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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  September 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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six." ((dave courvoisier)) we're just two days away from the start of the life is beautiful festival in downtown las vegas. thanks for joining us... i'm dave courvoisier. ((denise valdez)) >> and i'm denise valdez. past all the music and fun though.. festival organizers and city officials have a difficult task.. how to address the city's homeless population in a safe and humane way. ((dave courvoisier)) >> anchor christianne klein has been looking into the issue and joins us now with the story.. ((christianne klein)) today the las vegas city council addressed the incredibl city... las vegas now ranks 5th in the country for unsheltered homeless.. as bad as that is.. it's actually an improvement.. we were ranked third in the country.. on any given day 75 hundred people are living without a home in southern nevada.. yesterday homeless were moved from the area of downtown where the life is beautiful festival will be held this weekend.. to an area just outside the perimeter fence. officials with the office of community services praised what they called the dignified
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orchestrated this complicated move.. but they do recognize de-homing and re-homing those without shelter is part of a larger, more complex issue... ((rick van diepen/greenview global it becomes this shell game where the chronically homeless just get moved around, and when you're in survival mode as they are.. you get creative.. they find those places where they can't legally get hasseled by the police and they can't get rousted )) ((christianne klein)) >> part of thp expansion of what's known as the corridor of hope.. a stretch of homeless service providers about a mile north of downtown.. near the intersection of las vegas boulevard and owens avenue.. ((christianne klein)) >> they also are looking to other cities for potential solutions.. including mobile public restrooms and showers like in san francisco.. and transitional bridge housing whether it's small camper trailers, rv parks, even micro housing as that transition between homelessness and permanent shelter..
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now: clouds assocaited with hurricane paine have no enveloped the region. rain chances are not in the forecast for tonight, but we could start seeing some drops move in for southern zones overnight. temps stay warm today but we'll have a warm evening with the clouds around. winds stay light for now but will see them pickup through the week. stick around through tonight and all of tomorrow. temps overnight due to cloud cover could keep us in the high 70's and close to 80 by morning. rain chances stay south of i-15 and maybe up to i-40 in az by early tomorrow. we'll have an more detailed update on your weather coming up at 4. ((dave courvoisier)) a north las vegas doctor
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been arrested for lewdness with a patient. police say 50-year-old jorge burgos was arrested this morning. he is accused of inappropriatley touching a patient on multiple occasions. he faces several counts of open and gross lewdness. detectives are seeking other possible victims.. and urge anyone with info to call i department./// ((denise valdez)) the city of las vegas has been served with a federal court order as part of an fbi investigation. the 8 news now i -team has learned that the court order was served earlier this week... ordering the city to preserve certain electronic records. sources familiar with the investigation say the probe is focused on city councilman ricki barlow but the specific allegations have not been made public.
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ongoing investigations, as a matter of policy. metro police declined to comment as well. we reached out to the city as well as councilman barlow... we heard back from the city which issued this statement saying "the city of las vegas has received a records request from the fbi. the city is cooperating fully. because the records are now part of an ongoing investigation, the city is unable to elaborate on the details of the request."/// ((dave courvoisier)) things were a little tense on the north end of the strip this afternoon... as police investigated a suspicious package at the surrounding the strat... as investigators tried to figure out what was in a bag inside the hotel and casino. part of the casino floor was evacuated. in the end... police say it was just a backpack filled with medical devices inside it... that a guest had left behind. the casino and roads were reopened around three this afternoon./// ((denise valdez)) the corrections officer arrested outside of las vegas -- tried smuggling drugs in his shoes into a prison. that's according to the arrest
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former inmate never made it to high desert state prison.. where he worked. police were keeping an eye on gedge.. after his name was brought up on a prison phone call.. where inmates said gedge had brought drugs to them several times. he's scheduled to be in court tomorrow./// ((denise valdez)) today we learned a government informant was driving ammon bundy when the oregon standoff leader was arrested on his way to a community meeting earlier this year. a trooper testified that the informant alerted police that bundy and other occupiers were refuge for the meeting. that's also the traffic stop that led to one of the occupiers being shot and killed by an agent. bundy and six co-defendants are charged with conspiring to impede federal officers from doing their jobs at the wildlife refuge./// ((dave courvoisier)) owning a pot belly pig may become easier in the city of las vegas. two councilmembers introduced a proposal to ease the current restrictions. 8 news now reporter karen castro found out why the possible changes may help find more pigs forever homes.
