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tv   8 News Now at Noon  CBS  September 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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went inside...getting into an argument with another customer until eventually shooting him in the chest. metro tells us this shooter then hid within the crowd at starbucks....and went as far as calling in a fake suspect description to 9-1-1 to try and throw off officers arriving to the scene. because of that ....police had to treat the incident like a ba situation.... a number of businesses and strip malls near warm springs and rainbow were shut down for several hours during the investigation. as of this morning....this starbucks was supposed to open at 5. we saw many confused and disappointed customers...who came upon this closed sign posted in front. ((matthew dustin/father of two daughters: "it's starting to become the norm. it's horrible. i've got two daughters. i can't believe that i'm going to be raising them where this is happening at a starbucks over coffee."))
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tried performing cpr on the man who was shot. he was later taken to spring valley hospital where he died. starbucks stent a statement saysing " we are incredibly saddened to learn of the tragedy that took place in las vegas. our hearts and prayers are with the victim's family and friends during this difficult time. our team is on the ground working directly with law enforcement to understand the details of the situation." ((nia wong)) >> for now all we know about this shooter is that he has a criminal record....and has tattoos that could be linked to a gang. no bail has bee murder charge. reporting live from the southwest. nia wong 8 news now ((brian loftus)) a six figure settlement has been approved for an unarmed man shot in the leg by metro police. a 400-thousand dollar payment to lawrence gordon was approved by metro's fiscal oversight board today. in november of 2012... gordon was shot by officer, jacqaur roston, while sitting in the passenger seat of the car. roston said he thought gordon was reaching for a gun. what he saw was the reflection from a shiny sticker on a hat.
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and several members resigned when he was only suspended instead. gordon survived the shooting./// ((brian loftus)) the coronors officer has identified the woman killed saturday morning as 30-year-old amanda kaplan. her body was found at a home near sunset and boulder highway. henderson police have arrested 48-year-old michael kaplan in connection to the homicide. three children were at home at the time... those kids are now in the care of child protective services. henderson police say officers have not been called to the house for any domestic violence issue ((brian loftus)) the highly anticipated first presidential debate is just hours away. you can watch it at 6 o'clock here on channel 8. the latest polls show donald trump and hillary clinton in a virtual tie... so a lot is on the line tonight. jamie yuccas has a preview from hofstra university, in new york, where the debate is being held: the audience for tonight's televised showdown
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million viewers. the face off comes as the latest polls show clinton's numbers slipping putting her in a virtual tie with trump. (robby mook/clinton campaign manager) hillary clinton does know she needs to earn the voters trust. the democratic nominee spent most of her weekend practicing with a small group of advisors and studying trump's primary debates. trump on the other hand -- devoted less timeto debate prep, but his campaign says he's ready. ( jason miller/trump campaign senior communications advisor) as long as he's talking about his message and he's focused and he's talking about the contrast, the two visions he want to go versus where hilary wants to go i (bridge jamie yuccas/cbs news, hempstead, ny) political experts say trump has to show in this debate he has the temperament to be president while clinton has to get her supporters excited again. ( anthony salvanto/cbs news elections director) it's not that people are switching over to donald trump or going back and forth it's that her voters are saying they're less likely to vote. on the hofstra campus, college students say they want to hear about the issues before they make up their minds. ( megan mcguire/hofstra student) i'm kinda just waiting to see. that's why this debate is so important, so many people, their decisions up in the air. (question: jy off-cam: are you leaning one way or the another? ( michael fuller)
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waiting to hear and see what both candidates really have to say both candidates will have plenty to say as the 90 minute debate focuses on security and economic growth. jamie yuccas, cbs news, hempstead, new york. ((brian loftus)) the third presidential debate will be here at u-n-l-v on october 19-th. parking restrictions could start as soon as 5 days before the event... and shuttles will run to off-campus parking facilities. network television producers have been scouting campus for places to set up temporary television sets... leading up to the debate../// ((brian loftus)) nevada will decide in november whether or not to legalize recreational marijuana in nevada. if the ballot initiative passes... it would allow adults to legally posses up to one ounce of marijuana... or one-eighth of concentrated marijuana... starting january first. local governments could make rules on where businesses would set up.. but would not be able to impose bans. we are one of five states voting on recreational marijuana. recent polls have shown support
