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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 7, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, october 7th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." hurricane matthew slams ashore with 120-mile-per-hour winds. knocking out power and damaging homes. millions are in the path of this dangerous storm. we'll go to the hardest-hit areas and talk with florida's governor. >> people in georgia, and south carolina, brace for a storm surge that could bring record flooding. we're on an island that hasn't faced a hurricane like this in more than 100 years. plus donald trump and hillary clinton getting ready for a big rematch. we'll show you how they're preparing for sunday's town hall debate. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener.
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>> [ bleep ] >> wind is really blowing hard. >> i'm not sure what the miles per hour are. >> i'm not going to lie. i'm scared. >> hurricane matthew pummels the east coast. >> we have seen hurricane force winds alone the coast. the worst effects are still likely to come. >> i talked to my detective captain and i asked him, do you have body bags? are you prepared for mass casualties? >> as florida's governor has warned repeatedly, this storm will kill you. it will kill your children. it willl and everyone you know who wants to mess with it. >> hillary clinton was off the campaign trail today prepping for sunday's debate. >> do you really think that hillary clinton is debate prepping for three or four days? hillary clinton is resting, okay? >> investigators say the man behind that stabbing spree at a mall in minnesota may have been newly radicalized. >> he may have been radicalized, either with the influence of others, or on his own. >> investigators say the train that crashed into that transit
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last week was going twice the speed limit. >> and again it's larry fitzgerald with the touchdown catch! >> the 49ers lose their fourth in a row. >> president obama honored the winners of the nhl stanley cup at the white house. >> the first year you guys won the cup, my hair matched the color of the puck more than the ice. >> and all that matters. >> the second presidential debate will take place this weekend, and not as hillary requested, now! now! let's do it right >> on "cbs this morning." >> the man says his replacement galaxy note 7 phone started smoking on a flight. >> i noticed smoke just pouring out of my pocket. pulled the phone out of my pocket, threw it onto the ground where it continued to smoke. >> this story is the definition of white privilege. you get on a plane, and you have smoke coming out of your pocket, and then you whip out a device that looks like it's going to blow up and you throw it on the ground and people are like, sir, are you okay? are you okay?
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you poor man! are you okay? >> this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota. let's go places. >> welcome to "cbs this morning." as you wake up in the west, hurricane matthew right now is pounding florida's atlantic coast. you're looking at live pictures of hurricane's power as it barrels north just offshore. this powerful category 3 hurricane is packing sustained winds nearly 120 miles an hour. >> and florida's governor says this morning that more than 600,000 homes are without power. more than 2 million people have been told to evacuate. the massive storm is more than 500 miles wide. matthew is blamed for at least 572 reported deaths in haiti
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the hurricane's western eyewall is just off florida's north central coast. >> the number keeps changing. a woman in st. lucie county who couldn't be reached by first responders died of a heart attack. we have a team of correspondents spread all along the southeastern united states. we'll begin with manuel bojorquez in florida. >> good morning. this is what people along this section of the coast are waking up to. more high winds and rain, and also this. there is debris scattered througho melbourne. in brevard county, florida. and we've also noticed driving around some minor to moderate damage on buildings. you can see some damage to the fence here which took a beating as hurricane matthew moved onshore. it's interesting to point out that what we're seeing here now is high winds and rain pushing out towards the atlantic. an indication that what we're seeing are the outer bands of matthew now wrapping their way around the backside of the
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you can see, really high winds, and rain, and also want to point something else out to you. you may be able to make out that bridge out there. we tried to cross it earlier to get to the barrier islands to see if there was any damage there. but we were told by deputies that we could not get across. they don't want vehicles driving in these windy conditions. but also they told us that they will have to inspect those bridges before they reopen them. so even though the eye of hurricane matthew is now north and past us, definitely feeling the effects here in melbourne, florida. norah? >> all right, manny, thank you. matthew is hitting florida with powerful waves. the national hurricane center forecasts a massive storm surge of up to eleven feet in florida. mark strassmann is in daytona beach, which right now is feeling the storm's force. mark, good morning. >> good morning. so strong, norah, and conditions deteriorating so much we've been pushed inside our hotel by
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were standing outside and pieces of the roof just started collapsing, crashing to the ground. there's also pieces of other buildings that are flying down atlantic avenue, which is the main drag that runs up and down daytona beach here. and right now the folks at the hotel are trying to figure out, how do we keep everybody safe? which is a legitimate concern. our hotel is still with no immediate folks but electric crews and police officials, along with hotel employees and their families, conditions here definitely getting worse matthew pushes its way north toward us. it should pass this part of the coast of florida in the next hour or so. and as it gets closer, we have definitely noticed over the last couple of hours, the winds in particular have picked up. winds were clocked at 107 miles an hour at the airport gusts at least of 107. about 90 minutes ago. that will only increase as the storm gets closer. meanwhile, we have a curfew in effect here. no one is allowed out.
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people have been told here hunker down no matter where you are. that's the best place you can possibly be. so, norah, conditions deteriorating azimuth churns its way up the east coast. >> thanks. lonnie quinn of our new york station wcbs is here. >> good morning, charlie. good morning, everyone. i'd like to give you the latest information. let's go to the data. it's 120-mile-per-hour wind field. it is a category 3. it's moving to 14 miles per hour. it's just to the north now of cape canaveral. let's zoom in tight because i want to talk about this eye. we did not have a landfall. we were close around the cape. see how the cape sticks out a little bit. it caught the western eye but not the eyewall. so it does not koupt as a landfall. they had big wind gusts of 107 miles per hour. 6:20 this morning at the cape. we have it hugging the coastline of florida, then the coastline of georgia, south carolina, but
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and south carolina, a 1 around the north carolina border and loops back around and pushing down towards the bahamas. you're talking about surge before. counterclockwise circulation around that low pushes all that water onshore. sure enough, 7 to 11 foot storm surge for the coast of florida into georgia. hurricane warnings are in effect for all of georgia. a good portion of south carolina where the exception of the northern portion and a good chunk of florida, as well under that hurricane warning right w. to come, charlie, as far as florida is concerned. >> lonnie, you've seen a lot of hurricanes. what makes this one unusual? >> i think the most unusual one about this storm is the track that it's taking. typically, you would get a storm coming onshore. let's just say it comes onshore around the cape. comes on as a cat three perhaps and moves inland. now it's picking up friction from the land, gets downgraded by the time it pops into the gulf. not this one. this one's coming up.