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vegas pig pets: i'm full. i'm at my limit with 8 pigs.)) ((karen castro)) crystal kim-han runs a small pot belly pig rescue. she says finding homes for these animals isn't easy. ((crystal kim-han vegas pig pets: you know zoning prevents me from pursuing so many applications.)) ((karen castro)) the city of las vegas is looking to ease the zoning rules, allowing more pigs per household. currently only one pot belly pig is allowed per detached single family home. ((crystal kim-han vegas pig pets: we would love for pigs to be o herd.)) ((chris maathuis)) the city is also considering removing the 22-inch height limit and 120 pound maximum weight. ((crystal kim-han vegas pig pets: 120 pounds on a full grown pig is one of the most unrealistic weights that i've ever seen. generally 120 pounds is met at 2 years old.)) ((karen castro)) this is kim-han's pet mo... a 250 pound, full grown, pot belly pig. she says while he sleeps a lot,
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the city eliminates some restrictions, a pig pet is not for everyone. ((crystal kim-han vegas pig pets: pigs need outdoor time, for sure. they need to root, they need to dig like dogs chase balls.)) ((karen castro)) she remains optimistic the changes will help these gentle giants find the perfect owners. ((crystal kim-han - vegas pig pets: that would open a lot of homes for us in the city of las vegas.)) ((karen castro)) karen castro, 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) >> the public will get a chance to weigh in on the proposed changes before being approved. councilmembers will not vote on the matter for at least another month ((denise valdez)) the controversial commerce tax passed in the legislature last year... is bringing in more money than previously expected. according to "the nevada appeal"... the tax generated nearly 144- million dollars for the general fund by the end of fiscal year 2016. that's 24- million- dollars more than the initial projection. the commerce tax applies to businesses that make more than 4 million dollars in revenue each year. other taxes... like the live entertainment, sales, and payroll taxes... are below projections.///
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turning 75 this year. and to mark the occasion, we are taking a look back at some of it's rich history. 8 news now anchor paul joncich is live at the clark county museum with more. ((paul joncich)) here at the clark county museum they have dozens of historical artifacts dating back to nellis's early days. they give you a better understanding about the heroic work being done at one of the military's historically significant bases. ((trk)) las vegas army airfield was may of 1950 after lt. william nellis. he was a star athlete at las vegas high school, who died when his aircraft was shot down over luxembourg germany. many decorated airmen have passed through, but one of the most legendary was col. john boyd, a skilled and daring pilot credited with changing "the art of war." ((10:01:09 jerry white/nellis historian: "he was the first guy to mathmatically describe dog fighting. and once you can mathmatically describe something, you can figure out how to make it better, and his imput was crucial in the both the f-15
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joncich)) it's massive amount of air space is one of the reasons nellis has never been on the chopping block even in times of military downsizing. ((9:59:33 jerry white: "the airspace we have extends from the california state line to the utah state line and the whole southern corridor of the state. pretty much from the sheep mountains north.")) ((paul joncich)) nearly every inch of the 2.9 million square acres of range land is used during nellis's red flag excercises. ((9:53:50 jerry white:" if you come out here during red flag you'll see b-52's, b-1's b-2's, you'll see every fighter we have, you see the nv the aussie's the french, the israelis, the spanish.")) ((paul joncich)) today approximately 12-thousand-500 military and civilians work on base. it's part of the engine that drives southern nevada's economy. ((13:00:05 mark hall-patton:"economi cally, nellis is a huge part of the local economy, it's also a huge part in terms or bringing people into the area. many of the organizations that i belong to, churches, things like that you find that you have people from nellis who are not just members, they get in volved and are a part of it.))
