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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 8, 2016 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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? welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." i'm anthony mason. >> i'm dana jacobson. coming up, taking flight to involve an environment mystery. we will talk to a conservationist who is trying to figure out why fewer and fewer swans are making a key mo migration. >> actress haley bennett is in three of the fall's biggest films, including "the girl on the train." we will talk with her about her quick rise and the comparison to a certain oscar winning actress. >> two friends turn an inside joke to a broadway hit. we will speak with comedians
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hurricane matthew is about to make landfall in south carolina after pummeling florida. the eye of the category two storm is expected to cause significant damage along the coast of the state with maximum sustained winds over 100 miles an hour. >> the storm has already knocked out power to more than 200,000 customers and it's creating some of the highest tides ever recorded along the south carolina coast. 800 deaths in haiti and four in the u.s. flooding and storm surge from the heavy rain and those matthew fueled high tides has south carolina on high alert. kris van cleave is in charleston this morning. good morning, kris. >> reporter: good morning. we know that matthew is not yet, at least the worst of matthew is not yet here to charleston but the real concern here has been floodwaters. a lot of streets on the east bay in charleston, sometimes the
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sometimes waist deep. we had to abandon our hotel at one point the water was to the point you couldn't get out and why so many people here in south carolina have been under these evacuation orders because police knew once this storm started they wouldn't be able to get to people because of the water. the worst as far as the winds still to come. a lot of focus here on flooding as we had very high tide and, of course, this rain has been unrelenting. anthony? >> kris van cleave, be careful out there, kris. campaign in crisis. after hearing trump's newly revealed remarks about women, two congressional republicans say he should drop out of the presidential race. >> the remarks were caught on an open microphone in a 2005 video. that video obtained and released by "the washington post." trump can be heard describing his attempts to have sex with a married woman and bragging that women let him grab him because he is famous.
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released a video statement late last night. he apologized. >> i've said and done things iregret and the word released on this more than a decade old video are one of them. anybody who knows me know the words don't reflect what i am. >> trump's 90-second video ends with him leveling criticism at bill and hillary clinton. major garrett is covering the reaction and at the site of tomorrow night's debate in st. louis. >> reporter: donald trump's first instinct the video as little more than than harmless locker room banter but under republican criticism, withering criticism, trump relented and put together that videotape. in question about that apology be enough and will republicans continue to stand with trump? that topic is first and foremost on his mind in new york today as he huddles private with the republican national committee chairman reince priebus before
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university. those in trump camp knew it was an opportunity they hoped to regain momentum on trump's unfocused performance in the first debate. another question on the mind of republicans is can trump withstand this, yet another, self-inflicted wound? he has done it in the past many times but there are those in the trump inner circle who fear this may be more than he can withstand. >> major garrett? st. louis, thanks. the trump video leaks whirl, controversy of her own friday. wiki leaks released what it says are e-mails from her campaign chairman. they contain some potentially problematic revelations for the democratic nominee. cbs news justice report paul reid has more on that in washington. >> reporter: good morning. wikileaks has released a batch of more than 2,000 hacked e-mails from the account of hillary clinton's campaign chairman john podesta.
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street speeches. clinton has been asked repeatedly to release transcripts of those speeches and says she won't until the other candidates are held to the stadium standards. it points why clinton has refused to make them public. in a speech in early 2016 colon recalled a middle class upbringing but admits she is far removed from that now because the life i've lived and the economic fortunes my husband and i now now. a year before she said politics is like sausage being it's unsavory. you need both a public and a private position. trump has previously said he doesn't care about the transcripts. that being said, tomorrow's debate is a town hall style so the audience or the moderators are bound to ask about them if not trump will find a way to bring it up. >> president obama cast his vote in next month's election. mr. obama stopped at a chicago polling site friday taking advantage of the early elections
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the president and first lady had made multiple appearances on the campaign trail in hopes that hillary clinton succeeds them at the white house. here is a look the weekend weather. up next, she is one of the hollywood's hottest young stars. she joins us next, haley bennett. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." which you are you? be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.
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? if you haven't heard the name haley bennett that is about to change. the ohio native star is on the rise. >> case in point, she is co-starring in three major movies this fall, including the magnificent seven, warren beatty's "rules don't apply "and "the girl on the train." a thriller based on the best selling novel of the same name. she takes on the name of megan hipwell, the perfect wife with a terrible secret. here is a peek. >> i have to keep things vague. with all of the men, the exs, the lovers. it doesn't matter who they are. it matters how they make me feel.
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it's like having a secret that no one else knows. >> haley bennett is with us this morning. good morning. you were jumping up and down looking at that clip. what were you thinking? >> oh, it's just surreal. surreal. >> how would you explain what has happened? you've been in films since 2007 when you made your film debut and all of a sudden things are coming together this year. >> i think it's just been -- i've been -- i'm very lucky and i think, yeah, i haven't thought about it like it was never part of a plan. it was just a lot of luck and a lot of hard work. >> really interesting story that caught both of our attention. in getting the role for "the girl on the train," it was while you were working on "the magnificent seven." tell us about that. >> i was working on the magazine seven and working with a costume
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davis. she had called tate tailor, unbeknown as to me, there is a girl working on "the magnificent seven." i think you should meet her. i think you're adapting "the girl on the train" and i think there might be a role for her. we were shooting in louisiana and tate has a home in mississippi. so i baked a pie. >> >> i brought it to mississippi and we had lunch together and talked about the role. and we just hit it off. >> what kind of pie was it? >> it was lemon meringue pie. >> this isn't the first time you have baked a pie. where did that come from? let me sweeten them up? >> i wish i had caught on to this a little bit earlier and i would started making pie earlier.
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i wanted to make a classic apple pie. it was a good ice-breaker. it was a great ice-breaker. >> a smart icebreaker. you didn't study acting. you ended up going out to hollywood when you were, what, 19? >> i was 18. >> you were 18? and you had some background in singing? >> well, i had sang in my school. i had sang in a traveling girls choir and i sang in church choir growing up. so definitely there was a strong influence of music in my family. >> lyrics and you have to sing and dance. a pretty prominent part. >> i have a funny store about that. i had about seven auditions and i wasn't familiar with this process. and the music and lyrics was my third audition. >> wow. >> and i was asked to go to new york to have this screen test. the night before, they asked me to prepare a dance number.