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like the cape or like melbourne getting hit, but it's popping all along each and every town. going to be a very expensive storm. let's hope that's just what it is expensive in terms of property, not in terms of people's lives. >> lonnie quinn, thank you so much. florida's governor is warning about the risk of significant flooding azimuth barrels north. scott pelley shows us the storm's force. hurricane sky overnight in port salerno, florida. downed power liens just to the north in vero beach were glowing and arcing in the blinding rain. matthew's wind gusts are still battering the state's atlantic coast. at one point the storm system's massive reach spanned from central america to just south of the nation's capital. last night governor rick scott ordered the 1.5 million floridians in the evacuation
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devastating impacts from storm surge, extreme winds, and heavy rains. if you're close you could have the storm surge and waves over your roof. >> what kiss most people in a hurricane? >> nine out of ten people who have died have died as a result of water. half of the fatalities have been due to storm surge. >> rick knabb is director of the national hurricane center. >> it's an awful track. not one i've seen. this could be not only a very expensive hurricane, but a deadly hurricane. it's amazing how sometimes hurricanes seek out the worst possible paths. this flight is bumpy and for very good reason. meteorologists and hurricane hunters on board. study the storms intensity and track by flying directly into matthew's path. these people spent the night inside one of florida's emergency shelters. >> you've got your brother, your sister, your mom and your dad.
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>> omar hunkered down with his family. >> we live really close to the evacuation zones and to the shore so we just wanted to come for a little bit more safer spot. >> florida governor rick scott joins us on the phone to talk about the hurricane. he told people to evacuate with a blunt warning saying, quote, this storm will kill you. governor, good morning. you are certainly not mincing any words today. what are you most concerned about? >> well, clearly the most important thing to me is public safety. it's about halfway up our coast coast which is a blessing. but we're seeing hurricane force winds. we're going to see significant storm surge, up to twelve feet in the jacksonville area. people still have time to get out. we're going to see flooding. we're going to see high waves. my biggest concern is everybody take care of yourself. i -- look i can't send in first responders to save you in the middle of a storm. you've got to act responsibly and take care of yourself and your family. >> are people heeding your warning to get out?
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storm shelters last night. we kept our evacuation routes open last night. people a lot of people moved. you don't have to move that far in florida to get away from harm's way. we have shelters. we have over 150 shelters open in the state. and people used it. we have special needs shelters. pet shelters. general population shelters. people are using them. so, i think you know, i'm very hopeful we have about 400,000 homes without power right now. we're already rest the southern part of the state. but we still have a long way to go. we're going to have this all day today. >> i know you spoke with president obama yesterday, who signed an emergency declaration for your state. do you have everything you need to protect the people there? >> we have assets, food, water, 3500 members of the national guard, high water vehicles. so we have been ready. the federal government is going to provide food, water and tarps. we've asked them for generators, and pumps.
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engineers. they're headed to the southeast down here with me general turner. they're going to provide support for us. so everybody's working together. but my biggest concern now, take care of yourself, public safety. i don't want one life lost. i love my children, my grandchildren, i want -- i don't want anything to happen to them. i don't want anything to happen to anybody in this country. >> you say the generators, you're urging people to have access to generators, power outages could be a big problem in terms of emergency responses. the biggest -- first off we're going to have power outages. there's no question. one thing i want people to do, though, when you get -- if you're using a generator you've got to keep it outside. don't use it inside your house. don't touch downed power liens. we're going to have a lot of trees down. there's going to be downed power lines. don't touch them. don't drive or walk in standing water. when the sun comes up people are going to want to get outside. you've got to be careful. if you're still in the middle of the storm you can't get outside there's going to be a lot of
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going around. we've got -- we still have hurricane force winds in the north -- you know, cape canaveral going north. >> that was florida governor scott talking to us earlier. the georgia coast is matthew's next target. it's already raining hard as the storm gets closer. georgia's governor has told about a half million people to leave the coast. the state just closed one of the primary routes to the mainland. evacuation zone includes tybee island, where there hasn't been a hurricane like matthew in more forecasters say a massive storm surge would leave some areas like south newport under several feet of water. >> with the bahamas, cuba and haiti already know the power of hurricane matthew. the reported death toll in haiti has risen sharply to more than 570. it climbed again this morning as rescue crews reached out to cut off areas. the bahamas reports no deaths but there's considerable damage in places like nassau.
7:15 am
miles of freeport on grand bahama island. in georgetown, we have more on the cleanup and relief efforts. >> these new aerial pictures captured by a drone show just how bad the damage in southwesten haiti really is. for the poorest nation in the western hemisphere the destruction is crippling. red cross shelters set up are in short supply of food, water, and medicine. help from the u.n. and the united states is already on the ground. but the assistance trickling in to the hundreds of thousands who need it is slow. there's no water, says his man, head of the haitian red cross. we can't help the people. there's no food. >> it's a scene of complete destruction here. >> in cuba, cleanup from matthew has already begun. on the eastern tip of the island, it was devastated by storm surge and 140-mile-per-hour winds.
7:16 am
storm plowed through the island chain, tearing the roof of this home in nassau. >> oh, [ bleep ] >> the first major hurricane to hit the bahamian capital since the late 1920s. with hurricane matthew churning well to our north the challenge now for the caribbean nations is rebuilding. which is especially difficult for haiti. a nation still recovering from the deadly 2010 earthquake. gayle? >> omar, thank you very much. switching now to politics. the presidential candidates are responding to the threat of hillary clinton asked her followers on twitter to, quote, follow emergency instructions and evacuate if you're told to. donald trump said this in a statement, nothing is more important than the safety of your family. the hurricane will not delay sunday's town hall debate at washington university all set in st. louis. major garrett is in manchester, new hampshire, where donald trump spoke about his preparations. major, good morning. >> good morning. the campaign trail took time off
7:17 am
matthew. hillary clinton for the most part remained sequestered with an eye toward sunday. donald trump travelled here. he took a slew of softball questions from supporters. now trump swore this was not a tune-up town hall for sunday and for the sake of his campaign, he better be right. >> our hearts are with all of the people, and prayers, to the millions in the path of what's now known as hurricane matthew. >> in new hampshire, donald trump opened with an appeal to path of matthew. >> you have a great governor. governor scott. and you've got to listen. because it could be -- it could be a really, really bad one. >> trump's running mate and sitting indiana governor mike pence deployed emergency responders to assist. >> our hearts and our prayers tonight are with our neighbors in florida. >> hillary clinton sent one tweet that read in part stay safe, florida.
