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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  September 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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changer. the new plan to help stomp out smack. ((dave courvoisier)) >> the battle for harry reid's senate seat is taking on a nasty tone -- but are the messages you're hearing accurate? 8 news now fact-checks these election-season ads. ((tedd florendo)) >>fall-like temps encompass southern nevada. but the warmer is forecasted to return. we'll show you what to expect coming up on the valley's news leader
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to a sold out theatre tonight, advocates of drug recovery, have a powerful message about generation found. could a recovery school, a plan where students can get their diploma and recover from alcohol and drug use, be the answer to this epidemic? they think so. it's a story we hear all too often. "he passed away of a heroin overdose when he was 19 years old." reese should be 25 today. "it almost feels like an epidemic and all of a sudden the community kind of wakes up." this i . every child .... "it's blown up in numbers we haven't seen before." is worth saving. it's about putting an end to the stigma.... "i've been in recovery for many years." ...of what drug abusers look like. "it's about time that we start looking at schools like this that can capture these kids, turn them in the right direction...
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utilized answers we have to addiction is going to be proliferation of recovery high schools." for some, it's a chance at a new life. "i think the most dangerous words that a parent can say is 'never my child'. they're our friends ... our family ... anyone. "the outpour of support from this community for our family has been tremendous." his son, shane, remains in jail ... "he's had tremendous back pain and unfortunately a lot of people in pain start self me aren't doing enough, they turn to the next thing that might do enough." "our love for our son is .... beyond amazing. and we all handle it differently." but they're over being quiet. "no one's talking about it. so fortunately kelli and i get the opportunity to actually start talking about this and make a difference." because ... "if we in our family don't get out here and get this done...then who will?" ((shakala alvaranga))
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profit is working with the school district to begin the planning stages of this proposal. school officials say they are behind the idea. reporting live shakala alvaranga 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) rainbow from desert inn to spring mountain is just reopening as metro police investigate a critical injury crash that happened around 8:15. the victim was riding a motorized tricycle and rear-ended a sedan for an unknown reason. he was rushed to umc trauma. fatal detail has been called to (( political ad: "catherine cortez masto failed nevada rape victims. while attorney general, thousands of rape kits were never sent for dna analysis, but cortez masto had no idea." )) ((denise valdez)) no doubt you've seen 'em... the political ads in the senate contest between congressman joe heck and former nevada attorney general catherine cortez masto are getting nasty -- and there
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this campaign. mauricio marin is live in the studio to show us what's at stake in this race... and how much money is being spent. mauricio? ((mauricio marin)) >> denise, the race for senate between catherine cortez masto and joe heck could likely determine which party takes control in washington d-c according to political experts. the t-v commerical ads coming out lately are getting even uglier--because both democrats and republicans have a lot to lose from this one race happening right here in nevada. (( nat: "catherine cortez masto failed nevada rape victims." )) ((mauricio the fight for u-s senate between catherine cortez masto and joe heck is getting ugly. supporters for republican joe heck are putting out t-v- commercials questioning democrat cortez masto's time as attorney general. ((nat: do you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? i do." )) ((mauricio marin)) while joe heck's public support for donald trump as president is getting bashed on by the cortez masto campaign. her campaign team says comments about cortez masto are lies. ((zach
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"the ads against cortez masto are disgusting character attacks that lie about her record." 25:09 and have been proven false by one indepeendent fact check organization after another." )) ((mauricio marin)) even though the latest ad questionining cortez about her time as attorney general is put out by a third party interest group---joe heck's campaign says they're issues she should answer to. ((paulo sibaja/deputy communications director for joe heck: "that's legitimate reason legitimiate questions to be answered and specifically legitimate questions she has to answer to the voters of nevada." )) ((mauricio marin)) politics now co-host steve sebelius has been following both campaigns closely. depicted in these t-v ads. ((steve sebelius/politics now co-host: "you should definitely be skeptical in what's said in these aids and these are people who are paid highly to basically manipulate the facts and make the opponent look really bad.")) ((mauricio marin)) and expects the mud slinging to ramp up weeks before the election. (( steve sebelius/politics now co-host: " you're going to have these ads at the very last minute wher they try to surprise you with something that you may have not seen coming and some strategic
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>> of course many of you are probably asking how much is this all costing? politics now host steve sebelius believes at least 20-million dollars has been spent on this race. and even more will likely be dished out from both sides leading up to the election... which is now just 55 days away. dave./// ((dave courvoisier)) onto the presidential race... hillary clinton has been off the campaign trail the past few days to recover from pneumonia. now, her doctor says she's work. the 68 year-old's doctor wrote a note saying clinton's recent physical exam shows that she in is excellent mental condition -- aside from the pneumonia. meanwhile, 70 year-old donald trump is touting his physical exam as well.... and says he feels as good as he did when he was 30. he discussed stamina at a rally in canton, ohio: (( donald trump / r-presidential nominee: "you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? i don't think so." )) ((dave courvoisier))
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leading clinton by five points in a two-way race among likely voters in battleground state ohio. clinton returns to the campaign trail tomorrow./// ((dave courvoisier)) former president bill clinton stood in for his wife at a rally today the college of southern nevada in las vegas. the theme of the rally was clear... jobs: (( former president bill clinton: "her opponent says hey vote for me. what do you have to lose? you say, well for starters 14 million jobs. no thank you. i don't think we'll lose those jobs. we'll claim them by voting for hillary clinton for president." )) >> clinton also said that hillary is feeling "great" and thinks too much has been made of her illness./// ((dave courvoisier)) 8 news now is your local election headquarters for all the races that matter to you... on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((denise valdez)) enjoy the fall-like temperatures... because they won't be here all that long. we're looking at a warmer weekend... and possibly a return to triple digits by next week. tedd's here with a first check
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((( looking at increased wind for the next few days as we anticpate a cold front to bring some gusty winds through wednesday. temps will also get cooler as well for a few days and below normal. gusty winds at this hour, but could be strongest later on and tomorrow. temps not as hot but still warm across the region. ............. ...................... ..... hour by hour shows clear skies but gusty winds through the evening. we'll have warm temps as well and down tot he 80's by late night. morning start stays cool as winds will increase again tomorrow with possible advisories in place through many areas. we'll have a complete update on r minutes.