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star. so this certainly wasn't familiar territory at all! and in my audition, i ended up crying. i was down on the floor and i had learned -- i had called -- i had found in the phone book a choreographer. i'm going to this guy and he'll teach me to dance and i'm going to go and i'm going to dance and perform this dance for a drew barrymore more and hugh grant. and mark lawrence. then i started crying. pies and crying is what get you jobs? >> tears of sweet. >> you have to have a lot of nerve to do that. >> what is that? >> to be able to dance in front of drew barrymore and hugh grant. >> that is the thing. so intimidating. i started bursting out into tears. i think drew barrymore she says she always comes in with tears and daisies and says you remind me of myself a little bit. >> you worked with warren beatty on a film coming out on soon.
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experience working with warren. he called me up on the phone after we had about a six-hour meetings. i think his meetings are infamously long. and we -- he calls me three months later, i didn't think that i would ever get a call back. he calls me. he has a very distinctive voice. hello, haley? you know, i need you to sing an ethyl merman number . yes, of course, i can do that. no problem on. i look her up. she is very influential in the broadway world. i said, my god, i said yes, what am i going to do? >> what was the song? >> it ended up not being that.
6:16 am
mistaken for another actress. are you getting tired of that yet? >> oh, no. it's a wonderful compliment. i saw hir recener recently and o beautiful. >> have you met jennifer lawrence? >> we didn't actually meet but i saw her from across the way and she is stunly talented and stunningly beautiful so thank you. >> i have a feeling that meeting is destined to happen. >> thank you. >> what a pleasure, haley bennett. "the girl on t theaters now. up next meet the very funny stars of, oh, hello, now on broadway. >> our guys george and gil have seep the second act of hundreds of broadway shows. >> hello, how are you?
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? after a national tour, two of the hottest voices in comedy are bringing their alter egos to broadway. jamie wax spoke to them about their long time friendship and unique collaboration. >> reporter: the show is called oh, hello and one of the most sought-after tickets on broadway right now. i caught up with the and stars between rehearsals and found they are as funny off stage as they are on screen. >> you're a great guy. a few ladies. >> polarize is t. >> reporter: that camaraderie between the two on screen. >> we like the great traditions of the scene here. >> reporter: and now on stage apply to their creators nick kroll and john mulaney in real life as well.
6:21 am
she feel like friend and john has paid me a ton of money to say we are, indeed, friends in real life. >> i think it helps the marketing of the show and i'm willing to pay him a small amount of money to keep that alive. we don't speak, honestly. >> reporter: did you see anything of yourself in these two men? >> at first it was like a character. as we have grown into them, i think we have grown into them. someone made the observation they really get to the heart of who we are as people. >> yeah. >> in that nick is a baby and >> a baby? my baby! my chair! you killed it! waa! >> reporter: their play which grew from early life sketches and became popular videos tells the story of two older men, roommates on new york's upper west side. >> oh, hello? sure. >> reporter: one is an actor. >> the police?
6:22 am
>> reporter: and the other, a writer. >> do you want to know why karen? because i cannot afford microsoft word! >> reporter: both are very opinionated and painfully out of touch. how did oh, hello begin? >> one day we are watching through a book store in new york and saw two guys reading alan alda's never have your dog stuffed. >> they >> we follow them to a book store and a diner. they both sit there at the diner reading their individual copies. these guys like share a murphy bed with you not share their alan alda autobiography. >> reporter: that is about ten years ago. >> this is too much tuna! >> reporter: since then, they have become fan favorites on
6:23 am
"kroll." >> it's an international passport for these characters. everyone gets why it's funny. >> it's very wet. >> it's a mess. it's never -- you never have seen a tuna sand wish and say that is well made. >> and you smell it. you're like, oh, boy! but then you're like, yeah, i'll eat it. >> i want that! >> reporter: want it or not, each night a special celebrity guest, anyonem kanavall to fred savage gets pranked with an oversized tuna sandwich. >> i didn't order this. >> don't lie! >> i think the most fun for us was marcia clark. >> you're about to get the second biggest surprise of your life! >> yes, that marcia clark, the head prosecutor in the o.j. simpson murder case. >> we had zell hater on the show and then bumped him. he was so fun.
6:24 am
>> i would say that is took [ bleep ] tuna! >> reporter: when you see this show, it appears the two of you are throwing surprises at each other. is that part of what is happening up there? >> yes. i think it was just by we are doing the show every night and we are so undisciplined. we have to mess with each other. throwing pistachio shells is not the same as being a dad. >> reporter: every night, john will throw a joke at me that i've nev new description and, like, it makes me laugh. >> it's fine. we are good. it's a good -- it's a good time! >> you're in that early phase? >> that early phase, you know, when you're in love with a raccoon. >> he had been making each other laugh from the day they met in college. >> we both went to georgetown. i was director of the improv group and john directed. he was the funniest audition.
6:25 am
thought of me. your son is an idiot but a sweet hard working idiot. >> reporter: since then each of them have had their own tv shows and comedy specials. >> now i'm serving the worst sentence of all, moving back in with my father! >> reporter: they say very little compares to performing these characters together on broadway. >> oh, hello! >> almost nothing brings me as much joy as the idea the thing we thought was thing to do has continued to grow. >> it is not lost on us how much we do not deserve to be on broadway. we truly are honored to be here. >> reporter: do you see in the future continuing to do these characters until maybe you don't need the age makeup any more? >> that is the goal is to keep doing these guys until no more makeup, we just get to physically just show up on set. >> i'd like to keep doing them until i don't get what is funny about it. why are people laughing that i
6:26 am
that is not funny. that is exercising. >> the production opens on broadway this monday night! >> i think i walked by these guys every day on the street. >> these are men we share dry cleaners with! >> they were in my old building! did you have to know them? i was asking you like the audience there. if you don't know the characters yet, you catch on quickly, right? >> so much universal about this type of character and they are out there doing so much weird stuff andoy together so much that it's infecti infectious. >> we are all laughing. >> i'm proud. coming up, we take flight with the swans of northern europe. it's a thrilling trip with a very serious goal. learning why there are fewer of these beautiful bird on the wing every year.
6:27 am
>> we have the real hillary? >> that's a good question. i don't know that -- i don't know that we do. i don't know that we do. do we need to? do we really need to? do we really need to think like we should go out for drinks with people or want them to do a good job? >> but do we want to know something about their character or temperament? >> if we don't know about hillary clinton by now, what can we ever know. it's been so long. >> it's like a live colonoscopy on television. >> hasn't it? hasn't it? we have seen those too! >> yes, we have seen those! >> had a party to those as well. >> jon stewart seemed to make such an effort to be nonpartisan. and you and your team seemed to have embraced putting your feelings out there for everybody to see. you make no apologies about
6:28 am
you know, we have one shot to do the show that fully expresses who we are and how we feel. we always wanted the show, in abstract terms before the show started when they talked. we wanted to make a show that really kicks the door in and total disdistellation of how we felt. that's how we're doing it. it's not our f t i feel like it's the only show that we could possibly do and we can't be apologetic for it. >> was charlie rose better in person than watching him on television? >> let me tell you about charlie rose if you want to talk about him, enter psychology. it's like i delved into the person he is. >> sorry, we have to go! >> did you come out feeling better? >> so many riches. >> do we have more segments? >> we don't. >> what? oh, no! >> all right. samantha bee.
