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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  September 12, 2016 10:59pm-11:35pm PDT

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safe after a mercury scare... but what about the residual effects? (( "i heard the beeping and all that going crazy" )) ((dave courvoisier)) >> the big questions that remain unanswered as the school prepares to reopen. ((denise valdez)) >> creepy crawlies at a local casino: (( "i might have brought things home with me and i can't sleep because i kept feeling crawling on me." )) ((denise valdez)) >> where bugs shut down this restaurant and what's being done about it tonight. ((tedd florendo)) >> the winds are about to pick up in southern nevada... g temperatures behind them. your most accurate weather... on the valley's news leader./// and i'm dave courvoisier. this mercury scare is proving to be costly for multiple parties. and some want to know...
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with more. shakala? ((shakala alvaranga)) >> well dave, for some families ... the price tag just keeps adding up. eighty homes were assessed today by the e-p-a, where clothes, shoes and bags were taken. and though the school has been cleaned thoroughly, one family still has their doubts. walter johnson junior high school re opens tuesday. but uncertainty still lingers for the kallao family. "as far as i'm concerned i'm actually afraid to send him back to scho this world is ok one kid does something wrong and another kid wants to do something better." the environmental protection agency came by the family's house over the weekend. "they took my clothes, they took my shoes, they took literally everything that fitted me, all of my new clothes, $1,000 we went just shopping for school." dawson's clothes ...
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evaluated after wednesday's mercury scare. "they checked his clothes which was in a pile and that's where they found a very very high volume of the mercury." "when they came in my room, i heard the beeping going crazy." dawson was one of several students that stepped on the mercury last week. "it was like a little his grandparents say they don't feel comfortable sending him back to school yet. "we didn't know how serious it was. we didn't know what was going to happen." and they don't plan on getting their clothes back ... either. "i said i'm telling you right now i don't want them back. if there's mercury on them, can you guarantee me that they're going to be fine if they put it back on?" ((shakala alvaranga)) >> as to how the mercury got on campus and who brought it to school is still being investigated. officials say they do believe it
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identified that person. reporting live shakala alvaranga 8 news now. /// ((dave courvoisier)) >> shakala, for parents who want to get their clothes back ... where can they pick it up? ((shakala alvaranga)) >> for parents that did not pick up those items today, school officials ask that you come tomorrow morning at 8 to get any left over clothes or shoes. back to you./// ((denise valdez)) a crawly discovery has prompted an investigation at a a local woman's facebook post has been shared more than 23-thousand times... after she says she was bitten by bed bugs at the silver nugget in north las vegas. we sent reporter brittany edney to investigate... she joins us live with her findings. brittany? ((brittany edney)) >> the silver nugget casino has closed the restaurant... but we still don't know how long this possible bed bug infestation has gone on for and
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one woman says she is still recovering from the painful bites she claims she got while eating there. ((brittany edney)) barbi stenstrom was taking home videos of her kids while they were eating in a restaurant at the silver nugget casino.... when suddenly, she felt something on her legs. ((barbi stenstrom, victim "i noticed that my legs started to sting and i looked down and i had welt.")) ((brittany edney)) which she says has only gotten worse. ((barbi stenstrom, victim "it's started leaking, youn she says she took these photos of underneath the booth before a managager taped off the table. we asked the folks over at guaranteed pest solutions--who specialize in bed bugs-- about these images-- he says without a doubt, he can identify bed bugs and dozens of eggs in those photos. ((joe restifo, guaranteed pest solutions "this is a bed bug right here, all these transulecent white things are eggs, and all this staining, is digestive blood meal. so every time they fed, they digest it and that's what's left."
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they take health concerns very seriously and have closed the restaurant... releasing this statement -quote-: "the health department and an outside company have examined the area thoroughly several times to identify the source. while they did find evidence of a few unidentified bugs, they have not found an infestation." ((brittany edney)) bed bug experts say the amount of fecal stains in these photos indicate that this di' it's been more of a long term problem. ((joe restifo, guaranteed pest solutions "you have to have a level of concern that they are going to spread, and the longer there's there, the more likely, it is that they spread." ((brittany edney)) stenstrom says she doesn't want this to spread any further and hopes the entire casino will be properly inspected so no one else could fall prey to the tiny insects. ((barbi stenstrom, victim "i'm just on the edge, i'm overwhelmed. i'm terrified that i might have brought things home with me, i couldn't sleep last night, because i kept feeling things crawling on me."))
