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tv   8 News Now Sunday Morning  CBS  September 11, 2016 8:00am-8:30am PDT

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9/11. we're still the america of heroes who ran into harm's way; of ordinary folks who took down the hijackers; of families who turned their pain into hope. )) ((christianne klein)) 15 years later we remember 9/11. from the first responders to the family members we lost. ((paul joncich)) >> 8 news now weeekend starts right now./// "now, live...this is 8 news now weekend edition." on september 11, 2001, terrorists hijacked four passenger planes two smashed into new york's world trade center, ((paul joncich)) >> today marks the 15th anniversary of the deadliest attack on american soil. memorials will be held in new york city and around the country, and twin beams of light will illuminate the sky where the towers once stood./// ((christianne klein)) >> and a third plane slammed
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killed. president obama attended the memorial observance ceremony at the pentagon to honor the victims of the 2001 terrorist attack./// ((christianne klein)) and both presidential candidates were at ground zero some recent surveys show donald trump statistically tied with hillary clinton in the key battleground states of ohio and florida. she'll be campaigning in las vegas wednesday... no further details have yet been released. and in roughly two weeks they presidential debate./// ((paul joncich)) thanks for joining us on this september 11th... i'm paul joncich. ((christianne klein)) >> and i'm christianne klein. first we want to take you live to a local memorial... at the palm northwest mortuary. reporter nia wong is there where they have a "healing field" lit up this morning. ((nia wong)) >> what you see behind me are 2996 flags standing tall. each one representing a life
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on display. >> i'm told this process takes months to plan for and volunteers installed the last flags yesterday morning. the field is divided by those lost on those flights or in the twin towers. each flag has a card with the name of a victim and a short biography. visitors can come here to stop and reflect at this display until the 16th. each flag is being sold for 35 dollars or 100 dollars if you want it in a special display. all proceeds will go to the burn ing our own local heroes. also a wall of remembrance. the names of each person is inscribed on this wall. it's a display that comes by every year at this time. ((nia wong)) >> right now....preparatio ns are underway for a ceremony to remember those 9-11 victims. it starts at noon on the healing field....where there will be a silent auction and the american red cross on site to host a blood drive. reporting live from the northwest. nia wong 8 news now. ((christianne klein)) and before you hit the road there's no doubt you want
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like today. ((paul joncich)) >> tedd florendo has the forecast. another hot day on tap with temps trending above average for the third day in a row. temperature trend shows we were up and down with our highs with hot temps a week ago, then dropping to the 90's. we bumped back up to the century mark as early as thursday as we stay above average for at least one more day before big change. ................................ ... ........ hour by hour through overnight shows warm temps by morning in the s we get close to 100 by lunchtime. expect plenty of sunshine and heat as we reach 101 by afternoon. more winds kicking in by late in the day with gusts in the evening. ................................ ... .......... weather headlines call for and end to the hot week with gusty wind returning tomorrow. we'll see more fall-like temps next week with highs maybe dropping to the 80's. and maybe steering clear of 100's all week. we'll have an update to your forecast coming up
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((paul joncich)) we'll take a look at that flags journey back home. next on the valley's news leader.//// "now, live...this is 8
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((paul joncich)) >> welcome back. here's a look at shanksville, pennsylvania. this is where the fourth and last plane crashed a servicewas also held at the flight 93 national memorial in pennsylvania. ((christianne klein)) >> flight 93 was hijacked by four al-qaeda terrorists. who took control of the aircraft and diverted it back towards washington, d.c.
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highjackers to regain control, but, it crashed into a field near shanksville. killing all 44 people aboard including the four hijackers./// ((paul joncich)) the american flag that flew at ground zero just hours after the september 11th terror attacks is back on hallowed ground. ((christianne klein)) >> here you see nypd unit marching with the flag at the start of the 9/11 memorial service marlie hall has the story from new york. (marlie hall / cbs news) >> a symbol of hope has come home. emergency respe american flag at ground zero just hours after the 9/11 attacks - a moment captured in these photographs. (joe daniels / 9/11 memorial president) >> "the raising of this flag restored some humanity, it restored some hope and it really told all of us as americans that we were gonna be strong and that we were gonna get through this together." (marlie hall / cbs news) >> but days after it was raised, it disappeared - for 13 years. then, in 2014, an anonymous man turned it in to a fire station in everett, washington.
