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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  October 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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florida coming into the game 11 of 14 with a season long of 48. >> gary: one of the things you do at this point is go to your kicker and say "where do you want the ball? where do you want to kick from?" trevor knight most likely will keep the ball. run to his right. center the ball and then try for the kick to win the game. >> verne: here is knight. goes to the center and takes a knee. almost. >> verne: they call time. tennessee is saying "this is well within our point of reference. we have eight seconds left." >> gary: was it a&m that called the time out? >> verne: yeah. >> gary: why did they not get it all the way down to one second? tennessee trying to save a few
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>> gary: they call it with eight seconds to go. >> verne: the snapper is going to be christian robertson out of grapevine, texas. the holder mclean. the foot belongs to daniel lacamera. >> gary: they'll probably try to freeze him. he's got two left. >> verne: butch called it. >> referee: time out, tennessee. their second. this will be a 30-second time
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cbs, we'll begin with "ncis" and "ncis: new orleans" followed by a new edition of "48 hours" tonight, only cbs. josh dobbs has assumed a prayerful posture. all he's done is throw for 394, rushed for 52 and caught a touchdown pass. one of these teams is going this is only the seventh time that two top-10 teams have played at kyle field. the last aggie win in one of these was in 1975 when they defeated texas. eight seconds to go. >> gary: he did it again. burned another one. >> referee: time out, tennessee,
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this will be a 30-second time out. >> gary: tennessee football is fun to watch, isn't it? >> verne: we've had them three weeks in a row and we get them again next week. this will be against alabama. >> gary: you've got to go to basics. go to your center. snap. holder. get it down. do the normal. go through your fundamentals. keep your head down when you kick it. and then look up. >> verne: again, christian robertson is the center. connor mcqueen the holder. daniel lacamera will kick. >> gary: he had one low kick.
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they're going to get penetration. >> verne: for the lead. >> verne: he missed it. he missed it. says >> gary: pitching a perfect game as a coach. six turnovers and a tie football game. >> verne: not to mention 12 penalties. we're tied 35-35 with four
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>> gary: yes. take two knees if you can. >> verne: yeah. >> gary: a miraculous play by tennessee kept this game going on. malik foreman one of the great plays you will see defensively all year. >> verne: o.t. coming up.
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take on the day shift. introducing the new titan with america's best truck warranty, 5 years, 100,000 miles bumper-to-bumper. ? aaflllaak! od dude. yeah...he stinks at golf. but he was great at getting my claim paid fast. how fast? mine got paid in 1 day. wow. that's awesome. is that legal? big fat nooo in just one day; we process, approve and pay. one day pay, only from aflac. >> verne: we're back at college
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this overtime made possible by chick-fil-a. take us through the overtime rules. >> gary: the most important thing to remember is that both teams get an opportunity. like a baseball inning. then in the third overtime period, that's when you have to start going for two. if there is an advantage in this game it has to be with tennessee because they have the superior field goal kicker. i think a&m now throughout the whole overtime play is if they ever want to settle for a field goal here. verne, i've got a tennessee friend named vince who last week turned the game off bhant to go. i think he's going to watch the whole game today. don't you think?
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>> verne: david smith forgot to turn his mic on so as far as we're concerned he's mumbling but we know what the overtime rules are and here is smith. >> verne: the aggies will go on defense first. >> gary: i'm sure tennessee will go left to right toward their crowd which is in the right end zone. >> verne: a very good crowd >> referee: texas a&m has won the toss and elected to play defense. tennessee will be on offense going in this direction. >> gary: the other advantage tennessee has is they're catching a very tired a&m defense. they have had 95 offensive plays run against them in this football game.
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one yard and one field goal kick from wrapping up this football game. >> verne: yeah. if williams doesn't have the ball knocked out of his arms at the one by malik foreman, and it went through the end zone for a safety and then lacamera just missed what potentially would have been a game-winning field pgoal. >> gary: went through for a touchback and they got the ball back. yes. >> verne: from the 25. here come the volunteers. saw the lineup for tonight. we'll begin as soon as this one is in the books. alvin kamara in the backfield. nothing this time. >> gary: josh dobbs is upset that time just like trevor
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he got a lead blocker. as soon as he handed off he knew he should have kept it the request "no, i should have kept that ball." >> verne: myles garrett got the tackle. second down and 10. dtd >> verne: this time he did keep it. he's out. he's out of bounds. >> gary: the strategy by tennessee and mike debord is running the keep toward myles garrett. he doesn't have the speed. a healthy myles garrett might make that play. he cannot get out there and stop dobbs. wouldn't be shocked if it goes that way again.
