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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  October 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: growing calls for trump to quit. republicans want their own nominee out of the race following the release of recordings of trump making vulgar comments about women. trump says there's vary chance he'll drop out. also tonight, hillary clinton document dump by wikileaks. matthew makes landfall in the u.s. we're there as south carolina takes a direct hit. the death toll rises in haiti where entire villages are wiped out. and we'll take to the arctic sky for a flight with migrating swans.
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>> ninan: i'm reena ninan a western edition of the broadcast. melania trump is standing by her husband, but members of his own party are calling on crump to quilt the race for president. it follows a release of a decade-old recordings of trump making vulgar comments about kissing and grabbing women. this weekend, trump was cheerleader by a crowd outside trump tower in new york. ( cheers ) the fast-moving developments come exactly one month before the election. here's major garrett i was wrong, and i apologize. >> reporter: donald trump's facebook video, posted just before midnight, only intensified the republican rush to the trump train exits. >> i pledge to be a better man tomorrow and will never, ever let you down. >> reporter: the uproar arose from this 2005 video obtained by the "washington post." it showed trump, recorded without his knowledge, during a
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hollywood "personality billy bush. trump, then newly marriedly to his third wife, melania, said this about how celebrity status empowered him to be physically aggressive with women. ( laughter ) many republicans recoiled from the tape and in private faulted trump for turning his apology video into an attack on hillary and bill clinton. >> bill clinton has actually abused women and bullied, attacked, shamed, and intimed his victims. >> reporter: key trump surrogates, including rudy giuliani, huddled with trump in new york today but would not answer reporters' questions. running mate mike pence canceled an appearance in wisconsin on trump's behalf and in phone calls urged the g.o.p. nominee to be more contrite.
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never drop out of the race, will never let my supporters down." but numerous republican senators have called on trump to quit, among them south dakota's john thune and arizona's jeff flake. ben sasse of nebraska said thump should hand the nomination to pence. former rivals also condemned trump. carly fiorina removed her endorsement, and john kasich hillary clinton's campaign swiftly created this web commercial and said in a statement, "this is horrific. we cannot allow this man to become president." in a statement, trump's wife, melania, said trump's words were unacceptable and offensive but she said she hopes the country will accept his apology "as i have." there is also financial fallout as donors are fleeing the trump campaign amiddle the controversy.
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well, on any other day, it would have been the biggest story on the campaign trail, the release of portions of hillary clinton's wall street speeches by the group wikileaks. justice reporter paula reid tells us about the leaked documents. >> reporter: late friday, wikileaks released a batch of more than 2,000 e-mails it says were hacked from the account of clinton campaign chairman john podesta. the e-mails include what appear to be excerpts from the wall street events that earned clinton millions of dollars. clinton has been under pressure it to r speeches from he omits. >> i would think a speech so great that you got paid so much money for you would like on share it with the american people, so i think she should. >> she made $21.6 million giving speeches to wall street banks and other special interests, and in less than two years, secret speeches that she does not want to reveal under any
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>> reporter: but clinton has said she won't release them unless all candidates are held to the same standard. >> when everybody does it, okay, i will do it. >> reporter: the new excerpts hint at why clinton was reluctant to make them public. in a speech in early 2014, clinton acknowledged she is out of touch with the middle class noting: she told another group that "politicians need both a public and a private position to her words hit squarely on her perceived weaknesses on relatability and trust and are likely to come up in tomorrow's town haul-style debate. wikileaks says this is just 1% of the e-mails that it intends to release before the election. the state department will also be posting previously unreleased clinton e-mails for the next two weeks. reena. >> ninan: paula reid following the clinton e-mail trail. john dickerson is the host of "face the nation" and the political director of cbs news.