7:18 am
recalled hurricane watch in virginia. >> we're thinking hard about the safety of our citizens. >> clinton was off the trail raising money and preparing for sunday's second face-off with trump. the gop nominee had another take. >> do you really think that hillary clinton is debate prepping for three or four days? hillary clinton is resting, okay? >> trump's town hall -- >> let's have a fun question wp. >> what is one of your earliest memories as a child and why do you think it stands out? and then she says go donald. >> and all the unpredictability of a new england hay ride. >> this has nothing to do with sunday. this was set up a little while ago. they were going to cancel it, and i said why are you going to cancel it? you want to debate prep. i said forget debate prep. give me a break. >> new jersey governor chris christie travelled here with donald trump and is taking a much more prominent role in his debate prep cutting the desize of the debate prep team in more than half, trying to keep the candidate, and the debate team
7:19 am
norah? >> all right, major, thank you. >> 48 hours to go. >> that's right. >> always thought a new england hay ride was a fun time. we'll see what happens on sunday. so is donald trump or hillary clinton best positioned to seize the advantage in sunday's town hall style debate? ahead, two political advisers show us what can happen when the candidates lose the power of th and it's chilly outside. grab a sweater or jacket this morning. there are some high skies. ... temps have dropped to the 50s around town... and will likely be our coolest morning for a while. ............. we'll warm up slightly today as high pressure rebuilds. .............. some high clouds slide into the area from time to time and into tomorrow and then more clouds again next week. .............. hurricane matthew barreling up
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the eye of hurricane matthew is getting closer to land. >> the news is back right here on "cbs this morning." get to kohl's thursday through monday because friends and family like you this portion of "cbs this
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iii... it takes guts.
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ahead hurricane matthew's effect on travel. >> and charlie's interview with justice ruth bader ginsburg on her legacy and the future of the supreme court. >> they call her notorious rbg. >> i like it.
7:26 am
his own grandmother is due before a judge for the first time in just minutes. 45 year old bradley francis now faces murder charges. this all happened tuesday night near lake mead and rampart. police say he beat his 86- year- old grandmother at her home before shooting and killing her out in the street. 8 news now spok ((bobbie unick // family friend: "a neighbor across the way he heard a pop didn't know what it was and then he saw marilyn laying in the street. so he went out to render aid and then a woman from across the street yelled out to him, the suspect is still out there!")) ((sharie johnson)) >> after the shooting, investigators say francis barricaded himself in a backyard for several hours ... then finally gave himself up to police. still no word on the motive ..
7:27 am
just minutes and we will keep you updated on this case both on air and online./// quick check on your commute this crash on northbound 95 in downtown is slowing you down. expect delays back to eastern.
7:28 am
there are some high clouds slipping through the skies. ... temps have dropped to the 50s around town... and will likely be our coolest morning for a while. ............. we'll warm up slightly today as high pressure rebuilds. .............. some high clouds slide into the area from time to time and into tomorrow and then more clouds again next week. .............. hurricane matthew barreling up the florida coast this morning with 120 mph sustained winds. battering waves and power
7:30 am
here's a look at daytona beach where a house boat is feeling the power of matthew. big time. >> wow. >> hurricane is hammering north central florida right now with dangerous winds and torrential rain. this extreme weather is expected to last all day long before moving on to georgia and south on tybee island, along the georgia coast, good morning. >> good morning. this is about 20 miles east of savannah. so it is many coastal communities that officials have been warning people to get off of. we're here in tybee island. you can see that the waves are really starting to churn up. it's the water that any expert or meteorologist will tell you is a big concern because you're looking at potentially historic
7:31 am
that hasn't been seen since hugo. so there's a lot of concern for people to make sure that they are not in harm's way and that they get off of this island. in fact, when we were coming in an official told us that no one is allowed here and we were entering at our own risk. again just to give you a sense of how people are preparing, we've seen a lot of boarded up homes. this hotel over here has been boarded up. folks just making sure they do their best to protect what is here, knowing that, of course, getting out is probably the best when they come back, their properties won't be completely damaged. now we know that matthew again is a category 3 making its way up the eastern coast here so there's still uncertainty about exactly how much of an impact it will have. but folks are prepared. the mayor of savannah as well as the mayor of tybee telling folks to leave, to get out. also making note to say if they don't leave, don't expect any help within 24 hours and possibly three days.
7:32 am
damage to be that bad. charlie? >> thanks jericka. the storm disrupted travel in the southeast and beyond airlines scrapped thousands of flights and train service is suspended. cruise ships diverted out of the path. >> good morning. american has resumed arrivals at miami's airport and limited departures there are set to begin around 1:00 this afternoon. full service could be restored late this afternoon. flights canceled because of matthew has jumped. flightaware now says nearly 4500 flights have been canceled through saturday. here's a look at the air space you can see flights are in the air flying around matthew's massive footprint. airports in orlando, daytona beach and jacksonville remain essentially shut down. in georgia and south carolina coastal airports have seen virtually all flights canceled, potentially through sunday. amtrak halted service in the southeast through saturday.
7:33 am
park's history. now as the storm passes airlines are going airport by airport looking to restore service as quickly as possible. but that depends on how much damage matthew brings. norah? >> all right, chris, thank you so much. we're going to have continuing coverage of hurricane matthew throughout the morning. now here's a look at some of this morning's other headlines from around the globe. the tennessean reports that six soldiers are among eight people accused of stealing and selling army gear worth more than $1 million. the u.s. attorney says weapon paan the items. they were sold overseas on ebay. such equipment is usually destroyed and there are fierce it could have ended up in the hands of america's enemies. the soldiers are stationed at fort campbell, kentucky. >> "the new york times" says russia might restore its military presence in vietnam and cuba. the deputy defense minister reportedly revealed a plan today to russia's parliament. russia had a naval facility on vietnam's southeast coast and it used an intelligence base near havana. they were closed in the early
7:34 am
collapsed. >> "usa today" reports president obama commuted the sentences of more federal inmates. 102 commutations were announced yesterday. it raises president obama's total to 774. that's more than the 11 previous presidents combined. virtually all of the offenses were nonviolent drug crimes. "the wall street journal" reveals early efforts by the white house to have contained the damage over hillary clinton's e-mail use. newly discovered documents show efforts as early as 2015 to have secretary of state kerry avoid media questions about the scandal. the documents were obtained through freedom of information request. britain's guardian reports on the surprise winner of this year's nobel peace prize. the committee honored colombian president juan manuel santos with the prestigious award. it cited santos' efforts to kind colombia's more than 50-year-long civil war. he won the award even though
7:35 am
peace deal last sunday. presidential nominees are morning in preparing for sunday's town hall debate. apart from a few fund raisers and campaign events earlier this week hillary clinton largely focused on preparations. donald trump held a town hall event last night in new hampshire but denies that it was practice. the debate format will have the candidates fielding questions from a crowd, and they will not have a podium to support them. chip reid met with a pair of political add vieders his for toll perspective. >> so this is the traditional debate format. you're both standing behind a podium. there are advantages to that, right? >> well, it, it, the way politicians most commonly speak is behind a podium. very comfortable for them. there's security -- >> and it provides a little bit which i think a lot of candidacies like. >> sure. and it's a predictable center of gravity, right? you know where the moderator is.
