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tv   Pre Sports 8 News Now  CBS  September 15, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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i'm paul joncich. ((christianne klein)) >> i'm christianne klein. the plan for a nearly 2-billion dollar stadium... gets a unanimous vote. ((paul joncich)) >> the southern nevada tourism infrastructure committee gave it's go-ahead today... meaning las vegas is one step closer to building an nfl stadium for the raiders. patrick walker kicks off our team coverage... with more on what's next in the process. ((patrick walker)) >> this was a huge hurdle to clear for stadium proponents... opening the door for lawmakers to tackle this e after months of negotiations... happening literally right up until today's vote... all 11 members of the tourism infrastructure committee threw their support behind the project.. ((chairman: "vote passes" )) ((patrick walker)) it didn't take long for word of the southern nevada tourism infrastructure committee's decision to reach construction workers tailgating outside the meeting. ((eric johnson/construction worker: "it's really wonderful, it's a lot of work for a lot of laborers, and a lot of work for the whole city.")) ((patrick walker)) committee members
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governor sandoval's desk. but a special session is needed to approve the framework that will allow the 1-point-9 billion dollar n-f-l stadium to be built with 750 million dollars in public funding... which will come from a new room tax. ((patrick walker: "when do you need to have a special session by to get it to the owners this january?" andy abboud/vp, las vegas sands: "that is going to be up to the governor, we've always made it clear that if we go after the election, it makes it more difficult.")) ((patrick walker)) much of the debate in recent weeks has centered around financing -- and county commissioner chris giunchigliani... who's against publill financing the stadium... expressed concerns about who's on the hook for the bonds that will be issued to pay for construction. ((chris giunchigliani/clark county commissioner: "revenue bonds really make better sense if you're going to do it versus go (general obligaion) bonds, why you're dumping it on the county instead of at the state level is very frustrating to some of us on the county commission.")) ((patrick walker)) along those lines... county commission chairman steve sisolak raised several objections in recent weeks regarding whether or not taxpayers would be protected if the project went under.
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((patrick walker: "are you confident that that the taxpayer here in clark county won't be on the hook?" steve sisolak: "i'm absolutely confident, we've got the reserve debt service fund to two years so there's going to be adequate reserves.")) ((patrick walker)) so now we wait for the governor to call a special session. economic development director steve hill calls this perhaps the biggest public project in state history. more on that... tonight after football. but we're already getting reaction out of oakland... mayor libby schaaf said in a statement quote "i will continue to work with the nfl to iron out a deal thaw the league, the fans and the taxpayers in oakland. the bay area is a tremendous market for the league and the regional fan base here is without comparison." today's decision also has a major impact on unlv sports. for that side of the story.. we go to sports director chris maathuis. ((chris maathuis)) you can imagine the excitment coming from unlv...
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domed stadium. one thing was very clear from the very beginning, the committee wanted to make sure that unlv was a big part of these plans way beyond just having its own locker room in the facility. they want to be partners with the raiders... not a tenant. this morning unlv head coach tony sanchez delayed practice for a few minutes to make a passionate pitch for the stadium. he was there along with some of his players and the school's athletic director, when the uniamous vote to proceed was announced, unlv's future immediately changed. steve hillk/committee chair; "frankly i don't this made if the raiders hadn't been so committed to making sure they were a real partner with unlv not just hey when we're not using the stadium you can play here." len jessup/unlv pres.;there's a good spirit of cooperation to do it that provide a home field advantage for us and there's cooperation that they're going to do that, it's got ot look and feel like it's a rebel stadium too." steve sisolak/chair c.c.commission; "the time has come for unlv to have a first class facility and you'll see that in a 65 thousand seat domed stadium that's going to be on line in a couple of years."
