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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  September 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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who has the best chances for much needed rain details coming up in most accurate forecast. ((paul joncich)) >> bizarre new details from a murder inside a starbucks. tonight we're learning the victim's tragic story... and the strange circumstances that brought the suspect in the store in the first place. ((denise valdez)) >> cheating inside the casinos. the schemes the gaming industry is seeing out on the floor... and which ones are particularly difficult to stop... you're watching the valley's news leader.///
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for the region tonight. we see temps cooler than yesterday and winds remaining light for now. dewpoints and humidity still remain quite low but will go up tomorrow as more moisture works its way up from the south. ..... .............................. .................. tonight expect temps staying warm to mild. cool by wednesday morning with more clouds developing and shower chances tomorrow. tonight clouds will increase but winds will remain light for the most part. then expecting temps to be nice and mild by the 11pm newscast. we'll have a complete update on what to expect tomorrow coming up in full weather.> friends say they knew him
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immigrant who was always the first person to lend a helping hand to others. ((tajdre cotton, friend )) "he was one of our co-workers, cool guy actually, real nice, respectful." ((brittany edney)) 41-year-old aleksandr khutsishvili will not be forgotten by his friends and coworkers. they say he was a hard worker and only a few people knew he was actually homeless. ((christopher washington, friend)) "he was trying to get his stuff together, like every american," ((brittany edney)) but what little he did have, he was willing to share. ((tajdre cotton, fri i didn't have any money, he was like 'you need something?', you know, so real caring guy.)) ((brittany edney)) police say 34-year-old pedro jose garcia went into starbucks after his card was declined at the drive-thru window. witnesses say garcia then got into an argument with khutsishvili then shot twice into the ceiling before shooting him. ((christopher washington, friend)) "it just sucks he went out like that but he was always the type to fight for the good." ((tajdre cotton, friend )) "it really sucks what happened, because he was more of a loving caring person.
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there." ((brittany edney)) >> as for the suspect... 34-year-old pedro jose garcia is due in court tomorrow and faces charges including murder, robbery, burglary and weapon charges. reporting live brittany edney 8 news now. ((paul joncich)) >> what do we know so far about garcia? ((brittany edney)) >> paul, police say garcia is a convicted felon and should not have had a firearm in the first place. while the gun wat investigators also tell us that he has tattoos which could be gang related. we'll send it back to you./// ((paul joncich)) we're monitoring police shootings in two regional cities tonight... a black man was shot dead by police in el cajon -- near san diego earlier -- prompting demonstrations in the streets and demands to know why the man was shot. police say the man was acting erratically and failed to comply with demands. it's not clear at this time what threat he may have posed to
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and phoenix police say a shooting involving one of their officers has left a suspect with critical injuries. police were trying to make a traffic stop when the suspect reportedly put his car in reverse and rammed an officer's vehicle. police say the man was armed with a gun. he was shot by an officer and taken to the hospital. two guns were reportedly seized from the man's car./// ((denise valdez)) homeowners in southern highlands and an attorney who say blasting to make way for new homes nearby is damaging their houses are moving forward with their lawsuit. filed a motion to dismiss that lawsuit. matthew callister, the attorney taking on the case, tells us they will oppose that motion and will file a counter-motion for class action certification. he believes anywhere from 50 to 250 homeowners may be affected by the same issue: (( matthew callister / attorney: "we have a serious, significant, multiple household issue involving damages to people's homes, their real property as a result of blasting that's occurring in the immediate
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>> it's possible some bank-owned homes and out-of-state owner homes may be damaged and no one has noticed yet. homeowners are seeking an injunction to stop the blasting... but they need more neighbors to participate in the case. callister thinks they'll be in court in 30 days or less./// ((paul joncich)) one day after the most-watched presidential debate in u-s history, hillary clinton and donald trump hit the campaign trail in key battleground states. donald trump rallied supporters in melbourne, florida... debate -- while maintaining that his apparent sniffles last night were feedback from a bad microphone, and not an illness or even cocaine use as former vermont governor howard dean speculated. today, trump took a shot at his second favorite target after clinton -- the media: (( donald trump (r) presidential candidate: "without the mainstream media she wouldn't even be here folks, that i can tell you. she wouldn't even be here." )) ((paul joncich)) >> trump touted several debate polls today, claiming that he won round one. clinton said that trump is in
