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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  September 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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the southound i-15 ramp will close at 10 o'clock tonight. it will get a whirlwind it will get a whirlwind construction project aimed at making it safer... mauricio marin is there with our top story...and what drivers can expect this weekend... ((mauricio marin)) >> this weekend is going to be a real test of patience for a lot of drivers. the ramp connecting 95-south to interstate 15 south will be shut down for 36 hours. it's the first major portion of road construction now happening for >> during rush hour---about 31-hundred cars pass onto this ramp that's about to be shutdown in less than four hours. so they'll have to find other ways to get around. n-dot will be detouring traffic to the 15-north. then from there they'll get off on d-street and jump back onto the 15 heading south. we took that trip today. it adds several minutes to the commute....and likely even more time with other drivers having to take the same detour. there's also some other suggested routes like getting off on valley view, rancho drive, or even m-l-k boulevard
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to the 15. this is all happening to start the demolition process of the bridge portion of the ramp that goes over symphony park avenue. ((tony illia/ndot: "essentially what we're doing is creating a patch. shifting lanes to the east and going to have some dirt infill and build sort of a temporary road that will keep traffic flowing. once we get that done we will come back next weekend and demolish that bridge.")) >> this is just the beginning. the bridge is scheduled to get torn down next weekend. from there the detours will stay in place for about four months until a new bridge is built to fit as they widen the 15. ((mauricio marin)) >> n-dot officials say crews will be working day and night this weekend to ensure it gets back open 10 in the morning sunday. reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((denise valdez))
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route to get to work or back home? ((mauricio marin)) >> n-dot says once project neon is completed it should help reduce traffic by nearly 30-percent. and even help make the area a bit safer to drive through with new traffic patterns that will go into place. so a bit of a headache now---but it should hopefully make the drive better down the road. back to you./// ((dave courvoisier)) a metro officer suffered back.. neck and leg injuries after being hit by a suspected drunk driver this morning. it happened justft tropicana. the officer was on a motorcycle. the officer was taken to umc trauma... although his injuries are non-life threatening. police say the driver of the car was 19-year-old david williams. he did stop and try to help. williams was arrested for dui-drugs at the scene. and police say more charges could be added. the officer has still not been identified./// ((dave courvoisier)) for the first time ever, 17 law enforcement agencies from across nevada are coming together for a kidnapping
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was at the training. she takes a closer look at how often kids go missing. ((fbi detective: when was the last time that you talked to her? josh: um, i talked to her last night before we went to bed.)) ((karen castro)) a federal investigation is underway in the search of a missing teen. an fbi detective is interviewing the victim's boyfriend. ((fbi detective: what was her mood when you were talking to her last night. josh: she seemed a little anxious.)) ((karen castro)) it's all part of a multi-agency kidnappings ((aaron rouse - special agent, fbi las vegas: these techniques and the learning that is, that is being displayed today is based on real world events.)) ((karen castro)) aaron rouse is the new special agent in charge of the fbi las vegas division. he says kidnappings in southern nevada are rare but all law enforcement agencies must be prepared if and when a child goes missing. ((aaron rouse - special agent, fbi las vegas: it's important to let the community know that we are unified, that we are committed to the safe return of any child that is abducted and to keeping our community safe.))
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identify how many children are abducted in the country. often times, it's never reported. but according to the national center for missing and exploited children... in 2015, the organization helped law enforcement with almost 14-thousand cases in the country. the majority were endangered runaways. about 10-percent were family abductions and one-percent non-family kidnappings. ((aaron rouse - special agent, fbi las vegas: there are different reasons that someone would abduct a child and so you can't lump it all into one category concern.)) ((karen castro)) regardless of the motive, there is only one objective: ((aaron rouse - special agent, fbi las vegas: that we get a safe return as quickly as possible. training like this, is going to help us do that.)) ((karen castro)) karen castro, 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) the fbi has a smartphone app where parents can store their child's information in case on an emergency. it's called "fbi child i-d." ((denise valdez)) with several food festivals going on around town this
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cooperative. katie boer is at the greek food festival at the greek orthodox church at hacienda and jones... katie... ((katie boer)) good evening -- a really nice late summer day across southern and nice warm, below average temperatures across the region. ................. let's take a look at your evening planner for tonight. by 7pm 88, by 9pm 83, low 80s for 11pm and looking ahead to saturday morning low 70s by 8am tomorrow. ................. ((denise valdez)) this week's game of the
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out. it is at las vegas high school.. where the seventh ranked wildcats are hosting the fifth ranked centennial bulldogs. jon tritsch is there at sahara and hollywood with a preview... jon? ((jon tritsch)) welcome to a showdown of new school versus old school..centenni al at las both teams are ranked in the top 10 and looking for an early statement victory.. i'm joined by wildcats head coach james thurman ((jon tritsch))
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this game and several others tonight at 11. .it should be another wild night under the lights ((dave courvoisier)) just into our newsroom.
