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tv   8 News Now at 1030 pm  CBS  October 9, 2016 10:30pm-11:34pm PDT

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look, i know i don't look much like a baskerville, and i know i kind of just came out of nowhere, but i'm happy to take a dna test if you'd like. did rodger know that you were his niece when he hired you? of course. if you won't take my word for it... take his. uh, this is... een you and mr. stapleton? uncle rodger tracked me down when i was in college. we exchanged the occasional e-mail over the years, and when i got my masters in robotics, he offered me a job. he never mentioned any of this to me. or to the baskervilles. and he never mentioned the baskervilles to me. not once. i only found out about the trust last week when the police came to see him. you know, all this time, i thought he tracked me down to make up for the way
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setting you up? i would have made a good patsy for when he killed his cousins, don't you think? (holmes scoffs) what was that? i have some guests. holmes: good show, miss lyons. quite clever of you to posit that rodger wanted to frame you, when in fact, you framed rodger. oh, that's right. you thought he was dead, didn't you? murdered by henry here. well, it was in all the papers. but you of all people should know not to believe everything you read. the e-mails she just handed over were forgeries, right? i sure as hell didn't write them. you tricked me. we created a vacuum, and the heir rushed in. or more specifically, the heiress. watson: we recorded your meeting with miss chambers. it doesn't prove that you sent gus five after the baskerville brothers, but it should be enough
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your plan was elaborate and quite some time in the making, so it's hard to believe there isn't some evidence to be found. it's true, she does have your brother's chin. (?stories? by big little lions playing) ? stories we have ? ? that we tell ourselves ? ? stories that bend with time... ? (doorbell rings) ? histories change like books on a shelf... ? eugene. come in. ? pages that need a rewrite... ? (clears throat) i, um... came by to give you these. files on your fellow m.e.s? the three most likely to put up with your, uh, visits.
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so you're going somewhere. (sighs) you were right. as usual. i've been struggling. i told the chief m.e. what's been going on, and, uh, we decided it might be best for me to take medical leave till i can get my head straight. until then, call me the p.t.s.d.m.e. well, you'll be back. maybe a month or two. maybe never. i get, uh, offers all the time to run my own morgue. smaller cities, mostly. portsmouth, tucson, boise. more pay, less stress. (chuckles) fewer memories. well, any one of them's going to be lucky to have you. i'm just thinking it over so far. i'll keep you posted. but, in case i decide to move on... ...thank you.
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? we leave behind... ? (sighs) ? stories ? ? ooh-ooh ? ? ooh-ooh... ? ? ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh ? ? stories ?
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captioning sponsored by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can.
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your local election headquarters. thank you for joining us for a special edition of eight news now your local election. joining me to talk about
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doctor francis carlton will join wus in a little break down some of the debate for us but let's start with our panel. grassroots activist, blogger, and donald trump supporter chuck lewis. jack is the head of citizens outreach. former state democratic chairwoman hillary clinton's superdelegate adriana martinez. now let's start with the key question you think when the debate? >> woman: hillary clinton clearly won the debate i am shocked for at least she wasn't pacing, she wasn't sniffing the entire time. she had good composure her answers were fluid.trump was clearly misguided with his answers speed. >> this could be one of the most impressive comeback for going into the debate this man was to the canvas. and hillary clinton and cooper they could have taken them out,
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for good and she came back. he not only came back and held his own he beat her soundly. >> the answer i am going to give you the answer in the answer is truck is right. donald trump i thought did a tremendous job. somebody who should've been defense of the whole time was actually aggressive the whole time with hillary clinton. but hillary clinton on the defense. trump started before the debate even began throwing her off her game with the news conference but s little bit of that. we just got a video. all those people sitting with donald trump right there are people who have accused bill clinton of sexual misconduct. chuck, was this a wise strategy going on the defensive? >> man: not just sexual misconduct nikita came out and accused him of rain. but james carville and i think
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is hard for you to hit me when my fist is in-your-face. clearly that is exactly what donald trump was going to do. i tweeted right before the debate started that he was not going to show up with his tail between his legs he was going to be loaded, prepared and he was he brought his game tonight. >> don't obviously chuck was talking metaphorically he was not saying domestic violence but this was an aggressive >> woman: it was aggressive because he had no choice. he lost support by the minute from his own leadership. the titanic is going down this minute. this was a desperate attempt, we have to remind ourselves that bill clinton isn't running for president. it is hillary clinton. so him doing this is a desperate attempt to get back on the news and that is where he is that.
