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tv   Post Sports 8 News Now  CBS  October 9, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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i don't think we have any choice. >> this is a field goal attempt for texas a&m, and his former teammate is the holder. >> it is rolling around. it looks like the raters pick it up at the 34-yard line. the chargers have to think they are in the fourth quarter.
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that point it didn't matter. how many ways can the chargers that a fourth quarter opportunity go by the points. raters are up by three and rivers can't believe it. we take a look at the score right now and you saw the action. oakland is nursing a 3-2 lead. the only thing i would say was third down. that was 4-2. ivanova i would take the ball out of his hands. >> he spreading them out. if that is the right call, they make get in the last two minutes of the game. they've been leading the first four weeks and now they are down be a field goal and they can't finish games. that starts to wear and you week in and week out.
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he keeps the team in every single game. the take the ball out of his hands on third and 1. that is sickening. i don't know if you've ever been through on something like that. it is no fun. he was standing on the sideline and everything is going in your favor and just on basic plays, they basically go to the wayside. on the other side you see the broncos finally lose a home game. they've really had a tough day defense. oakland come if they hold on -- it is the wide-open. if they don't have to go on to win this football game. it is not completely over as of yet, and in denver, they are not invincible. you can go. a football game. i tell you what, i think san diego keeps missing
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>> can they come back and have a sure week on thursday, that being san diego. >> take it back to the game. >> he has had a date to forget. that set up the raters scoring just mishandled a snap on a monkeys field goal to tie the game. a melvin gordon fumble. those are the ways that the raiders have the lead with the football with 1:55 to clock one more time. they have one time-out left. for the snapper, it looked like a clean snap. it looked like kaser just didn't hang on to it. adam: hits him right there in the hands. he can't secure it. i have been around the game of football for a long time. i donnell think i have ever seen anything like what has happened to the san diego chargers this season. the way they have lost games
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believe it. some things in this world just don't make sense. this is one of them. tom: four turnovers today for mike mccoy's team. mike knows that he and his staff are unfire in san diego for all the losses in the fourth quarter. sometimes you put it into the players' hands to perform, and sometimes they just don't do the job. that is what is happening ov the last several weeks. adam: how routine is a hold for a field goal on a perfect snap? tom: yes. adam: unreal. tom: all the chargers can hope is they get another opportunity. it is second down and 10. the defense has made stops today. carr hands it off. the defense does stop olawale behind the line of scrimmage. but again, they can't stop the
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tonight on cbs begins with 60 minutes. amazing advances in artificial intelligence and how it will affect you. followed by cbs news coverage of the second presidential debate. tonight only on cbs. adam: so they probably only, if they do get the ball back, will have 12 to 14 seconds left on clock after a punt with no time-outs. tough spot for phiri and the san diego offense if they do get the ball back. tom: 1:12 and counting to play. it's third down and 13 for carr. he is content to just hand it off. and olawale gets past the original line of scrimmage. so the chargers will get the ball back. but as adam said, no time-outs left for mike mccoy's team. don't forget, they burned a time-out earlier in the second half. they had to use that time-out early in the second half.
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don't forget, the raiders probably have the best punter in the league right now. tom: correct. adam: so you can send everybody on line and try and block it, or try and set up a return. tom: mccluster is back deep to receive. marquette king averages just under 52 yards per punt. now the raiders will use a time-out with 20 seconds to play. they wanted to run as much time off the clock as possible, which is what they have done here. you said it in the open, and we have talked about it throughout the game, the way chargers have lost leads, but what about the way the raiders have won games in the fourth quarter? they have had the lead here, but they still had to hold the lead. adam: it comes down to who makes the plays in the defining moments of the game.
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the raiders taking advantage of the miscues of the chargers, and the chargers continuing this trend that has been plaguing them this season by giving the ball up. tom: the chargers this year have not called many fair catches. it is a beautiful kick. no fair cusp. mccluster tries to return it. 12 seconds and counting to play. they will stop the clock with 11 to play. there is no king this week. adam: that was a great punt. tom: it was. for philip rivers and the chargers, is their season on the line with these last 11 seconds? a 51-yard punt moves the ball back to the 21-yard-line. the standings look like this. for the raiders, they are trying to move to 4-1 for the first time since 2002.
