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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  October 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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thanks for joining us... i'm denise valdez. ((dave courvoisier)) >> and i'm dave courvoisier. day two of the special session in carson city... nevada state senate is voting right now on whether to allow the increase of room tax funds to help pay for an n-f-l stadium here. ((denise valdez)) we want to get straight to carson city... where patrick walker tells us what's next after the vote. ((patrick walker)) ((patrick walker))
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((tedd florendo)) ((tedd florendo)) warm today with temps close to 90 through many neighborhoods this afternoon. this after last week we stayed below normal for many days and not we're
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well. clouds have also enveloped the region today but instability remains low so t'shower chances will not be an issue today. even in mohave county development remains low. looking at some breezes today that could last through some parts of the evening. ................................ ... ...................... here's your hour by hour for tonight. high clouds with warm temps this evening. expecting mild temps by 11 pm with winds slight breeze at time and decreasing late and by morning. wake temp near 70 by morning under mostly clear skies. 'll h most accurate weather now forec) > fourele are covering... after being hit cae ty in the world" arch. police say an 18- a iving a picutruck with a17- y. when they plowed into the protesters. a 59- year- old woman was hospitalized with non- life threatening injuries... three others were hurt. the group was demonstrating to have 'columbus day' changed to 'indigenous people's day.' police say they were in the street and did not have a permit to be there. no other details on what led up to the crash are available just yet./// ((dave courvoisier)) ryan bundy called his own wife to the stand today... in the oregon standoff trial. he's been acting as his own
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composing himself to ask -quote- "you're my wife, right?" angela bundy testified her husband arrived at the wildlife refuge on january second... and she packed him one change of clothes and expected him home no later than january fourth. ryan bundy was trying to establish he did not go to oregon with plans to occupy the wildlife refuge. he's charged with taking part in a conspiracy with his brother ammon and others to keep federal workers from doing their job./// ((denise valdez)) police need your help nd in the western part of the valley. make sure you get a good look at these photos because you might just recognize him. this happened this morning at the u-s bank near hualapai and desert inn. police say the suspect told employees he had an explosive device in his bag and demanded money. he also had a gun. he was able to get away with some cash... no one was hurt. police are asking anyone with information to contact crimestoppers./// ((denise valdez)) only on 8 tonight..
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surveillance video of a massive three-alarm fire over the weekend that devasted half a dozen local businesses. take a good look.. you can see the fire spread inside one of the businesses. right now the asian cultural center is holding an emergency meeting tonight to find a new location and create a plan to move forward... katie boer talked to the non-profit.... katie they told you they might have a clue that could help them determine the cause of the fire?? ((katie boer)) that's right guys -- the president of the asian culture alliance found today that their building was equipped with a camera inside the center that uploads video to a cloud based server... he shared that video with us moments ago and hopes it might provide new clues as fire investigators work to determine a cause. ((katie boer)) devasting flames didn't just
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local business buildings saturday night.. (( nat pop from fire saturday night )) ((katie boer)) it destroyed part of their culture (( cavin: everybody was crying...everybody : )) ((katie boer)) the asian cutural alliance -- a center that promotes asian art, culture and education -- which moved in this past may -- lost nearly everything. tuesday founder cavin fung talked to investigators...t rying to determine the extent of the damage. (( cavin: its geting...its starting to hit because actually...because it was just shock in the beginning and just realized that our major event is cog )) ((katie boer)) the center was preparing for their second annual "asian culture day" -- november 12th -- but lost a part of their past in the flames.... emperial palace dynasty costumes... along with computer and projection equipment, desks and chairs and a number of kitchen appliances -- all things that made up their community center... .... a place members described as their second home. ((tong: "we came here to do some classes and the building