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doctor and u- representative joe heck will take part in a debate with his challenger.. catherine cortez masto. there is still no confirmed date.. but.. the heck campaign just sent out a release.. saying he will debate with cortez masto. when we find out the date.. we will let you know./// ((dave courvoisier)) in a washington, d.c. press conference at his new hotel -- donald trump said today for the first time -- that president barack obama was born in the united states. dianne gallagher has the story.
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for years (donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) why doesn't he show his birth certificate (donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) i thought he was probably born in this country, but now i really have a much bigger doubt (donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) he gave a birth certificate. whether or not it was a real certificate, because a lot of people question it, i certainly question it. earlier today, hillary clinton blasted her opponent. (hillary clinton, (d) presidential candidate) for five years, he has led the "birther" movement to delegitimize the first black president. trump, meanwhile, tried to place the "birther" blame on her. candidate) hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the "birther" movement. i finished it. determined that's not true, saying back then clinton may have stoked questions about obama's identity but never herself questioned his birth certificate. the president, himself, meanwhile, seems over it. (president barack obama) i was pretty confident about where i was born. i think other people were as
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gallagher. ((dave courvoisier)) channel 8 is your local election headquarters throughout the campaign season. you can stay up to date right here on 8 news now.. or on our website.. las vegas now dot com./// ((denise valdez)) a sigh of relief for rooftop solar customers. the deal that was struck to keep a rate hike in check.. and how long it will last.. next on the valley's news leader... news music voice over: "you're watching the valley's news
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over 20,000 nevadans rely on planned parenthood for access to basic health services and critical cancer screenings. but congressman heck voted to defund planned parenthood and was willing to shut down the government over it. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington.
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this is 8 news now at six." ((denise valdez)) a deal is finally reached to help rooftop solar customers. net metering rates will soon be restored after a unanimous decision by the public utilities commission. ((dave courvoisier)) >> the p-u-c approved a
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gradfathering- in 32,000 solar customers. sharie johnson explains what your rates will be. ((sharie johnson)) december 2015, outrage over nevada's solar industry. that's when the public utilities commission tacked on fees and lowered compensation to rooftop solar customers. but today... (( we're pleased )) ((sharie johnson)) the puc's decision was reversed to anyone who installed a rooftop solar system or had a valid application pending by december 31, 2015... like marlene adrian... saving her the ((marlene adrian, rooftop solar customer certainly 1-2 thousand dollars )) ((tom dudas, rooftop solar customer how much of an investment would you say you've made? well that's probably $35,000 in an investment )) ((sharie johnson)) for tom dudas, it lowers his
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of dollars he's spent on solar panel accessories. that means he and 32,000 other net metering customers can sell extra energy back to nv energy at a retail rate of 10.6 cents per kilowatt hour. sharie johnson, 8news now. >> 24:36 they are grandfathering us of a sort, it's not a total grandfather but they are atleast policy expires in 20 years./// ((denise valdez)) here is what some of you said about the vote on our 8 news now facebook page. andrea said: it's about time. this should never have been an issue. and geoffrey wondered: now are they going to credit us retroactively? ((dave courvoisier)) it is a nice weekend for a food festival! (( denise valdez )) katie boer is at the greek food festival at hacienda and jones. katie... jones. katie... ((katie boer)) good evening -- a really nice
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and nice warm, below average temperatures across the region. ................. let's take a look at your evening planner for tonight. by 7pm 88, by 9pm 83, low 80s for 11pm and looking ahead to saturday morning ................. looking at current conditions today -- we're below seasonal average with highs in the upper 80s -- some low 90s in our warmer neighborhoods. ................. weather headlines: look for temps. climbing into the weekend. near 100s by sunday. a little bit more activity is possible for next week however. slight chance of thunderstorms starting monday night into wednesday. ............... tonight and tomorrow-- should remain pretty comfortable. look or lows in the upper 60s with mid 90s in store for your saturday afternoon. look for lots of sunshine. ............... 7-day: look for mid 90s tomorrow, but temps. climb into the weekend. by sunday look for highs above average in the upper 90s. for next week monday we'll be
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with a slight chance of storms arriving late monday night through possibly wednesday. tuesday dropping into the upper 80s. wednesday right arou 90 ges.((w) moving into an nfl stadium will certainly benefit unlv's football program. ((denise valdez)) >> but the school could also reap rewards from having the new facility. ((chris maathuis)) >> the school will lose money from events that will no longer be staged at sam boyd. but they won't get kicked to the curb..
