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tv   8 News Now at 630 PM  CBS  September 11, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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attacks. but the head of the new york city police department says... it's also a time to celebrate what we've done since then: (( bill bratton/ new york city police commissioner - "this is a day of mourning but also a day of celebration. a day of celebration because here's the new tower. that tower's a symbol that we are winning and they are losing, the terrorists. and they will continue to lose." )) ((sharie johnson)) ceremonies also took place across the valley. las vegas fie and rescue marked the moment the first tower collapsed... with a "tolling of the bells". ((sharie johnson)) >> firefighters and metro police joined together for the ceremony at fire station 5. the tribute was transmitted over las vegas fire's channel.. to all departments across southern nevada. all stations also lowered their flags to half staff: (( tim szymanski//las vegas fire and rescue - in the old days before radios they used bells to communicate so when a fire alarm came in, they would count the number of times it rings to figure out where the fire is. when a signal went out with a set of 5, 3 times, that was a
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had lost their life in the line of duty. )) ((sharie johnson)) >> fire station 5 opened on septembner 11-th 2004. it's home to a piece of the world trade centers... and a flag that once flew at one of the buildings. it is raised on this day every year./// ((sharie johnson)) folks are paying tribute to those affected by the events on 9/11 at fremont street. reporter brittany edney is there with more on the events happening tonight. ((brittany edney)) ((sharie johnson)) we'll be right back.///
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((sharie johnson)) a valley high school is mercury was brought in by a student. the clean up process has gone late into the weekend. 8 news now's mauricio marin has been looking into whether the school will be ready for students come monday. ((mauricio marin)) >> c-c-s-d leaders have just made the decision to keep johnson junior high school closed monday. there's still some areas of campus--- particularly the gym where crews are zoning in and
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student's health. >> the e-p-a says they collected about a quarter cup of mercury from the campus---a significant amount of the substance found overall. 60 homes have been screened for mercury. one of those homes has been deemed unsafe by the local health district. on campus---the e-p-a has also been working to clear bags of shoes and clothing as well as backpacks left behind by students who were locked in for nearly 14 hours when a teacher first discovered a student substance. the latest numbers from c-c-s-d show more than 800 bags have been screened and cleared. over 100 have been picked up. one parent says the ordeal has been a bit overhwelming. but feels the district did the best it could in the position they were put in. ((debbie kooser/parent: "it was a long night. it was mass confusion. alot of angry parents. it was crazy." you can only do what you can do. they had to make sure that the children safety came first. that was the most important thing. i felt that was what they did." ))
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to prevent mercury from possibly spreading. they've checked and cleared all 7 buses that service johnson junior. ((mauricio marin)) >> the e-p-a is keeping its station out here open until 9pm tonight for parents who want to bring clothes and other belongings they feel may have been contaminated after learning the mercury was likely brought on campus prior to wednesday. mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((sharie johnson)) we all have stories about where we were on 9-11... but this one offers a unique perspective. york giants head coach... about the impact that day had on him and his team./// "you're watching the valley's news leader...with sharie johnson, katie boer & jon
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((sharie johnson)) everyone has a story about where they were on september 11th... here in las vegas... we have someone with a unique perspective. jim fassel was the head coach of the new york giants back in 2001... he now lives in las vegas... and sports director chris maathuis had a chance to sit down with him. ((chris maathuis)) if effected the entire country. the event effeted new york city. and it affects sports teams also. and here's the coach of the new york giants at the time jim fassel. and jim you were coaching the giants. what a tragic scene and what a tragic event and you guys lived through that. jim fassel/ former ny giants head football coach: well of course it did we opened the season against the denver broncos for monday night football. we got home at about 6:30-6:45. landed in newark (new jersey). went to the office, changed clothes, and showered up because we had to go right to work. and all of a sudden the first plane hit. i didn't even know, i was watching tape.
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the second plane hit. we couldn't concentrate. we weren't getting anything done everyone was finding that out. and everything started to break loose. calls were coming in. ((chris maathuis)) >> you don't really think about how it affects every corner of the country with some tragic event like that, doesn't it? jim fassel/ former ny giants head football coach: yea it really does. you know i got some letters from fans that said, "coach thank you for being in the superbowl and being able to be put on the lead game for monday night football, because had we not i stay u and otherwise i would've been in one of those towers. and i decided not to go in till later that morning." ((chris maathuis)) >> wow! tell me about the story where you guys were on the bus and you guys saw.all the cars that were parked there with all the cars taht had dust on them. jim fassel/ former ny giants head football coach: >> giant stadium is a parking area where people had to ride the bus from over there to manhattan....ok..... and i always saw the cars in the morning because i
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was empty. and after that i came and there was quite a few cars in the morning there. and when i left that night at 11 o'clock that parking lot was full, and i've never seen a car that left. that happend for about two to three days and i just knew that the people who parked their car there just perished over in new york that day. ((chris maathuis)) >> you mentioned all the letters you've gotten and those first responders and the firemen. i mean sports is a release from something so tragic. you guys were able to honor the firemen and recognize them at games. jim fassel/ former ny giants head football coach: >> i think that was one of the best things that came out of it for me. i have a foundation that's given over a million dollars to first responders, firemen, and police. but there was a guy named john polombo and he had nine children under the age of eleven and he perished. and i met that group from the firehouse.