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presidential candidate: "people can draw their own conclusions. i thought on several occasions he was making charges and claims that were demonstrably untrue." )) ((paul joncich)) >> election polls show the two candidates are in a virtual tie. the next presidential debate is in st. louis on october ninth. the vice presidential candidates will debate next tuesday./// ((paul joncich)) election headquarters for all the races that matter to you... on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((denise valdez)) washoe county commissioners have made three appointments to fill vacant seats in the legislature... for an upcoming special session vote on whether to raise the las vegas hotel tax... to build an nfl stadium and potentially lure the oakland raiders. all three said today that they have no preconceived notions about how they'll vote during the special session governor sandoval expects to call in the coming weeks.///
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to be a headache for the gaming industry. deputy state gaming control board chief james taylor told an audience at the global gaming expo today that the most basic scams can be the hardest to stop. among the nuisance schemes include grab-and-run chip thefts, craps cheating, and inside jobs. control board agents made more than 600 arrests last year. casino employees make up about a quarter of arrests every year./// ((paul joncich)) the wells fargo scandal is costing the bank's c-e-o john m stock awards. stumpf said he'll forfeit the money as the bank investigates its phony accounts scandal. today, the woman who headed the division that created the accounts -- carrie tolstedt -- left wells fargo... and she won't get the 19-million dollars in options she planned to receive. also, tolstedt gets no bonus or severance. wells fargo's sales practices are under an internal investigation. a hearing on capitol hill on the scandal is set for thursday./// ((denise valdez)) one of the most
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planet, space-x c-e-o elon musk, wants to colonize mars. and it's not just talk... he's working on the plans. musk revealed his plans today at a space exploration conference in mexico. he believes the red planet will be colonized in the next 50 to 150 years. space-x plans to make an unmanned trip to mars before 20-18... and to send the first humans to the planet in 20-24. the promise of that exciting journey also comes with a grim warning: (( elon musk/ to mars is really going to be dangerous. the risk of fatality will be high. there's just no way around it. so i would not suggest sending children. it would be basically, are you prepared to die? then that's okay and you know, you're a candidate for going." )) ((denise valdez)) >> musk says any chance of colonization depends on reducing the cost of a mars trip to
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he thinks they can get that cost below 100-thousand. rockets would also have to be reliably reusable. musk predicts mars transit times as little as 30 days in the distant future./// ((paul joncich)) there's cause for celebration at the u-m-c lions burn care center... it just became one of only a few centers across the nation to be verified by the american burn association and the committee on trauma of the american college of surgeons. it is nevada's only burn care cenr years, it recently went through a certification process in which it was verified with no deficiencies in adult and pediatric burn care for the first time. that's a big deal for everyone working there: (( dr. jay coates / medical director for lions regional burn center: "the current administration really wanted to put the push behind getting the verification completed. this is no different than the trauma center, which is a verified level 1 trauma center, it's a very similar process that we go through. that sets a standard that's on par on a national level with other burn centers
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>> because of the aptitude of the burn center, victims in southern nevada can be treated for any burn here... instead of having to leave the community./// ((denise valdez)) here's something for all you "wheel" fans... vanna white received a key to the city today from las vegas mayor carolyn goodman. the recognition is in honor of the 20-th anniversary of i-g-t's wheel of fortune-themed slot machines... during the global gaming expo at the sands convention center./// ((paul joncich) change at quarterback for unlv. but just how talented is the new starter? dalton sneed will play with his hair on fire says coach tony sanchez. chris has the story coming up in sports. ((denise valdez)) >> you know the phrase "happy wife, happy life"... turns out there could be even more in it for the man in your life... we'll explain... next.///
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eleven." in the santa cruz mountains in loma, california, it's a high stakes, life and death game of chess with mother nature. watch as smoke and heat from below preheats the brush and trees. crews cleared it out to give themselves more defensible space, just in case the winds shift and the fire crosses the ravine. it is hot, dangerous work in
