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tv   On the Money  CBS  October 16, 2016 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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hi, everyone. e to "on the money had. i'm kelly evans in for becky quick. new cyber threat you may not know about. are your medical devices at risk? why hacking your health could really happen. >> delivery by drone. will your next package be droppeom the sky? from burritos to books it's all coming. > and paying for colleg ha gotten a littasw to navige new financi aid forms and whysh beautiful bellies. expectant mommies turn their bellies into a great cause. came to me three days before i was delivering my first child. >> "on the money" starts right now. thi "on the money your money, your life, your future. we begin with a cyber t to your s like insulin pumps could be vulnee to an
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reporter mig tirrell with a cyber secur risk is something you may not have thought about. hacking your health is had week's cover story. more than 100,000 people with diabetes frequently got a stran letter from johnson & johnson. the health care giant was warning the of a cyber security risk with one of its insulin punch. the one-touch ping insulin pump system with a remote control. j&j says no one has been harmed in this way but it is possible on device and control insulin delivery w need to give users a patien the information so that way they can determine if it's too risky for them or if it's not risky for them. >> jay radcliffe is the researcher who made the discovere he works in cyber secy at firm rapid seven, his work on the insulin pump was a side project. he's diabetic, and it was his pump on which is he did the research this jus out of my ow pe curiosity about how these devices work and how safe they a for my own personal use as a diabetic.
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one-touc ping system is extrem low. someone to hack in would have to be within 5 feet of the pe teamly specialized sk not to mention harmful intentio company says there are ways to mitigate the risk, turning off the radio frequency features limiting how muc insulin can be delivere at once and setting a vibrat alert system. the device is 8 years old. new err systems j aifrm j say have encryption technology that harder to hack. in its o radcliffe, the researcher who discod the flaw, says he doesn't use the one-touch insuli system anymore but not because of his findings. he believes the fixes recommen especially turning off the radio frequency work well to eliminate that risk. >> thank you. cyber security and medical device a gro area of concern. the food and drug issued draft guidance to manufa on how to address the evolving cyber threat. kevin fu is director of the
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for medical device security. professor fu, thank you for joining us. >> good morn kelly. with this latest report now, how widespread is this threat and how serious is this the cyber secury risk to medical devices? well, the dirty little secret is that most manufacturers did not anticipate the cyber security when they were designin them more than a deck ailed ago, so this is just scratc the surface really. >> that being said, j&j, for d its device are a little bit safer. do you believe that to be the case, not just specifically for this one insulin pump but for other devices subject to these hacks? it's hard to know. i think the important thing, as you point out, is that fda is rolling out expectations for cyber securit being built into medical devices as well as prepar when. there's some kind of risk that reaches the market in an unanticid fashion so i think manufacts w improving,
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overnigh wt other types of medi devices are vulnerable to these attacks? >> well, pretty much every device that has had a computer in it is breakable. there is unhackable device, so i think the more interesting questi is not whether you can hack into a device but how well do the devices tolerate the kind of threats that are endemic to computg today and endemic to the internet so you'll see these devices ranging from the insulin pumps to infusion pumps bedside devices and hospitals and then you also have on the extreme things like pase-makers and defibrillators and in between all sorts of other things, patient monitors, radiatn therapy and all sorts of devices are in the hospital. and in meg's report she discusd how one researcher thit of curiosity and concern out of his own safety. what do you think the motive would for other hackers outside parties to target hospits or individuals? >> well, to be honest i'm less
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against hospitals because i know from experience that it really doesn't take a whole lot of skill to cause havoc. you'll certa be finding some very talented hackers showing the faults in medical devices, but the bigger issue is really the continuity of the hospital's operating system and how can they withstand malware from ten years ago that still breaks into medical devices? >> the fda are working on medical deve security but are they doing enough? a brave new world. certainly t were a few people, myself included ten years ago advocating to the fda and various government agencies that you need to watch for these security problems. north natalie they -- they did listen, but, you know, the govern typically reacts on a cycle that's more measured in four or five years, not overnigh and meantime for those hospits caring for patients overnight and health care provids and others, are they invest themselves in
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a large hospital system that he went to his board asking for a $5 million annual budget and the board said how about six so i thin some hospitals are beginnin to invest more heavily in cyber security. th real probl is they don't -- they have a hard time even knowing wha medical device at risk. so it's pretty basic right now in the h as far as patients go, personally i think patients are far safer with these devices than -- patients are pre-disposed to medical risks, and even though i'm a security researcher and i believ in improving the security of devices, i know that patients are muc safer with these than without. that brings the final pressing question, how can patients protect themselves for all kinds of medical devices may be in their lives? >> right. ive think it really goes back to basics. know, the patient should talk with their if i stoigs ask about risks and benefits. you'll hear a lot of discussion in the media about the risks,