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puzzling re-emergence, and helped authenticate this piece of american history using high resolution photographs.. "exactly how the flag ended up across the country and the identity of the person who turned it in remain a mystery. but it's back, and here to stay." the flag has now been donated to the 9-11 memorial and museum. (alice greenwald /9/11 memorial director) >> "everyone here and the 9-11 memorial and museum feels a tremendous measure of pride and responsibility i custody of this flag" (marlie hall / cbs news) while the flag has been found the mystery of where it went lingers. (jim massingale /former everett police detective) >> now with the amount of attention thats being given to it we suspect that there will be leads that come in (marlie hall / cbs news) >> the stars and stripes are now on display - in time for sunday's 15th anniversary of the attacks. marlie hall cbs news new york. ((christianne klein)) despite the triple digit
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corner. ((paul joncich)) >> and that means the harvest is back in the valley. how you can get tickets is next on thv
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the harvest festival has returned to the valley. today is the last day to check it out. doors open at 10 am and it goes until 6. tickets are 9 bucks .. but you can save two dollars if you bring a can of food, ba the items will be donated to safe nest, which helps victims of domestic abuse./// ((christianne klein)) triple digit heat is making a return to the valley. ((paul joncich)) >> tedd florendo let's us know how long this heat will last. (( )) ((tedd florendo)) the heat spell continues for another day as temps jumped up to above average again. sunday looks to be another day with temps at triple digits before
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neighborhoods at triple digits on the east side as early as noon sunday. ................................ ... ...... saturday high was up to 100 again making it the third day in a row of triple-digit heat. we were 5 degrees above average and no where near the record thankfully. we've been seeing some cool morning starts and it should remain that way all week with some 60's by morning as well. ................................ ... ..... the heat continues over to the mid-atlantic still dealing with oppressive heat with dewpoints in the 70's and high humidity making the feels like temp close to 100. ................................ ... ........... sunny and dry for sunday. we have a weak system in california that is bringing some clouds around but shower chances are slim to none. could pick up a few in the mountains but the rest of this weeked it mainly stays east in arizona this time around. we are watching a big trough in the jetstream still on track to slide down and stick around for
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temperatures. ................................ ... ............ here's the forecast for tonight through sunday. temps dropping to the highs 70s overnight then jumping up to 101 by sunday afternoon. expecting winds to increase to breezy with locally higher gusts by afternoon and early evening. ................................ ... ............. mount charleston cool and breezy with a high of 73 by later in the day. if you plan on hiking remember winds will increase making it difficult for those higher terrain hikes tomorrow. overnight lows drop to 52 by morning with red rock looking at high of 95. .... ... ............... lake mead will be extra warm with highs around 106 and breezy. if you plan to be on the lake keep in mind late day we'll also have some breezy winds brining choppy water to the lake for all those boater. life vests are recommended. ................................ ... ............ here's your extended forecast. big winds on monday and tuesday as well getting close to wind advisory criteria. still some breezes on wednesday as well. wednesday looks to be our coolest day with temps dropping to the high 80's still and about 6 yo 7 degrees below average. we stay in the 90's all week and steer clear of the
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((paul joncich)) get your grills out and throw on a burger or two. because the nfl is back! ((christianne klein)) >> and jon tristch also let's us know if the rebels came out on top against ucla at the rosebowl. th news leader./// ((christianne klein))
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((paul joncich)) >> that's right the nfl season starts this morning. and jon tristch gives us a recap of unlv's showdown with ucla at the rosebowl. ((jon tristch)) unlv can beat jackson state by 50 all it wants..but the rebels can't flex the program progress muscles until they beat a big conference team..that opportunity arrived at the rose bowl today against ucla bruins trying to emotionally rebound from their overtime loss to texas a&m... rebels looking clean in the
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touchdown.. the rebels answer.. lexington thomas cutting through the defense and into the endzone..7-7 bruins counter with 21 straight points..josh rosen to mossi johnson..28-7.. but less than a minute before half.. johnny stanton throws a strike to mekhi stevenson..28-14 at half.. 2nd half.. the absent unlv defense shows up.. matt lea forces the fumble..troy hawthorne recovers here's johnny.. the southern california kid scoresn facing third and long.. kenny keys breaks up the pass..but is called for targeting..he's ejected and the bruins march on.. ucla doesn't let go of momentum and finishes off the rebels 42-21..chris maathuis tackles our recap in pasadena the best player on byu's defense is former liberty high school
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recovered a fumble in the first quarter then intercepted rival utah in the second quarter... 9 minutes later picked off the utes again...that makes 11 career interceptions for #12 but then controversy takes over..nacua lights up the receiver in the third..breaking up the pass...but he is called with targeting and ejected..utah would win 20-19 canyon springs grad donnell pumphrey is having a career day for san diego state against cal.. pumphrey over 200 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns as the aztecs and bears burn the lights out on the is still in progress deep into the night ufc 203 in cleveland featured hard-nosed fighters like stipe
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fighters like stipe miocic and hardly believable ones like cm punk..the wwe star's debut didn't go as scripted cm punk..37 years young.. facing 24 year old mickey gall who's
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fine".. cm punk charges..not a good idea.. the zack efron looking charcter gives the new guy..the longest 3 minutes of his life.. first round punk has a bruised face and beaten spirit.. mickey gall wins the main event.. hometown hero stipe miocic taking on alistair overeem..and this didn't get past the first round either.. the fire fighter and ohio native wears the belt as a ufc champion by way of first round knockout.. ((christianne klein)) thanks jon
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by giving blood. the american red cross is supporting '9-11 day'... by hosting blood drives across the country. the day was launched in 2002 as an annual day of service to honor the victims and the heroes of 9/11. from ten this morning until
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you can head to palm northwest mortuary near jones and the 215 to help out./// ((paul joncich)) that's all the time we have for 8 news now this morning. ((christianne klein))
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: today on "face the nation," 15 years after the attacks on 9/11, how safe are we, and what challenges face the next president? it's a day for sober reflection about the most horrifying day in modern american history. what happened to the spirit that united the country after 9/11? we'll talk to the head of the c.i.a., john brennan, plus the chairman of the house intelligence committee, devin nunes, about where we are in the fight against terrorism. then we'll unveil new cbs news battleground tracker results about what voters say they're looking for in a commander-in-chief. on the campaign trail, another week of negativity was capped by this comment. >> to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of trump's supporters into what


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