7:36 am
so, you're delivering your lines in a very fixed way. and so it's in that sense it's very secure. >> okay. we're going to move those podiums aside. >> all right. >> we asked republican strategist and democratic strategist to demonstrate what happens when candidates lose the power of the podium. >> how do you feel now? >> exposed. >> yeah. naked. naked. >> no, i know. i know. >> no, but it's -- sitting on the stool, where you have to kind of look casual. right? you don't -- no one sits on a stool looking presidential. >> you're told in prep to relax. let me tell you there's nothing relaxing about this format. >> we're making history now and it's pretty exciting. >> the challenge is unique to this form of debate were evident when the first town hall was held in 1992. >> president bush answered a question about the economy -- >> how has the national debt personally affected each of your
7:37 am
>> has a lot to do with interest rates. it has -- >> she's saying you personally. >> you on a personal basis, how has it affected you. >> has it affected you personally? >> well i'm sure it has. i love my grandchildren. i want to think -- >> how? >> i want to think that they're going to be able to afford an education. >> governor clinton at the time took the same question. >> you know people who lost their jobs and lost their homes in >> uh-huh. >> walked directly out to i believe it was a woman who asked the question. >> i'll tell you how it's affected me. >> 24 yea hall summers still remembers the impact of her question. and has some advice for the current candidates. >> be honest. don't be evasive. because we can see right through that. and speak from the heart. >> let's talk about the geom geometry. kind of the physicality of this. do you need to get up? or is it okay to stay in that chair? >> i think you do need to get up. but you've got to get up, and you've got to pick your moment. so it looks weird to be walking around the entire time.
7:38 am
sitting down the entire time. >> first of all your future is bright. >> space matters, too. don't be afraid to get close to the audience. >> am i incorrect in that regard? >> just don't get too close to the other candidate. >> i remember with romney and obama, in 2012, they got really in each other's faces. >> i'm happy to have a longer conversation -- >> i remember being uncomfortable watching it in the green room. >> go to the transcript -- >> who do you think has the advantage? >> hillary clinton does. just because she's a serious student when it comes prep and donald trump is not. unless you're willing to put in the hours and put on the miles and do dedicate real time to preparation, recreating the town hall situations, there's no substitute for that. >> no matter how rehearsed the candidates are come sunday our experts say, expect surprises. >> here's a prediction. there will be something that will happen during that 90 minutes that we'll be talking about all day monday, all day tuesday, all day wednesday, and
7:39 am
donald? >> anybody's guess. >> my experience is if you want to bet an unpredictability to dominate the news it's pretty safe it's something trump said. >> for "cbs this morning," chip reid, new york. >> oh. is mike right? will we be talking -- >> oh, yes. i'm very excited. >> i am -- >> to be there and go to st. louis. >> whatever you do don't look at your watch. >> right. >> whatever is going on. don't look at your watch. >> yeah. >> whatever you do, be as comfortable as you possibly can, as honess >> mm-hmm. >> and as personal as you possibly can. >> yeah. but you have to engage with the person who asked the we. >> exactly. >> your everyday voters, not the moderator. >> when people ask me about television, they say where do i look? i say look at whoever asked the question. >> good point. >> always safe. >> cbs news coverage looking at sunday -- >> looking at you. >> sunday's town hall debate between donald trump and hillary clinton will begin at 6:00 pacific time right here on cbs.
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now we come to wa now we come to watson. we're looking for bram stoker and we find, who is bram stoker. and the wager -- hello! $17,973 -- >> ibm's artificial intelligence technology called watson amazed the world when it won jeopardy five years ago. now the computer is going through medical school. ibm has enlisted 20 top cancer
7:45 am
through artificial intelligence. watson is discovering new insights for cancer patients. for a two-part 60 minutes report sunday i spoke with the doctor who runs the line berger cancer center at the university of north carolina at chapel hill. what did you know about artificial intelligence? and watson before ibm suggested it might make a contribution in medical care? >> i -- not much, actually. i had watched it play >> i knew about that. and i was very skeptical. i was like, oh, this is what we need. jeopardy playing computer. that's going to solve everything. >> so what fed your skepticism? >> cancer is a tough business. there's a lot of false prophets, and false promises. i'm skeptical of sort of almost any new idea in cancer. i just didn't really understand what it would do. >> what watson's ai technology could do, is essentially what dr. sharpless and his team of
7:46 am
board meeting. they come up with possible treatment options for cancer patients who already failed standard therapies. they try to do that by sorting through all of the latest medical journals and trial data. but it is nearly impossible to keep up. >> i don't think there's a trial open yet to be on top of everything that's out there. >> all the trials taking place around the world. seems like an incredible task for any one university or any one facility to do. >>h, undoable. and understand, we have sort of 8,000 new research papers published every day. no one had time to read 8,000 papers a day. so we found that we were deciding on therapy based on information that was always, in some cases, 12, 24 months out of date. >> however, it is elementary for watson. >> they taught watson to read in about a, essentially- was not very hard. and watson read 25 million
7:47 am
and then it also scanned the web for clinical trials open in other centers, and all of a sudden we had this complete list that was sort of everything one needed to know -- >> did this blow your mind? >> totally blew my mind. >> wow. >> it's amazing. artificial intelligence. >> it really is. >> i'm so glad they're working on this. two parts on "60 minutes"? >> this the exploration of not only watson but other things happening around the globe. it's the most extraordinary today in terms of how companies not only in silicon valley but around the world are using artificial intelligence in everything. it will be impacting -- >> and leapfrog, i imagine, our ability to solve diseases like cancer. >> absolutely. and in every area of our lives -- >> watson was impressive on jeopardy, i can't wait to see what he does in medical school. >> sunday on "60 minutes" see how artificial intelligence being used in ways never thought possible. plus the new questions that it
7:48 am
on cbs. >> ahead we'll bring you the very latest on hurricane matthew. our correspondents are in the middle of the storm. they will showgrab a sweater or morning. there are some high clouds slipping through the skies. ... temps have dropped to the 50s around town... and will likely be our coolest morning for a while. ............. we'll warm up slightly today as high pressure rebuilds. .......... area from time to time and into tomorrow and then more clouds again next week. .............. hurricane matthew barreling up the florida coast this morning with 120 mph sustained winds. batteri see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works.
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jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen and i approved this message. man: the tea party republicans in congress want to cut social security. woman: and danny tarkanian wants to join them. man: he is proud to call himself a "tea party radical." man: he wants to privatize social security... woman: ...just like them. woman: risking social security benefits on wall street. man: danny tarkanian would raise the retirement age... woman: just like the tea party republicans in congress.