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8 news now is your local election headquarters throughout the campaign. you can catch the latest news here on channel 8.. and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((brian loftus)) nine people were shot in houston, texas by what police describe as a disgruntled lawyer. nathan desai opened fire in a houston shopping center. none of the people shot have died.. but desai was killed by police. his father says he owned multiple guns, and had a license to carry them. police said they were familiar with desai because he had multiple run-ins with his neighbors/ ((brian loftus)) gas prices in las vegas are way down from a year ago at this time. today, triple-a says the average is 2 dollars and 44 cents a gallon here. 59 cents lower than last year. and they have stayed steady over the last week, after a slight bump at the end of summer./// ((brian loftus)) it's a warm start to the week. but there are some possible showers later on. sherry swensk is in the weather center to tell us about it.. sherry... ((sherry swensk))
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................ we enjoyed 60s again this morning... and great sunshine again today... but clouds return by tonight and tomorrow. .................. warm temps today with high pressure over the west...then a chance for showers this week and cooler. the moisture and chance for rain and thunderstorms coming up from the south from moisiture set up the south from moisiture set up over southwest texas. ............ upper 80s starting tomorrow through the rest of the week and rest of september. no more 100s for the month and likely for the year now. month and likely for the year now. ((brian loftus))
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of golfing great arnold palmer.. who passed away sunday... next on 8 news now, the valley's news leader. ((you're watching the valley's news leader with
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horner: i was proud to stand for our country. i will not stand for congressman hardy and donald trump insulting seniors and veterans. hardy wants to raise the retirement age iors who rely on programs like social security are a draw on government and the disabled are a drain on society. and then there's donald trump. they're just not for us.
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((brian loftus)) the world is remembering the extraordinary life and career of arnold palmer. the golfing great died yesterday from heart complications at the age of 87. palmer's style and dominance on the golf course elevated the game to ne lasting legacy: nats "the line is perfect, he's got it!" known simply as "the king" arnold palmer captivated the sports world with his ferocious style of play and the magnetism of a movie star. golf would never be the same when palmer burst on the scene in the late 1950's. he became the face of the sport as t-v expanded into more homes.... and helped turn the country club game mainstream.
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and 62 pga tour wins. he was courted by presidents, and spawned a rabid following of fans dubbed "arnie's army" nats "and there goes the gallery look at them race for positions" in 2011 he spoke to charlie rose (rose palmer ) there's no game like it. you go out there and you key it up on the first tee, charlie -- charlie rose: yes? arnold palmer: -- it's you, the golf ball and the golf course. and there you go palmer was a pioneer in marketing for athlethes and paved the way for future stars. there's even a drink named after him. he also received the presidential medal of freedom and congressional gold medal. (sot) "i like to think and truly believe that golfers promote some sort of human values that symbolize so many americans.
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facebook page. justin said: i'll raise a glass of 1/2 iced tea 1/2 lemonade in his honor and john said : i'm sorry to hear of the passing of arnold palmer. golf legend, creator of golf channel. he's one of a kind./// ((brian loftus)) and major league baseball is mourning the death of one it's brightest young stars. miami marlins pitcher jose fernandez died in a boating accident sunday morning. on sunday, the marlins put fernandez's number on the pitching mound... and other teams also held tributes. fernandez had defected from cuba at the a ((brian loftus)) still ahead on the valley's news leader... heavy flooding in iowa. the precautions that are being taken.. and how long the flooding there may last..... here at home.. we could also see some wet weather this week.. though not as severe. sherry swensk tells us your full forecast... ((you're watching 8
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evacuations and curfews are in effect in parts of iowa and wisconsin as a river threatens to overflow it's banks. the cedar river is rising quickly. it crested in vinton today..
