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tv   8 News Now at 630 PM  CBS  September 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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aimed at catherine cortez masto. politics now co-host steve sebelius hears from one of the people featured in the ad... who says he was upset by how he was portrayed. ((paul joncich)) plus... she's ready to get back on track. we hear from top chef carla pellegrino... about the modern- day way she was able to help keep paychecks going out... after a crash forced her to shut down her henderson restaurant. ((christianne klein)) and body camo how these people were able rescue a man from a fiery crash... just in the nick of time.///
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about 45 minutes at c-s-n in north las vegas. he talked about investing in new infrastructure like roads and bridges... and cutting taxes to companies that offer profit sharing and other employee- friendly programs. ((christianne klein)) >> it's turning out to be a tight race. the latest c-n-n o-r-c battle ground tracker polls released today show donald trump taking the lead in florida... ohio and nevada. he's up 44-42 here... the smallest lead of the three states./// ((paul joncich)) millions of dollars are being spent on the race to take over harry reid's senate seat as he retires. ((christianne klein)) >> former attorney general catherine cortez masto is one of the people running for senate... and she's perhaps best known for her crusade against crimes such as sex assault and sex trafficking. ((paul joncich)) >> but a new political ad claims cortez- masto fell down on the job, allegedly unaware that thousands of rape kits remained untested in nevada, even years after the crimes. ((christianne klein)) >> review-journal columnist and politics now co-host steve sebelius has been looking into that story.
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>> this ad puts forward a pretty devastating attack on cortez masto. it's sponsored by a new super pac connected to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell of kentucky. take a look: ((catherine cortez masto failed nevada rape victims. while [she was] attorney general, thousands of rape kits were never sent for d-n-a analysis. but cortez masto had no idea. 00:10 dr. richard siegel: are you aware of this issue of the unprocessed rape kits? cortez masto: no, i am not aware of that issue, at least it hasn't come to our attention. dr. richard siegel: maybe i can get you that information? narrator: evidence not reviewed. rapists walking free. unacceptable. )) ((steve sebelius)) >> that does sound pretty bad. but the gentleman pictured in that ad -- longtime university of nevada reno political science professor richard siegel -- is calling for the ad to be taken down because he says it's completely misleading! although the minutes of the meeting reflect only a brief discussion, siegel says he'd worked for years with cortez masto on sexual assault issues, and she was well-aware that
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didn't have the money to test rape kits. he said his question was in reference to an oct. 4th, 2014 story in the review-journal about the rape kit issue, and it was that story -- not untested rape kits in general -- that she admitted she hadn't seen. siegel says he was shocked and dismayed to be pictured in an ad that attacked cortez masto, for whom he says he'll cast his vote in november. he said (quote): "i felt terrible i was very much upset. i was being used. i had never been in that in the end, cortez masto used the proceeds of a settlement with j.p. morgan chase in order to raise 1-point-7 million dollars to begin erasing the backlog of untested rape kits in nevada. siegel says that contrary to this ad, cortez masto was completely successful in helping to resolve the issue. ((christianne klein)) and we're your local election headquarters... keeping you updated on all things politics on air and online at las vegas now dot
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((tedd florendo)) ((( looking at increased wind for the next few days as we anticpate a cold front to bring some gusty winds through wednesday. temps will also get and below normal. gusty winds at this hour, but could be strongest later on and tomorrow. temps not as hot but still warm across the region. .. ............................. .... ..... hour by hour shows clear skies but gusty winds through the evening. we'll have warm temps as well
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morning start stays cool as winds will increase again tomorrow with possible advisories in place through many areas. we'll have a complete update on your forecast coming up in a few minutes.
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((christianne klein)) some pretty incredible video tonight... out of north carolina. check out this body cam footage that was just released... from a fiery crash that happened earlier this month near greensboro. it shows an officer running to a ford pick-up truck... that just turned in front of a bus causing the wreck. other bystanders jumped into action to help the man out. they were all able to get him out of the truck... he was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. no one on the bus was hurt./// ((christianne klein)) and if you were watching you won't forget this video anytime soon... it shows the moment a man plowed a car into three police officers in phoenix yesterday morning... they all survived. now we're getting a look at the man arrested in this case... his name is marc payne. police say he deliberately targeted the officers in the parking lot early tuesday morning. two of the officers suffered serious injuries... but they're all expected to make a full recovery. payne was booked on three charges of attempted first degree murder.///
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on u-n-l-v. ((christianne klein)) >> we hear from president len jessup... ahead of his 'state of the university' speech... that's next on the valley's news leader.///
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i come from a big family. a whole lot of people. a whole lot of love. and a whole lot of food. my dad's family was from mexico.