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when you talk with your physicia for inst with and defibrillator it's been shown with remote monitoring outcomes are far improved so disabling wireless communic can actually someti reduce the benefits, and so the risk benefit decision has to be made between the partic patient and the partic physician. already. thanks aga for joining us. that's kevin fu. >> all right. >> now, making news as we head into a new week "on the money john stumpf is it out as chairm and ceo of wells fargo, retiring after a scanned a.m. in which wells fargo bankers opened accounts for customers without their knowledge. stumpf testified before congress last month and chief executi tir at ceo. it wa a choppy week for the markets. the dow falling 200 points on tuesday, its worse day in about a month, though it recovered mid-week. the nasdaq closed at an all-time high on monday but it was all
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friday. th federal reserve's open market committee released minutes from its latest meeting, an it looks like interest rates go up, quote, relatively soon. members agree that the case for increa interest ra has strength because the labor market has improved. the fed next meets in november and then again in december, and retailers proy won't find a lump of coal in their holiday stocking a new survey finds americans plan to spend an average of $636 on holiday shopping this year, up 3% that w better than a year ago. > up next we're "on the " what goes 30 miles an hour, has night vision and can drop off your package? hint, it might make the ups delive man go the way of the horse and buggy. fafsa 101, how to get the most money r anyone heading to
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when you want to order g online, you usually want it delivered yesterday. well, that may not be mob, but what i becoming possible is to have it delivered by drone. ups is starting to tt for commerci use. our morgan brennan went to marblehead massachusetts, to ch o >> repor coming sooner than you may think. package delivery by drone. ups took to the skies to test a commer delivery using an unmanned aerial vehicle. the delivery scenario, a child forgot her asthma inhaler after headin to camp on a remote island. the three-mile eight-minute mi over water from beverly, massachu to children's island w conducted by sci-fi works which claims ups as an investor
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hexicopt fully autonomous meaning it can fly itself, equipped with night vision and can go at fast as 30 miles per brown. expe say the adoption of drone technology will be crucial as customers continue to buy more online and do so with faster delivery expectations. c of drones to actually have a full drone delivery fleet is not determin at time, but the costs per mile is pretty low, maybe as low as five cents per mile on actually deli moving the drone. >> competition is fierce. is conducting advanced tests with its prime air drones in the uk and alphabet's drones are delivg burritos at virgin tech, just to name a few. over the next ten years unmanned aircraft systems could generate more than $80 billion for the u. economy, according to th whhouse. > and federal aviation officials estimate 600,000 commer drones will be operatg stateside a year. yet, despite all of the talk, drone use for package deliveries
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largely bec new regulations require operators always have a line of sight on the aircraft. when you prove that this has value and y collect the data to convince the faa to open up other areas, then we'll be able to do more non-line-of-lit deliveri right now as data is collected and new regulation one running you are jept delive to remote locations like economic sense. that recent flight made ups the carrier to attempt this type of delivery on u.s. soil, and under new faa regulations that took effect at the end of august, sci-fi is running regular experimes to develop this techno further, and it is collec data because the goal is ultimately a drone fleet that could provite vied r ups to mak. kelly in. >> whether will this adoption
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>> repore b questi here. helen greener, the founder of sci-fi, said they make drones for militar use and a wide variety other uses. she thinks package delivery is the single biggest opportunity for drone deployment but because of regulations where you can't operate the drone out of visual people that aren't involved this that test, this will take a l longer for package deliveries. that being said, there a l tests being done here and other places, amazonnd how efficie that could be. >> as soon as they change the rules, t sky's could be filled. sky's the limit. >> up next "on the money we all know paying for college can be d and daunting. we'll share tips on what every college- stude should do to help finance their future. >> and later you may call it a pregna pause for spanx billio and sara blakely.
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really need to know right now? >> they need to know fafsa is a. came out october 1st so if you havet gotten all of your tax forms togethe and your bank statem and your w2 and invest portfolio, all things u need to submit on your fafsa, so start could go that w and if you can submit it as soon as you can. >> why d they change the date and are there any other dates here? >> they changed the date, used to come out january 1st and it's really to streamline the whole federal aid so that stands the free application for federal student a is what the fafsa stands for, and so in the future it will likely be a lot easier. u actually use tax returns from the previous year, but this year it's a little bit e a l pe being caught off guard about the new change and the release date >> you mention the earlier that y submit, the more you're likely to get the money or more money. exactly. it's a little bit complicated i.