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district who says they sent out inspectors today once they received a complaint... and that the inspection reports should be available this week, possibly as soon as tomorrow. denise. ((denise valdez)) >> has the silver nugget had complaints like this before? ((brittany edney)) >> the silver nugget says their entire property is sprayed by a pest control company on a weekly basis and that they have never had any reports like this previously. there's no word ye o we'll send it back to you./// ((dave courvoisier)) get ready for some windy days ahead... and also more comfortable temperatures. tedd's here with a first check of your weather at 11./// ((tedd florendo)) ((( looking at increased wind for the next few days as we anticpate a cold front to bring some gusty winds through wednesday. temps will also get cooler as well for a few days
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could be strongest later on and tomorrow. temps not as hot but still warm across the region. ............. ...................... ..... hour by hour shows clear skies but gusty winds through the evening. we'll have warm temps as well and down tot he 80's by late night. morning start stays cool as winds will increase again tomorrow with possible advisories in place through many areas. we'll have a complete update on your forecast coming up in a few minutes.
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approved. the agreement applies to customers that filed an application for the grandfathering plan before the end of 20-15... and some who withdrew their applications./// ((dave courvoisier)) all-new details tonight in the case against alonso perez... the man suspected of murder who escaped north las vegas police custody before he was recaptured days later. a newly-released arrest report states that perez admitted to shooting mohammad nestor-robinson outside a valley mcdonald's... but claims it was self defense. perez told police he ou he also admitted to smoking meth before the shooting. the dispute started when nestor-robinson swore at an acquaintance of perez after she didn't hold a door to the restaurant for him./// ((denise valdez)) a planned rally for hillary clinton in las vegas will go on as planned -- without the democratic nominee in attendance. wednesday's event at the college of southern nevada will now feature her husband, former
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while she receives treatment for pneumonia. she told cnn tonight she didn't disclose the diagnosis immediately because she didn't know it was going to be that big of a deal./// ((denise valdez)) hillary clinton's health isn't her only concern right now... her choice of words at a campaign stop last week has many trump supporters crying foul. clinton said --quote-- "you can put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables" --unquote--. trump is using those remarks to paint clinton as an out-of-touch common man: (( donald trump: "hillary clinton spoke with hatred in her heart for these working class americans. absolute hatred in her heart." )) ((denise valdez)) >> clinton will rest at home again tomorrow. she's promised to release more medical information in the next few days. trump has also said he'll release results of his physical soon. we still don't know when clinton will return to the campaign trail./// ((denise valdez)) 8 news now is your local
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the presidential race news that matter to you... on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((dave courvoisier)) we could bear witness to a showdown in washington... after the white house announced that president obama will veto a bill that would allow victims of the 9/11 terror attacks to sue saudi arabia. some families allege that saudi arabia supported the hijackers who carried out the attacks. the white house previously suggested the president wouldn't sign the bill when it passed the senate in may... saying it would complicate diplomatic relations. effective way to investigate terrorism and say it would have risky implications for the u-s: (( josh earnest/white house press secy: "this law actually opens the united states to risks of being hauled into court in countries around the world." )) ((dave courvoisier)) >> brett eagleson, whose father died in the attack on the world trade center, voiced his frustrations with the threatened veto at a press conference: (( (brett eagleson son of 9/11 victim) "have you ever heard of the expression 'it takes an act of congress'? well it took an act of congress and we did it.