7:56 am
man:that's "tea party radical" for ya'. of 7 puppies during a cockfighting bust in the northeast valley that happened about 2 months ago. metro police tell us the puppies were relocated to a shed with a swamp cooler in the the shade. it was running .. but apparently not pumping out cool air because it ran out of water. metro says they asked a suspect if detectives needed to check on necessary. when metro did look in on the puppies, they were dead. no charges will be filed./// ((sharie johnson)) three people are displaced from their home after it caught fire early this morning. firefighters were called out to a home near town center and canyon run shortly after 2 am. a teen told crews she woke up to a popping noise and smoke coming from a charging station for electrical devices ... the teen and her mother were
7:57 am
and damaged the rest of the second floor. no exact cause of the fire pinpointed just yet .. firefighters say electrical fires are the second leading cause of fires in las vegas and cause more damage than all other types of fires combined./// want to check on your commute expect major delays on northbound 95 and eastern. because of a crash that happened downtown. leave on the south beltway, things are pretty crowded on 215 around valle verde.
7:58 am
there are some high clouds slipping through the skies. ... temps have dropped to the 50s around town... and will likely be our coolest morning for a while. ............. we'll warm up slightly today as high pressure rebuilds. .............. some high clouds slide into the area from time to time and into tomorrow and then more clouds again next week. .............. hurricane matthew barreling up the florida coast this morning with 120 mph sustained winds.
7:59 am
8:00 am
? good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, october 7th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including the fury of hurricane matthew, the category 3 storm is lashing part of the find out where matthew is headed next. but, first, here is today's eye opener at 8:00. >> people along this section of the coast are waking up to more high winds and rain and debris throughout the streets. >> a couple of minutes ago, we're standing outside and pieces of the roof just started collapsing, crashing to the ground. >> what makes this one unusual? >> this one is coming up, coming right along the shoreline, so basically it is not one town,
8:01 am
is getting hit, but popping all along each and every town. >> it is the water that any expert and meteorologist will tell you is a big concern because you're looking at potentially historic storm surge. >> 4500 flights have been canceled. airlines are going airport by airport, looking to restore services quickly as possible, but that depends how much damage matthew brings. >> clinton for the most part remains sequestered. donald trump took a slew of softball questions from supprs both mike pence and tim kaine were criticized for repeatedly making false statements. that's my boy, said trump and hillary at the exact same time. >> this morning's eye opener at 8:00 is presented by liberty mutual insurance. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. hurricane matthew is battering florida right now with torrential rains, wind and a
8:02 am
florida, showing the storm's power. matthew is packing sustained winds near 120 miles an hour. officials say 600,000 florida homes are without power. president obama declared a state of emergency in florida, georgia, and south carolina. >> this shows a meteorologist and a hurricane hunter flying directly into matthew's path, to study the storm's track. the storm right now is just off florida's north central coast, heading towards more than 2 million people along the southeast coast were urged to leave ahead of the storm. meanwhile, manuel bojorquez is in florida. >> we're still getting rain and sporadic high winds here along this section of the florida coast this is from the back half of the storm as it continues to churn up. but there were damages reported here from the onset of the storm and this is what we're talking about here, all these palm fronds that were just ripped off
8:03 am
i can tell you, justify just s here you can hear them crack as they fall off. you'll have property damage like this. we have seen it throughout melbourne. minor damage, but still will require a lot of cleanup after the storm moves past. but it is still having effects here. i do want to see if we can go to some videotape that we got from our crew that was just on the other side of the river behind me, video from the barrier island where there is also damage from the onset of hurricane matthew, trees are down and of the storefronts and also there is a bridge here that is closed until they can inspect it, so the effects still very much being felt here in melbourne, florida. norah? >> manuel, thank you. now let's check in with mark strassmann in daytona beach where the storm is getting stronger. good morning. >> good morning. the conditions are definitely getting stronger here because matthew is passing by daytona beach right now.
8:04 am
the main north south drag and watching the city disintegrate. this is tar paper from a roof. it came from the roof of that t-shirt shop over there. a bigger pile of the roof that is there. and somewhere, see the two boats, it appeared out of nowhere. not sure where they came from. we watched debris pile through here, all for the last hour or so. the streets are a ghost town and with good reason. these are very, very dangerous conditions. people here have been told hunker down, wherever you are, don't move, we don't want you out, exposed to the elements. but people who stayed put have basically -- have to hope that they roll the dice, took a gamble and have to hope that gamble paid off and if it did pay off this is the biggest part of the gamble because this is when the conditions are the worst. back to you. >> president obama spoke a short time ago about hurricane matthew. margaret brennan is at the white house. good morning. >> good morning. well, president obama just
8:05 am
matthew from fema chief craig fugate and other homeland security officials. he warned this is still a really dangerous hurricane. >> i just want to make a couple of key points. first, what we're seeing now is matthew having move above south florida, and some of the largest population centers working its way north. are having right now is the effects that it could have in areas like jacksonville on through georgia. and though we have seen some significant damage in portions of south florida, i think the bigger concern at this point is not just hurricane force winds, but storm surge. many of you will remember
8:06 am
people thought this doesn't look as bad as we thought, and then suddenly you get massive storm surge and a lot of people were severely affected. and so i just want to emphasize to everybody that this is still a really dangerous hurricane, that the potential for storm surge, flooding, loss of life, and severe property continues to exist, and the people continue to need to follow the instructions of their local officials over the course of the next 24, 48, 72 hours. those of you who live in georgia, i think, should be paying attention because there has been a lot of emphasis on florida, but this thing is going to keep on moving north through florida into south carolina.
8:07 am
centers there that could be vulnerable. so pay attention to what your local officials are telling you. if they tell you to evacuate, you need to get out of there and move to higher ground because storm surge can move very quickly and people can think that they're out of the woods and then suddenly get hit and not be in a position in which they and their families are safe. >> the president also urged americans to donate to the red cross to help all of those affected he heads next to chicago for a series of campaign related events but the president will continue to be updated on the storm. >> thank you very much, margaret. chief weather caster lonnie quinn of our new york station wcbs is here with the latest. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. look, what the president was saying, pretty much spot on for places like jacksonville through the south carolina coast. this storm is going to be defined by the next three, maybe even the next four high tide cycles. take a look at what the current
8:08 am
hurricane center. the storm is on the move. it is moving at 14 miles per hour, now 30 miles east/southeast of daytona beach. it has 120-mile-per-hour winds, so still a category 3, we believe it will remain a category 3 as it skims the coastline of florida, moving towards georgia. look at how uncanny this is. we have not had a landfall. and yet it is literally tracing the coastline of florida. a little wobble, which is a part of a hurricane, little wobble takes place, you'll get a landfall in daytona beach, could get another one in jacksonville, could get themll shoreline as this continues to ping-pong its way along the florida coast and then it is going to be the georgia coast as well the south carolina coast. it looks like it would transition to a 2 somewhere around the georgia coast and transition to a 1 along the south carolina coast before it makes the big loop and starts pushing back down towards the bahamas. the big portion of the storm is going to be the storm surge. how does it work? find the eye and if you are north of the eye, the storm surge still continues for you
8:09 am
if you're south of the eye, you're finished with the storm surge, we think the potential is there for 7 to 11 feet of added water to be pushed on shore for the florida and the georgia shorelines and then rain, we forgot to talk about this. this is a storm about the water, not the wind. the wind looks like the toughest winds want to stay offshore. look at this. we could have rain, 13.9 inches for florence, 10.5 in fayetteville on top of what you get with your storm surge. we don't know what is yet to norah? >> lonnie, thank you so much. hurricane matthew may have an impact on the presidential race. bob schieffer is coming up on "cbs this morning."grab a sweat morning. there are some high clouds slipping through the skies. ... temps have dropped to the 50s around town... and will likely be our coolest morning for a while. ............. we'll warm up slightly today as
8:10 am
some high clouds slide into the area from time to time and into tomorrow and then more clouds again next week. .............. hurricane matthew barreling up the florida coast this morning wit hurricane matthew could make landfall in florida.