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really grew as a family. dad got his start parking cars at the dunes hotel. but he went on to be the head of tourism for las vegas and helped build the city we know today. dad lived his life following three principles, work hard, be honest and respect everyone, that's what i tried to do as attorney general. catherine took on the big banks when they preyed on homeowners. and forced them to pay one point nine billion dollars to nevadans. d passed laws to keep seniors safe from crooked scams. i'm catherine cortez masto, i approve this message because i've spent my career solving problems, isn't that something we need more of in washington? this is 8 news now at six-thirty.
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university" status. so how close are we? ((christianne klein)) the answer may be in tomorrow's "state of the university address by president jessup. we got a preview today, and dave courvoisier is here with the details. ((dave courvoisier)) well, you know, jessup is in his second year as president, and he hasn't wasted any time with initiatives. in his address, you'll likely hear development of the new school of medicine, and numerous building projects. not to mention the university hosting the final presidential debate in october: ((45:42 i'll definitely mention the debate and its significance, and a number of other things. we just capped off another great fund-raising year for example, and i'll be talking about that. and i'll be talking a lot of the great things that the students and the faculty are doing, and have done this last year. 45:55)) dave courvoisier)sp'state of thy dress starts tomorrow at 2:30 a/ ((christianne klein)) is the "biggest little city in the world"... a dump?
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seems to think. we let you 'sound off at six'... and we have your reaction to the comedian's description... next on the valley's news leader./// announcer: you're watching 8 news now at
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a popular henderson restaurant is struggling after it was abruprtly closed after an accident. ((christianne klein)) >> a truck plowed right
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promises to reopen next month. denise valdez has an update: that accident has been crippling. but local celebrity chef -- carla pelligrino -- got an outporing of support from her loyal customers and fast tracked a reopening for early october. bratalian is a small family run restaurant at the foot of anthem. but nearly a month ago -- a driver slammed into the front of it -- shutting down the eatery -- and putting the brakes on a rebounding business. pelligrino turned to social loyal customers donated money until insurance kicked in to rebuild. ((chef carla pelligrino: it really helped a lot it was amazing thank you everybody again because it really really helped me and everybody got paid and it was the time to cover the insurance kicked in and now paying for rebuiling itself. hopefully open october 10th back in business. )) >> ((denise valdez)) >> the accident couldn't have come at a worse time. the chef -- who appeared on tv
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her brand in las vegas -- when the accident sidelined those efforts. >> luckily the restaurant wasn't open -- so no one was hurt. 80 percent of bratalian's customers are local and nearly all of employees have been with her since the restarant opened about six years ago. so she's hoping they can stick together -- and all come back next month october 10th for a grand reopening. back to you. ((weather toss)) tedd florendo windy weather throughout the region with advisories set to expire this evening.
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25 to 35 through many neighborhoods with occasional gusts to 40 or more near the mountains. temps staying below average with many neighborhoods in the 80's this afternoon with the winds. ...... ............................. ............................ temps around the valley in the 80's as well with temps near 90 where we're lower in elevation and typically hotter. temps coolest over to west side of the valley where we're normally coolest due to elevation. ................................ ... ................ regional temps also stayed below normal and unseasonably cooler but we had plenty of wind around the region as well. wind advisories have been issued
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strongest winds. but the advisory should be allowed to expire. ................................ ... ................. looking at the satellite and radar, showers continue to the north part of the state with some snow showers near big sky country and cooler weather has settled all over the west coast. expecting the trough in the jetstream along with the cooler temps to stick around for one more day before the warmer weather comes in behind it by the ................................ ... ................... tonight expect a low of 64 degrees with breezy winds this evening and winds relaxing late tonight. clear skies tonight and tomorrow as well. unseasonably cool tomorrow with highs around 86 by afternoon and nearly 10 degrees below average. winds stay light tomorrow and into your weekend. ................................ ... ................... mount charleston expect a high
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chilly around the mountain. red rock will only have a high of 80 tomorrow afternoon and also looking at lighter winds for your wednesday. ................................ ... .................... extended forecast shows a warm up through the week with temps back in the 90's as early ast late workweek. we warm up this weekend to near normal temps and a little warmer next week as wrap up the last few days of summer.
