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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  September 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> we're just one hour away from a political showdown. hillary clinton and donald trump take the debate stage in new york tonight. but what can we expect from the candidates as we near election day? ((katie boer)) the cooler weather is sticking around for the start of the week... but i'm tracking chance of rain in the coming days. more on that coming up in your full forecast.///
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in jail.. hiding in the crowd, 34 year old pedro garcia is the man police say shot and killed another man at a starbucks on rainbow and warm springs. "he turns out to be our suspect. he had called into dispatch. he had called in himself. he had given a different description of the person who did the shooting." garcia was arrested sunday on murder and robbery charges. records, he has a history of violent crime. back in 2001, he was found guilty of receiving or transferring stolen cars. three years later, he was charged with burglary, forgery and attempted theft. "the suspect went through the drive through, his card was denied and the employee saw that he was agitated and gave him the water that he had asked for." police say garcia parked his car, went inside ... and got into an argument with another customer.
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in the air, and threatened to shoot other people in the business." he was spotted evacuating the building with other customers ... until witnesses pointed him out to police. "they were telling for us to get away, get away" the motive behind the horrific shooting is still unclear. ((shakala alvaranga)) garcia will be in court wednesday morning. for a look at how the business is dealing with the aftermath of this shooting... we send it over to karen castro who's back at the shopping center. karen? me the company is having a counseling session with all it's workers this evening to help them cope with this traumatic incident. meanwhile, loyal customers have been stopping by all day showing their support, including a man who dropped off these flowers. ((william wright starbucks employee: i feel pretty good surprisingly. im not one to let things get
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william wright is staying strong after coming face to face with an accused killer. the starbucks employee was manning the register when the suspect, pedro garcia, walked in. ((william wright starbucks employee: he was just standing there, you know and he looked up at my eyes and he looked back at down and looked back up at me. )) ((karen castro)) wright describes garcia as suspicious but calm. moments later he heard two loud booms. ((william wright starbucks employee: it never occurred to me they were gun shots until people were sr )) ((karen castro)) wright took cover in a back room along with other employees. ((william wright starbucks employee: we were all packed in there. i was calming everyone down saying look it's as simple as that, if he comes in, we bash him. )) ((karen castro)) wright says they used a refrigerator to block the door. they stayed in the room for close to an hour until police escorted them out. ((william wright starbucks employee: they took extra precaution. they had guns pointed at us. they gave us a good pad down. )) ((karen castro)) meanwhile, loyal starbucks customers have been stopping by not knowing the coffee shop was closed. ((ryan kelsey dropped off flowers: i was hoping to
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just get it back there but i can come back tomorrow. )) ((karen castro)) but instead, ryan kelsey left these colorful flowers by the front door. ((ryan kelsey dropped off flowers: i live 2 minutes away. i come here all the time. so um, i just, it just sadden me, made me heavy so i just wanted to add a drop of light to, to the world i guess. )) ((karen castro)) as for wright, he's ready to go back to work but he says he will be extra vigilant. ((william wright starbucks employee: i just thought this guy was gonna come in like a normal customer and buy a drink but it just goes to show you, you need to be more aware.)) ((karen castro)) >> starbucks employees have reopen tomorrow at noon. meanwhile, the clark county coroner has not released the name of the victim. reporting live, karen castro, 8 news now. ((denise valdez)) while metro was on the scene of the starbucks investigation... officers in another part of town were dealing with a second barricade. it started around 10 a-m sunday... at a home near far hills and the 215. all we were told was that someone wouldn't come out of the home... and that it was domestic related.