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we begin this half hour with buoy and venture and science. between 1995 and 2010 the number of swans making the annual flight from arctic northern russia took a dive from 29,000 to just 18,000. a drop of more than a third. >> to find out why, british conservationist sacha kench strapped on a paramotor. johnathan vigliotti has more on their flight. >> reporter: viewing swans has an unlikely new co-pilot. 41-year-old sacha dench, with
6:31 am
seasonal migration south. it's a 4,000-mile journey that begins in the remote feeding rounds in russia's arctic north and ends all the way in england. her mechanical wings are part of a effort to save the endangered species from the growing threat below. hundreds are illegally shot out of the sky each year and the land they breed in is being built on. during the first leg of the expedit expedition. >> the only people out there are reindeer breeders who use sleds and reindeer. >> reporter: it's the reindeer breeder, along with fishmen and farmers she has come all this way to meet and speak with and share the story of the swan's
6:32 am
the data and they are interested in that. >> reporter: at 35 miles an hour, sacha can fly as fast as her feathered mates but the trip will take three months. when the birds rest so does she and often staying are locals along the way. >> i've had to sleep on reindeer skins and i worked up, i don't know if reaction but i had a massive puffy face. familiar, that's because it is. ? >> reporter: in the 1996 movie "fly away home" inspired by a true story, a young anna takes to the sky to save an abandoned flock of geese. that flight is not based on the movie but in a way she is the swan's mother goose. >> this is just a conservation problem we are causing and we can fix it. i think if you share the right
6:33 am
people and ask the right questions, then we have a really good chance of solving it. >> it's a man-made problem one woman is taking to the skies to end. for "cbs this morning: saturday," johnathan vigliotti, london. >> what a trip that must be. >> yeah. like the side story to the story of conservation, seeing the country that way. >> and a bird's-eye view literally. here is a look at the weather for your weekend now. up next, "the dish." chef todd kell i didn't started list career in a remote place they didn't have tv or even pizza.
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the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for ? chef todd kelly has one of the most unusual back stories that we have ever heard here on "the dish." he spent most of his childhood here in new york but at age 11,
6:37 am
coast of east africa. in a place with no radio or tv or no pizza or hamburgers or french fries, he first learned to cook. after returning to the u.s. in his teens he got a job peeling potatoes in a job outside of philadelphia and later worked in pittsburgh, charlotte and san francisco. >> these days he has moved up in the world a long way up. he is executive chef of the award winning orchids at palm supreme court at the cincinnati netherlands plaza. chef todd kelly is here. welcome to "the dish." >> what is on the table? >> we have house cured ham with persimmons and next to that brussels sprouts. tossed in a pomegranate vinaigrette and goat cheese and
6:38 am
childhoodh childhoodho childhood. over here is a family recipes of a sugar pie. >> that looks awesome. >> sugar pie. i'm looking at the drink. is this wrong of me? >> please tell us what is in the glass. i gather a special bottle you've brought with you? >> it is. we do barrel selections with four roses. we wanted to have a drink that showed off the quality of the whiskey that is old-fashioned ice and whiskey is poured over the top. >> delicious. really good. i'm fascinated by your back story. i mentioned you're on this island of mauritius and nothing you're used to. >> sure. >> how did you get the food that you were liking? is that how you got into cooking? >> that is how we got into cooking. a ton of fresh seafood and louvre indian influences and european influences obviously. we had fishermen would come to the back door what they caught
6:39 am
delivered daily by the person on a moped. honked the horn and picked out what you wanted. no pizza, no milk. we had to really adapt. >> you had to create your own? >> exactly. >> if you wanted fries, you had to make your own fries. >> exactly. >> you end up back in philadelphia when you were 14? >> yeah. right around there. >> at what point did you know you wanted to get into cooking? >> i started right on my 17th biay wanted to be with my friend so i got really good at peeling potatoes and cleaning lobsters and things along those lines. as i progressed it became something i was really passionate about and enjoyed? of the sentenof the sciences. >> your first title was potato peeler? >> i was able to do it well. >> you kind of crisscrossed the
6:40 am
was opening a restaurant and one of my other older brothers was a chef as well. >> wow. >> also into it because of where you lived? >> i think that was the main reason, yeah. and we had an opportunity. he brought us out to san francisco and ran a restaurant in north beach. from there i worked at some high profile restaurants and i really -- i really created who i was in the food industry. >> what ultimately took you to cincinnati? >> the netherlands orchid. the original design is from 1931. it's one of the designs i say a clean, beautiful palette that needed an artist to paint on it. that is what we did. we created something really special there. >> it's sort of a time now i feel like we eat more casually. you're fine dining? >> our food, we have a lot of history in what we do. we source grade ingredients is
6:41 am
the for mmalities make it fun a interesting. >> people embrace that and looking for something like this. you had source food. you're creating your own butter and cheese? >> sure. >> where does that come from? >> well, there's a point in time where you continue to source things and then you start to look at it and say say why can't we do this? one of the inspectors that came in from aa asked why we didn't have locally domestic cheeses and at the time there weren't any good ones so we took it upon our own terms to make it and started making our own cheese and same with the butter. we could manipulate the butter by manipulating the ph and started doing it ourselves. >> if you could have a meal with anyone, past or present, who would it be? >> present would have to be my daughters. we love doing sunday night pizzas. it's a big thing for us to keep the family bond.
