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tv   Post Sports 8 News Now  CBS  September 18, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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one continuous season. as von miller tried to tell us. two-point conversion. and it's good. these last four games for thomas, starting at the afc game. eight sacks in these four games. he has three forced fumbles. and an interception. look how wide he is, on the outside. really, such a tough position. if you went out there to get him, vn andrew luck, it happened so fast. he had no feel for it. this is what you do, though. put it in the hands of the defense.
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he wants sacks, fumbles, then touchdowns. >> jim: that set up the final touchdown. and he held up the trophy, named the mvp. >> phil: yep. >> jim: and he was rewarded with a big contract a few weeks -- couple of months back. >> phil: only thing he didn't win is "dancing with the stars." he won everything else. he had a great off season. >> jim: again, tonight, a submarine with 200 nuclear warheads on it. find out on "60 minutes" tonight. denver defense scores two touchdowns. . hey, all levels. the linebackers are tremendous. they can beept you with the pass rush. -- they can beat you. and they can beat you with
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we've seen many broken-up passes today. tremendous job. >> jim: ferguson, and he makes a nice little wiggle to get out of bounds on the first down. two touchdown by the defense, both in the fourth quarter. and i thought upon reflection the lead running it back on luck, rings familiar. we dug out the bock and he did have a pick six. 209 have come against luck. that one, back in 2012 when he was a member of the patriots. that was a long return. the flag is out. . well, i have to say, what an effort, though, by the colts.
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10-yard penalty, still first down. >> phil: when think of this game, so much talk about the defensive backs and all that. you have to almost get two touchdowns given up by the offense. the defense, with all of those people hurt, they hung in there. >> jim: colts on their way to 0-2 for the third consecutive season. ferguson, and a flag as he gets out of bounds. he was battling with brandon
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>> referee: no foul on the play for face mask. second down. >> jim: touchdown for the fourth quarter, talib, ninth career return. >> phil: i like what you said. how come he's always running towards the goal line in these interception and there's the sack fumble. he's always, not always, but a lot of times watching the quarterback. so he is going forward at full speed as he leads the quarterback. >> jim: ferguson picking up the numbers. able to, again, fight his way to the sideline after another six.
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-- just keep throwing it short. >> jim: third down, six to go, and got him, again. it's derek. fourth sack of the game by the broncos. derek wolf. . what's happened so many times, to this defense, they force the quarterback up. the tackle, the quarterback steps up, the inside tackle false off the blockers and gets a sack. >> jim: wade fill limbs wants one more play by his defense, phillips. clock will run. >> phil: you think when wade fill limbs got the job, after
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head coaching position, wade phillips sat out all of 2014. didn't get a job. >> phil: nope. >> jim: and 21 defensive coordinator positions were filled before he got this one here in denver. >> phil: he called gary kubiak, thought about it, he said i'm not going to wait long. last year he had a lot of offers. but he wanted this job. and it came through. too. >> referee: 12 players on the defense, five-yard penalty, still first down. >> jim: too many men on the field for denver. indianapolis can't find enough men to put on the field for defense with all of these injuries.
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oh, that might -- von miller, again. >> phil: well, he double-teamed him. took what we talked about. von miller on the outside. tight end is going to hit him, okay. now the quarterback steps up. you know, joe rice, he doesn't know that. -- joe reitz, you didn't blame him. >> jim: three sacks today. orange crush 2.0. what it is. 34-20 final. and we're going to send it to the studio to james brown in new york. >> we take to you the final play, atlanta over oakland by a touchdown.
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roberts. back to carr. he throws laterally to crabtree. crabtree wants to wind up. he gets a block from penn. he's run out of bounds. the game is over. the hit by deion jones and atlanta goes to 1-1. and the raiders fall to 1-1. what great quarterbacking we saw today.+ three touchdown passes by ryan. 397 yards. carr, 300 yards through the air, thre picks. atlanta had to have this game. next week they're at new orleans then they've got carolina. they've got denver and then they've got seattle. 0-2 would not have gotten it done. two former defensive coordinators, del rio and quinn. good game, rich. very enjoyable. referee: boy, two teams laying it on the line. gave everything they had. high-scoring game.