8:11 am
hurricane center as it barrels up the coast. you're watching "cbs this morning." ...i was always searcr ways to manage my symptoms. i thought i had it covered. then i realized managing was all i was doing. when i finally told my doctor, he said humira was for people like me who have tried other medications,... but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief... ...and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections... ...including tuberculosis. rs,... including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions,... ...and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb,... ...hepatitis b, are prone to infections, ...or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. if you're still just managing your symptoms, ask your gastroenterologist about humira.
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8:14 am
hurricane matthew creating controversy on the hurricane trail. both hillary clinton and donald trump tweeted their concerns, telling people in florida to be
8:15 am
florida's governor refused to extend the tuesday deadline saying everybody has had a lot of time to register. trump appeared at a town hall last night in new hampshire. he denied he needed practice for sunday's town hall debate. >> this was set up a little while ago, they were going to cancel it and i said, why are you going to cancel it? they said you want debate pretty. forget debate prep. do you think hillary clinton is debate prepping for three or four days. hillary clinton is okay? >> bob hereschieffer is here fr washington. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> look ahead to this sunday debate and tell us how you see it. >> the record of predicting what is going to happen in the debates is not very good. i said the safest bet was to bet that it would be more substantive than the one with hillary clinton and donald trump
8:16 am
we know what happened at that. it was this debateus interruptus. >> look at the dynamics. it is a different kind of setting here. >> it is. i'm not sure who that favors, climbing up and down off the high stools they'll be sitting on presents certain challenges, i suppose. i never liked this format to be quite honest about it. i think it leads to theatrics. remember, al gore getting up in kind of -- they just -- it goes off in all directions. so heaven knows what's going to happen this time around. >> you know, we were talking about this, bob, that that senate debate that hillary clinton had, remember, rick lazio was walking towards her and many people thought just that -- him walking towards her was aggressive in some regard, that the gender may play a role here. >> it could. i mean, this business of getting in other people's faces and
8:17 am
just -- i don't see how that helps to have a serious discussion. the last two that i moderated in 2012 and 2008 they sat down at the table, that's the first time they had ever done that. and i think that is the best way to do it, but you had the two vice presidential candidates sitting at a table and it didn't seem to change much, they just kept, you know, kind of hollering over one another. >> donald trump seems not to be willing to prepare. >> well, what is that all about? i mean, you know, what is that all about? it is like in college, i'm, i'm so smart i don't have to cram for the exam or study for it. >> he's brought in chris christie now to help with the preparations. what is your prediction on what -- how that's going or what that will look like on sunday? >> you know, gayle, i have no idea what donald trump and chris
8:18 am
alone. who talks the most? i would guess it is probably donald trump. but i have no evidence of that. >> donald trump certainly has high stakes, does he not? >> i think so. and you mentioned this, charlie, i think the main impact -- i mean, it is pretty hard to get people to focus on politics when the roof is just blown off their house. so they're both playing on the same golf course. so kind of shuts down both campaigns for a little but i think the one thing that might be affected by all of this is the voter registration. you know, trump's people registered, i think, only 60,000 people so far, you know, voter registration forms that they brought in. hillary clinton's people so far have brought in 488,000 voter registration forms. so you can see why republican governor might say, well, we had plenty of time, we're not going
8:19 am
carolina, but apparently rick scott's not going to do that. >> in fact, bob, florida, 2.72 million florida voters have requested vote by mail ballots. 1.68 million in 2012, a 47% increase. robby mook had a conference call yesterday, where they pick talk all the data points and said there is massive voter registration going on in all of these battleground states. they think there is going to be higher turnout than 2012, 2008. who does that benefit? >> well, the bigger the turnout, i think probably the better it is for hillary clinton. literally more democrats than there are republicans. but, again, this is such an unusual election and such an unusual campaign that we're seeing, you have to be even wary about that. all the old mile posts and signs
8:20 am
sometimes it turns out to be just the opposite, but i think the bigger the turnout, i think probably the better it is for hillary clinton. >> and it raises questions about enthusiasm for the respective candidates. >> exactly. >> thanks, bob. >> looking forward to sunday. >> bob and norah will be among john dickerson's guests sunday on a special "face the nation" from st. louis. live coverage of the debate on sunday, starting at 6:00 pacific. a tv legend is the new host of "cbs sun jane pauley in our toyota green room with a preview of what we can expect this weekend.
8:21 am
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8:24 am
look at how one family in south florida kept their car out of harm's way during the storm. twitter showing the car in their living room! they used a couple of storm shutters and drove it through an open window. >> seems they could just drive the car away to go to safety but they must love the car! i hope everybody is okay. one way to do it. ahead we are tracking hurricane matthew as the draining storm barrels up florida's coast. you are watching "cbs this
8:25 am
candidate senator tim kaine is in henderson this morning ... making sure seniors are registered to vote beofre tomorrow's deadline. senator kaine also held a rally last night at a labor union near the airport. senator reiterated two key parts of hillary clinton's platform... friendliness to unions and comprehensive immigratin are the best choice for union workers: ((tim kaine/(d) vice presidential candidate: "it's a real honor to be here and tell you that hillary and i support labor, we support collective bargaining, and we will make darn sure that when we are filling vacancies on the supreme court, we will put people on the court who understand the important role that labor plays in this country.")) ((sharie johnson)) >> this is kaine's third trip to southern nevada as a candidate./// ((sharie johnson)) >> 8 news now is your local election headquarters ... on air and online at las vegas
8:26 am
your commute
8:27 am
.............. some high clouds slide into the area from time to time and into tomorrow and then more clouds again next week. .............. hurricane matthew barreling up the florida coast this morning with 120 mph sustained winds. battering waves and power outages with strong storm surge. .............. it looks to continue up to the carolinas then turn out to sea. ................ our temps will keep climbing
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
? ? hurricane matthew is lashing central florida's coast right now. here is a look at jacksonville, showing the power of the storm. the western edge of the eyewall crushed cape canaveral and the hurricane is now about 45 miles from daytona beach. parts of florida couldee storm surge of up to 11 feet. that's what they're really worried about is that water. the category 3 hurricane is packing sustained winds near 120 miles an hour. and about 430,000 customers are without power in florida. the president declared a state of emergency in florida, georgia, and south carolina. >> the governor is very clear, get out, evacuate, evacuate, evacuate, he says. always somebody who says i can tough it out. don't do that this time. welcome back to "cbs this morning."