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fitness fanatics in vegas and that's a good thing.. .more coming up here on channel 8.
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up... unlv rejoiced. it's a game changer for the football program. and it could also be a financial gain for the school because of the events, aside from football, that will be taken from sam boyd stadium, like monster trucks, moto-cross, soccer and other events... unlv will recieve 3.5 million in compensation. (( )) len jessup/unlv pres; "it means a lot we do events at sam boyd stadium now and w'ere standing down and allow all those events
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hw it should be but that's a loss for us, its a financial loss and we were compensated for that in the final language and we're happy about that... the big thing for us it'll be a lot easier to get to football games for rebel football and that's where the big impact will come." ((chris maathuis)) unlv will also make money by selling its own psl's or personnel seat licenses for prime seat locations at the stadium. and because kids notice... unlv will also have it's own locker room at the new facily the biggest hurdle might be convincing lawmakers up north that this is a good thing for nevada and las vegas. in fact it might be eaiser to lobby the other nfl owners for las vegas... one person in nevada's corner is cowboys owner jerry jones. (( )) jerrry jones; "it fits i like the way it sounds, they're the one team in the nfl that has the cashe and have the personallity that makes it work with las vegas, las vegas is one of the crown jewels of
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unlv took off today for a place called mount pleasant... its a small college town in the middle of michigan. that's where unlv plays tomorrow and for the rebs to be successful they've got to be able to run the football. (( )) tony sanchez/coach; "i don't believe you can win in football if you don't run it and play great defense.. thoe are the two things you want to be good at andif you struggle with that you're going to struggle especially as the year goes on you get into week 89, when the lights go out you've got to be able to run the football." ((chris maah all about fitness... it's the annual joe weiders mr. olympia fitness and performance weekend. and when you attend this event... if you're out of shape, you're out of place. behind these doors are thousands of fitness finatics nats everybody is enjoying themselves... probably because everbody is in great shape and i mean everybody. candrea adams/body builder from atlanta; "i had 12 friends who came from georgia with me and everybody was
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show." ronnie coleman/former champion:"that's what this is all aobut being healthy and being real fit." words like fitness and flex are everywhere. ronnie coleman is to body building what micheal jordan is to basketball. ronnie coleman; "i couldn't ask for a better life myself, i've been doing this for a very long time i've got 40 years into this." then there's mike o'hearn... he's a former champion... did t-v work also... and some modeling. you been on? mike o'hearn/former champ:'it's the world record right now 537 covers of the magizines and it's a record i'm loving it lovin it." there's no fast food... there are protein shakes.. and success stories. larissa reis/former fitness business owner; "so i came here with 500 dollars, didnt' speak any english and i came to this world of body building and got sponsors and it's amazing today i have a resturant very successful." ((dave courvoisier)) 8 news now at 6:30 starts
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in about three minutes. ((denise valdez)) >> let's check in with paul to see what they're working on. ((paul joncich)) friday night and that means high school football. we'll go live to our game of the week. and the launch of the iphone 7 today... we look at your chances of getting one ... and the new features it has on board... coming up at 6:30 on the valley's news leader... news music ((paul joncich))
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woman: here in nevada, those were the worst days of our lives, and congressman heck called it "a blip." narrator: in 2008, joe heck called nevada's housing crisis "a blip on the radar."
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a bill giving tax breaks to big banks, he took over $500,000 from wall street-- including banks who caused the housing crisis. it's clear what joe heck's priorities are, and families like mine get left behind. narrator: afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. construction work on the spaghetti bowl. the alternate routes you need to know about... ((christianne klein)) honoring officers. the local businesses who had a show of unity and appreciation for local law enforcement and their families today... ((paul joncich)) the iphone 7 launches today. we went to the apple store... to ask people what excited them about the newest smartphone...


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