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well and both teams ran the football very well. atlanta, 139 rushing yards, the raiders 155 yards on the ground but some key mistakes. of course, a decision by jack del rio to go for it on fourth and 2 with the ball about midfield with a little over seven minutes to go in the fourth quarter. kevin: julio jones had 106 receiving yards today for the victorious falcons. tonight on "60 minutes," followed by the ramsey and ncis: los angeles. each team goes to 1-1. you've been watching the nfl on cbs. red 97! set! red 97! did you say 97? yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%?
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the standings cowboys at redskins.. rookie quarterback dak prescott with a grown man play..touchdown dallas.. washington up 3 and trying to put the game away.. but barry church intercepts kirk cousins.. dallas marches the field..alfred morris against his former team.. 27-23..cowboys pick up their first win in 2016 honestly..mostly steelers.. ben roethlisberger to deangelo williams..touchd own..formal celebration.. bengals making a late charge..but unfortunately as always they fall short to their rival..fumble.. steelers seize the game and improve to 2-0..24-16 titans have a comback roaring against the lions.. marcus mariota to delanie walker..30 yard touchdown.. just over a minute left.. mariota to the ageless andre johnson..
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49ers.. cam newton to greg olson....and the tight end ignites for an 88 yard touchdown..long est of his career.. the mvp gets a helmet to the chest but fires a missile to kelvin benjamin.. 353 yards 4 touchdowns for newton.. 46-27 patriots poaching the dolphins for sport.. but jimmy garapaolo goes down legarrette blount continued business as usual for new england..they beat the fins 31-24 cardinals out for vengeance against tampa.. carson palmer to larry fitzgerald palmer to michael floyd.. 40-7 late in the 4th each sunday we give a shoutout to those who show out..the vegas
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wait for it gorman hosting kahuku high school from hawaii.. tate martell hosting a magic show.. somehow someway navigates his way to a first town despite being chased by the entire state of don't try this at home las vegas high school..home of big plays and their first 3-0 record since 2011.. diquan brown ripping off back breaking runs with speed and against centennial..wild cats win 24-21 in our fan's choice game of the week unlv best player this year has been lexington lightning thomas..back to back 100 yard games..the rebels lost to central michigan but the chippewas lost the 85 yard touchdown race in the first half former canyon springs star donnel pumphrey continues to run wild across college
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against northern illinois..220 and 3 touchdowns..his san diego state aztecs have climbed to #22 in the national poll raider nation relocation reached a major step this week as the southern nevada transportation and infrastructure committee approved the 1.9 billion dollar stadium proposal and sent it to the state legislature for a vote..las vegas becoming one of 32 nfl cities is real ((sharie johnson))
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the serious injuries that driver caused for one scooter rider and what authorities believed may have caused the driver to flee. ((sharie johnson))
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the vehicle they are describing that may be connected to the murder. ((sharie johnson)) >> and the fall season is on it's way. katie boer breaks down the chances for rain and the possible cool down the valley is facing this week./// "now, live...this is 8 news now weekend edition." ((sharie johnson)) thanks for joining us i'm sharie johnson. those stories in a moment but first n-h-p is investigating a second deadly crash in less than this happened just before noon on southbound i-15 near cheyenne. authorities say a toyota truck hit a tree and roadway sign. the driver was taken to u-m-c where he later died./// ((sharie johnson)) meanwhile a valley man is fighting for his life after getting hit by a driver who ran a stop sign---then took off from the scene leaving the victim in grave condition. 8 news now's mauricio marin is live from where the crash
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what's most disturbing about this case. mauricio? ((mauricio marin)) >> witnesses told metro police the driver behind the wheel of the s-u-v that fled the scene also ran over the person who flew off the scooter after they were ejected from the impact of the crash. so police are now on the hunt for the suspect. >> metro police tell us the crash happened just after 10 this morning. they believe the car v evidence found on scene. for most of the day this portion of the road was closed off to traffic as detectives investigated. authorities say the black honda s-u-v ran a stop sign when it crashed into the scooter. the man riding the scooter is dealing with life threatening injuries--- including a broken back and serious internal injuries. although police won't know for sure why the driver fled until they catch up with the suspect--- detectives say it's usually because they're often up to no good.