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submit their fafsa as soon as they possibly can, namely because a few different reasons. one, some uni changi their own priority dead lines, whether in arizona or ohio and so students might need to submit their forms earlier than they might have otherwise needed to, maybe as early as november t start accessing institl aid from the colleges and the second is really becau you get a better sense of your whole financial e financia process whether that's early are come. key mistakes to avoid making on this early application? >> really not filling it out is the bigge one and i say tha $2. federal aid went unclaimed despite the fact that students gradua with about $37,000 in student loa debt so that means there's a lot of free federal aid out there that people are not taking advantage of and there's a few reasons why. a lot of times students do not qualif and wouldn't bother and
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fill it out. >> and what other tips do you have to get the most financial ? >> in terms of just general tips, we really see a lot of studen not actually knowing that they can negotiate their tuition once they actually get into the college. negotiate? >> yeah. somethi a lot of people don't really know. it's not a guarantee, but we last semester were able to help studen negot about $250,000 in their tuition just by negotiating and going through an appeal proses. >> well, i hope everybody start on what can be an overproc yes, it's very stressf peeler. up next "on the money lock at the news for the weeks ahead and how the founder of spanx is paying attention to a woman's sha but in a very differt way. the belly giving back. >> the pictures are fun and i though i want to do something though i want to do something mo with this experience.
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for more on our show and our guests go, to our web a you can follow us on twitter at "on the mon ar that mayism pact your money this week. m we'll get a look at manu with the indu production report for septem and be nice to your boss. it national boss' day. who know. on tuesday a read on inflation with the consumer price index for september and wednesd ma the anniversary of the 1987 stock marke crash rememb black monday when the dow fell 22% in one day. and hillary cli and donald
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presid debate moderated by chris wallace of fox news. come thursday we'll get existing home sales for september. spanx, it's a billion dollar brand founded by entrepreneu sara blakely. now show he's turning her attent to another female silhou, the baby bump. before our becky quick started her maternity leave she sat down with blakely to discuss her miss to help moms with her new book "the belly art project" and how she first came up with the idea for came to me at 3:00 in the mornin thr days before i was deli my first child and i woke up in the middle. night and i thought oh, my god, my body is amazing. the state that it's in, and i thout it may never be in this stat again, and i wrote down at 3:00 in the morning watermelon, beach ball, basketball and mr. potato head. and that's what you felt like at that point. and i fell back asleep and called fri the next day and they painted my belly.
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waterm displa you have a pictur >> and it was so much fun and i was givin them as a gift to my husban and the pictures turned out so fun and amazing and i thout i want to do something mo with this concept and idea. linked up with christie burns, and how did u find her and this organi? >> so once i started recruiting other pregnant women to be in the book and use their bellies as canvasses of hope and just want the project to take on a life of its own, and like charity and phil can be fun and christturlington's foundation came across my path and i went to haty with h and her team and my foundation and the work that i do is about empowering women, but this was so linked pregnancy and maternal heal that i wanted to give all the proceeds to some foundation that was directly linked to helpg maternal health. with all the women that are in there, there's also one man. one man, and for all the
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s who is the man that paind his belly in the book. do tell. drum roll, warren buffett. i showed him what i was up to one day at lunch, and she said what are you up, to sara, and i show him on my phone, all these bellies painted and burst out laughing, and he said that's amaze being, i want to be in the book. warren, you're not pregn. that's okay and he grabs his belly and said don't you have enou here to work with. you're still running a up this entire idea yourself, and this another part of your invent self. how did get into the idea of spanx? myself as a consumer, like all t inventions, frustrated consums often invent and i could n figure out what was t u under white or cream pants, ever showed, everything left a panty line and girdles were way too he have and i thout there was something to
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spanx is born by my own rear end. underestim a woman who doest like the way she looks in while pant. >> fanny hugger u have bras. you have leggings and all kinds of different things that have come out here, so where do you see this brand going? >> i've been saying i want to inve a comfortable high heel for qui some time. >> good luck with that. >> somebody's got to do it, but i see the brand -- i really view myself as an advocate for women as a om espe in the industry that i broke into and kind of revo that industry, it was an industry that had fallen asleep at the wheel and stopped >> well, thank you for sharing the belly art project with us. >> oh, my god, thanks for being in it. you actually convinced me to take off my top, too, for this. very persuasive person. thank you. >> you have the cutest belly ever, the lucky penny, are you
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penn though. proud momma gave birth to kayly noelle last weekend. cola to all. baby and mom are doing great. that's it north show. next week, would you take a dna test to reveal your ancestry it could reveal something you may not to know. each week we're right here "on
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[burke] hot dog. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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police are calling it a random act of violence...that spiraled into a bizarre chain of events leading to the suspects arrest. plus the little valley fire continues to burn throughout northern nevada. the path of destruction the blaze left and how much is under control. and we take a look outside as katie boer tells us about the strong winds that's blosing throughout the valley. 8 news leader, starts right now./// "now, live...this is 8 news now weekend edition." ((nia wong)) thank you for waking up with us this morning i'm nia wong. a valley woman is dead and her husband in mourning....after a deadly shooting on i-15. metro tells us kenneth mcdonald opened fire on several cars near 1-15 and sahara saturday morning. a valley couple was in one of the


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