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((christianne klein)) >> it turns out... the comedian and actress is not the biggest fan... of the "biggest little city in the world": ((interviewer: what is the worst place you can imagine being for a weekend? amy schumer: reno, nevada. interviewer: any reason? amy schumer: it's a dump. interviewer: thank you. amy: thanks. )) ((paul joncich)) >> alright that's what she thinks of reno... the interview was part of a 'bbc newsnight' "five quick questions" segment. it was a double whammy too... she called reno a dump... and alsom ((christianne klein)) as you can imagine... this has plenty of people talking... so we asked you to "sound off at 6!" ((paul joncich)) >> paige agrees with schumer saying "sometimes truth hurts people...lets be honest, they could use a good clean up and restoration. the casinos can afford it!" ((christianne klein)) >> danielle says "she's a comedienne.. she makes her money off of jokes and making fun . people need to relax." while b.j. says "reno is kind of a dump so i can agree with this statement." ((paul joncich))
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really cares what amy schumer thinks?" and kaylie posted this picture of a bumper sticker that could be helpful in reminding schumer how to pronounce our state... saying "it's nevada... not ne-vah-da" ((christianne klein)) >> you can sound off at 6 every weekday by going to our 8 news now facebook page./// ((paul joncich)) are you ready for self driving cars? ((christianne klein)) up next on the valley's news leader... the reason uber decided to use pittsburgh... as a real life testinggr announcer: you're watching 8 news now at
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danny tarkanian's carrying a lot of baggage. as a real-estate developer, tarkanian was penalized for failing to pay thousands in property taxes. tarkanian was ordered by a judge to repay $17 million in a failed development scheme. tarkanian refused to pay the money back, forcing taxpayers to bail him out, danny tarkanian's out for himself, not us.
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that's the massive amount of money german company "bayer a-g" is spending... to buy u-s seed maker "monsanto." the company is a leading producer of genetically engineered seed and roundup. while the deal was struck
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laws... bayer will still have to pay monsanto two billion dollars as a break- up fee./// ((christianne klein)) oprah winfrey is losing weight with weight watchers... but she's also losing some money! according to 'u-s-a today'... the former queen of daytime t-v has seen 117- million dollars disappear from her bank account in the past year. it's because shares of weight watchers have dropped 66- percent from their high back in november... when she bought a 10- percent stake in the company and became a spokesperson. invested though... so don't feel too bad... she hasn't lost her initial investment./// ((christianne klein)) netflix is fighting for consumers... but it's a little self serving. the company recently submitted a filing to the f-c-c-... asking them to deem data caps 'unreasonable.' streaming high quality movies can eat up bandwidth quickly... meaning netflix users will see their speeds throttled... which leads to less binge- watching. that's obviously something netflix does not want. if the f-c-c sides with netflix...
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internet providers to get rid of data caps./// ((paul joncich)) each day that passes is one day closer to driverless cars becoming a reality. google, tesla, even apple are already working on it... now uber can be added to the list. the company allowed reporters inside their self- driving car in pittsburgh for the first time this week. it's controlled by 20 cameras, 7 lasers and 360 degree radar. all that data is used to create a map that riders can look at in the back seat. but some are wondering... pittsburgh? ((raffi krikorian/director, uber advanced technologies) "we really feel that pittsburgh driving is harder than most cities. like it's not a standard grid layout, like the traffic patterns in pittsburgh are pretty aggressive, and we also have extreme weather conditions. if we can reason about all those different things about pittsburgh, then we're feeling really confident that we can take that learning to the next city." )) ((paul joncich)) >> uber says the technology is still years away from being fully automated... for now a driver is behind the wheel in case they need to take over...
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notes./// ((christianne klein)) thanks for watching 8 news now at 6:30. we're always on at las vegas now now at 6:30. we're always ona dot com and our app ... along with facebook and twitter. ((paul joncich)) >> be sure to watch 8 news
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?? this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today contestants -- a navy judge advocate from newport, rhode island... a filmmaker and author from beacon, new york... and our returning champion,
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of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. we started the week with a big win. yesterday, a modest one. elizabeth was not too thrilled to pick up $3,000, you know, but today is another day. it's those darn finals, you know? scott and barbara, welcome aboard, and good luck to all three. here we go. the jeopardy! round. first round in play today. and you're dealing with these categories. sounds weird, i know. each correct response will begin with the letter "e." elizabeth, start us off.


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