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tv   8 News Now Good Day  CBS  September 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> and... hold onto your hats .. windy weather blowing into the valley .. sherry is tracking the models .. to see just how strong gusts will get. ((michael stevens)) 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 news now good day.)) ((bell tolls silence )) ((kirsten joyce)) as people get ready for work this morning ... many still have 9/11 on their minds. ((michael stevens)) >> tributes .. memorials .. ceremonies held across the country and the world .. to mark the 15th anniversary of the attacks. thanks for joining us, i'm michael stevens in for brian./// ((michael stevens)) the bell tolled in new york city .. and a moment of silence held ... to commemorate when the first tower was struck by a hijacked plane. ((kirsten joyce)) >> it was followed by family members the reading of the names of their loved ones who were killed 15 years ago:
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reading names of those killed in the attacks )) ((kirsten joyce)) >> many also visited the 9/11 memorial where the world trade centers once stood.. leaving flowers and paying their respects. new york city police commission bill bratton says the new one world trade center .. shows just how resilient our country is: ((bill bratton/ new york city police commissioner) "this is a day of mourning but also a day of celebration. a day of celebration because here's the new tower. that tower's a symbol that we are winning and they are losing, the terrorists. lose." )) /// ((kirsten joyce)) in washington, d-c.. the american flag was unfurled over the exact spot where the plane struck the pentagon. ((michael stevens)) >> the president spoke at a ceremony there .. honoring the lives of 184 people who died during that attack.: (( even as you've mourned, you've summoned the strength to carry on. in the names of those you've lost you've started scholarships and volunteered in your communities and done your best to be a good neighbor and a
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and grace you have reminded us that together, there is nothing we americans cannot overcome." )) /// ((kirsten joyce)) and outside pittsburgh, pennsylvania ... families gathered where flight 93 crashed into a field.. ((michael stevens)) >> the names of the 40 passengers and crew on board were read aloud, with a tolling of the bells. (( "my beloved cousin, c.c. ross lyles." bells tolling)) ((michael stevens)) credited for saving countless lives .. they stormed the cockpit, preventing the hijackers from crashing in washington d-c. a national memorial near the crash site is nearly finished... more than 400- thousand people have already visited it so far this year./// (( bell ringing )) ((michael stevens))
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"tolling of the bells" ... to reflect on the moment the first tower collapsed in new york city. ((kirsten joyce)) >> the tribute was transmitted over las vegas fire's channel.. to all departments across southern nevada. las vegas fireman tim szymanski ... says its to honor the men and women who gave their lives responding to that call .. who never made it home: (( tim szymanski//las vegas fire and rescue - they thought it was an airliner that crashed into the building accidentally. they didnt know it was an act of terrorism. their mission was to get t twice as many firefighters than usual. )) ((kirsten joyce)) >> the ceremony was held at fire station 5 .. which opened on the third anniversary of september 11th. a piece of the world trade centers is on display there .. as well as the flag that once flew at the twin towers./// ((kirsten joyce))
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march for the fallen. ((michael stevens)) >> hundreds gathered under fremont's viva vision canopy last night. there were no speeches .. the procession went from freemont and main to the 3rd street stage for a moment of silence. organizers say it's important that future generations see the tributes .. and remember what our country went through on that day: ((mike tomko, retired firefighter: " the kids who weren't around, they weren't born yet for 9/11 need to understand what happened that day, what a tragic day it was and how innocent people we're killed just for just for getting up in the morning and goi ")) ((michael stevens)) >> this event was started back in 2003 as a group of firefighters getting together at the make-shift memorial at the new york- new york casino. /// sherry, how's the
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........ breezy winds arrive today and start to break down the heat. southest gusts could reach 30 ............ very dry air stays in place and even fire weather danger sets up for tomorrow with fire weather warnings across our entire forecast area tomorrow. ........