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change the future of unlv football that we'll see them as a perrenial top 25 team.. when we wake up on saturday we'll go watch the rrebels and then on sunday and watch the raiders , its going to change our lives tremendously." tony sanchez/coach; "the biggest thing too is our local kids.. .we have so many wonderfully talented young men going all over the country to play football, now they have a genuine option to stay home.. they'll be in a state of the art stadium that will compare to anybody and we'll be in a stadium as nicf the country... so stay home play for the rebss." (( )) the next hurdle will be in carson city where a special session of the legislature will be called. one member of the committee told me there will be a battle... some changes to the recommendation will be hammered out and then it should pass. the next hurdle would be with the nfl owners... but one owner we spoke with today... doesn't see a problem with vegas. (( )) jerry jones/cowboys owner; "you have a team with their personality, you have a potential attractive situation foir nevada and las vegas i gave
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for be involved in the nfl so i'm a good one to be talking to about the pluses and being involved in the sport and visibility, you add that to what las vegas brings as far as the cashe those one and one make three as far as i'm concerned, i think it's a good thought." ((chris maathuis)) talking to tony sanchez-in ground this spring and his recruits this year could be playing in that facilty when they are seniors or even juniors. ((christianne klein)) as expected... the story is creating buzz on our facebook page... pam writes... "there are other ways to use the funds like education, helping the homeless, and legalizing the green stuff." to that... rod says... "the stadium is good for vegas. they're never going to fix the school
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building it or not has nothing to do with those issues." and finally... angelique says.. "i like the fact that this will create more jobs and money for our city, i'm just not happy with the team."/// ((paul joncich)) we've had what some would call "chilly" mornings recently... but those fall-like temperatures are fading away. ted says get ready for a warm up. ((tedd florendo)) ((( looking at increased wind for the next few days as we anticpate a cold front to bring some gusty winds tr cooler as well for a few days and below normal. gusty winds at this hour, but could be strongest later on and tomorrow. temps not as hot but still warm across the region. ................................ ... ..... hour by hour shows clear skies but gusty winds through the evening. we'll have warm temps as well and down tot he 80's by late night. morning start stays cool as winds will increase again tomorrow with possible advisories in place through many areas. we'll have a complete update on your forecast coming up in a few
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((christianne klein)) drivers, brace yourselves! this weekend, the busiest stretch of road in the state will be closed for construction. this ramp from the 95 south onto the i-15 south... will not be accessble. but why?... and for how long? 8 news now reporter karen castro is live near the spaghetti bowl with what motorists need to know. >> n-dot says it's plain and simple: avoid the spaghetti bowl. crews will be working on this ramp all weekend long, possibly causing a traffic nightmare. ((karen castro)) an estimated 31-hundred vehicles an hour use the 95-south ramp to get on i-15 south... making it the busiest corridor in the state. ((aaron cordova avoids the spaghetti bowl: i think it's a hassle. there's too much traffic. i mean, it's just crazy to get around there. michael wilson lives near spaghetti bowl: it's pretty
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there right now.)) ((karen castro)) the ramp will be closed for construction starting at 10 o'clock friday night through 10 in the morning on sunday. ((michael wilson lives near spaghetti bowl: i understand they're working on it so yeah, i will be avoiding it.)) ((karen castro)) as part of project neon, crews will be shifting the two ramp lanes to the east in preparation for the future demolition of a bridge crossing on symphony park drive. the construction is expected to cause major traffic jams. ((aaron cordova avoids the spaghetti bowl: just imagine all the traffic in the streets now. that's just going to divert to the streets so it's gonna be hectic.)) ((karen castro)) drivers on u-s 95 south take the ramp towards i-15 north and exit on d street, turn left, then jump back on i-15 south. ((tony illia ndot: we're doing whatever we can to try to minimize the impact as much as possible, while still trying to get these much needed improvements done.)) ((karen castro)) alternate routes, as seen in this map in green, are valley view boulevard, rancho drive, and mlk. but if possible, n-dot is asking drivers to stay clear of the spaghetti bowl this weekend. ((aaron cordova avoids the spaghetti bowl: it's
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michael wilson lives near spaghetti bowl: i hope it makes things better so that's the intention of it, i believe.)) ((karen castro)) >> this is only the beginning of future closures around the 95 and i-15. project neon won't be completed until mid 20-19. reporting live, karen castro, 8 news now. ((christianne klein)) still ahead... local leaders aiming to get more hispanic voters to the polls. ((paul joncich)) >> plus... las vegas police... learning to ever starting. how officers are being trained to calm violent situations./// ((paul joncich))
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is how we kick-off hispanic heritage month of action... beginning today. ((nevada assemblyman nelson araujo the nation is looking to see if the latino votes will be the swing votes that decides the outcome of the presidential election and here in the state of nevada, we have grown so heavily in numbers and we need to make sure that we are balancing that with the actual representation at the ballot box ))
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action or h-h-m-a is a voter registration initiative. it begins today and runs through october 15th. more than 400 organizations and community influencers are a part of this effort./// ((paul joncich)) 8 news now is your local election headquarters for all the races that matter to you... on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((christianne klein)) during a time tension is growning between police and the public... local officers are undergoing specific training to defuse situations. las vegasit part in "de-escalation training" at city hall this afternoon. the session focused on finding ways to clam potentially violent scenarios... that could come up during a shift... like stopping to write a ticket./// ((paul joncich)) >> if you spend any time on our roads, you know it's easy to become frustrated with the way some people drive. ((christianne klein)) >> but have you ever wondered what puts patrol officers on edge. up next... hear from metro about what drives them crazy./// announcer: you're