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one suspect is pictured on your screen. both suspects are around five-feet-eight . if you have any information... call crime stoppers./// ((dave courvoisier)) the u-s marshals office, metro, and henderson police assisted the sex offender predator apprehension team in arresting a registered sex offender who has an active full-extradition warrant from california for a parole violation. martin suarez has been arrested more than 35 times in the golden state since he was 14 on a variety of offenses. near sunset and gibson road in henderson./// ((denise valdez)) henderson firefighters rescued a pet dog from a house fire near lake mead and warm springs around 11:00 this morning. the dog was found unresponsive near the front door... firefighters were able to revive him with the help of a specialized oxygen mask. the dog was taken to the vet for observation and is said to be in good condition. no people were hurt, but a family of three was displaced drom the home. damage is estimated at
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if only the rebels could play central michigan twice a year... coming up in sports, chris maathuis will take us on a history lesson.. and it seems the unlv aces this test. ((denise valdez)) >> an elderly woman has some choice words for the woman who robbed her... and she's sharing them with a camera crew. when keeping it real... goes right. ((dave courvoisier)) >> and letters he wishes would stay private... colin powell's stolen emails make their way to the web and he has plenty to say about the presidential candidates... next.///
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((denise valdez)) hacked emails stolen from former secretary of state colin powell have been leaked all over the internet... and it turns out he has quite a lot to say about both presidential nominees. when it comes to hillary clinton... powell called her a friend... but wrote that everything she touches she quote "kind of screws up with hubris". on her email scandal, powell said a clinton ploy to make the story go away didn't work and said she looked shifty, if not a liar. powell saved even harsher
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disgrace" and an "international pariah" in an email to a former aide. he also called trump's birther movement racist... and said he'd never win over black voters. there were some other surprises in the emails as well. powell called the benghazi investigation a "stupid witch hunt." in another email he called former vice president dick cheney an idiot for promoting a book he co-wrote with his daughter liz cheney. and powell apparently thinks former president bill clinton is stillu suggesting that clinton had quote "bimbos" at home./// ((dave courvoisier)) an 86 year-old woman who was robbed outside her new york apartment is becoming something of a folk legend for her real talk to a camera crew. she wants justice -- and not just in the courtroom. ayana harry has the story:
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as she's in there." "some people would say that's harsh." (bernice starnes/robbery victim) "so what! what she did to me was even worse." tonight bernice spoke one on one with pix11 just minutes after the woman accused of snatching her purse was walked out of a police precinct in handcuffs. (nats: ayana harry) "what did you do with the cash." (nats: reporter) "you feel bad?" (nats: ayana harry) "you have any remorse." (bei supposed to feel sorry for that bleep. i don't!" investigators say sunday afternoon adrianne terry was on surveillance video. she allegedly grabbed bernice's purse from her wheelchair and later tossed it out like a piece of trash. with adrianne terry in jail... bernice's hope-- (bernice starnes/robbery victim) "that she stays there for the rest of her freakin' life!" officers from the 4h precinct they would bust this criminal. 48 hours after it all went down adrianne terry was charged with grand larceny and petty larceny. we pressed her on the accusation.
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(nats: adrianne terry) "it wasn't me." (nats: ayana harry) "what did you say?" (nats: adrianne terry) "it wasn't me." (nats: ayana harry) "it wasn't you?" (nats: adrianne terry) "it wasn't me. it wasn't me." bernice with all of wisdom and street smarts isn't buying it. this evening a detective gave bernice a ride to the bronx criminal courthouse... and now this eighty-six year old is ready to speak her mind one more time during terry's arraignment. ((dave courvoisier)) >> that was ayana harry reporting. officers pooled their own money together and done starnes. she was reduced to tears when she received the gift./// ((denise valdez)) tropical storm julia is making its way up the atlantic coast off of south carolina... near the georgia border tonight. heavy rains are a concern in the area, which is prone to flooding. it is a weaker tropical storm... but winds can still reach up to 40 miles per hour. julia is expected to move away from the coast... but not by much. it could strengthen in warmer waters over the next few days./// ((tedd florendo))
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((denise valdez)) >> that's right they've got central michigan this weekend and history reveals that's a good thing. ((chris maathuis)) >> they wish they could play the chippewas every week... or at least every other week. when the two schools line up... history is on the side of the rebels. we'll take a stroll down memory lane. plus... the stadium committee meets tomorrow morning... but settled some issues today. i'll share those details next here on channel 8.