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back to you! ((michael stevens)) returning to johnson junior high for a third day. this after the district says epa
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campus. kirsten joyce >> there are still some areas in the school--- specifically the gym-- where crews are making sure all traces of potentially harmful mercury levels are removed... and crews were out searching neighborhood homes this weekend. ((michael stevens)) >> 8 news now reporter nia wong joins us live from johnson junior high with the latest on this investigation. nia? ((nia wong)) >> it was a busy weekend for the district and the e-p-a. they were here up until 9 last night testing for traces of mercury. the district reveals as much of a quarter of a cup was discovered on campus. >> the district says a teacher discovered students with the chemical thursday morning but believe it may have been on campus before wednesday. this led to a 20 hour lockdown where students and staff were not allowed to leave until each of them were screened individually by epa investigators. the investigation continued out of the classrooms as well. 7 buses have been tested and cleared. so far 60 homes have been
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local health district. ((mike barton, ccsd "we care about our students, we care about their families and we want to ensure that when they do return that safety, security and cleaniness is a top priority.")) ((nia wong)) >> the district says students will have to make up at least 2 of the three missed days of school. but they still have not said when they can return this week if at all. ((nia wong)) >> the district urges parents to keep an eye on their online portal --parent link-- to see if classes will resume tor junior high. nia wong 8 news now. ((michael stevens)) >> any idea on when the school district plans to make up these missed school days? ((nia wong)) >> no official days have been set but we do know they're looking at either election day or the week before thanksgiving. michael. demetria, how are the roads? we're starting with one crash just outside of town on us 95 and cold creek. this is up by southern desert correctional.
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heading to creech air force base, expect to see some police activity. no delays on us 95 and south rancho. overnight, the exit to south rancho from southbound 95 shuts down for construction. right now, the mlk on-ramp to northbound 95 is closed. use
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com... and look for the "don't miss" section. we'll be right back on 8 news now good day.///
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this is 8 news now good day)) ((sherry swensk)) our 4 legged friends in boulder city were enjoying the dog days of summer this weekend. the parks and rec department pool paw-ty.. afterwards, crews drained the water and cleaned the pool.. it'll reopen for the winter season later this month. they'll put a big bubble around it to protect human swimmers from the cold, until next spring./// ((demetria obilor))
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this morning .. apparently a woman was walking around the city when the fish fell from the sky and hit her in the face! she got a couple cuts and her face was swollen but was otherwise fine, just a little freaked out. she thinks it fell from about 50 feet above weighted about 5 pounds. the woman says a few friends spotted a bird flying away afterwards.. so they think the bird accidentally dropped its lunch./// sherry, how's the weather?
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outdoor events this weekend... and now we start to cool down this week. .. but a lot of winds are coming
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............. in fact, gusty winds that will create fire weather conditions and dangerously dry. ...... temps in the upper 70s and low 80s right now with dry air. .......... ana area of low pressure dropping into the southwest to door for cooler air this week. ............ temps drop from 100s this weekend ot 90s to 80s midweek. thanks, sherry. now to demetria for a look at the roads.
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a crash has been reported on southbound 95 and jones. the closed. use rancho as an alternate. north fifth and north lawrence are under construction
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tahoe international airport yesterday. it landed in a parking lot .. there were no survivors. no word just yet on what exactly caused the technical difficulty./// ((kirsten joyce)) locals say there's a crack in the spaghetti bowl...but the state isn't taking action... ((michael stevens)) >> demetria gets to the bottom or it, in "what's driving you crazy?" ((kirsten joyce)) and it's time for today's facebook contest. register to win on our facebook page. good luck!/// now good day. ((kirsten joyce)) ((kirsten joyce)) the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother
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of high-speed internet for just 75 dollars a month for one year with autopay. speed may not be available in your area. switch today. the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. just head to our 8 news now facebook page.. and upload a pic of you sipping a cup of coffee. ((michael stevens)) >> 8 lucky viewers will be chosen each week to win an 8 news now mug! the winners will be announced every friday./// demetria, what's driving people crazy? demetria obilor
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the spaghetti bowl, and we noticed a huge crack/gap in the freeway. it actually made cracking sounds each time a truck went over it." i've received questions about this so-called "crack" before, but fortunately that's not what this is. it's a bridge expansion joint. ndot says it enables the structure contract and expand in order to accommodate temperature absorb vibration. ndot says it inspects over 1,000 bridges statewide at least once every two years. according to the american road and transportation builders association, we have some of the best rated bridges in the country. 35 of nevada's 1,919 bridges have been deemed structurally deficient. that's 1.8 percent. the national average is 6 percent.
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traffic 8 at las vegas now dot com. back to you./// ((kirsten joyce)) two different protests happening in portland, oregon sunday-- one for the bundy battle of the takeover of a federal wildlife refuge .. another for the black lives matter movement. demonstrators want amm released... the trial is expected to begin tomorrow. and people with the black lives matter movement sought justice for a man killed in august./// ((michael stevens)) still to come on 8 news now good day... bright colors rocking the runway ... ((kirsten joyce)) >> the art exhibit in nevada .. that inspired a collection debuted during new york fashion week./// ((kirsten joyce)) now on good day... homes tested for mercury ..
