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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  September 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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vegas... filling in on the campaign trail for the candidate who wants to become the 45th president. thanks for joining us... i'm dave courvoisier. ((denise valdez)) >> and i'm denise valdez. hillary clinton has been off the campaign trail for the past three days... due to pneumonia. and today's rally comes as she's fallen slightly behind donald trump in the last two polls here in nevada. political reporter patrick walker is in the newsroom with more. ((patrick walker)) >> president clinton took several shots at donald trump today... but he also spent a lot of time trying to draw a clear line economic policy... and what he says the economy would look like under trump. hillary clinton's plan calls for a large investment in the country's infrastructure -- rebuilding bridges and roads and airports. president clinton touted analysis done by senator john mccain's former economic advisor... which concluded hillary's plan would create over 10 million new jobs... while donald trump's plan would kill about 3 and a half million jobs. also... hillary clinton has made immigration reform a key component of her economic plan.
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chided trump for his proposal to deport undocumented immigrants and build "the wall"... saying it would cost 100 billion dollars that could be better spent elsewhere: ((president bill clinton: 11.27.44 "the worst thing we could do is spend that kind of money on a wall, it'd be better spent on bridges and roads and ports and airports." 11.27.52)) ((patrick walker)) >> after a post-convention spike... donald trump has been slowly climbing back after falling behind hillary clinton in the polls. the latest real clear politics average of polls over the past th for clinton... and in nevada its a virtual tie. trump has polled ahead of clinton in nevada in the two most recent polls... by cnn and nbc news. ((patrick walker)) >> the candidate clinton is expected to be back on the campaign trail tomorrow. she's scheduled to appear at a rally in greensboro, north carolina./// ((denise valdez)) bill clinton isn't the only campaign surrogate while hillary recovers. her daughter chelsea is also stumping for the democratic presidential candidate.
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program... and spoke to students at a college in salem. her message was aimed at students... as she tries to win over younger voters who say they aren't excited to vote in november./// ((dave courvoisier)) we're 35 days away from the final presidential debate, hosted by unlv. and today, the university kicked off the countdown with a pep rally. the debate has already made a $40 million dollar impact in southern nevada. but as sharie johnson explains, it's effect inside unlv classrooms... has been priceless.
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and 4 existing classes have a debate election element... giving student a real life application. ((david damore, professor, political science, consultant for latino decisions elections tend to trump governance and that's a big theme for my course as well as what it means for our ability to solve public policy problems )) ((sharie johnson)) this political season makes unlv junior jared stevens even more interested in political science. ((jared stevens, junior, polysci major it's very polarized but i would say it's good in a certain way because it gets people more involved )) ((sharie johnson)) meanwhile... still excited about being a part of the historical presidential debate at unlv. ((kara langin, unlv grad student, marriage & family therapy i feel so fortunate to be in this opportunity, i probably won't get in but i still feel lucky )) ((sharie johnson)) sharie johnson, 8news now. >> ((dave courvoisier)) >> unlv has also teamed up with ccsd to offer a scholarship to the student with the best essay after the debate./// ((dave courvoisier)) and we're your local election headquarters... stay up to date on everything politics on air and online at las vegas now dot com.///
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((( looking at increased wind for the next few days as we anticpate a cold front to bring some gusty winds through wednesday. temps will also get cooler as well for a few days and below normal. gusty winds at this hour, but cod tomorrow. temps not as hot but still warm across the region. .. ............................. .... ..... hour by hour shows clear skies but gusty winds through the evening. we'll have warm temps as well and down tot he 80's by late night. morning start stays cool as winds will increase again tomorrow with possible advisories in place through many areas. we'll have a complete update on your forecast coming up in a few minutes.