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hillary clinton and donald trump will face off in their second debate sunday night. john, first off, i want to ask you about donald trump. how do you think the fallout from this tape will play out? >> well there, have been lots of calls from republicans that he should step down as the party's nominee. people are calling for that even though it's not clear exactly how that would work. there are people who have roundly criticized him. the question for him is what his response will be on the debate stage and how much more this will grow as leaders in the republican party try to send him a message, but it doesn't sound reich he's listening. >> ninan: and we know hillary clinton now has more questions to answer than she did 24 hours ago. what do you expect to hear from her tomorrow night? >> well, hillary clinton will try to put into context the remarking she made to wall street bankers, remarks that are at odds with how she cam pained during the primary and what she says behind closed doors versus
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people don't trust her and these e-mails go right at that. >> ninan: john dickerson, thank you, john. sunday morning on "face the nation," john dickerson's guests will include trump campaign adviser, rudy giuliani, and clinton campaign manager robby mook. and he will be joined by norah o'donnell, gayle king, bob schieffer for the debates. matthew is rumbling up the atlantic coast. the carolinas took saturday as the storm finally made if and o landfall. at least 11 people in the u.s. have been can killed. nearly two million homes and business in four states are without power. we have the storm covered beginning with kris van cleave in south carolina. >> matthew turned deadly in north carolina, killing at least 3 there. it also brought down part of a pier in oak island. hours earlier it made landfall in charleston, knocking up on
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in a dusk-to-dawn curfew as much of the coastal region remains under evacuation orders. governor nikki haley: >> do not plan on going back home today or tomorrow. it is not going to be safe for you to go in. >> reporter: hundreds of roads were left underwater, including one leading to a major area hospital. trees and power lines blocked others, but reports of substantial property damage remain limited so far. charleston had been bracing for a direct hit. that didn't happen, but flooding remains a major damage assessments aren't likely until some time on sunday. >> reporter: i'm jericka duncan in savannah, georgia, where hurricane matthew broke storm surge records. nearby, on tybee island, sea levels were pushed to 12.5 feet. the previous record was set in 1979 by hurricane david. throughout savannah, flooded roads are making it difficult for the national guard and city workers to clean up trees and power lines brought down by gusts that reached over 70 miles
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officials say around 75% of people here left the savannah area. many who remained are in the dark, waiting for their electricity to return. police are still urging people to stay off the road. it's unclear when they will tell people it's okay to return home. >> reporter: i'm errol barnett in jacksonville, florida. at least six reported deaths and widespread coastal erosion were caused by hurricane matthew's nine-foot storm surge, and consequent flooding. jacksonville rainfall and a highway near daytona was partially washed away. but the governor and people we've talked to are relieved the storm did not make direct landfall here. >> i want to thank-- thank people that evacuated and took this seriously because i can tell you, none of us up here want to see a loss of life. >> reporter: efforts to restore power to the 1.2 million people hohave been without electricity since the storm approached continue. reena, it is expected power will
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>> ninan: our thanks to our team covering the storm. chief meteorologist craig setzer is tracking the storm at wfor in miami. craig. >> the storm is now a minimum hurricane, forecast to become a tropical storm and continue to weaken in the next couple of days. then it moves off and becomes a low pressure area in the atlantic. this is important because it earlier was forecast to swing back and possibly come back and at least impact miami and the bahamas, possibly just as a weak dropped. here is the latest right now. portions of carolina. this will be the main threat-- fresh water flooding up to 15 inches and there is a storm surge threat up to seven feet across coastal sections of the carolinas there. fortunately, the weather will begin to improve tomorrow. reena. >> ninan: craig setzer in miami, thank you. and coming up next, the devastation from hurricane matthew in haiti, where hundreds
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>> ninan: matthew is weakening as it turns north but the death toll continues to rise in haiti where the storm flattened several villages. tony dokoupil has the story. >> reporter: hurricane matthew slammed into southern haiti, the strongest storm to make landfall there in more than 50 years. and now, also, one the deadliest. the death toll has been rising estimate of five to reports now of nearly 900 and still counting. in a cruel twist, the people least prepared for a hurricane got the worst of matthew's fury. 145-mile-per-hour winds, as much as 40 inches of rain, and waves that leveled houses. >> it take away everything. my house is destroyed, everything gone. >> reporter: throughout haiti's southern peninsula, 80% of the homes have been damaged or destroyed. at least 350,000 people need
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towns have yet to even be reached. anna konotchick works in haiti for the red cross. >> we expect them to have severe damage and that the major needs there will be shelter, clean water, sanitation, and other major health concerns. >> reporter: there is some good news. u.s. marines and other service members are on the ground. hundred more should arrive soon, along with a relief-filled ship called the u.s.s. "mesa verdi." >> as you for help. >> reporter: relief is a relative term. even more than hurricane matthew, haiti had more than 40,000 people in shelters, many of those there since the earthquake that hit port-au-prince in 2010. it's estimated this storm could double that number or even worse, reena. >> ninan: cholera has been such a huge problem since the earthquake. do we think it will get significantly worse with this hurricane? >> reporter: absolutely. it already has. there have been 13 deaths since
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it's an extremely deadly pathogen that thrives in water. >> ninan: and how does the contingent death toll from this hurricane compare to the earthquake? >> reporter: fortunately so far it's much lower. more than 200,000 died in the earthquake. we're not at 1,000 with the
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>> ninan: there's late-breakings news tonight. let's get right to the details. >> i'm carter evans in los angeles. two police officers were killed and another was wounded in a shooting in the resort community of palm springs this afternoon. have,s say officers were responding to a call from a woman hosaid her son was causing a disturbance. when police arrived, he allegedly threatened to shoot them. minutes later, witnesses
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officers in tactical gear swarmed the scene in search of the gunman. a local hospital was put on lockdown, and reads were advised to stay indoors while police continued the investigation. an emotionally shaken palm spring police chief brian reyes delivered the news. >> officer jose vega. he is a 35-year veteran of the palm springs police department. december. he was working on a shift he was not scheduled to work on. he chose to work overtime today. the second officer, is leslie zrebnif, 27 years old. she's been on our police department for a year and a ha half. she just gave birth to a four-month-old baby four months ago. >> reporter: this all comes
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county sheriff sergeant stephen owen was killed in an execution-style shooting in lancaster, california. 27-year-old parolee trenton lavelis charged with the murder. palm spring is 135 miles east of lancaster and at this point there is no indication the killings are related but we will be tracking developments on for now, i'm carter evans in los angeles. >> ninan: still ahead, the brutal war in syria through the eyes of a child trapped in
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>> ninan: secretary of state john kerry is calling for russia and syria to face a war crimes investigation for repeatedly bombing civilians, especially in aleppo. a quarter of a million people are trapped in that city,
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brutality of syria's civil war. elizabeth palmer introduces us. >> we are still alive. >> reporter: that's a small victory message from bana al abed, after another night of heavy bombing in eastern aleppo. since the 24th of september, she's been sending out micro-reports on twitter of a life in a city under attack. here's another one, a video of bana, seven years old, wincing as bombs explode. the family, with their three children live inside opposition-controlled aleppo. we managed to get in touch with bana and her mother, fatimeh, on skype. there you are. and let's see your mom. >> this is my son muhammad. >> reporter: it turned out the internet wasn't good enough for a stable video link.