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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the investigation into the exposure that closed school again today.
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the woman in charge of las vegas joining us in studio .. we get your questions answered in mondays with the mayors. ((kirsten joyce)) >> and... fall will be in the air .. the winds blowing into the valley ... bringing some cooler temperatures with them. ((michael stevens)) 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 news now good day.)) ((kirsten joyce)) thanks for joining us on 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader. i'm kirsten joyce. ((michael stevens)) >> and i'm michael stevens in for brian. classes are canceled school. ((kirsten joyce)) >> crews are still cleaning up .. after students and staff were exposed to mercury ... last wednesday. and crews canvassed neighborhood homes as well... over the weekend... >> 8 news now reporter nia wong is live outside the school with the very latest on the investigation. nia? ((nia wong)) >> kirsten and michael. that's right. students will not be returning today as the epa continues to test this campus for traces of mercury. this weekend the district
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of the chemical was disovered here last week. we're told most of the cleanup is happening in the gym. this not only led them to screen hundreds of students and their belongings but the investigation continued out of the classrooms as well. 7 buses have been tested and cleared. so far 60 homes have been screened for mercury-- and one of them was deemed unsafe by the local health district. ((debbie kooser/parent: "you can only do what you can do. they had to make sure that the children safety came first. that was the most importa )) ((nia wong)) >> ccsd says more than 800 bags have been screened and cleared....with at least 100 of those items returned. ((nia wong)) >> officials say they aren't taking any chances with mercury contamination. they're taking this day by day and have not said when students can return. for now they urge families to check their online portal - parent link for the latest update. ((kirsten joyce)) >> does the district have more information as to how mercury got on campus and who
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was brought by a student. still no word if they've pinpointed exactly who. but they're urging students to come forward if they know who it is. back to you. sherry, how's the weather? ((sherry swensk))
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........ breezy winds arrive today and start to break down the heat. southest gusts could reach 30 mph or higher in isolated areas. ............ even fire weather danger sets up for tomorrow with fire weather warnings across our entire forecast area tomorrow. ........ highs in the mid 90s today and cooler 80s this week. demetria, how are the
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southbound 95 and jones. i'm not seeing any significant slow downs at this point. lots of construction happening at flamingo and sandhill. expecty slow downs. use desert inn.
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celebrated the life of the first woman elected to the clark county commission. thalia dondero died last sunday at the age of 96. there were a number of speakers including catherine cortez masto. dondero's children said she was working till the very end ... that work ethic is what they want her to be remembered for: ((rob dondero // son of thalia dondero: my mom was one of those people who said, did you go out and get engaged? are you going to do something about it? because if you didn't, you can't sit back and complain -- so paving a way to get engaged and get involved was something i'm very prou ((michael stevens)) >> she was elected back in 19-74 and served on the commission for 20 years. during her tenure, dondero oversaw a mccarran airport expansion and flood control projects./// ((kirsten joyce)) after the break on 8 news now good day... concern over hillary clinton's health ... ((michael stevens)) >> her near- collapse .. after leaving a 9/11 ceremony early. ((kirsten joyce)) plus... the victims of the attacks aren't just those who died that
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cases ... linked to 9/11./// ((you're watching the valley's news leader...
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((michael stevens)) trade center attacks, cancer remains one of the biggest concerns for first responders and survivors. ((kirsten joyce)) >> so far more than 5 thousand have been diagnosed with cancers related to 9/11. doctors with the world trade center health program say they're now diagnosing 10-15 new cancer cases each week including rare cancers.... something doctors could go their whole career without seeing. and many patients-- have been diagnosed with multiple cancers.
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nypd deputy chief i feel lucky and blessed that i'm not as sick i know people who have died. )) ((kirsten joyce)) >> new research from the new york city department of health shows rescue and recovery workers as well as new yorkers exposed to the dust and debris have an increased risk of cancer. the study finds significant increases in prostate cancer and melanoma./// ((michael stevens)) many nfl games kicked off yesterday .. but not without paying their respects. in a show of solidarity and tribute to victims , the seattle during the national anthem before their season opener against the miami dolphins. new york giants odell beckham and victor cruz wore commemorative cleats showing the american flag and a tribute to the fdny. they could face fines by the n-f-l for wearing unsanctioned footwear. meanwhile, some players across various teams protested race inequality during the star spangled banner./// ((sherry swensk)) a beautiful showing for the victims of 9/11..