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work is going to be threatened by a potential veto, is a kick in the stomach to 2,996 thousand victims of terrorism on american soil." )) ((dave courvoisier)) >> both the house and senate passed the bipartisan legislation unanimously by voice vote. a congressional override of an obama veto would be the first of his presidency./// ((denise valdez)) a child is fighting for his life tonight in a memphis hospital... after a fire that killed nine people including five children. caused by an electrical malfunction in an air conditioning unit's power cord. a memorial is growing tonight for the victims... surviving family members struggled to find words today to express their anguish. in the pit of their despair, they're praying that eight year-old cameron jett will pull through: (( ernest jett/family member: 'i'm not counting him out because there is a god, but i have faith." )) ((denise valdez)) >> the ages of the child victims range from three to 16
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smoke alarm and was put out in just 20 minutes. it is the deadliest fire in memphis in nearly a century./// ((dave courvoisier)) monday night football had fans feasting on two games. coming up in sports, chris maathuis will wrap up week one in the national football league. they saved the worst for last. ((denise valdez)) >> exploding phones due to overheating batteries... and concerns they could cause an air emergency. the directions for some smartphone owners... next.///
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((denise valdez)) officials say your smartphone could be a risk to you and others... and now samsung has to replace two-and-a-half million new phones... because their batteries can catch fire. now, the f-a-a is warning flyers not to use or charge the recalled samsung galaxy note 7 on board airplanes because of the fire danger. the batteries can overcharge... leading to the phone overheating and going up in flames. dan steingart studies lithium ion batteries and explains how this works:
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professor: "it's like causing a little firecracker to go off within the battery. and then if you have one firecracker surrounded by many other firecrackers, and if the firecracker goes off it will trigger the other ones to go off pop pop pop." )) ((denise valdez)) >> the only warning sign that something may be wrong with your phone is that it will get too hot. you should turn it off if you feel the heat./// ((dave courvoisier)) construction on the new freeway between henderson and the hoover dam has been going on for nearly a year and a half now... and some parts are well ahead of schedule. hundreds of workers are carving inr the middle of the desert. it's being built in two parts... the first on the east side of u-s 95 and the other all the way to henderson. the freeway will bypass boulder city... which should cut travel times from las vegas to destinations in arizona by up to half an hour: (( tony illia/ndot: "we're out there in raw desert, which presents its own challenges of course, but as opposed to heavy traffic control and coordination through a dense urban area, coordinating with residents and businesses, cutting a swath through the desert is easier." ))
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project was originally scheduled for completion in quarter four of 2018... but drivers could be on the freeway as early as june 2018./// ((tedd florendo)) ((( the heat spell continues for another day as temps jumped up to above average again. sunday looks to be another day with temps at triple digits before another cool down. many neighborhoods at triple digits on the east side as early as noon sunday.
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again making it the third day in a row of triple-digit heat. we were 5 degrees above average and no where near the record thankfully. we've been seeing some cool morning starts and it should remain that way all week with some 60's by morning as well. .. ............................. .... ..... the heat continues over to the east coast where the mid-atlantic still dealing with oppressive heat with dewpoints in the 70's and high humidity making the feels like temp close to 100. ........................ ........... ........... sunny and dry for sunday. we have a weak system in californi are slim to none. could pick up a few in the mountains but the rest of this weeked it mainly stays east in arizona this time around. we are watching a big trough in the jetstream still on track to slide down and stick around for a few days bringing wind and cooler temperatures. ................................ ... ............ here's the forecast for tonight through sunday. temps dropping to the highs 70s overnight then jumping up to 101 by sunday afternoon. expecting winds to increase to
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................................ ... ............. mount charleston cool and breezy with a high of 73 by later in the day. if you plan on hiking remember winds will increase making it difficult for those higher terrain hikes tomorrow. overnight lows drop to 52 by morning with red rock looking at high of 95. .................... ............... ............... lake mead will be extra warm with highs around 106 and breezy. if you plan to be on the lake keep in mind late day we'll also have some breezy winds brining choppy water to the lake for all those boater. life vests are recommended. ... ................................ ............ here's your extended forecast. w and tuesday as well getting close to wind advisory criteria. still some breezes on wednesday as well. wednesday looks to be our coolest day with temps dropping to the high 80's still and about 6 yo 7 degrees below average. we stay in the 90's all week and steer clear of the 100's.
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isn't into moral victories. ((denise valdez)) >> but they were within 7 points of ucla in the 4th. sounds similar to last year. ((chris maathuis)) >> think back to last season and they were in nearly every and yet still came away with only 3 wins on the season. but this year will be different so says one of the best players on the team. plus... the rams are back and picking up where they left off, before they left. i'll explain coming up in sports. ((chris maathuis)) there was a lot of talk about
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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in los angeles. looking at today's season opener at the san francisco...
