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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  September 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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is being blamed for two crashes that shut down a major intersection and could cost one person their life. thanks for joining us live at 11... i'm denise valdez. ((paul joncich)) >> and i'm paul joncich in for dave tonight... the first call went out at charleston and eastern... then moments later a much more serious collision at charleston and maryland. reporter shakala alvaranga is live on the scene.... which has been shut down for several hours. shakala? ((shakala alvaranga)) pa that accident happened around 7 o clock tonight. maryland parkway and charleston boulevard remains blocked off as police continue to investigate. first responders were called to the scene of a hit and run collision on charleston and eastern just a few blocks east of where we are now standing. police say the driver of a 2000 dodge magnum left the scene of the accident. according to witnesses, the car was speeding and weaving in
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striking yet another car. that car was making a left turn on a green light before that crash happened. (( sgt. robert staufford / metro fatail detail: " the passenger of that dodge magnum is in extremely critical condition, extricated by firefighters and transported to umc trauma. that passenger currently has some brain injuries and serious neck injuries.")) ((shakala alvaranga)) >> police say the driver of that car was walking around the scene ... p accident. after a brief struggle, firefighters were able to subdue him and tie him down. he has since been take to u-m-c trauma. ((shakala alvaranga)) >> meanwhile, police are now working on a warrant ... to test the drivers blood alcohol level. reporting live shakala alvaranga 8 news now. ((paul joncich)) >> shakala, besides the passenger in that car, was anyone else hurt in this accident? ((shakala alvaranga)) >> paul, we are told that no one was seriously hurt in the first accident. the driver of the mustang
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dodge magnum is in critical condition tonight. the driver has also been taken to the hospital. back to you. /// ((paul joncich)) all-new tonight... only two weeks into starting his very own business ... a local mechanic loses it all. it's a story you'll only see on 8 news now. police are searching for these four men ... who are accused of stealing more than a hundred thousand dollars worth of goods. 8 news now reporter shakala alvaranga filed this story before heading o the cowardly crime ... caught right on camera. "they jump out of a truck. you see em' put gloves on, no heavy equipment, no tools, no nothing. walk to the end of the street. "it's saturday morning friday night at 12:10 am. it only took 45 seconds for them to walk up, snatch my truck, and leave." but these four perps ... took more than just a truck. "i don't know what they were thinking they were stealing. but they took my livelihood and they took everything i had to be
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and his wife is a stay at home mother. "we're unsure of how we're going to put food on the table, how to keep a roof over our heads, basic necesstities, electric water gas just to keep our family going. it's scary." paul has been a mechanic for more than 20 years. everything he had ... his generators, battery testers, diagnostic equie "what was on that truck was everything to repair a 1990 car to a 2017...i'm just devastated. i could cry. i lost everything i own." he started his own business just twelve days before the heist. "today, pissed. the past two days, very depressed and not sleeping, all that keeps turning in my head, the little this, the little that, all of the years of spending money to collect." and
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"i haven't started felling yet. it's numb. we're just numb. you can't comprehend what it is when you have a special needs child, you're a stay at home mom, and the one bread winner, everything was just stolen." ((paul joncich)) >> the truck is believed to be on the east side of the valley. it was last seen on charleston n police are working a few leads but ask that if you have any information, call crime stoppers./// ((denise valdez)) school is slated to resume on monday at walter johnson junior high school after the mercury scare that started on wednesday. parents were encouraged to return items to the school tonight... that they wanted screened for mercury. our crew was denied access to tonight's screenings at the school. a reason was not given./// ((paul joncich)) the face of the school district, superintendent pat skorkowsky, briefly touched on the situation at walter johnson
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school board meeting. today, he fielded questions from the press... and revealed that investigators still don't know how or when the mercury made its way into the school: (( pat skorkowsky/ccsd superintendent: 'we're still trying to determine the date it was prior to wednesday. just talking to the epa they were not able to determine when it came in the building but did say it was before that wednesday." )) ((paul joncich)) >> skorkowsky says the school district is working closely with the environmental protection agency to ensure that the building is clean and ready for students on monday. he also admitted that the mercury scare has been a learning sitt (( skorkowsky: "we've done a good job of getting things together. can we do things better we can always do things better in any of these situations." )) ((paul joncich)) >> investigators believe the mercury was brought in from outside the school. there were no thermometers missing from walter johnson. they're still trying to determine where it came from, who brought it in, and how it was passed around./// ((denise valdez)) it took first responders 17 hours to screen more than 12-hundred students and staff members during the decontamination phase.