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a small army has assembled. they will do their best hold the line here on the road. (( murphy: their job specifically is to make sure that the fire activity that you do see behind us doesn't make it to that side of the road. if it did, these crews would jump on it and get that put out as fast as they can.)) ((paul joncich)) people living in and around the santa cruz mountains are being urged to evacuate right now./// ((denise valdez)) in tonight's news you can use. cooked chicken nuggets are being recalled after customers complained about finidng pieces of hard white plastic. so tyson foods is voluntarily recalling its five-pound bag of panko chicken nuggets with a "use by" date of july 18th, 2017. it was sold at costco stores. it's best to throw it out -- or you can return it to the store. /// ((denise valdez)) samsung is trying to put a positive spin on all the negative news about the galaxy
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recall after many of them caught fire. it announced that about 90-percent of the people affected by the recall are sticking with the note-seven. that is, a new version of the phone that isn't prone to catching fire. samsung says the recall is well underway./// ((denise valdez)) and guys listen to this. proof that a happy wife.. leads to a happy life. having a happy spouse may boost your physical health... that's the conclusion of a new study published in health psychology. the study found that people with un physical ailments... they also didn't exercise -- rated their own health as poor. researchers confirm that being around happy people can not only make you happier, but apparently also healthier.///
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((( clouds have now taken over the region we're expecting more through the evening as well as moisture continues to sneak in from the south and east. showers have been mainly light for the most part but we're expecting better chances tomorrow. ................................ ... ........... temps stay warm to mild on this tuesday but most of the area seeing light winds and temps close to normal today. with slight chances this evening with maybe a few spits of rain in the forecast for this evening. temps stay mild through the evening as well. ................................ ... ............ temps have been close to 90 for the east side of the valley where it's lower in elevation. the eastside had the warmest temps this afternoon but they stayed just near our normal 90 degree temps for this time in september. far west side of the valley stayed cooler with temps in the high 80's and far northwest part of town along with kyle canyon
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......................... ............. temps across the u.s. looking cool up in the pacific northwest with warmer temps in the desert southwest. northern tier states cooling off with temps only in the mid 50's for the twin cities and mild for the southern plain states. gorgeous with low humidity for the mid-atlantic staes and warm and muggy in orlando this afternoon. ................................ ... ................ radar images show showers moving in from the south probably brining some spits of showers this evening to some isolated areas. the bulk of rain coming in from the upper level low will reach and t'storm chances. looking at temps staying in the high 80's tomorrow and could be cooler depending on cloud cover. ................................ ... ............ tonight expect a low of 70 degrees with plenty of clouds and light winds. could see a slight chance of a stray shower tonight as we stay cool overnight and clouds in the a.m. tomorrow expect a high of 87 with partly sunny with chances for showers and t'storms and more scattered. ................ ................... ................... extended forecast shows temps stay near average with another chance of showers/storms again thursday. drier by friday with wind
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the weekend with slight chances for showers returning again next week.
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>> and he was sitting on his throne today in new york city. ((chris maathuis)) >> if i asked who's runs new york... the ever loud and confident conor mcgregor loose on the streets of new york city... that can be fun. plus... can a freshman lead unlv to a conference opening win? we'll find out soon enough. sports is next here on channel 8. tony sancz
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[ cellphone ringing ] it's just another scandal from danny tarkanian. tarkanian was the corporate lawyer for those with an elaborate scam that tricked hundreds of seniors
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he refused to pay back $17 million, sticking taxpayers with the bill. why would we ever send danny tarkanian to congress?
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day all the motivational talks i can do and all the cool uniforms and all the building, it comes down to execution.. it comes down to intensity, comes down to focus and it comes down to being a mature football player." ((chris maathuis)) unlv has some question marks and it starts with execution and being able to finish every snap, every series, every quarter. and they'll go into saturday's game with a new starting quarterback.