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11 seconds to play in the fourth quarter. the raiders have everybody back. they have a three-man front. mack is dancing around. rivers steps up, slings it to the near side. hawaii has to get -- he has to get away from the middle of the field. back, off the fingertips of his lineman. and the keselowski winds down, and the oakland raiders have hung on and have defeated the san diego chargers 34-31. execution in the fourth quarter again helps the oakland raiders pick up a victory, and they are 4-1 for the first time since they went to the super bowl
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adam: we all know the chargers made critical mistakes in this game, but we have to give the raiders credit. they have struggled to win games at home. they have been outstanding on the road. even though the other team makes mistakes, you still have to go out there and capitalize on it, and that is exactly what the raiders went out there and did today. tom: 34-31 the final score. derek carr, his continued matura 25-40, 317 yards and two touchdowns. the raiders capitalized on the mishaps for the chargers, and all philip rivers could do is wipe his brow. tonight on cbs, it gipson with "60 minutes" amazing advances in artillery official intelligence. followed by cbs news coverage of the second presidential debate. tonight, only on cbs. derek carr and the raiders are
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broncos for first place in the a.f.c. west. it's early, but you can see their confidence is gaining. adam: you get confidence by going out and making plays in big moments, and proving to yourself that no matter what the situation is, that you can go out there and make those plays and win this game. so i have to imagine this football team, not only are they excited about what lies ahead of them, but they have to have a great sense of confidence as they go throughout their season. by three, 34-31. they hang on after a mishap on a field goal attempt by the chargers which would have tied. the final score, it is oakland 34 and san diego 31. tonight on cbs it is 60 minutes followed by the second presidential debate. for adam archuleta and amanda, i am tom mccarthy saying so long from oakland. what a day here in oakland for the raiders. you have been watching the nfl
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nfl on cbs postgame newscast..there are sponsored podcasts..2 hour pregame shows and 16 thousand blogs dedicated to football expertise..but what does anyone really know about the nfl?..the eagles are starting a rookie qb from bismarck north dakota..and they're undefeated..pred ictable?.. vikings missing star runningback and ey're es sense..and the patriots playing three different back ups and your mail man at quarterback and still dominating..well we did sorta see that coming free tom brady.. america's qb back after a four game suspension and super rusty..406 passing yards.. 3 touchdowns..and a 20 point win for the patriots. yes it was the browns but it counts..33-13..tom so cool..he didn't even bother to button up his shirt (tom brady/qb: "i can do better in a lot of areas. i think it was a good win today. 4-1 is a good place to be for us.
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world dismissed sam bradford as a quarterback..he says dismiss this.. touchdown to cordarell patterson.. vikings conquer the texans and stay perfect..31-13 eagles trying to stay unbeaten at the lions.. carson wentz touchdown missile to josh huff.. but the lions have the lead late again... human.. but the rookie out of north dakota state throws his first interception of the year.. lions pull off the upset 24-23 cowboys lost their opener but have been nothing but winners since..ezekiel elliot.. a man among boys..134 yards on the day... dak prescott..rookie with a cole beasley..cowboys went up 28-0 and finish off the bengals 28-14
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headliner at t-mobile arena..but the collateral impact of bill foley bringing hockey to las vegas is immeasurable..y outh leagues are taking off and unlv's club team gets an opportunity they never would have imagined when they first started sharpening their skates they aren't playing at the ncaa level.. but seeing unlv and arizona state on the t-mobile jumbotron sure looks like the real deal..the rebels club team has been desperate for ice time across the they were skating like kings.. and bullying pac 12 arizona state cody williams fired in 2 goals as unlv slams te last night unlv's defense had one of its most resilient performances in recent memory against san diego state..scoring a touchdown and holding the aztecs high powered offense and their heisman candidate donnel pumphrey in check.. but the rebel offense was stuck in mud all game.. no points.. and 9 total passing yards..unlv loses 26-7..and will need to adjust before playing at hawaii next saturday to the hunt for october washington has never won a world series.. the dodgers haven't won since
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washington.. two title starved franchises in playoff fight this afternoon top of the first.. dodgers rookie of the year..corey seager smokes a blast.. los angeles on top early..but not for long.. light hitting back up catcher jose lobaton..he says call me "light hitting to my face"...3 run shot..nationals take the lead.. daniel murhphy had a day for washington.. 3 for 3..and this game clincher.. jayson werth..slides in..and then goes back to being the nationals even the series at 1 (( "we will continue, we will rebuild." ))
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jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen, and as a computer programmer, i created apps... before they were lled "apps" and i learned there's always a smart solution. as president of my synagogue, we found a smart solution to rising energy costs... creating one of the largest solar projects in the state. in congress, i'll work with democrats and republicans to improve our schools, and create good jobs. i approved this message because i know we can