6:42 am
father. he didn't get a chance to see me as a chef. of course, james dalton. a pioneer of food and beverage in the late '80s and really shaped the way the food industry is today. >> great table. >> they would love the meal, no doubt. chef todd kelly, thank you so much. for more, head to "cbs this morning".com. >> up next our "sat session" with blind pilot. from touring the u.s. on bicycles to a series of hit albums. this band is not to be missed. morning: saturday." ? [vacuum sound]
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joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. ? starring this morning's "saturday session" indie folk group from portland, oregon, blind pilot. touring the west coast by bicycle in 2007 the band added four more members two years later and really took off. they released two well-received albums and toured the country
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and critically acclaimed studio album and "and then like lions." here is blind pilot with their first single "packed powder." ? ? i start looking at second h i thought you'd make me more color and i i saw the sky as torn world ? ? i started working as a dime store clerk i thought you'd make me kind and put me first ? ? my only dreams
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where it would take me ? ? i want to see how it helped me don't want keeper can ever more don't wait to miss a turn ? ? ? ? started working as a jeweler i thought you'd make me believe my own words ? ? can't be patient just ask me
6:48 am
? i started working in a church. i thought you'd make me better man ? ? the sins i had i always had as if a person come to my own hands m hand ? i want to see how it takes me i want to see how don't want to keep what kills don't want to wait and miss a turn ? ? i want to see where it takes me i want to see how it helps me ? don't want to keep to have more of
6:49 am
? >> don't go away. we will be right back with more music from blind pilot. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." >> announcer: "saturday sessions" are sponsored by blue buffalo. you love your pets like family, so feed them like family with
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hey girlfriend, how's your cafe au lait? oh, it's actually... sfx: (short balloon squeal) it's ver... sfx: (balloon squeals) ok can we... sfx: (balloon squeals) i'm being so serious right now... i really want to know how your coffee is. it's... sfx: (balloon squeals) hahahaha, i had a 2nd balloon goodbye! oof, that milk in your coffee was messing with you, wasn't it? yeah.
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have a great weekend, everybody. >> thanks for watching. we leave you more with more music from blind pilot. ? when i first wake up even what i got this isn't worth offering ? ? even faces change my heart stays the same ?
6:54 am
going slow if i'm far away if i'm hearing straight a voice you want to know ? ? you've been a force burning one direction caught me sleeping protection you drift into my world are you wrapped up in his arms i'm rushing faster and faster ?
6:55 am
of what could have been even when i thought wasn't worth giving ? ? at least my mind has changed i've been a force going all directions i try to hold you i try everyth ? my heart is aching kissing reaching drifting through my water i will not hold you
6:56 am
i will not miss you i will not think about you ? ? i saw my whole world rushing right back to me you didn't shy
6:57 am
for those of you still with us, more music from blind pilot. >> this is "don't doubt." ? of the year that made you near beg to turn you right ? ? two dead birds underneath the headlight ever sound they make
6:58 am
? every piece of me that breaks trying to keep on the side of doubt ? ? don't you dare everybody's seen some winter don't you take the dark way out ? ? even if breath is breathing for another one don't you just take the dark way out ? ? took you by the throat
6:59 am
jacky rosen: and i approved ithis message.n man: the tea party republicans in congress want to cut social security. woman: and danny tarkanian wants to join them. man: he is proud to call himself a "tea party radical." man: he wants to privatize social security... woman: ...just like them. woman: risking social security benefits on wall street. man: danny tarkanian would raise the retirement age... woman: just like the tea party republicans in congress. man: they would take away what we've paid for out of every paycheck.
7:00 am
narrator: today on lucky dog, a free-spirited stray gets the audition of a lifetime with a rock and roll family. woman: this is the salon portion of our business. the streets, can he take the street out of the dog? brandon: what's that? what's that? what's that? could be some dangerous stuff in there. brandon: i'm brandon mcmillan and i've dedicated my life to saving the lonely, unwanted dogs that are living without hope. brandon: my mission is to make sure these amazing
7:01 am
have a new best friend. this is lucky dog. brandon: alright tank, let's get some more done. brandon: hey, do me a favor, hand me the cover. narrator: the ranch renovation may be complete but there's still work left to be done and retriever in training, tank, is more than willing to lend a helping paw. brandon: let's do this. narrator: but today's project will need to wait. an 8 month-old stray needs brandon's help. brandon: dogs are animals that need to be taken care of. and when they suddenly find themselves on the street as a stray, now they have to start fighting for everything. fighting for food, fighting for territory,
7:02 am
you're still in the dawn of your life. narrator: often weighing in at close to 80 pounds, belgian tervurens are strong, loyal dogs, and brandon can't wait to get a glimpse of his newest student. brandon: is that you? that is you. belgian tervuren? really? narrator: though spirit may not be the tervuren that brandon expected, his charm is irresistible. brandon: you are a cute little thing. here, you can say hi. go. nice warm welcome. you're a good host. let's say you and i go for a little drive. go out, that made you feel good, huh? you like the sound of that, huh? narrator: to ensure spirit is physically ready to begin training and shed some light on his mysterious lineage, brandon makes a stop at banfield. woman: hi brandon. brandon: hi. woman: how are you? brandon: i'm good.
7:03 am
we have spirit checking in. dr.: hello, hi brandon. brandon: dr. batista how are you doing? dr.: good, how are you? brandon: good to see ya. dr.: this is spirit? brandon: this is spirit. just picked him up from the shelter. dr.: oh my goodness. he is really cute. brandon: he is cute. the shelter had him labeled as a belgian tervuren... dr.: okay. brandon: but i don't know if i would agree with that. but then again i have been wrong about a million times in the past. dr.: yeah, we have a canine genetic analysis test; we call it cga. it's a blood test and we can take a sample from him and in a couple of weeks we can find out what his it also tests for some canine disorders, so we'll have a lot more information to go with brandon: perfect, i'd love to do it. dr: okay, that sounds good. well first let's take a look at him, make sure he's healthy. alright, let's look at your teeth. they look nice and white, clean. eyes look great; nice and bright. okay, we're gonna look in your ears next, you ready? oh, that one looks nice and clean. alright, perfect. heart sounds strong, sounds great. lungs sound good too.
7:04 am
brandon: cool. dr: and then we'll bring him back in. brandon: perfect. dr.: alright. brandon: how did he do? dr.: he did great, he's so brave. his test will come back in a couple weeks and we'll give you a call. but he looks really healthy. brandon: perfect. a final question. now he has a clean bill of health, is it safe to start training him? dr.: yes, you can start training him right away. brandon: perfect. thank you dr. batista, see you next time. dr.: you're welcome. see you later. bye spirit. narrator: back at the ranch spirit caps off his ith a red training collar. brandon: i have a little training to do. narrator: and an introduction to the pack. brandon: morning, morning. alright guys, this one's had it rough lately, go easy on him. go on spirit. go on, make friends. welcome to the lucky dog ranch. narrator: street-wise spirit wastes no time fitting in. and that easygoing temperament could strike the right chord with a loving new family.