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knocked out of bounds. at the 16 yard line. >> gary: tennessee >> gary: tennessee has the advantage with the field goals kicker. that puts the pressure on a&m. they don't want their field goal kick tore have to kick. >> verne: aaron medley is the kicker. the senior. parker henry will hold it. riley lovingood will snap it. medley for the season is four of six with a long of this will give tennessee the lead from 34 yards out. >> verne: perfect. >> gary: effective might be a better -- he didn't go real high. >> verne: if it goes through the two yellow poles that stick up
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didn't have the height and it wasn't pretty -- but effective, how about that. >> verne: i'll settle for effective. >> gary: oh, because i did not know if that was going to get in or hook outside. i'm building him up as the advantage -- >> verne: i was listening to you. >> gary: now if you're a&m, you can say we did this before. we were in this situation against ucla and we scored a touchdown to win. aggies led 28-7. quarterback draw. knight inside the 20. near the 18 yard line. second down. how ironic that both teams began the season with overtime wins and here they are each trying to go 6-0. right now tennessee in overtime
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>> gary: he pinged around and fell forward. kept the legs going. it wasn't a great blocking job by a&m but looks like a&m will try to hurry up. >> verne: third and one. i don't think so. >> gary: oh, man. >> verne: i don't think so. >> gary: there is no doubt tennessee knew they were coming. looking for the quarterback sneak. he got stuffed inside and didn't come close. they have to put the field goal team out there. that's one noel mazzone would like to have over again. >> verne: daniel lacamera just missed with a chance to give the
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lacamera to keep this thing going in overtime. >> gary: is butch jones going to call a time out again? worked last time. yes, he is. >> referee: time out. tennessee. their first. >> verne: eight seconds to go in regulation. this was lacamera at the other end, gary. >> gary: hooked this one badly. he has to be thinking about in the air and when you pull them low you start thinking about "what's wrong with my swing?" >> verne: butch jones is going to give lacamera a chance to think it through. josh dobbs had the prayerful posture when lacamera lined up for the potential game winner. that was from 38 yards out.
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>> verne: hold perfect. the kick. >> gary: perfect. >> verne: there you go. >> gary: [laughing] i had to help you on t >> verne: nice job on the hold. >> gary: sure was. had the legs going forward and that is the way it's supposed to look when you make that type of kick. >> verne: let's keep it going. we haven't been here long
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>> verne: coming up tonight on cbs, when this one is complete, "ncis" followed by "ncis: new orleans." and a new addition of "48 hours." the sun has descended the west. we go to the other end of the field. and a flag is thrown. false start. texas a&m. >> referee: false start. 65, offense. five-yard penalty. first down. >> gary: you might understand it if it was they have had a number of those false starts. there is no noise. when they have the ball. >> verne: first down, 15. ball back up to the 30. >> gary: you do have to admit, he's got number nine out here and he's trying to cheat that snap count and it's costing him. >> verne: knight. they go up the middle again and they get to the 25 yard line. "they" being the aggies, colton
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williams. second down, 10. he got the five back. williams, the freshman, 28 carries. 216 yards. a costly fumble. knight will throw. down the middle. he's got christian kirk. it is ruled a catch. at the one. >> gary: i don't know. he underthrew let's see if it bounces. did he get his hands underneath it or not? >> verne: they're going to try to get the snap before they replay it. >> gary: yes, he did -- he got his hands underneath it. >> verne: yes, he did. >> gary: he had them wide open. good job of the replay official. >> referee: the previous play is under further review. the ruling on the field was a completed catch. >> gary: i think it's going to stand but he had him wide open
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todd kelly was playing off. got inside. a good throw. he would have walked into the end zone. pulled the string on it a little bit, aimed it a little bit but he got the completion. >> verne: in the second overtime. >> gary: just a little wiggle by christian kirk that time froze kelly. watch him. a little wiggle. then right down the middle. he's on kelly one-on-one. >> referee: after further review, the ruling on the field is confirmed. first down a&m. >> gary: that's a match-up for
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>> verne: kirk seven catches, 80 yards. >> gary: it was here against ucla that knight kept it and ran for a touchdown. >> verne: first down, goal. >> verne: it's knight. guess what. he got in. knight has put the aggies on top 44-38. >> gary: same play. the exact same play. tennessee was ready for it but trevor knight was a little too strong. runs right through the tackle near the goal line. bounces. and lunges forward. it's going to stand. >> verne: it was derek barnett with the contact. malik foreman flew over trevor
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daniel lacamera. >> verne: dare i say it? >> gary: go. >> verne: perfect. >> gary: you got it. >> verne: so now the responsibility back with joshua dobbs. here is the catch by christian kirk. trevor knight, as gary said, he scoredn season opener. >> gary: and, of course, in college football the advantage of going second is you need a touchdown -- tennessee was in four-down territory from the first snap. a&m was playing three-down offense because they had to save a field goal. it's a completely different look for this a&m defense. >> verne: they are now going into the noise emanating from
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one to the left. play action. dobbs back. goes deep down the middle. it's intercepted. >> verne: the texas aggies are undefeated, 6-0 for the first time since 1994. >> verne: it's time now for the napa plays of the game. >> gary: remember this drive in overtime.
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they were backed up. and then good pass protection. had him wide open. a great catch by kirk. you knew they were coming back with trevor knight. that was the one for the touchdown. >> verne: barnett tried to stop knight. couldn't. let's go down to allie laforce. >> allie: coach, tennessee tried in the second half magic against. >> guys kept playing. what a crowd. what a game. >> allie: 6-0 for the first time since 1994. what statement go this game make about the program? >> we have been limping around, got a bye week to get healed up ad get healthy in the middle of the season. bye weeks are more fun when you win the game. >> allie: congratulations, coach. >> thank you. >> verne: well? >> gary: i think apropos also for tennessee to end the game on ia turnover, they had seven of
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>> verne: the pixie dust evaporated but boy, they gave it a run, didn't they? the volunteers of tennessee. this one is in the books. for gary danielson and allie laforce, i'm verne lundquist. saying so long from college station. closed captioning provided
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: growing calls for trump to quit. republicans want their own nominee out of the race following the release of recordings of trump making vulgar comments about women. trump says there's vary chance he'll drop out. also tonight, hillary clinton document dump by wikileaks. matthew makes landfall in the u.s. we're there as south carolina takes a direct hit. the death toll rises in haiti where entire villages are wiped out. and we'll take to the arctic sky for a flight with migrating swans.


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