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custody./// ((paul joncich)) early this morning... 9 people were hurt when a man shot a several cars in a houston shopping center. police say nathan desai was the shooter. houston's mayor says desai was a lawyer disgruntled with his law firm because either the firm was breaking up.. or he was asked to leave. witnesses say he was wearing paraphernalia at the time of the shooting. he was later shot and killed by police: (( witness it makes you kinda feel unsafe. but at the same time that's how life is. you never know what people are goin you never know what's gonna happen. )) ((paul joncich)) >> at least one of the victims is in critical condition.. and another is in serious condition. the f-b-i is helping with the investigation./// ((paul joncich)) in seattle... the 20-year-old arrested in connection to a shooting rampage was in court. arcan cetin was arrested near his home saturday... a day after the shooting. police say he killed four women and one man in a mall friday
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if convicted... cetin faces a life sentence in prison./// ((denise valdez)) almost 4 years after he was shot by police... a local man will get a 400-thousand dollar settlement from metro. lawrence gordon was shot in the leg in november 2012... when officer jacquar roston mistook a shiny sticker on gordon's hat... for a gun. following an investigation -- a metro's use of force board reccommended roston lose his job. however... doug gillespie.. the sheriff at the time -- decided that an apology and in turn.. a handful of those on the board resigned... saying their job was pointless if the sheriff was going to ignore them./// ((paul joncich)) today we warmed up a bit from the fall-like weekend... but there's some changes brewing for the rest of the week... and a chance of showers right katie?
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a nice warm day locally across the valley to kick start the work week. we're watching plenty of sunshine early with increasing clouds moving in from the south this late afternoon and evening. .............. seasonally normal temps. in the low 90s, upper 80s today across the valley. right now current conditions across the region are seasonally mild in the upper 80s. we'll drop into the evening to about 86 by 7pm.... and down to 80 by 11pm. ............ yesterday with just a few breezes still lingering in the colorado river valley & western mojave desert. .............. watch for a few incrsg. clouds from south to the north today but overall a nice and dry night now with high pressure over the region. more unsettled weather arrives tuesday as an upper low pushes north that = chance of moisture for portions of southern nevada and arizona -- probably a little better chance of that wednesday expected to tune into the first presidential debate of the year. ((denise valdez))
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clinton have thrown verbal jabs at each other for months -- but this will be the first time the do it on the same stage. for a closer look at what's ahead -- we go to politics now anchor patrick walker. ((patrick walker)) >> paul and dense.... we've been building up to tonight since the july conventions. when you talk to the pundits... both on our show and on the national networks... the same refrain comes through. everybody says this is an election cycle like none other. that includes c-b-s news political contributor bob schieffer... a longtime c-b-s i face the nation host... and veteran debate moderator. we caught up with him this morning... and he told us that while the debate tonight will be the big talker... he's disappointed in the sideshow that has developed in the run-up to the debate.: ((bob schieffer/cbs news political contributor: "when hillary clinton said that she was going to put mark cuban, who's a big critic of trump in the front row, you saw what donald trump did, he came right back and said 'well i'll put gennifer flowers, bill clinton's old girlfriend, right there on the front row too.' i think things like that are beneath the dignity of the office that these two people
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>> trump later backed off on that... but it showed he was willing to throw a counter punch at the clinton campaign. let's check in with my politics now co-host... review journal columnist steve sebelius. steve... i want to start with the whole audience back-and-forth. surprised that it was the clinton campaign that started that skirmish? ((steve sebelius)) >> ((patrick walker)) >> we have the two candidates here behind us on the touchscreen. let's run down the issues... who's going to resonate more on each? ((steve sebelius))
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follow us on twitter as we give our impressions... and then we'll be back at 11 with a full recap. paul... /// ((paul joncich)) j weekend's life is beautiful festival... organizers have already made a big announcement regarding the 2017 event. plus... the holidays are right around the corner... which means a ton of companies are looking for some seasonal help. but where do you go to find those jobs? that's next on the valley's news leader.///
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this is 8 news now at five.")) ((paul joncich)) tis the season... to get a job. national companies are already looking to hire workers for the holidays. ((denise valdez)) >> consumer advocate michelle mortensen shows us the early opportunities in today's on your side report. ((michelle mortensen)) now hiring for the holidays. industries affected by the gift-giving season -- have announced big plans to hire seasonal workers. people who typically get paid
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target says -- for the fourth year in a row -- it wants to add 70 thousand people to work in its stores. the big box store is expecting more online orders this year -- so it wants to hire an additional 75-hundred people to work in the distribution and fulfillment facilities. that's roughly one thousand more people than last year. toys r us is also pushing to hire thousands of seasonal workers. and it could translate into something more permanent for some hires. the company says 15-to-20 percent of holiday workers in after the holiday season. it's not just stores that need the help. u-p-s plans to add about 95 thousand workers. that's about 2 thousand more people than last year. the company says over the last three years -- nearly 40 percent of seasonal workers have been hired permanently. if you need a job -- go online. many companies have websites specifically to hire seasonal workers. want to apply for one of these gigs? get online now and go to their websites.