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fatimeh takes the kids when the bombing gets there. do you stay underground or-- >> reporter: but there's lot of proof that the basement isn't safe, either. collapsed buildings like this one dot eastern aleppo, and everyone, even kids, knows what happens to people trapped what do you tell the children? >> reporter: still, bana's twitter plea gets more urgent with every passing day. "please, assad and putin," she says "stop the bombing." elizabeth palmer, cbs news,
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powerful story. well, when we return, we'll take flight with the swans of northern europe. why are fewer of these birds making their annual migration
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>> ninan: and we close tonight in the skies over the arctic where a dwindling number of swans are making their annual mitbraigz to northern europe. jonathan vigliotti tells us about a british conservationist who is taking flight to save the >> reporter: europe's majestic bewick swans have an unlikely new copilot. 41-year-old sacha dench, with the help of a motorized paraglider, is joining their seasonal migration south. it's a 4,000-mile journey that begins in the remote feeding grounds in russia's arctic north, and ends all the way in england. her mechanical wings are part of a bold effort to asset
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growing threat below. hundreds are illegally shot out of the sky each year, and the land they breed in is being built on. hi, sacha. >> hello. >> reporter: we spoke with sacha via skype during the first leg of her expedition in the russian tundra. did it ever occur to you to carry out this research on foot or just in a car? >> it's not possible. the only people up there are reindeer breeders who use sleds and reindeer. >> reporter: and it's those rede fishermen and farmers, she's come all this way to meet, to speak with, and to share the story of the swan's declines. >> they want to know, so i'm able to tell them all of the data why we know the swans are decleaning, how much research we've done and they're really interested in that. >> reporter: they're also interested in the unusual sight. sacha flies just as fast as her feathered subjects but at 35 miles an hour she's got three more months to go, a long flight
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plight of the swans. >> this is a conservation problem we're causing and we can fix it. and i think if you share the right information with the right people that ask the right questions, then we have a really good chance of solving it. >> reporter: it's a manmade problem one woman is taking to the skies to end. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, london. >> ninan: and sacha is videotaping the entire journey to share it with everyone else. and soos the cbs weekend news for this saturday. later on c the news continues now on our 24-hour digital network cbsn at and don't forget, be sure to tune in tomorrow morning as jane pauley debuts as the anchor of "sunday morning" here on cbs. i'm reena ninan in new york. thank you for joining us. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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heck pulls the plug on his support for trump. we break down the ripple effect this is creating for the presidential candidate ahead of tomorrows debate. ((fighting nats )) ((sharie johnson)) a friday night out... turns into chaos after two rival schools clash at two valley restaurants. how this has management taking a second look at their security a plus...locally a warmup to the 90s ahead for portions of the valley... and i'm tracking the very latest on hurricane matthew. that's all ahead on the valley's news leader. "now, live...this is 8 news now weekend edition." ((sharie johnson)) good afternoon i'm sharie johnson. thanks for joining us. key nevada republicans are abandoning donald trump for president. this all happening one day after a tape was leaked of him talking about groping women.
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running for u-s- senate is among those no longer supporting trump. heck has been one of trump's biggest supporters... until now. mauricio marin joins us with more on the unexpected announcement: ((mauricio marin)) >> the news didn't sit well with many supporters at today's rally. some even booed joe heck when he insisted trump should drop of the race for president. showing a growing divide among the republican party....with just one month left until the election. ((joe heck/(r) u.s. senate candidate: "as you may havh controversy in the past 24 hours so i want to address that here this morning." )) ((mauricio marin)) republican joe heck running for nevada's u-s senate seat shocked many of his supporters at a rally saturday saying he can no longer support donald trump for president. ((joe heck/(r) u.s. senate candidate: "i accept that none of us are perfect. certainly i am not infallable. however i can no longer look past the pattern of behavior and comments that have been made by donald trump therefore i can no longer in good conscience continue to support donald


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