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is probably thinking this video does it. that is it, drinking and having a party but it didn't really and the debate. he seemed to sidestep it by saying no. >> woman: but clearly the republican leadership, the new, i am going to jump ship go ahead, they denounced him. it wasn't the subject for the topics that trump would say like disgusting, women are pigs, women are dogs. if my daughter warned my daughter i would be dating her. i mean he has said really ridiculous number of that caused these folks did announce donald trump. it was this videotape. >> man: let me just say this. because i think this next soundbite will be something you want to get in and that is the special prosecutor issue. let's take a look at what
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if he was elected president. >> man: i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation because there has never been so many lies, so much deception, there has never been anything like it and we will have a special prosecutor. when i speak i go out and speak, the people of this country are furi have been long-term workers at the fbi are furious. there is never been anything like this with emails and you get a subpoena. you get a subpoena and after getting the subpoena you delete 33,000 emails. then you acid wash them for bleach them as you would say a very expensive process. so we will get a special prosecutor and we will look into it because people have been their lives have been destroyed for doing one fifth of what you have done and it is a disgrace.
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of yourself what you think? >> man: this was the most brilliant part of the entire messaging for the entire debate tonight. the biggest negative against hillary clinton is her lack of honesty and the fact that people believe she lies about everything. combine that with the sound but about honest abe. i almost wish you would have said i knew honest if you he plugged in over and over how she has lied to the american people. the emails and everything else, the cover ups i think that will be the most damaging part of this debate tonight for her. >> man: you hear people saying hillary for prison and now donald trump is basically repeating that call back to the country. >> man: the point is there are people who have been prosecuted, gone to prison for far less than what she has been accused up and there are a lot
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not this thing has been whitewashed by the obama administration. whether or not they treated her differently from the way they would've treated anyone else in a similar circumstance. >> anchor: let's look at another clip where they are talking about muslims in the united states and donald trump is talking about what he thinks their duty is to america.>> man: and we have to be sure that muslims come in and report when they see something going on. when they see hatred they have to report it. >> woman: we need american muslims to be part of our eyes and ears on our front lines. >> anchor: it seems like both candidates are agreeing that members of the muslim community they want them to essentially report suspicious activity to the authorities.what did you think of that when you heard both candidates? >> woman: is hillary clinton has said before that there are many muslims that serve in our military and it would be as if i were given that charge to
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amongst the latino community. i think anybody has their civic duty to say i see something that is suspicious i see something wrong do i believe that all muslims have the capacity to be criminals? absolutely not, we have many muslims within our country, within our state. so i liked what she had to say. i don't think what he had to say goes back to the muslim phobia that what is the call it, the muslim terrorists. it is horrible the way. >> man: i think this is what you are talking about let's take a listen to the sound bite. >> man: 550 percent increase over obama, people are coming into our country like we have no idea who they are. where they are from, what their feelings about our country are and she wants 550 percent more this will be the great trojan horse of all time. >> anchor: as we know the
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speaking invading and taking over and destroying a civilization. that is a really important charge i think and in some ways it is bookable charge. when you talk about an entire group of people only a small percentage of them actually believe the religion killing people. >> man: it doesn't matter it is only a small percentage of them it only takes one and while you specifically the nightclub shooting in orlando it only takes one to get through to kill, injure, maim, hundreds if not thousands because we haven't even gotten to building bigger bombs and all of that. it only takes one. the best majority are not radical islamic terrorist i know a lot of people are missing on the left. it only takes one because they
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absolutely correct and glad to see hillary sort of agree with him. >> woman: that is racial profiling. we don't that is exactly what it is it is racial profiling. you are making a blatant statement. >> man: they are a terrorist group. there are not a lot of baptist going out shooting people, beaming people and blowing people up. >> woman: oh, my gosh.they pull up an entire building full of people and children that were in child care we can't say that that is not true. >> man: of course you can all you have to do is look back to 9/11 and even before that probably starting back in the towers during the first clinton administration to see there is the radical islamic terrorist element within the muslim religion believes that this is their calling is to kill us. >> anchor: we ou'will talk abou radical baptist when we come
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stick with us we will be back very shortly with cnn professor doctor francis carlton he will break down some of the debate
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i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here!