7:05 am
gigi: i'm gigi, i live in sierra madre with my two boys, my husband and our cat. my husband and i have a small business. he does music, i do hair. narrator: but sustaining a harmonious home life comes with its own set of challenges; particularly for 14 year-old drake and 11 year-old miles. joe: drake has autism and that can impact his we have the cat, indigo, which kind of belongs to drake at this point and miles feels left out a lot. gigi: miles has always wanted a companion. he's been talking about it, as he claims, for 6 years. and he seems to be up to the task. narrator: having heard about brandon, gigi reached out. gigi: i feel like brandon is very familiar with autism, which is really important to us. i feel like he would be perfect to rescue and
7:06 am
but before any training can be done brandon needs to get a clearer picture of spirit's skill set. brandon: today i'll be doing spirit's assessment of his knowledge of the 7 common commands, which are sit, stay, down, come, off, heel and no. come here. so the first thing i ask him to do was sit. do you sit? do you sit? hold on, i asked for a sit, not a stand. perfect. that's a sit. i'll take that as a kind of you know sit. narrator: not surprisingly spirit lacks a firm grasp of obedience, largely due to his life on the streets. brandon: yeah, you were almost there, not quite. how about a no? no, no& do you stay? ah, ah, ah, do you stay? yeah. and you are a jumper. so now i have a good foundation in what he knows, it's time to get to work. narrator: coming up... gigi: this is the salon portion of our business.
7:07 am
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7:10 am
brandon: alright, come here. give me a sit. perfect. no jumping, three, two, one...good, that's a sit. perfect. narrator: for the last few days former stray spirit has been turning his street smarts into proper obedience. brandon: okay, good, good. narrator: as spirit embraces his training brandon amps up the search for a forever home. hutchinson's to see if they're a good match for spirit. when i pulled up they happened to be at the park right across the street from their house. gigi: hi brandon. brandon: how are ya? joe: how are ya? brandon: hey guys. miles: hey. brandon: i'm brandon, how are ya? miles: good. brandon: you excited for a dog? miles: yes. brandon: yeah? is that a big yeah or a little yeah? miles: big! drake: big. brandon: alright. well go on, keep playing catch. i'm gonna talk to your parents alone over here for a few minutes, alright? miles: okay. brandon: you wanna go sit?
7:11 am
joe: gig's a hairdresser and i'm a songwriter and a music teacher. kind of a little rock n' roll family. gig: we have a small business, so that's going well. brandon: so why suddenly now do you want a dog? joe: our older son drake has autism and he has his cat that's kind of his little therapy animal. and miles kind of needs a companion that he can feel close to. and he's just gravitated towards dogs that our friends have. brandon: how is the cat with dogs? he's curious. if the dog tries to bother him or get in his space he'll let them know. i've seen him smack, i've never seen claws. brandon: so the cat will let the dog know in a very civil manner? gigi: i think so. brandon: okay, good. you mentioned you had a business. a lot of people, they love taking their dogs to work. is this something you plan on doing? gigi: we would love to... joe: yeah. gigi: ...have him be a part of our business. hang out, kind of be like a little mascot.
7:12 am
and the bottom line is, if spirit doesn't like this work environment it's the wrong match. i have recently rescued a dog that sounds like he fits the profile of everything you're looking for. however, before i can even continue i'm gonna have to not only see your house, but also your business. narrator: after a quick home check brandon and gigi head into town to tour the family business. gigi: so this is joe's part of our business. brandon: and the hair salon is next door? brandon: let's go see it. gigi: okay. this is the salon portion of our business. brandon: on an average day how many people are in here? gigi: i keep pretty busy, you know. i have a lot of clients that i've had for years. brandon: after seeing the salon and knowing exactly what they want, it gives me a good game plan. narrator: but a question mark still hangs over spirit's placement. brandon: if i start testing him and training him through all this and i don't see that tail wagging, it's the wrong family.
7:13 am
brandon: i have a dog here, you do realize that, right? hey girlfriend, how's your cafe au lait? oh, it's actually... sfx: (short balloon squeal) it's ver... sfx: (balloon squeals) ok can we... sfx: (balloon squeals) i'm being so serious right now... i really want to know how your coffee is. it's... sfx: (balloon squeals) hahahaha, i had a 2nd balloon goodbye! oof, that milk in your coffee was messing with you, wasn't it? yeah. happens to more people than you think. try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose. mmm. good right? yeah.
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7:16 am
brandon: excuse me. narrator: 8 month-old spirit has the chance of a lifetime. brandon: personal space, you ever heard of it? backstreet life for the comforts of home. but breaking him of his unwanted habits isn't an easy task. brandon: ever since spirit got here it's pretty apparent that he does not have much experience inside of a house. i found him on the coffee table, on the bar top, somehow he got in the bathroom sink, he ended up in the bathtub, in the shower. narrator: and the survival skills that served him so well on the street now pose new dangers. brandon: hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, what's that?
7:17 am
t? hey, come here. trashcans can be a huge hazard to a dog. there could be things in that trashcan that can get your dog sick, possibly worse. narrator: particularly in the hutchinson's salon. brandon: so this is a bad habit that's gotta be trained out of his system today. narrator: that means souring his taste for dumpster diving. brandon: most dogs cannot stand the taste of lemons. so i take a lemon and cut it into wedges. from their i put spirit face-to-face with the trashcan and then i take the lemon and squeeze a very little bit in his mouth. what this does, it creates a bad taste in his mouth and instantly he connects it to the trashcan. tastes icky, right? you can't be doing that. the next step in the process is to take a full lemon and rub the peel on the outside of the trashcan. now he's gonna make the connection next time he gets near the trashcan. i'll give you a choice; this or that. you choose.
7:18 am
spirit in other areas. brandon: today i'll be testing spirit's tolerance of the unpredictability of not only autistic kids but kids in general. narrator: just one sign of aggression is enough to fail this test. brandon: if a dog is not tolerant to kids it's the wrong dog for kids, period. narrator: no surprise, laid back spirit passes with flying colors. but his biggest and furriest test awaits. gonna have a cat in it, obviously i have to test him with a cat. so today i'll be testing him with a cat that i know is not only safe with dogs she's very experienced with dogs. i have a dog here, you do realize that, right? hold on. one step at a time. you're a bold cat. [cat meows] brandon: iknow you just wanna play. you gotta learn some etiquette though. i'm seeing no aggression from spirit. spirit is only curious at this point.