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.. where the twin towers once stoof. the tribute in light was visible across the five boroughs in new york city. this began in 2002 as a temporary thing .. but is now an annual tradition. it's comprised of 99 search lights .. and faded as the sun rose this morning./// ((sherry swensk)) and an abc station in new york posted this incredible view of the tribute in light to their facebook page.. you can see inside the display sherry how's the weather today?
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outdoor events this weekend... this week. .. but a lot of winds are coming
6:43 am
............. in fact, gusty winds that will create fire weather conditions and dangerously dry. ...... temps in the upper 70s and low 80s right now with dry air. .......... ana area of low pressure dropping into the southwest to start the week will open the door for cooler air this week. ............ weekend ot 90s to 80s midweek. demetria, how are the roads?
6:44 am
no major delay work in the area as contractors for the city work on installing cable barrier railing. construction is underway on 215 and aliante. expect lane shifts in the area.
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the mayor is answering your questions... ((michael stevens)) >> we're live with las vegas mayor carolyn goodman.. coming up next on 8 news now good day. plus... ((i'm norah o'donnell.. coming up.. we broadcast live from the smithsonian national museum of african-american history and culture in washington. that's coming up, only on cbs this morning. )) /// you're watching 8 news now good day. ((kirsten joyce)) i'm catherine cortez masto and i come from a big family. a whole lot of people. a whole lot of love. and a whole lot of food. my dad's family was from mexico. my mom's was from italy. 60 years ago they met here in nevada and we grew as a family
6:46 am
he dunes hotel. but he went on to be the head of tourism for las vegas and helped build the city we know today. dad lived his life following three principles, work hard, be honest and respect everyone, that's what i tried to do as attorney general. catherine took on the big banks when they preyed on homeowners. and forced them to pay one point nine billion dollars to nevadans. she became a national leader in protecting children from sex traffickers. and passed laws to keep seniors safe from crooked scams. n't that something
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monday mornings withh >> today.. we have las vegas mayor carolyn goodman joining us. good morning! ((michael stevens)) -talk about the mercury exposure at walter johnson junior high school ((kirsten
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raiders? ((michael stevens)) -what are your thoughts on the reorganization of the clark
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((kirsten joyce)) -the city is offering afforable before- and- after- school care... tell us about safekey and ignite. -any announcements you would like to share? (kirsten ) >> to submit a question...
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and click on the banner that says monday mornings with the mayor./// sherry, how's the weather today?
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and some bumpy winds already today that will get gustier as the day goes on and that area of low pressure gets closer to us in southern nevada. ............. have been up to 20 mph but calmer at the moment. .............. some clarification on the red flag warning for our area and the lake mead wind advisory. the fire weather warning is for tuesday... but the wind advisory is actually issued for today. 20 to 30 mph winds sustained expected through the day. ........... higher gusts expected and that will be dangerous on the water. ............ the valley winds should get up to 30 mph today and higher gusts tomorrow.
6:55 am
for monday... then fall back to upper 80s tomorrow and wednesday. ........... eventually we warm back up to low 90s by friday and then mid 90s again by the weekend./// demetria, how are the roads? traffic on southbound i-15 is backed up right now. no major crashes on your freeways right now. the rainbow/russell intersection is slowing down due to a county improvement projec
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after yesterday's health scare. she left a 9/11 ceremony in new york early and could be seen nearly collapsing while getting into a van. the 68- year- old was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday ... however, she says she feels fine./// ((michael stevens)) 8 news now is your local election headquarters. you can find all things politics both on air and online at las vegas now dot com. we'll be right back.///
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points. it plunged 394 in .. and the nasdaq sank 133./// ((kirsten joyce)) there was a little bit of nevada on the runway during new york fashion week. designer 'jason wu" says his main inspiration for his spring 2017 collection was the 7 magic mountains. he says quote "the vibrant colors .. left an indelible mark on me." there are many bright colors in his pieces.. that remind you of the art piece near the jean dry lake
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this special broadcast of "cbs this morning" is being brought to you with limited commercial interruptions by target and toyota. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, september 12th, 2016. from the smithsonian national museum of african-american history and culture. we're giving america its first extended look inside the national mall's newest treasure. it was a century in the making. >> we'll show you key moments of history that are on display. including a cabin that held more than a dozen slaves. and a lunch counter school from greensboro sit-in for civil rights. also muhammad ali's gloves, and


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