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handle hazardous events such as this one... involving mass casualties. responses here in the valley actually changed after the 9-11 terror attacks. multiple agencies started doing annual training to respond to all types of events... especially in areas of high concentration. unlike a shooting or an earthquake, a hazmat situation is a slower and more tedious process: (( tim szymanski - las vegas fire & rescue: "first responders are gonna there and mitigate and make sure the incident doesn't get larger and it doesn't hurt people in the process and if people are hurt, then we're gonna take care of those people that are hurt we take care of that immediate action. e then other agencies may become involved depending on the jurisdiction of who it falls under." )) ((denise valdez)) >> tim szymanski with las vegas fire and rescue says in an even bigger scale event, a "unified command" would be activated. it involves the different responding departments including fire, police, paramedics, city and county officials... among others.
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at johnson junior high, out of state resources will be called in./// ((paul joncich)) it's officially time to talk about the weekend. tedd's here with a first check of your weather... a good weekend to enjoy outdoors, tedd? ((tedd florendo)) ((( winds have actually helped. we have seen less smoke today than over the weekend. still a slight haze in the air, but the winds also not as strong as yesterday. temps this morning dropped as low as 69 at mccarran. we haven't seen that temps since may, so the unofficial end to summer felt like it this morning. plenty of sunshiine and cooler d .......... ......................... .......... let's take you through the the eveing with your planner. temps stay warm tonight but not hot. we have light breezes but not windy. looking at clear skies again with only a slight haze in the air for this evening. we have a detailed look at what to expect the rest of the week, coming up in your weathernow forecast.
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is official. the 12 members of the legislative commission voted yes on regulations to shift the balance of power in ccsd. the plan calls for moving power from a central office to the more than 300 schools in the district. principals and their volunteer boards would control about 80-percent of the money flowing to their schools. the rules passed the nevada board of education last week. the new format would be implemented b ((denise valdez)) a killer remains on the loose tonight... after a deadly shooting at an apartment complex this morning. metro police say two men got in an argument at the complex on sierra vista drive near maryland and d-i. the victim was shot on a second floor landing... he died at sunrise trauma center. the suspect fled the scene. a good description is not yet available. if you have any information... call crime stoppers.///
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topic on the campaign trail today... one day after north korea completed another ballistic missile test. hillary clinton assembled a group of bipartisan foreign policy and national security experts in new york... promising to slap tougher sanctions on the isolated nation and to engage china to help contain it. clinton warned that the threat is very real: (( hillary clinton / d-presidential nominee: "isis and north korea's quest for a nuclear weapon are not entirely unconnected because the greatest threat of all would be terrorists getting their hands on loose nuclear material." )) ((paul joncich)) told evangelical christians at the value voters summit that clinton's years as secretary of state were a failure... and he said isis hopes she wins: (( donald trump / r-presidential nominee: "hillary clinton is trigger-happy, she really is, she's trigger happy! // her tenure has brought us only war, destruction and death." )) ((paul joncich)) >> the election is now less than two months away. by the way, trump's running mate mike pence released ten years of tax returns today.