7:19 am
say hi. learn cat etiquette. spirit goes right up to the cat and they go nose-to-nose for a split second and nothing really happens. spirit actually backs up because he has this new animal in front of him. he doesn't even know what to make of it. yeah, smart. that's called a warning. at that point the cat jumped off the couch and from there spirit followed the cat. [brandon laughing] brandon: what do you think? go say hi. onal space. [cat growling] brandon: and if you invade that personal space the cat will let it be known. go on, learn your lessons. [cat hissing] brandon: that was a warning my friend. spirit actually heeded the warning. he actually backed off and that right there was all i needed to see. take that as the easiest lesson you'll ever learn. narrator: coming up& brandon: there you go,
7:20 am
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7:23 am
ator: over the last few weeks brandon has been instilling 8 month-old spirit with an education in the common commands and etiquette. brandon: personal space, you ever heard of it? narrator: but today he's about to get results of a different kind. brandon: alright, come on. woman: hey brandon, you here for your results? brandon: we are. today i'll be going back to banfield to get spirit's test results of his canine genetic analysis which in layman's terms translates to what the cga test, we were checking for over 90 different conditions that spirit could be predisposed to. and spirit came back negative for all of them. brandon: perfect. dr.: that's great. in addition to that we were also checking to find out what spirit's lineage is. according to our cga test spirit is pomeranian and miniature shorthaired dachshund mix. brandon: okay, i was close. no i wasn't. dr.: since spirit has the long back and the shorter legs like a dachshund, that can predispose spirit
7:24 am
signs of pain. also both of these breeds are pretty small and small dogs have crowded teeth. so we would just want to really stay on top of spirit's dental health. brandon: besides that, still clean bill of health, continue training, safe? dr.: absolutely. here's your results. it has all of that information we talked about and there's a certificate here for spirit as well. brandon: perfect. thank you dr. batista, see you next time. dr.: you're welcome. see ya next time. solved, it's time to crack the last unknown variable of his training. brandon: when i met with the hutchinson's they expressed a lot of interest in bringing spirit to work with them. and their work happens to be a hair salon. narrator: not only will spirit need a comfort level around the elements of a salon, but he'll also need a firm set of professional manners. brandon: he can't be jumping on everyone's lap, he can't be by the front door. he has to have an area that's his.
7:25 am
. narrator: the solution, teaching him to lie down in a muttnation bed provided by sponsor petmate. brandon: there, get comfy. you'll be spending a lot of time in there. there you go. all i'm doing here is rewarding him over and over in the bed, teaching him that this is the area he does get the treats. narrator: spirit doesn't take much convincing. brandon: now that i see he's comfortable and content in the bed it's time to bring the elements of a salon in the mix. all that's gonna happen is this. [buzzing] brandon: good, good. shave something. good, good. and then we sweep the hair up like that. little more hair like that. perfect, good, good, perfect. [blow dryer] brandon: good, there you go.there you go, good. it's gonna go on for a long time too. remember this? good, perfect. narrator: through it all spirit remains unfazed, and more importantly content in his own bed.
7:26 am
it's easy. narrator: coming up, from street to studio, spirit faces his final challenge. lucky dog will megan and louie have impeccable taste; in shoes and shoe boxes. so they choose new meow mix bistro recipes, made with real chicken to make mealtime taste like a reservation for two. no wonder it's the only one cats ask for by name. narrator: for eight and a half months spirit endured a solitary life on the streets. today his long journey comes to an end at the doorstep of a loving family. brandon: hey there. gigi: hi. brandon: mind if a little friend joins you? [gigi laughing] joe: it was so awesome to see him. just
7:27 am
gigi: welcome home spirit. oh my goodness, spirit is just so sweet when brandon brought him in and he was just giving us kisses& [laughing] gigi: it was just an amazing moment. miles: it was really cool how spirit like loved me. like he just plopped right into my arms and he started just kissing me on the face. joe: just to see miles be speechless, that was cool. words could not express. gigi: i also loved how happy drake was for his drake: miles finally got his dog. gigi: i know. and that was so pure. brandon: what do you boys think? [clapping] brandon: i take that as a yeah, you like him. you notice the color of his collar? yeah, that means we still have a little more work to do. i know he's gonna be spending a lot of time next door so what i'd like to do is be a fly on the wall. i'm gonna observe and if i like what i see he's all yours.
7:28 am
ht. ? music ? brandon: i sat in the salon for the better part of the afternoon watching spirit and seeing what he does, seeing how he reacts. spirit really didn't care. he was content in his bed most the time. gigi: not only was spirit very well-behaved, he was like... you know, he was falling asleep, it was so cute. : and after the last cut of the day there's only one thing left to do. brandon: here, put that one on him. there you go, like that. gigi: yeah. brandon: there you go. joe: it feels really great, just like kind of a new beginning for our family. brandon: is that your goodbye? yeah, you're welcome. you're welcome. now go to your family. gigi: come spirit. miles: thank you brandon. drake: thank you. joe: thank you brandon.
7:29 am
knock life on the streets was just the training ground for great things to come. and now for many years ahead the only streets spirit will be walking on are the ones in his own neighborhood surrounded by his family. narrator: and one excited little boy. miles: i wanna say thank you to brandon because he helped me get a dog. and i have a couple of dog jokes for spirit and here's one. why did the snowman name his dog frost? [drum and cymbal] miles:what do wild dogs eat inthe forest? man: what? miles: bark. brandon: from hopeless to a home, that's my mission,
7:30 am
narrator: today on dr. chris pet vet, an orphaned lamb has been adopted by a strange mother. but now the baby's future is in doubt. anything like this in my entire veterinary career. lisa: oh dear. narrator: and then, this black lab has done something very dangerous and fixing the problem is not going to be easy. lisa: it's pretty serious to have something stuck in there that doesn't come out. chris: i've loved animals my entire life. today i'm a passionate veterinarian dedicating myself to the care of all animals.
7:31 am
(music) narrator: chris has been called out to a local vineyard to see quite an odd pairing. chris: take a look at this. that is amazing. chris: you know this is slightly strange don't you? woman: well i've never seen anything like it. chris: it's amazing. how are you? it's julie? julie: good. yeah, hi chris. chris: i'm chris, how are you. and you must be zoe, hello. julie: this is lamby and she's 5 weeks old now. narrator: julie is concerned about lamby, a little orphan that has formed an unusual relationship with zoe the dalmatian. chris: well that's gotta be confusing isn't it? thank you, yes.