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edition of your local election headquarters. we are looking at the presidential debate we just saw tonight. turning me now is doctor francis carlton to talk about the debate. let's start first of all with trump's strategy he seemed to be very aggressive which
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the recent release of that tape >> man: he did offer a little bit of contrition right off the bat with regard to some of his leaked videos of his sexual comments. but he quickly pivoted to the offense. that is what he needed to do he got pummeled that first debate. play defense almost the entire time. this was a different scenario he played it just about right. some contrition but a whole lot of offense well done by trump. >> is >> man: absolutely but he had a lot of ground to make up for it it is not where he wants to be but he may have moved in the right direction tonight we will see if it is enough. >> hillary clinton by contrast, to the first debate which was frustrating to listen to because the were talking at the same time you couldn't hear. she went out of her way, it seemed like, to not interrupt
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did that strategy by her any goodwill? >> man: sorry to say it is all about public perception and that takes a few days to service up. awfully difficult to say. if trump is going to be aggressive he will do more interrupting. so when she too passive? it may hurt or if she is seen as too passive. hard to say we will see how that source is about. >> anchor: there was a very unusual moment when they were talking about syria. and one of the few moments where they were talking about disagreed with his vice presidential candidate as that he hadn't talked to indiana governor pentz and about the policy with respect to whether or not military forces should oppose bashar al-assad forces there in syria. and i thought it was unprecedented. you really don't see those for those things are usually ironed out behind closed doors before you go on public. >> man: absolutely there's
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trump. we saw that very clearly. and it is deposit what you think it should be done in syria it is difficult no matter which way you turn with trump's attitude was we support the assad regime. we support russia and putin as long as they are killing isis period. and that is an argument i think pentz is probably the better argument. but i think people in good faith can disagree. in fact vince wants to support more aggresly against the assad regime which i think is the right way to go. trump disagrees. >> anchor: and that is one issue where i think he has actually said in the past that these dictators they are bad people we don't like them. that they are a hedge against isis they do fight against isis they fight against the terrorists but mostly because they want to control the countries for themselves. and he seems to be okay with leaving them in place. >> man: the potential problem
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support whoever the people we hit the most but then you get in bed with regimes that down the road between you or are exposed particularly murderous and they do work some people that we hate more at that moment. so that is a big risk their kind of a shortsighted approach. >> anchor: we have 45 seconds left in this segment. there is one thing that you always noticed is the interaction between the two candidates.and they didn't shake hands at the beginning of the debate. i didn't see at e chickens at the end? >> man: i can't honestly say i would be surprised. there was a little bit of agreement at the end because a really good question about what you admire about your opponent. so clearly from the get-go this was not going to be as warm as friendly as the first debate which wasn't all that warm and friendly. this was going to be less so. and also i thought trump was willing to give hillary some credit for some political skills of being stubborn and she was not.
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prescript years i thought she conceded less and he conceded more. >> anchor: the have a great family and i am sure you love them very much where is he found a personal trait with her that did that. >> man: absolutely.>> anchor: stick with us we will be right back with all three panel members to break down more of the presidential debate here on your local election
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thank you for joining us for eight news now your local election headquarter i am steve for joining me to talk about today's presidential
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we have donald trump supporter, blogger and activist chuck he is the head of citizens outreach and of course armor state democratic party chairwoman and hillary superdelegate she is going to show was her cake later adriana. so let's talk first, donald trump challenge hillary clinton by saying you have been here 30 years, why haven't you done anything? and rshe said i tried to tax deduction i wanted to get rid of it but i have a republican president but let's take a look at that usoundbite. >> man: why didn't you do it? >> woman: because i was a senator with a republican president. >> man: they are still blaming bush for everything. >> steve: check what did you think of that? was that a legitimate excuse? >> chuck: it is. but the problem was she was
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that and what you are cleaning you are losing. it is a lot easier for donald trump to say you have been around for 30 years and look at all these problems we have that didn't get solved. if you want to take credit for things you weren't responsible for that you need to be able to on the things that you didn't. trump knows that and i think he was effectively hitting her with that. >> woman: she had to respond in that way. some people don't know how congress works that there are 100 senators that you president and everybody has to be collaborative in certain issues. you can't just say i will pass this and it will pass and here we go. it is a process and some people don't understand the municipal elected officials, the senate and congress they don't understand. so she had to carefully explain look, i am only one person, i tried. i did try and i had bush. >> steve: donald trump said the doctor carlton, if you had been an effective senator he would've found a way to do it. there are ways to do everything
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when it was first proposed. so is there a legitimacy to that? >> dr. francis: not a lot, i think is someone who teaches political science 101 regularly there are checks and balances and one senator out of 100 the president has the power of the veto. so she delivered a good civics lesson to trump and i suppose the rest of her audience but i don't know if that will be made effective political play with it needed to this exchange over the affordable care act a.k.a. obamacare. >> hillary: number one insurance companies can't deny you coverage because of a pre-existing condition. number two, no lifetime limits. which is a big deal if you have serious health problems. number three, women can't be charged more than men for our health insurance which is the way it used to be before the affordable care act. >> donald: obamacare is a disaster you know what, i know what we all know it.