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((paul joncich)) hillary clinton will campaign in las vegas next week. on wednesday she'll be in town to discuss her jobs plan. details about the visit have not been released. as soon as they are... we'll let you know./// 8 news now is your local election headquarters for all the developments in the presidential race that matter to you... on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((denise valdez)) some fantastic football under the friday night lights! we're taking you around the valley with results from tonight's biggest games. jon tritsch is just ahead with your game of the week and r in sports. here we are now... entertain us. 25 years ago nirvana brought grunge to the mainstream with smells like teen spirit. we explore what the anniversary means for music. ((denise valdez)) sunday marks 15 years since the 9/11 terror attacks. ever since that fateful day we've heard stories of heroism, bravery, struggle, and triumph. we'll hear more of those stories sunday. please join us at 5:30 a-m... as we take you live to
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and the helpers from that day. we're back right after this.///
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catherine took on the big banks when they preyed on homeowners. and forced them to pay one point nine billion dollars to nevadans. she became a national leader in protecting children from sex traffickers. and passed laws to keep seniors safe from crooked scams. i'm catherine cortez masto, i approve this message because i've spent my career solving problems, isn't that something
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this is 8 news now at eleven." ((denise valdez)) tomorrow marks 25 years since the release of nirvana's iconic hit "smells like teen spirit" -- can you believe that? ((paul joncich)) >> the song was released in 1991 off the band's second album, "nevermind", andu nirvana to the top of the charts. ((denise valdez)) >> rolling stone's contributing editor and editor in chief of the village voice, joe levy... shares his unique insight on the anniversary: (( "load up on guns, bring your friends it's hard to lose and to pretend." joe levy/rolling stone contributing editor: "it's hard to sum up what was so ground breaking about "teen spirit" because it was that ground breaking. you hear all the time about music that changed the world and yet, this actually did. teen spirit opened the door for
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of popular music. opened the door for punk rock and all its anarchy and anger to enter the american popular mainstream. that's amazing." )) ((denise valdez)) >> you can check out the full interview with levy tomorrow on "cbs this morning" starting at 5 a-m. "smells like teen spirit" reached number six on the billboard hot 100 helped sell more than 30-million albums worldwide. many credit the song for allowing alternative rock music to break into mainstream pop... and have described it as the "anthem of generation x"./// ((paul joncich)) severe weather sweeping across illinois and into indiana tonight. there were four confirmed tornadoes in the land of lincoln... this is video from sydney, illinois... that's about an hour and a half east of springfield. at least one home was completely destroyed... no injuries have been reported
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tornado season... what conditions made these storms possible?/// ((tedd florendo)) ((( the heat returns this week and it's hotter today than yesterday with triple-digits around the region. but still remain below windy criteria. we still are dry with single digit humidity readings. and we're a few degrees warmer than yesterday. ................................ .. afternoon highs hot around the valley with temps hottest over to the east side of town where we're lower in elevation. especially for the east and southeast neigbhorhoods. not-as-hot for the locales on the west side of town especially
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coolest. ................................ .... regional temps also stayed hot with hottest temps in laughlin and death valley. although we definitely got hotter for the colorado river valley from mesquite all the way down to the searchlight. more tolerable temps in the 90's for the central great basin where they also had some wind develop too. ................................ ... ..... u.s. temps show get stay hot only in the desert southwest but the southern plains with feels like temps in the 100's. still hot also for the northern plains and the mid-atlantic states with muggy conditions there down to the deep south. .. ............................. .... .......... again across the region with most of the precip up in the pacific northwest. looking at the high mexico/texas to continue to progress northward and bring hotter weather this week; specifically late week. looking at the next system to roll through the north part of the state to increase wind this weekend and especially next week. .......................... ......... ................ here's the forecast. 80's by morning with clear skies and winds finally calming down overnight. should be comfortable and clear by morning wit wake-up temps in the 80's again. tomorrow expect a high of 106 again and hotter. we could see some light breezes returning again tomorrow.