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)) ((katie boer)) now fung is hoping to find answers in this exclusive security system footage that appears to show the fire may have started from outside (( i just found that we may have a real clue : which is that we do have a canera in the center that is a recorder--cloud based so i will find that out as soon as possible. )) ((katie boer)) determine caused the fire... fung promises one thing for the future (( cavin: we will come back like a pheonix )) ((katie boer)) back live the asian culture alliance typically holds a meeting on every second tuesday of the month right here at their valley view location. tonight though they're calling it an "emergency meeting" to determine a plan of action -- that meeting has been relocated
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have a crew there and will have an update on that tonight at 11. reporting off valley view, kbo 8nn. /// ((denise valdez)) katie -- we can see the asian cultural alliance took the brunt of the damage -- but any word from the other five businesses that were also damaged in the fire? ((katie boer)) well denise we called each one of these businesses you can see fenced off behind me...two of them answered our calls... "smart choices" -- a court diversion program and the las vegas mayor's remain open in temporary locations. in fact..the executive director of the mayor's cup, said their international tournament later this month is still a go and told me "i know we've had a catastrophe, but the turnament will be as good if
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((dave courvoisier)) the weather outside is already frightful... at least for one part of the country! ((denise valdez)) >> whose already experiencing a snow storm... two months before the start of winter!/// news music voice over: "you're watching the valley's news leader with dave courvoisier,
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denise valdez, tedd florendo and chris maathuis. this is 8 news now at six." ((dave courvoisier)) samsung announced this morning it is ending production of its galaxy note 7 phones..permane ntly. ((denise valdez)) >> consumer advocate michelle mortensen is here to tell us more about what prompted the world's top smartphone maker to take such a drastic move. ((michelle mortensen)) >> last month -- the company issued a recall for the smartphone because it could catfi phones are also catching fire. as samsung investigates -- the company says it will stop all galaxy note seven sales -- and stop replacing the phones. it's also asking every company around the world that sells the phones to stop. samsung says the battery problem is found in only a fraction of the phones ... but they still recalled the galaxy note 7 worldwide. if you have a galaxy note 7 you are eligible for a refund ... or can exchange the phone for another samsung product.///
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check this out... it's already snowing in bozeman montana! and it's not just flurries... it's really covering the ground. this is new video... shot just hours ago. the low tonight should get down to about 18 degrees there... but they'll be back up to a high of
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now. ................................ ... .............. temperatures around the region warmed to low 90's for the east part of the valley where we remained the warmest due to low elevation. west side cooler in the high 80's; even cooler for kyle canyon in the 60 by late today. many neighborhoods remained above average for our highs and will stay that way ..... .............................. ................... regional temps also remained extra warm from mesquite all the way down to laughlin as we jumped the 90's through plenty of neighbohroods. we're expecting many locales to stay that way for a few days before we see some changes late week with wind first then slightly cooler temps heading to the weekend. slight shower chances could return next week. ..............
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through the region ahead of a trough but showers have been limited around the region. even conditions are quiter in mohave county where we did antcipate thunderstorm development and even that remains low for now. we're expecting a slight increase in wind today with wind decreasing a little tomorrow. ...................... ............. ................. here's the forecast. tonight expect a low near 70 and mild by morning under mostly clear skies. slight breezes through late and overnight. tomorrow expect a high of 89 degrees and staying above average again. clouds clear more tomorrow as we heat up again. ................................ ... ................... extended forecast shows mostly sunny to sunny skies all week. temps remain above average through the workweek, but do drop slightly by late week. we'll begin to see some breezy winds develop late week as well, but we still remain dry with slight shower chances returning early next week. we'll have another weather update coming up in a few minutes.
