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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  September 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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fuss. that is the claim of a spray on nail polish... the 8 on your side team finds out if that is the truth... tedd florendo ((( the skies are clearing out and now the wind is on the way. what to expect this weekend followed by another fall cool down. your most accurate forecast starts now
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to be unconstitutional. the e-s-a program would have taken money from the distributive schools account... the main funding mechanism for k-12 education here in the state. schools receive about 5-thousand dollars per student from that account. opponents argue that with some eight-thousand families wanting to take that money and apply it toward private tuition... it would be a 40-million dollar hit to public schools. proponents... including state treasurer dan schwartz... who would administer the program... say it's critical to getthe funding worked out by lawmakers so that the program can re-start. schwartz says he wants lawmakers to tackle this during the upcoming nfl stadium special session. ((dan schwartz/state treasurer : "we're going to go to the governor's office and ask him to add this to the agenda, and if you want to know where the money can come from, it can come from sheldon adelson's stadium." amanda morgan/legal director, educate nevada now: "this esa program, it's not going to work, it's not good for nevada, it's unconstitutional, so let's start looking forward and improving public education.")) ((patrick walker))
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it will be up to him whether or not e-s-a funding is also tackled during the session... which sources tell us is scheduled to start october 10th. ((patrick walker)) we're starting to get an indication of where the governor's leaning on that. he just released a statement... seeming to close the door on tackling this in a special session... by saying "it's important to consult with legislative leadership on this issue as we approach the 2017 legislative session." that would be sometime in early february. paul.../// >> many parents we're not expecting this stop sign to be thrown in their faces. in fact, over 4 thousand parents had already registered their child in private schools. and they wanted a check from the state to cover it. sharie johnson talked to educate nevada now who says is thinking about the thousands of parents caught off guard today. i spoke with one parent by phone, a single mom, who will now have to rearrange her life after this
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press conference... policy director dr. sylvia lazos said treasurer dan schwartz did not give parents full disclosure about the nature of this program. lazos said he was not upfront with parents about the fact that this program might not clear every hurdle needed to make it a reality. ((dr. sylvia lazos, educate nevada now policy director: i am very mournful that some parents are going to be disappointed, i will add however that secretary schwartz was advertising this program not really giving people warning serious constitutional problems and that it was under deliberation )) the treasur responded to the criticism saying they've always worked to communicate the most accuracte and updated information about the program with parents. he said he sees no problem with encouraging people to enroll in the program because it is
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the funding details with the legislature. reporting live, sharie johnson, 8news now./// ((paul joncich)) people were sounding off on the decision on our 8 news now facebook page. jaylene said: you can throw all the money you want at it- but a failed school system is that- you need many other changes. robert said: good stop taking money out of the schools.// ((denise valdez)) a police officer was shot and a suspect was killed during a shootout. it happened in kingman arizona this morning. karen castro is at the scene... to tell us what she is learning, karen... we're told kingman police officers rushed to the area after learning one of their own was shot. it's been a long day for investigators as they remain on scene following this police shooting at around 9:30 this morning. we've seen a lot of movement around a home where that white sedan is parked. we're told a kingman police officer was serving a search warrant for stolen property at a home near stockton hill road and interstate 40.
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clair cave shot at the officer, wounding him. the officer return fire, killing the suspect. the injured officer was taken to a local hospital in critical condition. he underwent surgery and is now serious but stable. a neighbor who does not want to show her face on camera says she had the door to her home open when she heard gun shots. ((locked the door, locked it. it's standard protocol for the kingman police department to have another law enforcement agency take over the investigation. bullhead city police is now gathering all evidence. )) ((karen castro)) again, a suspect. but is recovering at a local hospital. that suspect died at the scene. reporting live karen castro, 8 news now.
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showers -- we could see a nice weekend before another cool down. tedd florendo is in the weather center to tell us about it...
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newscast. we'll have a complete update on what to expect tomorrow coming up in full weather.
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performance, and survival factors." the ntsb says it will look at similarities between this crash and one that occured at the same station in may 2011. (bella dinh-zarr, ntsb vice chairman) "our tda specialists are already working closely with local officials in order to assist them in their efforts to assist everyone who was effected by this accident." a new jersey freight engineer who witnessed the crash described what he saw (william blaine, freight engineer) "30 seconds after it happened, i looked to the right, i just saw thr went whoa, that train had to come in about 30 miles an hour. maybe a little more." this survivor says he was standing in the front car when it crashed (survivor of train crash) "it was a loud bang, yeah, it just seemed like it didn't stop. the lights went out, and then the roof just came down on it." new jersey governor chris christie offered his condolences... and promised quick action. (gov. chris christie, new jersey) "we pray for the family of the one fatality that we have confirmed //// we're gonna work together to make sure the investigation is seamless and
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possible" ((paul joncich)) both presidential candidates offered their condolences to the victims today as well./// ((denise valdez)) up next... a national honor for a las vegas school. what landed stuckey elementary a spot among the top schools in the country. plus... does a d-i-y manicure really give you perfect results? one spray on nail polish says yes... so michelle mortensen put it to the "try it before you buy it" test.///
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this is 8 news now at five.")) ((paul joncich)) a man who ran from officers was killed after being hit by a semi this morning. a portion of the us 95 between flamingo and boulder highway was shut down while police investigate. it is now back open. tried to run across it. police say the man was connected to a shooting that happened a week ago at miracle mile park./// ((denise valdez)) spray on nail polish is the latest trend.... claiming to give women perfect manicures with little to no fuss. and tonight consumer advocate michelle mortensen is putting 2 versions to the try it before you buy it test.