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henderson fire department shared. it shows firefighters using a specialized pet oxygen mask... to save a 100- pound dog that was found inside the home. the fire started around 11 this morning near warm springs road and lake mead parkway. we're told the dog was in good condition when he was taken to a vet for evaluation./// ((dave courvoisier)) the stadium committee is expected to make an historic recommendation tomorrow that could lead to las vegas becoming an nfl city. .but with or without the raiders..unlv is staying ahead of the game..jon tritsch is here with more . >> sam boyd stadium is a rusted used clunker unable to keep up in the fastlane of major college athletics.. today the campus improvement authority board finalized its proposal for a new unlv football's now full speed ahead (michael wixom/chairman: "we've kept this process going and it will be a continuation of what we've already done. so we don't have to re-start anything. we've already submitted a report to the legislature. we're ready to move forward. it's a determination of what sntic decides to do, what the raiders decide to do. if they decide not to go forward, we're
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standing down pending their decision.") ((jon tritsch)) of course the southern nevada transportation and infrastructure committee will meet tomorrow to give a final recommendation for a 1.9 billion dollar stadium project that will serve both an nfl team and unlv.. but should the proposal not work..unlv is still in the driver's seat for a place of its own (cedric crear/regent: "keep in mind, if the raiders do not decide to come, if sntic does not decide to build a stadium, then we want them to board and talk to us about building a stadium on unlv's campus.") ((jon tritsch)) the stadium proposal would need to be recommended by the committee.. approved by the nevada legislature and the raiders would need to finalize their move to las vegas before if shovels are to find dirt by january of next year ((jon tritsch)) for decades the unlv football program has heard about the roadblocks in recruiting..conn ecting with the community and joining a major conference..a new campus stadium would be a green light to competiting with
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one man is dead... after a fire broke out inside a storage room at a house near eastern and bonanza. and investigators say the man never should have been there in the first place. we're told the fire was accidental... and started inside a converted storage room in someone's backyard. the owner of the home says his friend... ruben olivares... lived in that room. he was allowing him to stay there because he had nowhere else to go. the area was cluttered... and powered by extension cords. the man was rushed to the hospital... where he passed away./// ((denise valdez)) a sheriff testified earlier this year at an oregon wildlife refuge. in cross examination... an oregon sheriff said ammon bundy never physically threatened him before and during the takeover back in january. but... he said the bundy- led protest was -quote- "absolutely not a peaceful occupation." he went on to describe the initial takeover as an armed clearing of a room using military- style tactics. the trial is expected to last until november./// ((dave courvoisier))
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bit last month. according to the latest numbers... the unemployment rate dipped to 6.3% in august. that's a slight improvement from this time last year... when the rate was at 6.6%. governor brian sandoval released a statement saying he was pleased by the improving numbers./// ((denise valdez)) if you haven't been to the mob museum yet... you might want to check it out... because it ranks up there with some of the best museums in the nation! according to "trip advisor"... the mob museum in downtown las vegas is one of the top museums based on an algorithm... that looks at the quantity and in all... the mob museum came in at number 19 for the top u-s museums. "the met" in new york city and the 'art institute of chicago' came in at number one and number two./// ((dave courvoisier)) a restaurant rebuilds. coming up on the valley's news leader... we catch up with top chef carla pellegrino... to find out when she's set to re-open her restaurant... after a truck slammed through its front doors last month./// news music voice over: "you're watching the valley's news
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this is 8 news now at six." ((dave courvoisier)) no power, no air conditioning, and no solution in sight....for a group of seniors. ((denise valdez)) >> the i-team's vanessa murphy is here with a closer look at what's unfolding in one local condo complex. ((vanessar this has been going on for more than a month.... and anyone in las vegas knows how hot it's been this summer.... this all started with smart meters.... they are a fairly new technology...res idents tell us the condo complex was built 40 years ago though... and that seems to be the problem. ((arlene christensen/resident: if i had a million dollars tomorrow, i'd stay right here.)) ((vanessa murphy)) arlene christensen has lived at the casablanca condominiums in las vegas for
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i love living here.)) ((vanessa murphy)) but what she describes as usually an anything but these days. ((arlene: no power. no nothing.)) ((vanessa murphy)) for more than a month....that means no air conditioning during the hot summer days in ten units of this age 55 plus living community. ((arlene: i kind of thought seniors were special. (laughs))) ((vanessa murphy)) instead there are extension cords in the hallway to at least keep the fridge running.... ((arlene: i've got it in here... )) ((vanessa murphy)) while residents like arlene are displaced.... ((mary ann berry/board director: this is the meter that blo )) ((vanessa murphy)) and the homeowners association scrambles to fix electrical damage caused by a fire on a august 13th. ((mary ann: this one! (sound) completely destroyed!)) ((vanessa murphy)) a clark county fire report decribes smoking, popping, and sparking from an electrical meter. acting board president bill brown says while the exact cause of the fire is unknown.... the problem with getting the power back on is that equipment needed doesn't exist....thanks in part to an older building and newer technology.
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brown/acting board president: absolutely. i mean we're just as concerned as the homeowners themselves. we're just as anxious to get this resolved as soon as possible.)) ((arlene: i think they have the best intentions in the world and they're people i like and respect, but i don't think they know what they're doing.)) ((vanessa murphy)) while the h-o-a waits for electrical contractors to find the right parts or present another solution, arlene christensen desribes learning a lesson during this hardship. ((arlene: that's tough and you don't realize psychologically hw we're so spoiled, we take everything for granted, and you don't realize psychologically how you miss your home. we're so spoiled, we take everything for granted.)) ((vanessa murphy)) we contacted n-v energy, the contractors board, public utilities commission, clark county trying to find any answers. n-v energy did not get back to me today... but the information we did receive from the other groups - is this seems to be a problem the h-o-a will have to
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about these smart meters being controversial.... ((vanessa murphy)) >> yes - there have been concerns in recent years about whether they are safe....and specifically about them catching fire. but last year - the public utilities commission said it tested 72 meters and all of them passed./// ((weather toss))
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temps staying below average with many neighborhoods in the 80's this afternoon with the winds. ...... ............................. ............................ temps around the valley in the 80's as well with temps near 90 for the far east sid eof the valley where we're lower in elevation and typically hotter. temps coolest over to west side of the valley where we're normally coolest due to elevation. ......................... regional temps also stayed below normal and unseasonably cooler but we had plenty of wind around the region as well. wind advisories have been issued all over the region due to the strongest winds. but the advisory should be allowed to expire. ................................