11:02 pm
have never seen. >> steve: as chuck, explaining you are losing that is hillary clinton saying look at all these basket of goodies that you get. trump it is a disaster. who had the better part of that exchange do you think? >> chuck: that is a good question. it is clearly a plot piece of legislation. but that is the nature of legislature if you want perfect you don't want any legislature at i think in that case she was making au argument. i think clinton, it is been a flood policy, many premiums have gone up it is not fantastic. but she got good punches in their. >> steve: check you prefer to legislation at all.>> chuck: i prefer good legislation just like for good trade deals. this is a problem with obamacare because it is trooper i know it from personal experience. i premiums have skyrocketed. my deductible has skyrocketed. i am now in an hmo incident a ppo i didn't get to keep my doctor by doctor was not
11:03 pm
ended up getting. it is a disaster. the problem with pre-existing conditions i believe the government should take your people who can't take care of the. people who won't take care of themselves. they conditions could be taken care of by the government. >> steve: we believe it's right there. i do we could go on of that but i like to think chuck, adriana and doctor francis carlton for the. >> you for being with us. stay tuned news that 11 of
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-- both parties are claiming victory. a full recap next including the social media siexplosion from a 90 minutes back and forth. also, because of the pieces after a tore through a ostrip mall overnight. we hear from one of the businesses, in fact it is his homeowners this will not end their inmission. >> meteorologist: mid-nineties but how long does a stretch of 90s r last? i have a detailed coming up in your 70 seven mp/day forecast. >> hillary: it is awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is
11:08 pm
country. >> donald: because you would be in jail. >> anchor: the run up to the debate was ugly in this time uglier.or: the run up to the the heated town hall style event featured tquestions from audience members as well as moderators.the late audio clip of donald trump from 2005 really took center stage in the beginning but trump aevaded the issue and tried to turn her family. lisa isjay is in st. louis with full recap. >> reporter: ellery clinton and donald atrump did not mince words getting right to the video released friday in which trump was hurt using vulgar language about women. >> donald: hyes i am embarrasse by it i hate it. >> hillary: it is clear to anyone who heard it that it represents exactly who he is. >> anchor: he brought up sexual allegations against clinton's husband former president bill clinton.
11:09 pm
lost his practice law he had to be an $850,000 fine to one of the women. paula jones who was also here tonight. >> hillary: i am reminded by what my friend michelle obama advised us all. when they go y alow to go high. >> anchor: trump said if he was elected he would appoint a special prosecutor to took it to o clinton's and the deleted emails. >> hillary: you should be ashamed of dyourself. >> hillary: anything that did talk about your campaign and how it is exploding. >> anchor donald's taxes before people like donald to be zero taxes. >> did you use that to avoid paying tax be five of course i did right and so do all of her donors or most of her daughters. >> anchor: while the candidate started attacking each other the audience asked questions about more substantive issues including healthcare and muslim american relations. an audience member asked what the candidates respect about
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>> hillary: his children are incredibly able and devoted. >> donald: she does fight hard and she doesn't quit and she doesn't give up. >> anchor: they have one last match up next week.a growing list of republican leaders are calling for trump to drop out of the race. and the democrats are weighing in. the head of the dnc said lawyers are nprepared to fight any state that tried to change the names on their ballot. in st. louis missouri i am lisa chang. >> anchor: twitter said this was th ever both of the candidates running mates to the social media. mike pence writes congrats to my running mate on a big debate win. proud to stand with you as we hashtag make america great again. and tim kaine tweeted after the debate, no bquestion who one tonight. donald focused on hillary, hillary focus on the american people and the picture that reads i am enwith her. election day may be a month away but tonight we ask you to cast your vote so check it out.