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and i had a van that would bring them over for saturday's practice. they got to meet all the players and throw all the footballs around. and i had seats for them in the stadium. mrs. polombo went on to tell me, "jim this made our kid's lives. they lost their father, they're reallly depressed. however with us coming over to a part of the gian family has made it really easy to help." ((chris maathuis)) >> how did it affect the obiviously you think about the families and the lives that were lost. but, what were the attitudes of the players? jim fassel/ former ny giants head football coach: >> i told the coaches taht i don't want any yelling or screaming at practice. if a guy makes a mistake let's just be calm. because everybody has this on their mind and we don't need to add to that. but the players handled it pretty well. they went over about a week later and toured around there and i went over there. mayor (rudy) giuliani's office called me and asked me if
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so i was over there when they were trying to find people alive. and i've been innew york for a long time and you don't get any sun there. it's all shaded with buildings. it was the biggest hole in the sky i've ever seen in my life. with all the buildings around and it was an incredible sight. ((chris maathuis)) >> it's something that will always be seared in your mind. jim fassel/ former ny you know i'll tell you this. i have an office in my home and straight across you can see it. the fire department made four out of some of the remnants of 9/11 and they gave one to president bush, governor pataky, mayor guiliani, and me. and it's my most cherished trophy of all time. and when i left the giants i left it with them because it's on the entrance to giants stadium and the fire department found out about it and they gave
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guys back to you. ((katie boer))
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humidity...10 to 15 percent. ..................... right now we're already seeing those breezy to gusty conditions--which will only increase come tuesday. here's a look at current winds--and how about these temps. in the upper 90s and above average today! ..................... here's our can see normal temps are about 96 for today. we passed that late this afternoon. ................... heading into tonight look for mid 70s overnight... 90s.... we'll see a big drop though from sunday to tuesday as an approaching low pressure system really hikes up our winds and drops temperatures. .................. as for rain... really no threat for now...with most current precip well to the north... even with this trough approaching we should stay dry through the extended forecast. ................ here's your 7-day... we go from upper 90s today to low 90s tomorrow...real ly the big dip
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highs down all the way to the upper 80s for tuesday and wednesday. low 90s with temps starting to climb a bit again by late week. look for those low 90s to linger from thursday in through this next upcoming weekend. ((sharie johnson)) freeway ramp closures and a cone zone in the southwest valley will certainly slow you down this week. demetria obilor is in tonight explaining what crews are up to and how to get around it all...
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shut down so crews can do some construction work. the closure will last through five am. expect some slow downs in the area. detours are posted. the mlk on-ramp to northbound 95 is closed through november for project neon construction. use alternates like rancho to get to the freeway. out in the southwest, the rainbow/russell intersection is slowing you down as crews project for the county. expect big slow downs in the area as work continues. use alternates like tropicana and jones to get around the delays. i'll keep you updated on these cone zones during my morning reports... see you monday... have a great evening ((sharie johnson)) coming up in sports..
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marked with tributes see how players and stadiums
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word "hero."... heroic is not the player who makes a game saving tackle but the fire fighter who takes a life saving risk.. it's not the defensive star..but the men and women who defend the stars and stripes it's the opening weekend of nfl games and stadiums were full of passion and patriotism..presi dent bush flipped the coin in dallas as visiting new yorkers were moved to tears.. bengals coach marvin lewis wore an fdny hat as his team took on the new york jets moments of silc first responders presented the colors and players showed unity and resolve by interlocking arms around the flag...america sincerely and solemnly showed it's strength through sports there was plenty of nfl action around the country.. bishop gorman grad demarco murray making his tennessee titans debut.. and he dazzled.. he catches a touchdown pass from marcus mariota in the first quarter and another one in the 4th quarter... he provided the titans only two
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orleans between raiders and saints...drew brees throws a 98 yard touchdown pass to brandin cooks..the longest throw of his hall of fame career.. but with 47 seconds left.. derek carr fires a td strike to seth roberts.. instead of tying the game.. the raiders go for 2 and the win.. carr to michael crabtree.. gutsy maneuver pays off..35-34 raiders win classic... eli manning to victor cruz..and he salsa dances in celebration..gia nts take the lead late and dallas can't york wins 20-19 chiefs were down 27-10 to the chargers in the 4th quarter but come roaring back and force overtime.. alex smith the option keeper.. ball game.. 33-27 kansas city wins las vegas new it had a special one when donnell pumphrey was lighting it up on friday night
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get better at san diego state? last night in san diego states shootout win over cal..pumphrey ran for 281 yards and 3 touchdowns..not only was it a career performance but he also became the all time leading rusher in aztec history..passing hall of famer marshall faulk.. this milestone was a goal for the valley great (donnel pumphrey/sdsu: "oh definitely, i did that last week and i didn't have a big game like i wanted to. i just came out here and the offensive line, they blocked their butt off and i was just able to follow behind them and do what i do.") saban..the video you are seeing is what happens when coach gets up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and then steps on his grand kids legos.or wait.. actually this is him screaming at assistant lane kiffin with 40 seconds left in a game with his team up by 4 touchdowns.. ((sharie johnson)) that's it for us.
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now at 11./// coming up tonight on 8
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> stahl: today marks 15 years since the horrendous events of september 11, 2001. now at ground zero in new york city, there's a memorial museum that tells the story of that day and honors its nearly 3,000 victims. but deciding t wasn't easy. was absolutely every single tiny little thing an argument? >> paula grant berry: there were lots of issues. >> iken: oh, boy. lots, lots. >> stahl: tonight we'll take you back to the challenges of creating our nation's 911 museum. >> mike anderson: not a day goes by where i don't think about my son. he was mike jr. he was my only son. >> pelley: he is what is known


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