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mall is destroyed by a massive
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how local business owners are finding the strength and hope to rebuild. (( i said it. i was wrong and i apologize.)) ((sharie johnson)) >> a rough week on the campaign trail has many republican's turning their backs on donald trump. how this fallout could play a role ahead of tonight's presidential debate. ((katie boer)) the valley is getting a little toasty! i'm tracking temperatures continuing in the 90s... "now, live...this is 8 news now weekend edition." ((sharie johnson)) local business owners are picking up the pieces after a massive fire sparks at a valley strip mall. thanks for joining us. i'm sharie johnson. the call came right before midnight near charleston and valley view. that's where we find reporter brittany edney... brittany, ((brittany edney)) this is what's left of a strip
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second home. in this video, you can see the huge cloud of smoke hovering over the fire as responders battled the blaze. investigators tell us once they got on scene, the fire had alread spread to the attic of the building and just moved its way through the strip mall. a total of fi minutes to get the flames under control. and we spoke to some residents who use the asian culture center and they say it plays an important part in helping them teach their kids-as well as the community-- about tradition . that it's a place that brings people together. organizers say they won't let this fire discourage them... and they hope others rally behind the center as well. (( cavin fung, president, asian culture alliance "this is an endeaver we
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future here.")) >> the 6 businesses affected by the fire include: the asian culture center, downtown las vegas soccer club, l-v soccer club, the church of greater harvest ministries, n2 sleep, smart choices and the tabernacle. ((brittany edney)) fire officials tell us that a prelimary estimate ot dollars....the cause of the fire is still under investigation. reporting live, brittany edney, 8 news now./// ((sharie johnson)) police have arrested a suspect in connection to the murder of an inmate at the clark county detention center. 33 year old franklin sharp faces one count of open murder. he was currently facing charges for attempted grand larceny and attempted burglary. authorities say the victim was
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his cell last night during routine inspections. he was taken to umc where he later died. sharp was the victims cell mate. police believe the victim's injuries stemmed from a fight between the two. this is the 130th homicide in metro's jurisdiction./// ((katie boer)) good afternoon--how about our beautiful sunday? lots of sunshine today after a few decreasing clouds this morning... lots of blue sky still lingering around the region. ................ trended above average--most spots between 4-8 degrees above normal. current temps right now in the upper 80s and low 90s. ................. looking ahead at your evening planner.....temps remain nice and warm through at least 9pm or so in the mid to low 80s... by 11pm tonight -- we'll drop down to
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we'll wake up to temperatures at 71. .................. ((sharie johnson)) all eyes are on st louis tonight as the second presidential debate kicks off in the gateway city. and the road has become extra rocky for donald trump after video leaked last week of the candidate talking about women crudley. the comments have caused a great divide for the republican party with some even urging the candidate to step down... trump has apologized and says he
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her husband's apology and has pleaded to the public to do the same. trump advisor rudy giuliani also urged forgiveness on "face the nation". (("i mean, the reality is that men can change, people can change. sometimes, going through things like this makes you into a much better person." )) ((sharie johnson)) access hollywood reporter billy bush, who was part of the leaked conversation with trump was comments on the today show tomorrow. that has now been canceled. following tonight's debate hillary clinton will make another campaign stop here in the valley to urge people to get out and vote. no word on when or where it will take place... but we will keep you updated as more details surface. by the way the third and final debate will be held right here in las vegas at the thomas and mack center. you can catch both debates right here on 8 news now. coverage of tonight's debate starts at 6 and at 10-30 we will
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by steve sebelius./// ((sharie johnson)) among the republicans calling for trump to step aside is u-s senate candidate joe heck. he made the announcement yesterday at a rally in las vegas. (((( i can no longer in good conscience continue to support donald trump.' )) )) >> some of heck's supporters didn't agree with his decision with some even booing him at his own rally. his opponent running for senate--democrat catherine cortez masto-- says this decision iso ((((catherine cortez masto: "clearly it shows no leadership on his part. he's followed him and supported him for the last nine months. it's a desperate attempt for him to save his political career." )))) ((sharie johnson)) heck's change of heart is expected to be one of the main topics to come up in the senate debate next friday. 8 news now is teaming up with univision to host the debate at canyon springs high school in north las vegas and you can submit your questions for the candidates by going to las vegas now dot
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now steve sebelius will break down the impact heck's descision could make on the senate race./// ((sharie johnson)) an arrest has been made after a deadly police shooting in california. how city leaders are responding to this tragedy that claimed the lives of two officers... that's coming up on the valley's news leader.///
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