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radar, showers continue to the north part of the state with some snow showers near big sky country and cooler weather has settled all over the west coast. expecting the trough in the temps to stick around for one more day before the warmer weather comes in behind it by the late workweek and your weekend. ................................ ... ................... tonight expect a low of 64 degrees with breezy winds this evening and winds relaxing late tonight. clear skies tonight and tomorrow as well. unseasonably cool tomorrow with highs around 86 by afternoon and nearly 10 degrees below average. winds stay light tomorrow and into your weekend. ................................ ... ................... mount charleston expect a high
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mountain. red rock will only have a high of 80 tomorrow afternoon and also looking at lighter winds for your wednesday. ................................ ... .................... extended forecast shows a warm up through the week with temps back in the 90's as early ast late workweek. we warm up this weekend to near normal temps and a little warmer next week as wrap up the last few days of summer.
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i'm looking forward to another fun weekend in college football. it was a big day tuesday when unlv announcea dollar donation for a football facility. now the surprise gift would be to go out and beat central michigan... the chippewas are favored by 13 points over unlv. saturday's game in mount pleasant will be the 5th time the two schools have played. they first met in 1993, it's strange, but they played twice in 1994... the second was a meeting in the las vegas bowl, which unlv won. they last met in 2013 here in vegas and unlv won by 10. but that's history, unlv is focused on the here and now. (( )) tony sanchez/coach;" facing central michigan as two td favorites.
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they're big and we're fast.. get speed into space.. they've been to bowl games.. we're tying to get to bowl games." ((chris maathuis)) nobody on this team has ever played at central michigan. if the rebels win, they'll be 2-1 for the first time in 7 years. that's another reason why they ((chris maathuis)) the stadium tourism board is expected to pass along its recommendation to the governor on thursday that las vegas use hotel tax money to fund an nfl stadium. the governor would then call a special session of the legislature to see if lawmakers would be willing to tax tourists to the tune of 88 cents for every 100 dollars they spend be used on construction of a 65 thouasand seat domed stadium. ((chris maathuis)) the great thing about sports is that it allows us to dream a little. who hasn't fantasized about hitting that last second shot,
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for kiara lynn her dream was fulfilled and it came before the first pitch was ever thrown. this story begins in the middle of a family vacation... about 8 years ago. kellie krasner: "she was in the back seat and was about 5 and started singing god bless america and at five we're sitting we pulled over opened both sides and said omgosh." from there her daughter kept singing (nats) and singing (nats) and charities and church groups in and around las vegas. kiara krasner; "i do a lot of charty work with st. judes and bowling assemblies." kiara gained confidence and without coaxing, sang at a 51s game. from there a young girls' dream began to unfold. perry krasner/dad; "i took video of that and posted it on youtube and got a call from michigan... noticed that i kept getting missed calls from that same number, i kept ignoring for 5 days. finallyone day i'll answer it and take the survey and it was a guy that
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kiara; "i was so excited i was jumping around." she shed the nerves... and belted out the national anthem in front of thousands. nats; "home of the brave." and in the 7th inning. sang again... the tigers were impressed. nats;"god bless america."" ry some point." who knows where this voice will take her. but as a 13 year old from henderson, she's got quite a story to tell when the teacher asks, how did you spend your summer vacation. nats' proudly we hail."" ((dave courvoisier)) just when you think you've heard of every exercise fad... something like this comes up.
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check it out... a farm in oregon is now hosting "goat yoga" sessions. that's right... it's a yoga class... where goats basically wander around the participants. so what's the point? well apparently people find them relaxing... if not just downright funny when they try to eat the yoga mats. also... goats tend to go into a meditative state when they eat... something yoga participants could possibly learn from! just watch where you step!/// ((dave courvoisier)) 8 news now at 6:30 is up next. ((denise valdez)) >> let's check in with paul to see what they're working on. it's been about a month since a truck slammed into a local restaurant... abruptly shutting the place down. but top chef star carla pellegrino powered through... we find out when she's going to reopen. plus... amy schumer said what?! our viewers are 'sounding off at six'... we'll have your reaction... to the famous actress and comedian who called reno a "dump!"/// news music ((christianne klein))
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aimed at catherine cortez masto. politics now co-host steve sebelius hears from one of the people featured in the ad... who says he was upset by how he was portrayed. ((paul joncich)) plus... she's ready to get back on track. we hear from top chef carla pellegrino... about the modern- day way she was able to help keep paychecks going out... after a crash forced her to shut down her henderson restaurant. ((christianne klein)) and body camo how these people were able rescue a man from a fiery crash... just in the nick of time.///


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