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the good news is target and toys are us will host hiring events in their stores next month. macy's is holding it's hiring event on friday septmeber 30th ... but you need to sign up for an in person interview online before hand. and kohls announced they'll be hiring 64 thousand positions as well. so if you want a seasonal job ... there are plenty of places looking to hire. i'm michelle mortensen. ((weather toss)) ((i
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kick start the work week. we're watching plenty of sunshine early with increasing clouds moving in from the south this late afternoon and evening. .............. seasonally normal temps. in the low 90s, upper 80s today across the valley. right now current conditions across the region are seasonally mild in the upper 80s. about 86 by 7pm.... and down to 80 by 11pm. ............ overall lighter winds than yesterday with just a few breezes still lingering in the colorado river valley & western mojave desert. .............. watch for a few incrsg. clouds from south to the north today but overall a nice and dry night now with high pressure over
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weather arrives tuesday as an upper low pushes north that = chance of moisture for portions of southern nevada and arizona -- probably a little better chance of that wednesday and lingering through thursday and possibly friday. ............... next weekend: more sunshine and drier -- temperatures remain and near normal in the upper 80s and low 90s. ................
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upper 80s--maybe a few low 90s for our warmer neighborhoods tomorrow. by thursday and friday look for highs in the upper 80s. sunny skies returnr ((denise valdez))
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"life is beautiful" festival wrapped up downtown... organizers are already looking ahead to 2017... despite complaints from area businesses and residents who suffer because of streets closures. showrunners announced next years dates today... september 22 through the 24th. a limited number of tickets will also go on sale thursday at 10 a-m./// ((paul joncich)) still ahead... a new idea from target falls flat. ((denise valdez)) >> why the company has pulled all of it's shopping the valley's news leader will be right back.///
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. narrator: and joe heck says "i have high hopes we'll see donald trump become president." i don't know what i said, aah... narrator: heck says he "completely supports" trump. i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. narrator: and heck? reporter: you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i? narrator: donald trump and joe heck.
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become pregnant? are we gonna be stuck with tim kaine for nine months? how does this work?" "i could send you some pamphlets that might help you understand.")) ((paul joncich)) unless you've been off the grid the last few days... yo it's from "funny or die's" web series "between two ferns".. where zach galifianakis interviews celebrities... or in this case... democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton. that video was viewed more than 30-million times in it's first 24 hours online... that's a record for the website. fans have called for the creators to bring donald trump on the show... but galifianakis says he's not on board... because he quote "wouldn't have somebody on that's so mentally challenged."/// ((denise valdez)) target is pulling the plug on it's "kiddie carts".. for obvious reasons.
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something to do while mom and dad are shopping... but an online movement was quickly started to put them to rest. customers complained of bruise ankles... cart collisions... some referred to the toys as a "vehicle of mass destruction" the carts were being tested in 72 stores over the last few weeks... but clearly will not be going out nationwide./// ((denise valdez)) we wanted to know how surprised you were to hear that these carts didn't last long in stores. turns out... most people say they expected this to happen/ ((paul joncich)) thanks for watching 8 news now at five. the valley's news leader. ((denise valdez)) the cbs evening news is next... followed by cbs's coverage of the first presidential debate. that means we will not have an six o'clock news -- so we'll see you back here at 11./// news music
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: campaign 2016's biggest night, the candidates meet for their first debate. we'll talk to voters in one of the battleground states that will decide the election. >> we asked our panel to describe the campaign in one word. >> distasteful. >> messy. >> pelley: also tonight, what's rate? we'll remember a rising star in baseball. >> got him! >> pelley: jose fernandez killed in a tragic accident. >> you watch kids play little league, that's the joy that jose played with. >> pelley: and one of the legends of golf, arnold palmer. then we'll end tonight with first family ties.


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