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everybody is selling versions of it now ... there's the name brand versions like this china glaze brand .. and the as seen on tv ones )) ((infomercial it's spray perfect .. the spray on nail polsi that give you salon nails without the details )) ((michelle mortensen)) well... i'll be the judge of that ... but in theory ... it sounds great ... just spray it on ... wash off the part on you skin ... add some top coat and go. ((info: they're gorgerous ... this is awes ((michelle: so to put this to the test i'm going to need some help because these nails right here ... totally fake .. but therse to lovely ladies ... crystal and kalia have gorgeous natural nails so ladies what color -- pretty purprle or pretty pink. )) ((michelle mortensen)) now that that's out of the way .. let's get to painting. the instructions say apply a base coat first ... then spray on the color. ((michelle mortensen)) first impression ((it's cold ...
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(( it looks like you let my daughter do your nails .. and i wouldn't let her do my nails )) ((michelle mortensen)) and despite the spray and wash advertisements ... you do have to paint your nails with top coat ..and let them dry before you wash. and what do all red blodded americans do when they have to wait ... they sing the jeopardy song. ((do do do ... we can start a choir. laughing )) ((michelle mortensen)) now it's time to wash the color slides of their skin with ease. ((you don't like them you think they look ugly - they are blotchy and stuff. )) ((michelle mortensen)) crystal wasn't feeling it either. (( it looks dinged up )) ((michelle mortensen)) the paint also clung to their cuticals and would not come off easily without ruining the enitre look. ((is it a deal or a dud .. it's a dud. )) ((michelle mortensen)) update ..
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polish from their nails and curicles. the color was very saturated and almost stained their nail beds. it took them about 2 days to get it all off. we bought our spray nail polishes on amazon ... both were less than 10 bucks a piece. and remember .. if you have something you want me to try beofre you buy ... hit me up on facebook. ((weather toss))
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seeing light winds and temps close to normal today. dewpoints and humidity are up with slight chances this evening with maybe a few spits of rain in the forecast for this evening. temps stay mild through the evening as well. ................................ ... ............ temps have been close to 90 for the east side of the valley where it's lower in elevation. the eastside had the warmest temps this afternoon but they stayed just near our normal 90 degree ts far west side of the valley stayed cooler with temps in the high 80's and far northwest part of town along with kyle canyon stayed coolest today. .......... ......................... ............. temps across the u.s. looking cool up in the pacific northwest with warmer temps in the desert southwest. northern tier states cooling off with temps only in the mid 50's for the twin cities and mild for the southern plain states.
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and muggy in orlando this afternoon. ..................... .............. ................ radar images show showers moving in from the south probably brining some spits of showers this evening to some isolated areas. the bulk of rain coming in from the upper level low will reach us wednesday bringing more scattered showers and t'storm chances. looking at temps staying in the high 80's tomorrow and could be cooler depending on cloud cover. ... ............ tonight expect a low of 70 degrees with plenty of clouds and light winds. could see a slight chance of a stray shower tonight as we stay cool overnight and clouds in the a.m. tomorrow expect a high of 87 with partly sunny with chances for showers and t'storms and more scattered. ................ ................... ................... extended forecast shows temps stay near average with
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drier by friday with wind increasing for the weekend. we'll warm up to the low 90's by the weekend with slight chances for showers returning again next week.
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and the only clark county school to receive the award this year.. this is a national honor from the department of education.. 329 public and private schools from around the country were recognized based on overall academic excellence or achievement in closing gaps between students.. ((joseph rekrut/principal evelyn stuckey elementary school we've had a great school for a number of years.. our parents and our teachers and our community all work together to make it a great place and we do that work every single day.. but to have it recognized on a national level is a really special thing )) >> this is the eighth consecutive year that a c-c-s-d school has received this prestigious award... and the 24th time since the department of education first established this program in 1982. ((christianne klein)) >> the recognition doesn't end here.. the department of education will formally honor the 329 schools during an award ceremony in washington dc on november 7 and 8. ((paul joncich))
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((denise valdez)) >> how quickly one of the largest airline internet providers hopes to make it happen. ((paul joncich)) >> plus... boyd gaming... officially has a new casino in town. coming up at six... the first major change you'll likely notice... as it buys up aliante hotel and casino in north las vegas./// ((coming up... a comuter train careens off the end of the line and into a packed station. the lastest on the deadly train crash, what investigators have found and what witnesses saw. coming up on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. ))
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it's no secret that airplane wifi is anything but great. the cost and slow connection is usually enough to stop people from using it... but that could soon change. internet provider "go-go" partners with 17 airlines and says it's planning a complete h equipment. the company plans on making it's 10 times faster.. meaning you'll finally be able to stream video on your devices. the price will also come down. it'll be about 2 years until the rollout happens./// ((denise valdez)) have you started your holiday shopping yet? if not... you're quickly falling behind. sure.. we haven't even made it to halloween yet... but one million americans have
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"credit cards dot com" survey. close to 34 million have started checking off items from their holiday lists... but 74 percent of people who responded say they are quote "annoyed by these over acheivers".// ((paul joncich)) thanks for watching 8 news now at five. the valley's news don't forget you can find us on facebook and twitter. ((denise valdez)) the cbs evening news is next. hope you'll join us at six. /// ((patrick walker)) even though the program has been halted...
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captioning sponsored b captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: a deadly crash in the morning rush. >> the whole place shook. just sho just shook, and everybody got quiet. >> pelley: a train packed with commuters plowed into a terminal in the shadows of new york city. at least one person is dead, many are injured. >> i thought we were going to die. i didn't think we were going to get out. >> pelley: also tonight, a plea for prayers for a first grader shot at school. and you a hard little fighter, and you got to continue to remember that. >> pelley: it's 40 days till the election, but the voting has already begun. fraud at wells fargo, the c.e.o. under fire. >> something is going wrong at this bank, and you are the head of it. >> pelley: and, nearly half a century after two black


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