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this week. they've got central michigan in a battle that will bring the two together for the 5th time in school history and 2nd time in mount pleasant. it's not going to be easy, the chippawas are coming off a win over nationally ranked oklahoma state. but looking at the history between these two schools it kinda makes a wish unlv could play em every week. ((chris maathuis)) the rebels are 3-1 against the chippewas. they were beatin' em in bowl
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never gonna look back. former rebels; "a lot of people have never really seen unlv football.. unlv football is on the map, they've still got a nice basketball team, but unlv football is on the map." ((chris maathuis)) all that hype for not... since 93 unlv has gone 10 seasons without winning a road game... overall they've only won 26 road games in 23 years. but against central michigan they've had success.. jim strong beat em in their first ever meeting in 93. jeff horton lost to the chippy's in 1994 at central michigan... but then came back at the end of the season to beat in las vegas bowl 3. former rebel;i for giving me the opportunity to play for you guys." ((chris maathuis)) then 2013 bobby hauck beat cmu in his 4th year... so now it's tony's turn. tony sanchez/coach;" facing central michigan as two td favorites. on the road rainy day... even matched team. they're big and we're fast.. get speed into space.. they've been to bowl games.. we're tying to get into that first bowl game in a while." ((chris maathuis)) the rebels are 1-1 on the young season...
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since unlv football first starting taking snaps in 1968... they've gone to four bowl games, winning three. so if there's a message... it comes from the past... they won and celebrated... henry bailey/former rebel;' "the rebels are for real, rebel football is here to stay, rebel football is here to stay." ((chris maathuis)) but since you know the history... nothing can be taking for a mike hughes/tackle;"we've got to get in there and get with the guys and make that our mindset, our backs against the wall, lets go now." david greene/rb;"i'm kind of still living in the moment, but i know i have to let that be in the past." ((chris maathuis >> the stadium committee is expected to make an historic recommendation tomorrow that could lead to las vegas becoming an nfl host city. but with or without the raiders..unlv is staying ahead of the game. sam boyd stadium is where the past collects dust... it's no longer acceptable in
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today the campus improvement authority board finalized its proposal for a new unlv football's now full speed ahead (cedric crear/regent: "keep in mind, if the raiders do not decide to come, if sntic does not decide to build a stadium, then we want them to come back to the ciab board, our board and talk to us about building a stadium on unlv's campus.") ((chris maathuis)) the stadium proposal would be recommended by the committee.. approved by the nevada legislature and the raiders would need to finalize their move to las vegas before shovels find dirt by january. the viewers have spoken... we gave you three games and you picked centennial at las vegas for our fans choice game of the week. that game finished ahead of the other two... so on friday, jon tritsch will be live at las vegas high. and he will feature that game at 11. tomorrow night we'll have highlights of desert pines vs. liberty. remember liberty is coming off that win in texas and is nationally ranked. ((dave courvoisier)) our strange stories for
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((tedd florendo)) voters in rochester, new york have re-elected assemblyman bill nojay in the republican primary... but there's a big issue here... he's dead. this is dark -- nojay killed himself last week amidst fraud preferred him over challenger rick milne -- with nojay getting about 58-percent of the vote. new york's republican party has 10 days to nominate a replacement for the november ballot./// ((dave courvoisier)) journalists in russia organized a mouse race to attempt to predict the outcome of the country's parliamentary elections on sunday. the mice had stickers with the parties' names on them... they raced to a teddy bear. the mouse representing the liberal democratic party of russia won the race, but recent polls have vladimir putin's united russia party in the lead ahead of the elections.///
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oregon! the idea started at the "no regrets" farm... the creator says even when the goats chew their cud they go into a meditative state. their human companions say they find the goats to be great company... even though they're trying to eat their yoga mats. goat yoga is a hit... with a waiting list already over 500 people long./// ((dave courvoisier)) that's all for us live at eleven. >> the late show with stephen colbert is next with trevor noah and allen iverson. we'll see you back here tomorrow night./// news music
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i come from a big family. a whole lot of people. a whole lot of love. and a whole lot of food. my dad's family was from mexico. my mom's was from italy. 60 years ago they met here in nevada and we grew as a family really grew as a family. dad got his start parking cars at the dunes hotel.
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attorney general. catherine took on the big banks when they preyed on homeowners. and forced them to pay one point nine billion dollars to nevadans. she became a national leader in protecting children from sex traffickers. and passed laws to keep seniors safe from crooked scams.
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>> and now, a "late show" exclusive trailer. ( laughter ) ? look so crazy ? >> stephen: all right, let's get this orgy started. i say the three of us in the flesh pit. who upons to grease me up?


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