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((denise valdez)) >> jon tritsch was a busy man tonight... he's on the sports desk with your high school football rundown. ((jon tritsch)) >> we've got a top 10 showdownd for our game of the week... our friday night feature is a date with arbor view and
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and ucla is heavily favored against the rebels... but there's a lot of confidence coming from unlv. that's next in sports./// ((jon tritsch))
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at game time is beautiful..but while the scenery is all glamor..the football team is all grit..the aggies smashing helmets with foothill for our fan's choice game of the week the players #4 ranked intensity..the student..on the other..losing their mind..well done.. first drive.. arbor view on the attack.. diego stubbs rumbling behind his leading blocker..quarte rback hayden bollinger.. the bulldozer..getti ng the pancake block.. from power to precision..bollin ger to skyler moses.. in the promised land of six.. bollinger behind great pass protection fires into the scoring arms of isaiah herron..touchdo wn arbor view 30-0 in the second
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flight.. screen.. jordan wilson to brandon hargis.. see ya...80 yard touchdown..30-8 but the aggies defense rips the momentum back.. pheniz calino interception and big return.. 4th quarter.. arbor view asserting dominance.. jaquari hannie touchdown..40-15. .the aggieg falcons the number one team in all the land bishop gorman at #3 mighty st. john bosco... bosco bullying their way into the endzone early.. demetrius flowers.. puts the califonia kids on top.. coach sanchez..your thoughts..we'll give him some space... gorman down but not done.. tate martell..flirting with passing perfection .. to dorian thompson robinson.. who's a quarterback on the
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martell staying aggressive to brevin jordan..a back shoulder beauty.. jordan caught a hail mary last week..this one not as dramatic but more important.. gorman comes from behind for their 41st win in a row..35-20 over the #3 team in the country desert pines at clark... jaguars isaiah morris is in a lot of trouble.. and then he's not.. speed kills.. ask the clark defense.. score.. desert pines seizing control.. randall grimes to deaundre newsome..great adjusting grab.. desert pines stays undefeated winning 41-7 great game between sunrise mountain and spring valley.. kc moore finds gerardo avalos.. and the g-man reaches for the pylon and the score.. back and
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deliver the knockout punch... kc moore..quarterb ack draw.. touchdown... griz up by a score..when the highlight of the week erupts.. watch.. kevin benoza.... not to be many tackles can one man break .... an incredible effort.. spring valley wins 26-13 ((jon tritsch)) unlv enters their showdown with ucla with nothing to lose and an expectation to win..the bruins had their hearts ripped out last ruthless on the road hear me out.. unlv is full of momentum with zero pressure.. and have a chance..of course they haven't beaten a power five conference opponent in their last 12 tries but tony sanchez and the rebels are thinking victory in would shock the world..well everyone except for them (tony sanchez/unlv head coach: "we know how talented they are. we know it's going to be an uphill battle at times. but we think there are things we can do if we execute and communicate well we can take advantage of. we ran the ball well at times and played great defense for a half.
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we do that it gives us an opportunity. we've got to be close in the 4th quarter- somewhere close late in the game we have to be within striking distance and if we are than we will have a great opportunity.") we've seen valley football players hit.. what about baseball alums.. bonanza pride and joy kris bryant smokes his 37th home run of the year.. a 2 run shot.. and good for the only offense of the game as the cubs beat the brewers 2-0 for their 90th win of the season weights and watch film all he wants..but if he has plaque build up at half time..forget it.. the 2015 nfl mvp was flossing his teeth at halftime..causing every dental hygenist to fist pump across the country..we all know 320 pound defensive lineman aren't that scary..the real threat..gingivitis .. ((paul joncich)) our strange stories for
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((denise valdez)) a pennsylvania man is accused of stealing about 300-thousand pennies from his employer. police say robert napolitan took 16-hundred pound drum filled with the pennies from the business where he wk his jeep. officers followed a trail of pennies to his vehicle and he reportedly confessed. he's being held on 50-thousand dollars bail... that's five-million pennies./// ((paul joncich)) a man is lucky he wasn't hurt after he drove off a parking garage in austin, texas. rescuers say the man was trying to pull into a parking spot, and the s-u-v didn't stop. luckily, it got stuck in the high tension wires and the driver
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to the ground./// ((tedd florendo)) a chuck-e-cheese restaurant in indianapolis is getting a new neighbor... and the locals aren't happy about it. a hustler adult store is opening in the vacant storefront right next door to the popular children's hangout. city council says the store is zoned for retail and there are no code violations. some locals are vowing to fight to keep it from opening./// ((paul joncich)) that's all for us live at eleven. ((denise valdez)) >> the late show with stephen colbert is next titus
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tomorrow night./// news music only 2 weeks into starting his
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captioning sponsored by cbs captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: welcome to the "late's show's "enchanted forest. why am i in the the enchanted forest, you ask? because we paid to have it made, and the band that insisted we didn't-- let's just say, they didn't work out. and let me tell you, that was not welcome news to the worker elves who built the set or did all that ridgeital rendering back there. these are union elves, not known for their whimsy. ( laughter ) that's not the only magical tale i have to tell you. oh, no! because once upon a time there was also a guest who assured me he was up for anything. just surprise him, he said. so i rented a sheep because we had a pretty funny bit involving


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