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it's a day to celebrate the l-g-b-t community... and people are encouraged to come out to family, friends, and co-workers on this day as well. we talked with the executive director of an organization aimed at advancing workplace equality... about what it's like to 'come out': (( travis turner - executive director, executive pride: the first and most
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yourself. you need to say 'im comfortable with who i am, in my own skin' and as much as it could hurt that somebody may not accept you, eventually they'll come around )) ((denise valdez)) >> 'national coming out day' started back in 1988... a year after the second march on washington d-c for lesbian and gay rights. since then... the supreme court has ruled gay marriage legal in the u-s./// ((dave courvoisier)) unlv is back to work after a tough loss ((denise valdez)) >> coa t of progress ((jon tritsch)) >>coach says they may be down but they're not done the rebels reload for hawaii and we hear from the man helming the program plus maria sharapova was in vegas showcasing a sweet sing..we hear from the tennis star coming up in sports
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he's divisive and dangerous. "uh, i don't know what i said. uh... i don't remember." but congressman hardy supports trump 100% and said he'll do whatever trump wants him to do. hardy even said people with disabilities are a drain on society and that seniors who rely on programs like social security are a draw on government. donald trump and congressman hardy -- divisive and dangerous. onsible for the content of this advertising. well, maybe a mountain west football team.. the rainbow warriors have won their first two conference games and are next for unlv's travels the rebels defense proved they can hang with one of the most potent and high scoring
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saturday.. unlv stifled san diego state..holding the aztecs to 26 points and even scoring a touchdown off a fumble recovery..but the offense left a lot to be desired..not scoring and throwing for a total of 9 tony sanchez says their goals aren't derailed and the train will be back on the tracks (tony sanchez/coach: "when you look at it, you don't panic. if we're out there and have all your guys and we're out there and have a veteran quarterback and seen those things before. you'd be a little more nervous about that type of outcome. again, not happy with it. not making excuses, but we're not either. we are just going to keep doing what we are doing and keep getting better.") ((jon tritsch)) maria sharapova is one of the most attractive and talented players professional women's tennis has ever seen..she's also one of the few to be suspended for doping..all these factors made the 6'2'' star perfectly available to be in vegas last night sharapova was one of the star guests for elton john's smash hits for charity event last night at caesar's palace..the
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foundation and has raised 14 million dollars the last 24 years.. the russian grand slam winner had some free time though..she is serving a 15 month suspension after testing positive for banned substances...the punishment has been a hit to her reputation but she's still a hit with the fans (maria sharapova/serving 15 month suspension: "it's very special to be be back on the court. it's been about 7 months in front of spectators and played in front of stadium environment. obviously very thankful for the invitation and happy to be apart of this cause. it's been around for 24 years and it's my i'm thrilled to be apart of it." ) ((jon tritsch)) the indians and bluejays have earned spots in the american league championship series..but the national league side is still at large..the giants pushed the cubs to game 4 in a classic last night.. the dodgers are trying to force the nationals to game 5 a nervous dodger stadium buzzing with anxiety this afternoon dodgers holding onto a 5-3 lead.. but it goes sideways..when daniel murphy goes up the middle with a base hit..
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go ahead rbi... bottom of the 8th.. chase utley.. go ahead rbi... 6-5 it all comes down to bryce harper.. not today.. game 5 is next ((jon tritsch)) this was so good we had to show it again.. the cubs were down 2 to san francisco last night when the pride of las vegas..kris bryant smashed a game tyin extra innings.. bryant had 3 hits on the night to add to his mvp-quality regular season.. the giants and cubs play game 4 tonight ((dave courvoisier)) 8 news now at 6:30 starts in just a few minutes. ((denise valdez)) >> let's check in with christianne klein to see what's in store. ((christianne klein)) people trying to become u-s citizens... scammed out of thousands of dollars. we dig through the latest indictment on the woman accused of scamming people out of their hard- earned cash. plus...
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gas prices are on the rise! why that's the complete opposite of what analysts initially predicted. those stories and more... coming up on the 8 news now at 6:30./// news music ((christianne klein)) donald trump... the desert is where bad guys go when they want to make evidence disappear. but hiding the evidence won't help danny tarkanian. sure, he can bury all those property taxes he skipped out on for years... ...or all those fake charities he helped set up... ...or the scams against seniors he formed... can try, but he can't make his record disappear. danny tarkanian: just a con man who can't bury the truth.
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jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen and i approved this message. man: the tea party republicans in congress want to cut social security. woman: and danny tarkanian wants to join them. man: he is proud to call himself a "tea party radical." man: he wants to privatize social security...
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on wall street. man: danny tarkanian would raise the retirement age... woman: just like the tea party republicans in congress. man: they would take away what we've paid for out of every paycheck. man:that's "tea party radical" for ya'. ((christianne klein)) just into the newsroom... senate bill one passed... meaning the bill will now go on to the assembly. ((dave courvoisier)) state senators o funding and expansion of the convention center. we'll have full coverage of the vote tonight at 11./// ((christianne klein)) a woman has been indicted by a grand jury for running an immigration scam. ((dave courvoisier)) >> we first reported on the allegations last year when the attorney general's office was investigating rena starks. ((christianne klein)) >> she is accused of posing as an attorney... and representing clients seeking u-s citizenship and residency. 8 news now reporter karen castro found out why scams, like this one, are more common than we think.


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