7:32 am
nk she would've been about half an hour old. chris: really? is that so? julie: the first animal that she saw was the dog. and so she thought that was her mother. chris: she literally joined the dots. julie: yes. yes. chris: and went ?okay, that must be mum.? julie: and i just thought it was so very unusual to see a spotted lamb. it just looked like a dalmatian puppy to me. chris: i can honestly say i've never, ever seen anything like this in my entire veterinary career. this is so bizarre yet so incredibly fascinating at the same time. that lamby was abandoned. so with zoe having all those hormones like progesterone in her system screaming out for her to become a mother, all of the sudden lamby appeared and zoe could become a mother. but we're talking about 1 in 10,000 chances here combining and producing this incredible situation. (lamby bleating) chris: the one worry i've got is that she never suckled from her mother. so what i wouldn't mind doing is just having a bit
7:33 am
sure that everything's going on okay. when a lamb is born the mother's udder is full of something we call colostrum which is a milk that's really reach in fat, high in energy, but most importantly it's got a lot of antibodies in it and those antibodies go straight into the lamb the moment this milk is drunk and provide immediate protection. and that protection lasts for weeks and months. without she just does not have any sort of immunity. (music) woman: hello, how are you? narrator: at the small animal specialist hospital, sash, hero appears to be in perfect health, but looks are deceiving. sally: he's lost his appetite today so very unlike a labrador. narrator: the 1 year-old labrador has been vomiting all day. owners sally and michael worry that hero has been
7:34 am
y: he'll eat anything he can get his mouth onto so, yeah, that's why&just in case, we'll bring him in. lisa: it always amazes me how labradors can be really, really sick and they just look like nothing's wrong. thank you, thank you. sally: hero, okay, come on, come one. lisa: they have such an ability to hide things and keep that tail wagging and pretend like everything's okay when really they're actually very, very sick. and the fact that they're such good actors can uncomfortable for him here. his intestines just feel a little bit thick. they eat everything. i've seen them eat socks, underwear, rocks, balls, toys, you name it, a labrador can swallow it whole and it never surprises me what i find inside them. when i get to a certain part of his tummy he tends
7:35 am
of him. when i'm feeling him it just&it doesn't feel right. there is something really hard there. come on, let's get some x-rays. and if something is stuck well that's really not good for him. this way, come on. come on. hero, this way. come on, come on. actually take an x-ray of hero and i don't know how i'm gonna do this. come on hero, this way. this dog has complete control of me. he's taking me for a walk, he is taking me for the x-ray. i don't know how i'm gonna even get him on the table. vic, you're free to help with this very sick dog. narrator: in reception sally and michael are
7:36 am
i thought i felt something funny in there. that's a really massive rock there, another little fragment of something there, and perhaps even another one further down there. so this rock is about 3 to 4 centimeters big, so it's like that. so he obviously swallowed that whole, it's gone down and now it's lodged somewhere in his intestines. that is a worry vic. vic: so it may not pass by itself. lisa: i don't know if it will. if that rock stayed in there and it didn't pass out naturally or we didn't take it out with surgery the intestines would become really inflamed and unhealthy and in really severe situations they can perforate. so it's pretty serious to have something stuck in there that doesn't come out. narrator: coming up on dr. chris pet vet, will the
7:37 am
fit through. narrator: but first, chris has a solution on how to help lamby. chris: it's a great plan, but it's a plan that has a small hitch. i need to catch the sheep. it's not gonna be easy. (sheep bleating) once upon a time in the depths of your own cupboard some had audacious claims on their labels of green and all looked alike until new tide purclean. "that label's not green, it's purely just chic." then why is she using it week after week? they realized then, it's not the label that flatters, but the power inside is what truly matters. new tide purclean, 65% bio-based, 100% cleaning power of tide.
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there she is! hooray! they head for home and sister tells them all about her day. show and tell was really fun. a kid brought in a toad! in science class, she says with glee, they made some stuff explode! they stop to play and sister says the leaves are 'unsurpassed.' mom smiles at her little girl, who's growing up so fast. goldfish crackers. the snack that smiles back. hi, i'm henry winkler and that are sixty-two and older about a great way to live a better retirement... it's called a reverse mortgage. call right now to receive your free dvd and booklet with no obligation. it answers questions like... how a reverse mortgage works, how much you qualify for, the ways to receive your money... and more. plus, when you call now, you'll get this magnifier with led light absolutely free! when you call the experts at one reverse mortgage today,
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chris: so what i need is a very generous sheep who's actually gonna give a donation of some blood. julie: and you'll catch it? you'll attempt to catch it? chris: that's the plan. julie: okay. narrator: chris is out in the country working on an unusual solution to help a curious problem. he's come up with a way to protect 5 week-old lamby, an orphan from birth who was never able to nurse from her mom and never received life-saving antibodies. chris: the plan is that we're gonna find a ewe, a mother sheep, that has a lamb. now what makes her special is that she has a lot of antibodies in her system right now.
7:41 am
blood and inject them straight into lamby. (lamby bleating) julie: lamby has had a disadvantage. in the future if she was to get an infection she has no resistance to fight that. so any assistance that chris can give her with this blood procedure i'm really happy to go along with it. chris: alright, this is the bit you're excited about isn't it? julie: i'm gonna watch you. watch and learn. chris: it's a good plan. it's a great plan. but it's a plan that has a small hitch in that i need not gonna be easy. (music) (sheep bleating) chris: let's be honest, it was a miss. got one hand in there& she was gone, she was fast, she was too good. let's not try to sugar-coat it, it wasn't
7:42 am
b. the lamb probably beat me as well when it's all said and done. julie: come on girls. chris: could've told me about that before. julie: i told you i had a secret weapon. it's called a white bucket. chris: you're smoking at me. you're getting me to try to tackle these poor innocent mothers and you had this all along. julie: go on then. i thought i'd let you have an attempt. chris: hey guys, i know, come on. this is very generous of you. now we've finally caught our ewe. it's a lot like a human donating blood. ready? julie: first time. he's a good doctor isn't he?
7:43 am
from her jugular vein down the tube into this bag. so you can see it's already running quite nicely. julie: beautiful. good girl. (sheep bleating) chris: yeah, you made your feelings very clear didn't you? julie: thank you coming to visit my farm dr. chris. chris: you actually got a bit of spit on me then. that's alright, thank you though. julie: good girl. chris: you can get up now. nowadays everyone talks about protein shakes and vitamin boosters and all sorts of super foods. in lamby's life nothing would be more important so i know that just looks like blood right now but once it settles out we're gonna be left with blood cells down at the bottom. and the bit we want will be at the top. julie: yes. chris: so we're gonna suck that out and it's almost like nature's own vaccination. it'll go in there and make the absolute world of difference to little lamby. (music)
7:44 am
e. so poor hero is gonna need surgery. narrator: at sash, x-rays have revealed that hero has swallowed a large rock. it's now threatening to perforate his intestines. but so far he's showing no signs of distress. lisa: they are an inspiration. come on buddy. i cannot believe that you are sick. my goodness. alright, so unfortunately it looks like he's got a sally: oh no. lisa: okay? so it's about this big. now sometimes if the rocks are small we can watch them and see if it will pass. and i think it's worth giving him a chance to see if he does pass it by himself. but my gut feeling tells me that it's too big to fit through and i think that he probably will have to have surgery. sally: okay. lisa: okay?