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from nellis's rich history are on display at the clark county museum. everything from goggles and bomber jackets early pilots wore, to a life magazine cover that made gunnery school seem cool, to a 7 second burst of 50 caliber rounds. it's the fabric of a somewhat secretive place that for 75 years has been training some of the best and brightest in the u.s. military./// ((paul joncich)) 6:30 we'll take a closer look at some of these artifacts. some facsinating items here. and museum adminstrator mark hall patton will join me to talk about some of them. ((dave courvoisier)) >> earlier you showed a clip of a recruiting film starring ronald reagan that was shot during the early days at nellis. is that something people can watch at home? ((paul joncich)) >> right, former president reagan and burgess meredith and it is a classic. it's called rear gunner.
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((dave courvoisier)) a wildfire burns in southern california... at vandenberg air force base. how firefighters are keeping service members safe... and how much longer before they get the upper hand./// news music voice over: "you're watching the valley's news leader with dave courvoisier,
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woman: here in nevada, those were the worst days of our lives, and congressman heck called it "a blip." narrator: in 2008, joe heck called nevada's housing crisis "a blip on the radar."
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a bill giving tax breaks to big banks, he took over $500,000 from wall street-- including banks who caused the housing crisis. it's clear what joe heck's priorities are, and families like mine get left behind. narrator: afscme people is responsible
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this is 8 news now at six." ((dave courvoisier)) firefighters in california are slowly getting control of a wildfire at vandenberg air force base. but right now.. the containment is only at 18% . the fire is growing mostly in the west and north end of vandenberg. crews made significant progress along the south and east portions of the fire. air force base security forces have established road blocks along west ocean avenue to reduce traffic congestion. (( "we are pretty much
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and a pillow to lay their head on. like i said, we have extra staff coming in early. we're not charging them for soap or detergent so they can wash their uniforms. anything that we can do." )) ((dave courvoisier)) >> firefighters hope the weather will cooperate and they can have the fire half contained by the weekend./// ((denise valdez)) global warming.. it's a serious issue that seems to be gaining attentiona right now. and for good reason... the average global temperature for august is a record breaker. nearly 62 degrees... that's nearly a tenth hotter than the previous august record. it was the fifth hottest month of any kind ever recorded.. and these stats date back to 1880./// ((weather toss))
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mainly staying east of the region. temps have stayed on the cool side with highs only in the 80's today thanks to all the cloud cover through the morning and afternoon. winds have been slightly breezy today and big winds in the forecast for thursday. ................................ ... ... temps have been mostly in the 80's throughout the region and definitely below average for this time of year. mid 80's for the east part of the valley this afternoon and really not touching t we're supposed to be around 92 this time of year and it looks like we won't even reach that. not as warm for those areas on the west side of town where we're higher in elevation. 80's still but below average again and we stayed cool up in kyle canyon today ................................ ... ................ regional temps also stayed warm but below average as well. not expecting to reach into the
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90's especially in death valley. warm there and laughlin again as usual. cooler up in the great basin with temps also mild up in reno. colorado river stayed warm but still plenty of clouds around,. ................................ ... .................. looking at the radar the bulk of the rain stayed east and south which is why we only put a 30% chance for our region yesterday. some areas to the east actually picked up .04 to .20 of an inch near kingman earlier today. ................................ ... ................... futurecast shows the rain happening here this evening as the rain stays east again this evening. then expect a lull in any rain chances until tomorrow we're the next system coming in off the coast will increase our chances again by afternoon and thursday a.m. the possiblity of isolated t'storms is also in the forecast for that time frame. ................................ ... ................ here's the forecast. lows dropping close to 70 tonight with only slight shower chances for this evening and
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times, but we may stay warm due to the cloud cover. tomorrow expect a high close to 90 with both clouds and sun along with some breezy winds. shower chances increast later in the day and especially in the evening. t'storm chances are also possible. ................................ ... ............. extended forecast shows plenty of 80's with friday being our coolest day in the low 80's. expect strong wind on thursday with those shower chances for the first day of fall.