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crazy, but what you're doing that's driving metro crazy. demetria obilor talked with traffic officers about the rules valley drivers are breaking around town. demetria obilor: drivers stop traffic with this bad habit, causing delays and accidents on the roads. today we're hearing from sergeant jeff richter.... he's going to tell us what's driving metro jeff richter, lvmpd sergeant: "what's driving me crazy, absolutely crazy, at work is what i see. it's people using their cell phones, electronic devices at the stop lights. they're easy to spot because there's always like a big car length ahead of them, with no one in front of them. and the other ones, that when the light changes, everyone's going and they're still sitting there on their device going away and not paying attention to what's going on. so, we look for them. we cut through the traffic. we can see them, and i write a lot of tickets just for people doing that. so, what i want them to
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we have a hands-free law to use your electronic device, cell phone, whatever, at the stop lights. and if we see it, we'll give them a ticket for it. "it's most ages. the age that i least see it is the elderly, but it runs a spectrum, and it's all ages. i mean i get're at a stop light, there's nothing going on. i used to think they were for resting. unfortunately, you're not paying attention to what's going on around you like the pedestrians crossing. but more importantly, the person behind you it's green, they're trying to get to work and it's green and you're just sitting there on your phone wasting time. they have to honk to get you to go. "i see accidents...basically what happens , when you're on your device, the light changes, people behind you start going 'cause they think you're gonna go, and then there's a rear-end accident. so, at times, the people behind you are at fault because they think you're going, and they don't have enough space between the cars, you're
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supposed to be moving ahead of you. so yeah, it does cause accidents because you're not paying attention to the lights and it's causing accidents behind you because you're not moving." demetria obilor: we are a hands-free state. you can talk on the phone using a hands-free headset... if your car has bluetooth capabilities, you can hook that up. according to the dmv, your first texting offense is considered a non-moving violation. the next offense will be a moving violation, and it's four points on your license. hey! what's driving you crazy? send your traffic question to traffic eight at las vegas now dot com. ((tedd florendo)) warmer today than yesterday as we say goodbye to the fall-like temperatures from here on out. humidity still remains dry and
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................................ .... temperatures around the region in the 90's this afternoon for some neighborhoods with the warmest for the east side of the valley where we're lower in elevation. not as hot for the west side and the foothills and kyle canyon with comfortable temps this afternoon even thg have warmed up ................................ ... .... regional conditions show warmer temps this afternoon as well down the colorado river valley with hottest temps in laughlin and death valley. not as hot over the hump and cooler temps in the central great basin. areas up near reno on rose mountain actually got some snow up to an inch. all areas expected to warm up
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... ..... u.s. temperatures shows some cooler temps up in the big sky country still along with the midwest and plains states. but warmer here and phoneix with the desert southwest expected to reach back near triple-digits again eventually. the east coast had a nice little reprieve from the heat but it's expected to get warmer there again. ............ ....................... .......... satelitte and radar shows a weak system to the south that could bring some additional cloud cover early next week with slight n region as well. we'll expect near 100 degrees early week, then increased winds and temperatures dropping to the mid 90's eventually by midweek. ................................ ... ............. tonight expect another low in the 60's by morning with clear and calm conditions. winds should remain light then increase next week. your high tomorrow jumps back to the mid 90's an near average for a few days.
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the long term. ................. .................. ............. highs around the region expected to high 90's and close to 100 for the eastside of the valley from nellis through sunrise mountain and henderson. then mid to low 90's for the west side of the valley and foothills. ................................ ... ............. extended forecast shows temps slowly warming up each day with eventually seasonal highs by the weekend. we'll be hottest by early next ek wh some neighborhoodsreachin)
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including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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fiercest fighter on the earth... now he's tell his story again. tyson's one man show 'undisputed truth' kicks off at the mgm for another run.... it's that popular. he's that popular.. when tyson fought in vegas, it was a big big deal. think of super bowls or game sevens... it generated that kind of electrcity. some of his biggest moments have taken place in his favorite city.. .las vegas. (mike tyson/performer: "i came here in 1984 to fight in the olympic trials. when i came here, i said this is where i want to live. not los angeles where the olympics are,s live. just couldn't imagine living anywhere else. i've been here 31 years now. i couldn't imagine being anywhere else.") ((chris maathuis)) in college ball... the rebels are looking forward to meeting the chippewas. it'll be a good gauge for where his program needs to go. central michigan goes to bowl games... wins 10 games or more most seasons. they draft players into the nfl... it's a program that sanchez wants to emulate. (tony sanchez/coach: "two years in a row we've kinda played a program like that. i know that northern illinois
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but you look at them last year, now central michigan. those mac schools traditionally always do a good job of building programs and knocking off big opponents and winning games. they're just consistent. that's the one thing we are trying to do right now just being consistent competitors.") ((christianne klein)) that's all for us on this "condensed" version of 8 news now at 4. >> thursday night football kicks off after this. it's the jets versus the bills! we'll see you back here... right after the game./// got a problme? tell michelle ...
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>> champions of the world, drench broncos. >> it is caught for the win! >> danny with willett has won the masters. jason day, major champion. >> correct henry will win it. >> cbs sports and nfl network welcome to you "thursday night football." tonight, it's an a.f.c. east battle between the new york jets and the buffalo bills. [captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.


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