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tomorrow. this will be the second highest crest on record.. and major flooding is expected. vinton is expecting heavy waters through thursday.. and cedar rapids through saturday./// ((sherry swensk)) beautiful sunshine and some breezes today... with comfortable 80s around town. there are some northeast breezes and the humidity just above 10 percent. theast
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clouds will continue to slide into the area tonight ahead of moisture moving into the desert from the east - bringing showers and thunderstorms to texas today. into the desert from the east - bringing showers and thunderstorms to texas today. ............. temps will rise to low 90s as the warmest day of the week today... then we finish september in the 80s and without anymore 100s! ................. a chance for showers starts in the mountains tomorrow - then the valley midweek and gorgeous sunshine for our first
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the high over the west is heating temps up all through california and breaking record highs. ............ the rain will slide west into arizona then nevada in the next couple of days and clouds will cool the temps to upper 80s.
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disease sufferers. this may look like a breath strip, but it's doing a lot more than freshening up... next at noon on the valley's news leader...
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about 50-thousand americans are diagnosed with parkinson's disease every year. it is a progressive disorder of the nervous system that can make daily activities difficult. but now researchers are trying out what looks like a breath strip of medicine that could make patients' lives easier. martie salt has the story. playing the flute used to be easy for helen michaelson (michael-son), but now parkinson's disease has robbed her of her rhythm. just sitting still is a struggle.
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it really affects everything." (:04) the former school band director and teacher of the year now takes medicine five times a day. but when it starts to wear off, these so called "off episodes" can be problematic. "sometimes you get so overwhelmed as far as being tired. you just can't go anymore." a new kind of drug therapy is being tested that could help helen with the "off episodes." the drug is hidden in this blue strip. patients put it under their medicine is absorbed into the mucus of the mouth, then it goes into the bloodstream. "it's called a dopamine agonist because it acts like dopamine in the brain." university of south florida professor of neurology robert hauser says the strip of medicine can rescue a patient stuck in a debilitating episode of immobility. "it's thought that the strip should provide benefit within 20 to 30 minutes. that's still under evaluation and it's thought that it may last 60 to 90 minutes. again, that's still under evaluation."
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i'm martie salt, reporting. ((brian loftus)) >> this new strip of medicine is not approved by the f-d-a yet. it's in clinical trials right now and could be available to the public in two to three years./// ((brian loftus)) the valley's news leader is back in just a few minutes./// ((you're watching 8
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[ cellphone ringing ] it's just another scandal from danny tarkanian. tarkanian was the corporate lawyer for those with an elaborate scam that tricked hundreds of seniors into donating to fraudulent charities, totaling millions. and when a shady tarkanian deal went bust, he refused to pay back $17 million, why would we ever send danny tarkanian to congress?
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news now at four... why women who are pregnant may want to welcome the experience of morning sickness. the new study that suggests those symptoms may be a sign of healthy pregnancy./// ((brian loftus)) the life is beautiful festival drew large crowds downtown over the weekend. the festival features music.. art... food... and ideas. headliners included mumford and sons... empire of the sun.. and rapper j-cole. acts were spread across four stages. and now organizers are already turning their sites on next year's festival. early bird ticket sales start on september 2t live at noon.. the valley's news leader. remember that 8 news now is always available at las vegas now dot com, facebook and
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>> eric: nobody came. >> quinn: they don't want this. >> eric: i do. and they know that. pam and charlie were here. thorne promised to be my best man. wyatt! wyatt's not here! >> quinn: i'm so sorry, eric. >> eric: you have nothing to apologize for. i love you, quinn. >> quinn: i love you. so much. and i would give anything to be your wife. but i can't let you do this. your family is too important to you. you're gonna lose them. [ sniffles ]


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