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knee and could be out for a month. so dalton sneed gets the nod and sanchez says the redshirt freshman is ready take over and take charge. tony sanchez/unlv head coach: "i know the team is excited about not about johnny being out but for dalton getting that first opportunity. he's worked hard and has a live arm so i think we'll be fine moving forward with him... he's a scrappy guy he's a funny dude, guys say he's a goofball, got some swagger, confident, he'll play with his hair on fire we'll have to settle him down.. i'm worried about him throwing three rows deep into the bleachers first couple plays.. he'll be guys are excited about him." ((chris maathuis)) sneed has played two downs for unlv... a six yard pass against jackson state and he handed the ball off once in the central michigan game. it's homecoming for the rebs, kickoff set for 7:30. ((chris maathuis)) conor mcgregor won't be defending his featherweight
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history in the process. ufc's king is fighting lightweight champ eddie alvarez in the first ufc card held in new york state. three championship fights will help make up the card, with the headliner conor mcgregor. he's looking to become the first ever simultaneous two-weight champ in ufc history. we know he owns every belt in trash talking. conor mcgregor/champ: "i have nothing against eddie eddie/champ careful careful.. or what or what.. you going to do something over there. shut your $%$ mouth.. i run new york, i run this whole $%$% and mystic mac prc one." ((chris maathuis)) there are a number of fans who wanted to see mcgregor fight jose aldo. looks like that won't happen until 2017, if ever. getting down to 145 isn't easy for conor and he may give up the belt... if he wins on
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((chris maathuis)) a week before the ufc fight... boxing here in vegas with manny pacquiao taking on las vegan jessie vargas.. and promoter bob arum has a prediction on that november 5th showdown. bob arum/top rank president: "i think jessie vargas is going to shock everybody. i don't know whether he beats manny pacquiao, but he's going to come close, jessie vargas is a banger now, he's an aggressive fighter." ((chris maati the fans choice game of the week... here are your choices. you have a vote.. go to our channel 8 facebook page. right now shadow ridge at arbor view is out in front... nationally ranked matchup with st. thomas visiting gorman.. or you can vote for green valley at liberty. ((paul joncich))
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((paul joncich))
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[cell phone vibrating] when the billionaire koch brothers call, congressman joe heck has been answering. voting with the koch brothers' agenda 85% of the time. giving tax breaks to big oil companies and the super rich,
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taking care of the koch brothers may be a good call for joe heck, but it doesn't work for nevada's working families. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this ad. jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen, senate majority pac is responsible and as a computer programmer, i created apps... before they were lled "apps" and i learned there's always a smart solution. as president of my synagogue, we found a smart solution to rising energy costs... creating one of the largest solar projects in the state. in congress, i'll work with democrats and republicans to improve our schools, and create good jobs. i approved this message because i know we can
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((denise valdez)) there's a high-profile wedding crasher in new york city... it's tom hanks. hanks photobombed a cpl while he was out on a jog. he stopped to introduce himself and then posed for some pictures with the newlyweds./// ((chris maathuis)) that marriage is off to a good start... but another new york relationship already hit its first bump in the road. a failed marriage proposal at yankee stadium! a fan in the stands tried to pop the question and dropped the ring! fans in the section looked for half an inning before it was found. it all worked out for this fan... because she said yes.///
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hadn't been home for a few days returned to find two burglars having sex on her couch! jamie barnes says she grabbed a broom and wanted to hit the suspects. the woman tried to cover up with one of barnes dresses and barnes snatched it away. the naked burglars ran off... the woman was arrested. it appears they took jewelry and appliances... but fortunately they left the couch.
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>> and now on voter registration day, an important message from "late show"." listen. >> you need on vote. >> you need to vote. >> you really need on vote. >> you need to vote. v cause nose bleeds. >> it doesn't cause nose bleeds. >> it almost never causes nose bleeds. >> all those people in 2004 already had nose bleeds when they went in there. >> voting makes you strong. >> strong. >> strong. >> strong. >> i was strong enough to move my house. it's by the beach now. >> voting made my kids proud. >> proud. >> my kids were really proud. >> joseph gordon levitt's kids were really proud of me.


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