... as high pressure strengthens to keep highs getting warmer through the week. .............. rain is falling over arizona and new mexico as the tropical storm newton moves up into mexico and pushed moisture northward. ...... stays east... and the temps build higher each day until we hit the 100s in the next few days. ((kirsten joyce))
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forced out of their apartments by a fire last night. it happened near las vegas boulevard south and west serene at the paradise spa apartments. when fire fighters showed up... smoke was pouring out of several apartments. the red cross is helping those affected.. the paradise spa apartment complex is no stranger to catching fire. this is the fourth one there in the last four years. they also dealt with an h-o-a treasurer who was convicted of embezzling millions of dollars from the h-o-a./// ((kirsten joyce) bundy brothers starts in oregon today. bunkerville ranchers ammon and ryan bundy face several charges for the standoff at a wildlife refuge near burns oregon earlier this year. five others involved in the standoff also go on trial today. jury selection could take a few days. the brothers are the sons of cliven bundy.. who faces a separate trial for the standoff at his bunkerville ranch in 2014./// ((kirsten joyce))
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military.. veterans.. and foreign policy this week. trump is making a case for an expanded military... while clinton suggests he is unfit to be commander in chief. weijia jiang has those stories and the latest on the clinton email controversy from the white house: donald trump already has marching orders for his generals if he wins the presidency. (sot: donald trump/(r) presidential nominee) "immediately after taking office, i will ask my generals to present to me a plan within 30 days to defeat and destroy isis." trump also called for an end beef up america's military. (gfx) according to a new nbc news/survey monkey poll, trump holds an almost 20-point lead over clinton with military and veteran voters. but clinton is more trusted with the use of nuclear weapons. (sot: sec. hillary clinton/(d) presidential nominee) "he's very loose in his talk about nukes. he said he doesn't care if other countries get them, doesn't know why they haven't been used already." (standup: weijia jiang/cbs news/the white house) republicans continue to question
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server while she was secretary of state. trump says the controversy is worse than watergate. (sot: donald trump/(r) presidential nominee) "our foreign enemies were in a position to hack our most sensitive national security secrets." (gfx) congressman jason chaffetz is also asking the u-s attorney in dc to find out why a computer specialist deleted secretary clinton's email archives in march...after a congressional subpoena had been issued. (sot: sec. hillary clinton/(d) presidential nominee) "the fbi reso questions. the findings included debunking his latest conspiracy theories." wednesday morning - the state department announced all but one of the 15 thousand emails the f-b-i recently discovered had already been turned over. weijia jiang, cbs news, the white house. ((kirsten joyce)) the dallas morning news wrote an editorial calling clinton the only serious candidate. it is the first time that paper has endorsed a democrat in 75 years./// ((kirsten joyce)) 8 news now is your local
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the campaign season... on air and online at las vegas now dot com. /// ((kirsten joyce)) a possible fountain of youth. just how long people in one region of italy are living.. and what researchers think the reasons may be... next on 8 news now, the valley's news leader. ((you're watching the valley's news leader with brian loftus, kirsten joyce and
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i come from a big family. a whole lot of people. a whole lot of love. and a whole lot of food. my mom's was from italy. 60 years ago they met here in nevada and we grew as a family really grew as a family. dad got his start parking cars at the dunes hotel. but he went on to be the head of tourism for las vegas and helped build the city we know today. dad lived his life following three principles, work hard, be honest and respect everyone, that's what i tried to do as attorney general.
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she became a national leader in protecting children from sex traffickers. and passed laws to keep seniors safe from crooked scams. i'm catherine cortez masto, i approve this message because i've spent my career solving problems, isn't that something
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((kirsten joyce)) scientists may have discovered a fountain of youth in a region of italy where people live longer.. and healthier.. : (( (dr. maisel:) // they have less alzheimer's, they have less cataracts, they have less bone fractures // we don't see any heart failure - they have high blood pressure - but good // so there's something there)) ((kirsten joyce)) >> scientists are in acciaroli studying why people like 100-year-old antonio vassallo are living so long. 10 percent of the residents are over the age of 90. the research team thinks the diet plays an important role .. as well as the low stress environment. but they are also not ruling out something genetic./// ((kirsten joyce)) a police chase in los
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the driver was blowing through stop signs.. when he eventually ran into light pole. the front portion of the car started smoking.. and the driver jumped out... and fell onto the pavement. he was taken into custody. police have not said what started the pursuit.. or what charges the man may face. /// ((kirsten joyce)) there was heavy flooding in arizona this morning... the tropical storm that is behind it still ahead on 8 news now,.. and we are starting to heat back up to triple digits... sherry has your full forecast... next... ((you're watching 8
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edia... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-560-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan and autopay. speed may not be available in your area. call today. ?? newton pounded nogales arizona this morning. people woke up to heavy rainfall and some flooding.
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santa cruz county residents stocked up on sandbags tuesday ahead of the anticipated rainfall./// ((sherry swensk)) this is the 6th tropical storm to reach arizona. this tropical system is moving this tropical system is moving fast and sending lots of rain up into arizona...and we can see the clouds off to the east... but plenty of sunshine for southern nevada. ................ we'll check their radar in just a southern nevada.
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a minute... let's check our valley with highs expected to make it into the upper 90s this afternoon. ........... the next few days will rise above normal into the early weekend... and then next week they'll come .............. right now we have a mix of 80s and low 90s around town and low humidity thanks to high pressure. ............. temps in the 90s in laughlin and
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boulder city. ............. let's check newton's progress - right on the arizona - mexico border with 45 mph winds. .......... those flooding rains have come fast into the state and overtaking southern arizona. flash flooding a threat through tonight. then severe weather is a threat through the southern plains over the next couple of days as the moisture and energy moves into those areas. ............... not much wind for us today... and staying sunny. as the week goes on - highs reaching the low 100s by saturday... and even before then for some neighborhoods. ......... but a cooler system from the
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and cool temps back to the mid and low 90s early next week.///
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superhero 5-k is coming up this
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exploration park. candlelighters executive director melissa cipriano. -- melissa, first tem me about the candlelighters and who it
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team? -- and you said costumes and 4 legged friends are encourage right? -- how much is registration... and where does the money raised
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one big change with the i-phone seven... is that apple has done away with the analog head-phone jack. instead, the phones come with wireless headphones that are just the small earbud piece. the new iphone also comes with and improved water resistance./// that's all for 8 news now live at noon.. the valley's news leader. remember that 8 news now is always available at las vegas
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danny tarkanian's carrying a lot of baggage. as a real-estate developer, tarkanian was penalized for failing to pay thousands in property taxes. tarkanian was ordered by a judge to repay $17 million in a failed development scheme. tarkanian refused to pay the money back, forcing taxpayers to bail him out, leaving us holding the bag.
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? >> pam: we sure have missed having you around, ms. ivy. >> ivy: [ chuckles ] >> pam: you think you're gonna stay for a while? >> ivy: [ sighs ] if eric says i can rejoin the design team. >> pam: [ exhales sharply ] i just -- i don't know how you >> ivy: jewelry design is -- it's my life, it's in my blood. it's what i was born to do. >> pam: no. i-i'm not talking about the design part. i'm talking about the working-with-quinn part. >> ivy: [ scoffs ] she's really not that bad. >> pam: [ scoffs ] not that bad? are we talking about the same quinn fuller? >> steffy: ivy? what are you doing here? >> ivy: what? i'm a forrester. why shouldn't i be here? >> pam: you know, i-i probably


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