7:45 am
it can perforate his intestines and there's even a chance it's already done that. we just need to be very, very careful and watch him closely. sally: i never really wanted him to have an operation 'cause operations never good like in the long-term. so yeah, well, has to be done. i'm really sad. that that rock has moved at all. narrator: will another x-ray stop hero from having surgery? lisa: this is hero's last chance to avoid surgery. (hero howling) narrator: and lamby gets her life-saving antibodies. chris: this, it's cute but, you know, it can't go on forever. narrator: but there's one more issue that chris must solve. chris: if she doesn't think she's a sheep she's
7:46 am
hey girlfriend, how's your cafe au lait? oh, it's actually... sfx: (short balloon squeal) it's ver... sfx: (balloon squeals) ok can we... sfx: (balloon squeals) i'm being so serious right now... i really want to know how your coffee is. it's... sfx: (balloon squeals) hahahaha, i had a 2nd balloon goodbye! oof, that milk in your coffee was messing with you, wasn't it? yeah. happens to more people than you think. try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose. mmm. good right?
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(lamby bleating) chris: you can see it's separated now. so the blood cells have gone to the bottom and this clear stuff at the top is what we need. julie: there's plenty there isn't there? chris: yeah there is. narrator: chris is about to give lamby her (lamby bleating) narrator: the orphaned lamb has been raised by zoe the dalmatian. but because she missed out on the antibodies in her mother's milk she's vulnerable from infections. chris: so that's how much we need. julie: yes. chris: you can see it's nice and clear. julie: yes. chris: it'll go straight into lamby. it's gonna make you just like the other lambs. it's like a life injection. it's like a wonder drug. what it'll do to lamby's immune system is give it
7:50 am
she'll be able to fend off any nasty viruses or infections that come along. alright, that's all done. you were very good. you were very good. so that's extra protection really. julie: thank you dr. chris. chris: that's alright. i mean it should serve as some sort of insurance policy. julie: okay. and she had no insurance policy before. chris: exactly. yeah. yeah, you were so good i think we need some sort of reward for you don't we? julie: look what i've got. chris: that might just do it. are they something that you are sort of half partial to? the thing that's nagging on my mind right now is that i can make lamby as healthy as possible for the next few months but ultimately she needs to be a sheep and she can't do that unless the rest of the flock accepts her. this, it's cute but, you know, it can't go on forever. we need to teach lamby that she's a sheep 'cause
7:51 am
life after that. julie: no. (music) lisa: hero, this is serious, just get focused, you might be having surgery today. narrator: the next morning at sash, hero is still acting as if nothing is wrong. lisa: you are out of control. narrator: he's blissfully unaware how close he is to going under the knife. lisa: good boy hero. precaution because we're all prepped and ready to take him into surgery, we want to make sure that the rock is where it was last night. okay hero. hero, just stay here. narrator: the 1 year-old labrador has a dangerous habit of eating rocks. this time he's gotten himself into a lot of trouble. lisa: look, the rock is about 4 centimeters big and it was stuck in his small intestines.
7:52 am
alright, so this is hero's last chance to avoid surgery. hear that hero? this is it. (hero howling) lisa: oh wow. that is amazing. this rock or bone or whatever it is has gone all the way from his small intestines down into his large intestines into his colon. it's like that far of coming out on its own. wow. you can see just how far it's traveled. i mean it's gone his whole intestinal tract in less than 12 hours. i'm just blown away. (hero whining) narrator: hero has dodged one bullet, but passing the rock won't be a walk in the park. coming up on dr. chris pet vet& chris: they see heras being as much a dog as they do a sheep. narrator: little lamby must move out of the dog
7:53 am
sheep right now they'll smell her straightaway and they could hurt her. for adults with advanced non-small cell lung cancer previously treated with platinum-based chemotherapy, including those with an abnormal alk or e.g.f.r. gene who've tried an fda-approved targeted therapy, this is big.
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chris: come on guys. come on! narrator: out in the country chris must help lamby become part of the flock. (lamby bleating) narrator: the orphan has been raised by a dalmatian and is suffering from an identity crisis. chris: come on. come on. lamby is spending so much time around zoe, sleeping next to her and being licked by her, that she if we were to put her out with the flock of sheep right now they'll smell her straightaway and go ?no, she's an imposter,? and they could hurt her. she needs the final step which is her learning to essentially be a sheep and be accepted by the rest of the flock. (lamby bleating) chris: they've been looking at her hanging around zoe and wondering what's going on there. so the way we introduce her to the flock is very gently. because if we rush it they could actually try to
7:57 am
or hurt her. julie: yes. chris: because they see her as being as much a dog as they do a sheep. (lamby bleating) chris: we're not gonna get lamby accepted into this flock today. (lamby bleating) chris: it's gonna be something that's gonna take a number of weeks. but if julie can just put lamby into that little pen for an hour every day they'll get to know each other, become more familiar, so when lamby eventually goes out in the paddock with them there will be no problem at all. lamby's gonna act like she wants to get out there and but you have to pull her back and to do it very gently because if you don't and you rush it so many things can go wrong. julie: i think we'll call them baby steps. chris: lamby steps. this is good though. the great thing about these solutions is that whilst it's allowing lamby to go back with a flock of sheep, it's not ending the relationship with zoe. their lives will be separate but not too far apart.
7:58 am
sally: good boy! come here, come here& narrator: hero, the rock-eating lab, had a breakthrough and no longer requires surgery. owners michael and sally are relieved. lisa: i have a little present for you guys. sally: oh my gosh. michael: oh look at that. lisa: that is what came out of him. sally: he's eating it again. lisa: no you are not. rocks at home? sally: oh, we've got the landscaper coming in this weekend. lisa: getting rid of them? sally: yes. and they're paving the whole garden. putting a lot of like grass for him. lisa: fantastic. pity for them they'll have to redo their whole backyard. it's gonna cost a fortune. and that's all because hero has a taste for
7:59 am
cindy and frida appreciate the arts. frida is a work of art. they get inspired by new meow mix bistro recipes, made with real chicken for delicious bistro flavor. no wonder it's the only one cats ask for by name.
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mo: welcome to "the henry ford's innovation nation." i'm mo rocca, and today, you are going to be y: go, go, go, go! mo: coming up, the tough tech tackling a heavy problem, blasting off with the best buzzers brigade, freezing the future of our flora and food, and looping the loop with the schoolgirl flyer next on "the henry ford's innovation nation." when i was growing up, there were certain words that we couldn't use in our house.


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