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moving. in their final years in l-a, they're win totals were 3, 6, 5 and 4. they certainly looked like their on pace to equal those numbers fans will get disinterested real fast. there's plenty to do in l-a then watch -- unwatchable -- football. speaking of fans... one ran onto the field. this game was ugly!!!! --- this game was so ugly the t-v channels were changing themselves. this game was so ugly, if it was a brick -- it would be the great wall of china. that's how ug kruger nightmares. at one time in the game, there were more punts then points. in the end, it was the niners shut out the rams 28-0. next week los angeles is home with seattle. pete carrol back in the coliseum. in the first monday night game it was the redskins hosting the steelers. this one wasn't much better. but at least there was big ben and the boys. roethlisberger threw three touchdowns.... check those fantasy numbers..
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levon bell is out... but in his place... they didn't miss a beat... deangelo williams rushed for 143 yards and two touchdowns. washington scored the first six points of the game, but after that it was all pittsburgh, they rout washington 38-16. there is reason to rejoice regardless of tonight's boring games... nfl football is back and that's good news... great news for all the fans... and even better news for all the sports books. football is king and it's the big ticket. (( )) jay kornegay/director; "the electrcity in the room was tremendous all weekeno air, because the vibe in the room was evident, from friday through last night's game you could tell football was back." ((chris maathuis)) in college ball, the rebels turned a few heads last saturday at the rose bowl. unlv played hard, scored some touchdowns and suddenly those watching the game looked up at the scoreboard and noticed the rebs were within 7 points in the 4th. but close isn't where they want to be...
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different this year. (( )) lexington thomas/rb:" we're a way better team that last year i can tell you that much... we've still got a lot of improvement to make, but we're going to make sure everything clicking for the next game.. i think it's a good game people realize we're not the same team from last year, from 10 years ago. this is a new and improved and new era, call it a new era." the rebels play at central michigan this saturday... and the chippawas got the attention of unlv.... with a eye poppi they beat oklahoma state on a blown call and a successful hail mary at the end of the game. kickoff at noon on espn 3. ((chris maathuis)) you have a voice here on channel 8... it's our fans choice high school game of the week. this is where you decide what we do on friday night. ((chris maathuis)) the voting is a lot closer with our three games this week. go to our channel 8 facebook page and vote. centennial visits las vegas high... faith lutheran will travel to meet silverado and coronado is home with legacy. you get to decide our game of the week, jon tritsch will be
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the week ((chris maathuis)) also, don't forget to send us your smartphone videos... we'll play em on friday night. we can have some fun this season... sharing your videos with the rest of the valley.. send them to pix @lasvegas ((dave courvoisier)) our strange stories for monday right after this.///
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((denise valdez)) a tennessee man has been arrested for bulldozing his neighbor's house in the midst of an ongoing dispute between families. 57 year-old edgar mclellan is charged with trespassing and felony vandalism. officials say they found debris from the vandalized home in his backhoe.
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was knocked down./// ((chris maathuis)) a personal foul in a football game that was really personal. the ref got knocked out cold while trying to break up a scuffle. 19 year-old lineman bernard schirmer was swinging his fist when he caught the ref in the head and sent him to the ground. schirmer was kicked out and arrested. he's apologized profusely and swears it was an accident. no decision has been made on filing charges just yet./// ((tedd florendo)) a philadelphia woman was on her way to exercise outside the art museum when shes she believes a bird dropped the five-pound fish from its beak or talons as it was flying over her. lisa lobree says she freaked out and dropped to the ground. she was cut below the eye and had to get a tetanus shot and antibiotics. despite the initial shock... she's trying to laugh it off./// ((dave courvoisier)) that's all for us live at eleven. ((denise valdez)) >> the late show with stephen colbert is next with dr.
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>> and now a special message from "the late show." >> hello. i'm dr. phil and i'm here to talk to you about an important organization -- doctors without last names. ( laughter ) every day, dozens of doctors in without a last name to call their own. i know. because i'm one of them. ( laughter ) but it's not just me. the condition affects so many -- like dr. ruth, dr. dre, dr. jay, dr. octopus. without a last name, how are


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