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debate? more than 3000 people in the valley voted 45 percent voted for trump while 55 percent voted said clinton one very tight. all this before the discuss politics now sat down with local analyst who broke down the debate. they spoke on trump's aggressiveness but less defensive tone cowhich will he put hillary clinton on the defense. and nt before the debate it cou be said he may have thrown clinton offer game with a conference. held right before the debate with me women accusing former president bill clinton of sexual misconduct. >> anchor: tweeted right before the edebate started that he wil not show up with his tail between his legs he will be loaded and prepared he brought his game tonight. >> this owas an incredibly aggressive strategy. >> absolutely was aggressive because llhe had no choice. they minute from leadership, public leadership, he is the titanic going down this minute. that this was a desperate
11:12 pm
ourselves that bill clinton isn't running for president. it is hillary clinton. >> anchor: so what is some of you have into save more than 10 of our viewers esend it out on our facebook page. he said it is really just a three ring service. nothing serious about any of it. how either .of them got this fa is beyond most ipeople's imaginations. neither belong in a serious position to run our country. one set of balls trump is unfit refuses to let anyone else talk. he is a four and a liar. meanwhile erin said about clinton she is a stuttering full filled with guilt. and can't hide any longer. she is so backed up against the wall she has shnowhere to go. we would love to hear your feedback all you have to do is go to our eight news facebook page and jump in. while hillary clinton expected to make a stop here in the
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debate she is holding a public rally to discuss the the selection holding a public for nevada lens as well as her vision for america. clinton's campaign says with more people voting gin this election than any in history she urges people to get out and vote early. early voting here in the state begins on the 22nd and ends on the fourth. and igremember each news now is teaming up with universe univision to help you decide which candidate you want an office for the oldebate will be at the high school in north las vegas and will air live right here on channel 8 on october 14 at 7:00 p.m.. you can find all things politics from eight news now your local inelection headquarters. we have got you covered both on air and online at las vegas tomorrow lawmakers will be in the capital city for a special session. and there are several topics up for discussion including
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approving nearly 1 percent new room s tax for a football stadium. now developers are asking for million to build the stadium but the legislature will also have to consider approving cash for expanding the las vegas convention center the las vegas convention president and ceo robbie welling fowler said that he is not concerned sover these two but the ,board's chair and county commissioner lawrence weekly is concerned. >> that is crucial to the economy of las vegas. we saw what happened to all of us with the recession so these two projects make a full statement. our customers are so excited they are excited about both project. years of investment it is my hope that the legislature would devise. >> anchor: the session begins
11:15 pm
correspondent patrick walker along with chris matthews are in carson city and will bring us the latest on air and online. a massive fire leads to close in the valley. we are live with the next step one of those businesses is
11:16 pm
as a marine combat veteran, i understand the sacrifices our military makes. our benefits are earned, and we rely on them. politicians like joe heck should understand that. narrator: joe heck voted to shut down the federal government, risking critical services for nevada veterans. and during that shutdown, heck continued cashing his congressional paycheck. his military record deserves respect. but back in dc, joe heck is putting politics before nevada. and that doesn't work for me.
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now playing at subway. sharie johnson, katie boer & jon tritsch. this is 8 news now . ." >> anchor: the asian culture center says it plans to rebuild
11:19 pm
extensive damage. the call came in bright before midnight at a strip mall near charleston and valleyview and that is where our reporter explaining just how these businesses were impacted. >> reporter: six small businesses here at this stripmall were affected. most of the damage happening on the siand as you can see behind me. i can tell you fire officials say luckily no one was hurt because this ordid happen after hours. >> dr. tfrancis: will continue. >> aanchor: members of organization khelps to share asian culture with the community spirit education and art. we are all inclusive organization spewed we look at this as a home we want our
11:20 pm
school. >> reporter: was hit hard late saturday evening, a huge cloud of smoke covered over the fire is responders battle the place. one scene it is spread to the attic of the building and moved its way to the stripmall. speed when we got here it was heavily involved in fire. >> reporter: 73 firefighters responded and it took 25 minutes to get the flames under control but investigators say it could have been worse speed in anumber of businesses are affected by this fi stripmall because of a firewall that is built in. >> reporter: organizers say they won't let this fire discourage them and they help others rally behind the center as well speed we have to recover the whole asian community rwill stand together as one speed all the low people need to get together in las vegas. >> reporter: fire officials tell us that they estimate the current damage to be around $1 million but of course that number could go up and the cause of the fire is still
11:21 pm
reporting live each news now! they like you britney. and still to come on each news now cwhat a nice weekend. >> meteorologist: tracking really nice conditions above average temperatures and that could be continuing kind of the call time left behind as you can see the plume of clouds. we will take a look at your forecast, what you can expect for the week ahead in just a
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((katie boer)) good afternoon--how about ou augood sunday evening hope you will join us for the second half your weekend as we wrap up above average temperatures heading into this early part of our workweek. our stretch of 90s not expected to end quite yet. in fact a really nice weekend
11:25 pm
temperatures in the 90s. that is expected to continue here. over the course of the next couple of days how about this gorgeous shop behind me. yet that link behind me you can see the strip of the phoenician, the trump tower a nice lday. some of those high mp tower a cirrus clouds streaming through. that will likely continue for the next couple of days. generally speaking more sunshine to boot and also warmer temperatures. sustained above average. you at least want to what was hurricane matthew a category four hurricane has really diminished. if you rain drops out about the very northern portion of the eastern seaboard. pushing toward canada here. this has really come down here. no longer seeing that post tropical cyclone there. a lot of this turning into a low-pressure system as it pushes farther eastward into the atlantic. plus here at home you can see again all those warnings have watches have dropped just flooding concerns.