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school zone so whoever was driving this car down here, most people who leave the scene of the accident have a reason for leaving the scene of an accident probably one of the msot times is because theyr'e imparied or running from something committing a crime." )) ((mauricio marin)) >> police say witnesses tried to help on scene and one person even tried following the vehicle that took off--but they managed to get away. ((mauricio marin)) >> at this time police haven't released a description of the driver. but once again...t for a black honda s-u-v with damage--likely to the front of the car. if you know anything---call metro police or crimestoppers. reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((sharie johnson)) north las vegas police are investigating the deadly shooting of a 19 year old man. reporter brittany edney joins us now live from the scene near lake mead and belmont street. brittany. ((brittany edney)) this happened just after midnight... officers responded to shots
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laying in the street. he was taken to u-m-c where he later died. police do not have a clear description of the shooter but they do have a description of a vehicle believed to be involved in the murder. ((officer ann cavaricci, north las vegas police 'at this point our preliminary investigation is indicating that a small blue pick up truck may be involved in this shooting and doesn't appear to bne a random act of violence." )) >> this is the 19th homicide in this year. ((brittany edney)) anyone with any information on the shooting is asked to call crime stoppers. reporting live, brittany edney, 8 news now.// ((sharie johnson)) hard to believe we are in the final days of the summer season. katie is tracking how soon we could be experiencing fall-like temps and even the chances for rain we may be facing. ((katie boer)) another beautiful evening across the desert southwest -- with our countdown to fall
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weather is possible ahead this week. ...................... lookign at the net few hours we'll stay dry and mild--but very warm with temperatures continuing about average today and tomorrow. look for temps. around 7pm in the low 90s... 90 degrees by 9pm. around 11pm tonight mid 80s with upper 70s expected by early tomorrow morning. .................... looking at tr things are pretty quiet...however moisture associated with tropical storm paine will spread up across the mojave desert region monday night and tuesday bringing increasing chances for rain showers and possibly a few thunderstorms for areas south of i-15. a strong low pressure system will drop into the great basin by thursday resulting in gusty winds and unsettled weather for much of the region. shar hnson)) things are gett5 south was shutdown for about 33 hours over the weekend. it was closed for work on project neon as crews prepare to demolish the bridge that crosses symphony park drive. the ramp was reopened a few
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morning. and as you can see traffic is flowing once again on the busiest ramp in the state./// ((sharie johnson)) as a major ramp reopens, several more will shut down this week. traffic anchor demetria obilor is here showing you the routes you'll want to avoid in tonight's look ahead... the closure in the spaghetti bowl along the 95 south ramp to i-15 south ended earlier this morning. that ramp shut dof project neon. you'll still be dealing with related closures this week. the mlk on-ramp to northbound 95 is closed. it will stay closed through november, so you will need to use alternates like rancho to get to the freeway. over on the east side, there are more ramp closures for a separate project.
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improvements project, which is requiring ramp and lane closures. expect delays in the area as work continues. things can get really slow on this part of flamingo road during the rush hour. tomorrow is the groundbreaking ceremony for the state's i-15 north widening project. ndot will begin constructing improvements between craig and the speedway. the ceremony itself will happen at 10:30am. we'll talk more about at 10:30am. we'll talk more about it tomorrow, and of course there are projects all around town slowing you down.
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((sharie johnson)) a manhattan neighborhood is on edge after an explosion rocked the community last night. what investigators have learned about the makeshift bomb that injured dozens of people and the questions that still surround who was behind the blast./// "now, live...this is 8
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((sharie johnson)) investigators say they've recovered pieces of the pressure cooker bomb that injured 29 people last night in new york city. but, the manhunt is underway for the suspect who planted the explosive device. brook silva-braga has more from the chelsea section of
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surveillance footage obtained by nbc captures the moment. a pressure cooker bomb, police believe, injured 29 in the chelsea area of manhattan saturday night. all have been released from the hospital. a second pressure cooker was found four blocks away and destroyed in a controlled detonation sunday. (mayor bill de blasio ) was it a political motivation, a personal motivation, we do not know that yet. new york governor andrew cuomo noted at a morning press conference that no terrorist groups had claimed responsibility. (cuomo ) at this time there is no terrorism connection with this incident a law enforcement source tells cbs news that both the new york bombs and the one that went off saturday morning along the course of a new jersey charity race were designed to use cell phones as triggers but they can't say definitively if the events are linked. (gabe ferreira) it was scary. i mean it was definitely an explosion. you definitely felt it from two blocks away. tonight the nypd is on heightened alert and a


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