8:31 am
new face of "cbs sunday morning," she is a tv legend. what is your name? >> what? >> her name is jane. >> her name is jane. as in pauley. studio 57. she's taking over as host of the number one, let's say that again, number one morning news program on sundays. we'll preview her conversation with supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. that's ahead. >> right now, time to show you some of this morning's headlines. the desert sun of palm springs res earthquake fault line in southern california. it runs east of the salton sea, parallel to the san andreas fault. so far scientists say they cannot tell if the fault is related to small quakes recently that increase fears about a big one. the new fault eluded previous detection because it appears to be underwater. >> the wall street journal reports that mcdonald's knows it is losing the burger war to pricier, trendier chains. the company says it is refocusing on taste.
8:32 am
burgers, so diners can add options like guacamole. mcdonald's is considering using fresh beef instead of frozen. don't we all like fresh beef? we like fresh meat? >> i was reading this piece, i think that's -- millennials, you're missing out if you never tried a big mac. that is a fine -- >> two all beef patties special sauce, lettuce, >> scalpers are getting burned. seats on the secondary market are worth less than half their face value. it is being called old cella. >> and prince paisley compound has opened to tourists. that's prince's compound. thousands of people dressed in
8:33 am
get inside. the home and recording studio houses the late singer's ashes but fans better be quick. a zoning issue is forcing the compound to close after three days of tours. >> veteran journalist jane pauley officially begins her new role right here at "cbs this weekend" after being named the new host of "cbs sunday morning." her first broadcast as host of the show will be this sunday. reporting, jane joined as a contributor in 2014. she conducted high profile interviews ranging from hillary clinton to david letterman. jane pauley is with us at the table. getting ready to start the new gig. >> yeah, hi. >> you're starting a new chapter. when 40 years ago you were starting a new chapter at the "today" show. >> isn't that astonishing, 40 years less two days from my debut at 25. >> replacing barbara walters.
8:34 am
and -- >> now succeeding charles osgood. >> which is -- i'm changing my name to jane charles os pauley. this is history. i am the first noncharles to host a sunday morning. >> did you think you would be starting a new chapter now. that's what i think is cool about this. >> absolutely. >> so cool. >> i wrote the book. your life calling, which was a but did i anticipate a lot more. no, no. a surprise even for me but charles osgood started as host 22 years ago when he was in his early 60s. i don't think -- i don't think it was noticed at all, but that's the advantages that our generation is getting a heads up
8:35 am
doesn't have to be a big whiz bang more, but -- >> this is a whiz bang more. >> certainly. >> you mentioned charles kuralt and charles osgood. >> i'm the third host. >> when you subbed in 2014, you had a different look when you went on the air. >> i laugh -- i laugh at this. but because i was the first woman to host the show, with an asterisk, but basic lit first woman, and i was very self-conscious about, you know, viewers, sunday morning, you know, so i went out and bought a pantsuit. that silhouette there would be someone in pants saying -- >> the second time i was invited to sub for charlie, i believe i braved heels and a dress.
8:36 am
sunday -- i don't know, first day of school, i don't know. >> super excited? how are you feeling? >> i can't wait for it to become my new routine. i've been very busy this week. and love it. that -- i have loved being just busy. >> and having purpose. >> having purpose. that is -- and consciously aware of that. i didn't know i week or two ago. but this has been a revelation to me. >> you got this great interview with justice ruth bader ginsburg. >> yes. and we were privileged to have two opportunities with her. one in chambers. and one, her home. and my favorite moment there in that conversation was -- she took us on a tour, not a big, but lovely apartment. she's in her kitchen and she's a
8:37 am
cook like i'm a cook? you're not really a cook? >> not so much. i provide. but i wouldn't invite you to my house. she opens the freezer and we see the little -- i think gourmet meals that her daughter jane, who is a law professor at columbia, prepares for her, to use, and she points to -- the appliance in her kitchen she uses. >> the refrigerator. >> the microwave. >> her daughter makes all those. >> you know why her daughter do >> her late husband was a fantastic chef. and she tried to do the week day meals, but the family said, mom, just let dad do it. the daughters were worried about her so they started taking care of her. >> she eats well. at some point her daughter jane said that mom does thinking and daddy does the cooking. he was a brilliant tax expert in his own right, martin ginsburg. >> that makes for a good
8:38 am
experience. >> indeed. indeed. >> a cook or own a restaurant. >> i'm a grandmother now. i need to perfect one, two or three things at least that grandchildren can say, you know, grandma -- >> can i go back to your "today" show anniversary? i remember that when you were on the air, 25, 26, going, wow. when you look back on that, what do you think about what that meant to you to women and then here you are starting a new thing? >> you know, ih 25-year-old me knew that this could happen. i'm looking at that picture. am i not accidentally wearing an outfit that echoes that? >> you are. >> i didn't do that on purpose. but over the years, women particularly have said they remember and that that was empowering and even younger women who were then teenagers and young girls noticed i interviewed meg ryan recently,
8:39 am
future segment on the show, and both of them recall specifically, you know, taking note of that. it was empowering to see this young person. i think something is empowering seeing mature person such as myself starting something, you know, new too. >> don't you? >> very much so. that's why i think it is so ironic. >> a great tribute to the idea that you can constantly replot your >> and grow every episode of my career required me to learn new things. i hope there is a little growth curve. >> you do? you want a curve? >> i got to figure out something to say at the end. i can't say see you on the radio. that was great. >> can't wear a bow tie. >> why not? >> i don't want you in a bow tie. >> will there be musical numbers? >> i've been known to burst into song during an interview, but because they're not live and i
8:40 am
is really stupid, i can cut it. >> edit. >> and then the producer -- oh, no, that's just cute. >> that's right. you don't know nothing about stupid, but really congratulations. >> so much, so exciting. >> we'll all be tuning in. you can see more of jane's interview, you can see interview with justice ginsburg on her official debut as host of "sunday morning" this weekend on -- where, jane? >> sunday morning. >> cbs. >> cbs. i'm sorry. i was thinking about ruth bader ginsburg. >> we'll be watching. a colorado dad putting the do it yourself skills to good use. you haven't seen this. you got to watch. how he built an obstacle course to help his 5-year-old train to grab a sweater or jacket this morning. there are some high
8:41 am
... temps have dropped to the 50s around town... and will likely be our coolest morning for a while. ............. we'll warm up slightly today as high pressure rebuilds. .............. some high clouds slide into the area from time to time and into tomorrow and then more clouds again next week. .............. hurricane matthew barreling up the florida coast this morning with 120 mph sustained winds. battering waves and power outages with strong storm surge.