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keep the team in oakland. ((denise valdez)) >> a couple of former players have submitted a bid ((chris maathuis)) >> the latest on the raiders recall... former raider ronnie lott has a plan and a sliver of hope... tell ya what that plan is all about. plus.. this event has been coming to las vegas for 10 years and it's back tonight. details next here on channel 8.
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isn't saying anything new.. he's stated all along he hopes to keep the raiders in oakland. he echoed those comments again on sunday night in minneapolis.
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meanwhile the ronnie lott group, which is trying to keep the raiders in oakland presented a proposal to the city saying they'll buy the coliseum and surrounding land for 167 million and upgrade the decades old facility. according to the east bay times, the city of oakland has entered into a memorandum of understanding that they have 90 days to begin negotiations. raiders owner mark davis has told us... regardless of lotts' intentions, if vegas builds a stadium, he's bringing his team here. here at home, governor sandoval intends to called a special session no earer october 13th... lawmakers are being told it could likely start on the 10th. we'll continue to follow this. ((chris maathuis)) las vegas is preparing to meet a team that should beat on saturday. the vandals come into las vegas having been pounded by washington state and again by washington. there isn't much that worries unlv about idaho... the rebels are the better team. but nothing can be taken for granted especailly with this unlv program. the last time the two schools played, unlv was expected to win and the vandals whipped the rebs
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coach; "this is a big one this week. they run the ball really well, they've got a big physical quarterback , good running back and a receiver who's good too... so we've got to to a good job of stopping the run this week and shut down boyd. defensively they've got what we saw last week with a nose guard who's a really good player and a linebacker that's a good player, we've got to go out there and move the ball and score points." ((chris maathuis)) this will be idaho's first visit to las vegas in 11 years.... the many are saying that could be the bet of night. both teams are 1-2 on the young season. there's a real fun event happening in las vegas tonight... it's the opening of world cup cyclo-cross. it's taking place at desert breeze park... tonight's races will host riders from 21 countries.. it'll be televised around the world. it may not be a big deal here in the states... but overseas, especially in denmark and belgium, it's huge. (( )) brook watts/producer;
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now what is cyclocross... a disipline of ride like tour de frnace, but fatter ties, for riding on grass like at desert breeze.. then come to ramps and steps jump over or run up the hill. nick schaffner/reno rider; "it's the hardest workout you can do in 60 minutes. if yo uhave any left at the end, you didn't do enough. it's as hard as you can go for 60 minutes then collapse." scott lundy/rider from cali;"this is the first world cup of the year, so maybe not all the top riders like you se but certtainly a significant number of top riders including the world champion." ((chris maathuis)) as mentioned the world champion is here... the elite women just got underway, they'll ride for the next hour... then at 8:15, the elite men will compete and they wrap up around 10:30. desert breeze tonight is a fun place to hang out. ((chris maathuis)) finally the countdown is on.. .you have only hours to go to
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our 'fans choice game of the week. it's been tight... but today basic and canyon springs has pulled away. that game leads the palo - legacy game by 20 votes.... and it looks like we won't be going to desert pines.... not enough votes. ((dave courvoisier)) 8 news now at 6:30 is next. ((denise valdez)) >> christianne klein joins us in studio with a look at what ((christianne klein)) we hear about the dangers of climate change all the time... but it turns out... it's not just environmental factors. we hear from a retired navy admiral... who says climate change can also be a military threat. and you're sounding off at six! we hear what you have to say about how madame tussauds is marking angelina jolie's filing for divorce from brad pitt... at musuems across the country.///
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protesters and police are clashing for the second night in a row. these are live pictres where in just the past few minutes things started getting a little heated... as officers are try to break up the crowds. we've seen tear gas canisters thrown into the crowds... as well as some of the protesters being detained with zip ties. this all stems from the fatal shooting of a man police say 43- year- old keith scott was shot and killed by an officer... after the officer noticed scott had a weapon... and demanded he drop it. but a witness claims scott had his hands up when he was shot... and that he had a book in his lap that he was reading. police say no book was recovered from the scene... but a handgun was./// ((christianne klein)) back here at home... paul joncich is live tonight as


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