11:26 pm
southern nevada. really quiet, calm and pleasant conditions. just a few increasing clouds this is something you can expect tomorrow as well. in fact you will likely see a few high-level clouds for your monday, kicks off monday morning. generally speaking a really nice day. it hit 90 degrees so six degrees above seasonal average. quite a ways away from that record temperature of 97. so again trending above average that our day tomorrow as well. 91, 92 for tuesday, wednesday mid-80s and we will continue with 80s at least through thursday as well. overnight tonight much for the slow strapping down 57 degrees. look for a few decreasing clouds but again that degrees is a bit as we head to our day tomorrow. how about that extended forecast look at the seven day forecast not too bad. tomorrow for columbus day, 90
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expected. 80s followed by upper 80s friday and really nice favorable conditions in the mid-80s for your saturday and sunday. back to you >> if this is october. john joining us with politics and sports for life. in carson city. >> decision 2016 has a special session. kirk matthews previews the stadium showed up at and the playmaker rollcall.the countdown of the week's best is
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>> john: good evening. the lake is overpowered by parity and it is difficult to sort the mighty from the mediocre. but we are guaranteed two things the patriots are good and the browns are not. pre-tom brady back after a
11:31 pm
fashion 406 passing yards, three touchdowns and a 33-13 to the raiders a comfortable lead quite like the san diego charger for the raiders coming from behind david carr, a pot of gold to marie cooper. yard touchdown the reader pot still down five. michael crabtree up on the board the readers improved to 4-1 34-31 victory. speaking of raiders and you better believe the most be speaking about them in carson city. this week lawmakers huddle under chris matthews is there breaking down their every move. >> man: 63 lawmakers will gather here to decide what las vegas will do next but a brand-new convention center to get the city liahead of its competition in a state of the art stadium for the unlv raiders and many other take up money generating events.
11:32 pm
one of us are not sure what will happen. we will sit down we will listen to those who are going to tell us how important this is. >> reporter: one group is at the table. las vegas radar fans have taken over one establishment across the street from where lawmakers will gather. >> man: he came out that i didn't take we would do this. >> reporter: they mention banners, logos, sports memorabilia and let the people know ithey will use the raiders for this raiders fans made the trip saturday and spent all day saturday decorating homecoming. >> man: the community is in real support of this. kids are coming by, we have shirts in there for the kids. >> reporter: across the street is a streader fire truck, an 18 wheeler. >> man: they are passionate. >> ulman: this is a big deal it was in a lifetime opportunity
11:33 pm
help but notice the passion and fixed hto question who will sho up tomorrow morning? >> man: i wouldn't be surprised if some of the players show up. >> reporter: we find out first thing in the morning. although lawmakers gather at 8:00 again. >> john: we continue our city performers.a from the sports week that was. >> reporter: number five is q lonnie he ran wild on the mainland 214 rushing unlv volleyball is 16-2 and 5-1 in the mountain west conference. on hthursday they wrote. san diego state defeat, jeremiah alango gdominic baldwi recovers and makes a 16. and unlv hockey played on the ice at keith mobile and the division i arizona state
11:34 pm
went with the club looking to go d1. and finally the frozen fury drew 30,000 fans in a spectacular display tonight. the ice graphic show the world the city is ready to put on a show unlike any other. that is it for sports we will


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