8:43 am
jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen and i approved this message. man: the tea party republicans in congress want to cut social security. woman: and danny tarkanian wants to join them. man: he is proud to call himself a "tea party radical." man: he wants to privatize social security... woman: ...just like them. woman: risking social security benefits
8:44 am
ise the retirement age... woman: just like the tea party republicans in congress. man: they would take away what we've paid for out of every paycheck. man:that's "tea party radical" for ya'. ? first up is the newly first up, the newly redesigned quintuple steps, a new obstacle, but she's making short work of it. on to the fourth one. to the fifth one. and look at that, no hands. all right. >> that is 5-year-old laila mccall with her dad adding the
8:45 am
to reality thanks to her dad. he ballot this obstacle course, in their backyard in denver, so she could train. she even has some -- her stuffed animals, cheering her on. >> love the commentary, he goes, there are her fans and all the stuffed animals. he's setting a high bar. >> he is. my kids are going to be, like, why can't we have an obstacle course like that in the back. it is fun. it is great. >> tell mr. tracy to start building. >> up next, oprah shares her personal connection with her latest book club pick. you're watching "cbs this morning." her latest collection in her book club pick. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:46 am
as a marine combat veteran, i understand the sacrifices our military makes. earned, and we rely on them. politicians like joe heck should understand that. narrator: joe heck voted to shut down the federal government, risking critical services for nevada veterans. and during that shutdown, heck continued cashing his congressional paycheck. his military record deserves respect. but back in dc, joe heck is putting politics before nevada. and that doesn't work for me. narrator: vote vets is responsible for the content of this advertising. responsible for the content the new salami caprese panini
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to get a golden brown crust and meld the flavors in melted cheese. part of the new chef-inspired
8:48 am
oprah winfrey revealed her latest book club selection last month on "cbs this morning." she 76th book club pick was
8:49 am
and oprah shared why she connected with the memoir. >> i saw this woman who is willing to bear it all, show is all, express it all in the name of her own truth in such a way that i know and felt her being this truthful makes me want to be more in touch with my own truth and watching someone being themselves so fully so openly, so rawly encourages you to be more of yourself. >> i love th oprah. check out more of our conversation with oprah about her latest book club selection "love warrior" at >> this is matthew! >> beaches are empty. homes are boarded up. >> i'm not going to lie. i'm scared. >> continue to make its way up florida's coast now. >> the goal is to make sure you basically get 100 miles away from the coast. >> the winds are extraordinary.
8:50 am
matthew churns its way up the east coast. >> you must leave before it's too late. >> sometimes facts were among the first casualties. >> more nations should get nuclear weapons. >> he never said that. >> republicans were quick to declare that pence had one -- >> that was beneath you and hillary clinton. that is pretty low. >> like two cats in a bag. i felt for elaine quijano. >> i'm worried they are going to interrupt me now as i speak, there were so many interruptions! >> the tim tax returns. >> it looks like three pages of donald trump's tax returns. >> hillary clinton said what kind of a genius loses a billion dollars? >> that from a woman who has never signed a paycheck. >> you think that your name would be in the same sentence with kim kardashian? >> you want to give an example that the class is going to remember. >> she's is the one with the bad
8:51 am
she is constantly lying and her hair is crazy. >> secretary clinton, what do you think about that? >> i think i'm going to be president. ? >> tell me your reaction to this decision that came from switzerland. >> i i just screamed down to the first floor to my mother a that i'm coming back. >> diane lane, what do you think when you look at this girl? >> well, of course, i see -- so beautiful and she's a model. i'm very tickled pink to be a mom. >> i get it. >> you remain a whiz kid. >> most of us were sleeping, trump was wide awake launching a twitter tirade. >> my new favorite thing is hearing scott pelley say
8:52 am
can do the laundry. >> i'll come over and do the laundry? >> where? >> when have you ever done laundry? >> researchers found the female squirrels did much more work as they prepared for hibernation! >> all right, all right, all right! >> they got the supplies and care for the children and the males, they just spent a lot of time loaf around in the sun! >> oh, boy. man, sometimes it's love to be a squirrel. >> all that. >> awkwa awkward. >> the show focuses a lot on the love life. what who is your number one crush? >> my number one crush is -- >> drake? >> oh, drake! did you know? >> are you texting drake right now? >> no, no, i'm not. okay. >> on "cbs this morning." >> were you texting drake at that moment?
8:53 am
i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here!
8:54 am
is responsible
8:55 am
firefighters are mourning the mourning the loss of one of their own. captain yaphet miller passed away wednesday night ... he got sick after a fire late last month at a shopping center near rancho and washington. captain miller suffered a medical episode shortly afterwards .. says his heart stopped suddenly, resulting in a lack of oxygen to his brain. the department remembers captain miller... for being part of one of their captain miller... for being part of one of their most successful rescues. he saved a toddlers life in a fire 8 years ago: ((cpt. cedric williams / north las vegas fire department: "when they got there, they noticed a lot of people running around pretty frantically saying that there was a child inside." "at a certain point, he stops everyone ... because he wants to listen. a very smart tactic of a captain." )) ((sharie johnson))
8:56 am
>> captain miller was then able to hear the baby crying and find her ... and save her life. captain miller was a 22-year veteran of the north las vegas fire department. he leaves behind his wife, their two children, and his mother./// ((sharie johnson)) three people are displaced from their home after it caught fire early this morning. firefighters were called out to a home near town center and canyon run shortly after 2 am. a teen told crews she woke up to a popping noise and smoke coming from a c for electrical devices ... the teen and her mother were able to get out safely .. the fire destroyed the bedroom and damaged the rest of the second floor. no exact cause of the fire pinpointed just yet .. firefighters say electrical fires are the second leading cause of fires in las vegas and cause more damage than all other types of fires combined.///
8:57 am
grab a sweater or jacket this morning. there are some high clouds slipping through the skies. ... temps have dropped to the 50s around town and slowly working their way back to low 60s... and this will likely be our coolest morning for a while. ............. we'll warmp high pressure rebuilds. .............. some high clouds slide into the area from time to time and into tomorrow and then more clouds again next week. .............. hurricane matthew barreling up the florida coast this morning with 120 mph sustained winds. battering waves and power outages with strong storm surge. .............. it looks to continue up to the carolinas then turn out to sea. ................ our temps will keep climbing
8:58 am
two billionaires, spending millions to buy a senate seat for joe heck.
8:59 am
"highly misleading," and "false." as attorney general, it's cortez masto who held banks accountable and helped nevada homeowners. and governor sandoval praised cortez masto's dedication to fighting sex trafficking. don't let joe heck's billionaires fool you. catherine cortez masto has always stood up for us. i'm catherine cortez masto
9:00 am
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